Apartments for sale in Hassan Allam El Shorouk Compound

From 1,150,000 EGP
Status Completed
Delivery Date 2022
Developed by: Hassan Allam Properties


Apartments for sale in Hassan Allam El Shorouk Compound

Apartments for sale in Hassan Allam El Shorouk Compound is a great opportunity for housing or investment, and many are competing to seize it, because El Shorouk Springs Compound is a luxurious integrated project that has all the ingredients that guarantee the well-being of its residents to the maximum degree, and this is due to the keenness of the executing Hassan Allam company to provide it with all the facilities and services that are required to be available in the new modern residential projects.

El Shorouk Springs Hassan Allam Location

Calm prevails throughout the area where Springs El Shorouk Compound is located because it is located in Al Shorouk on the Suez Road, and this city is certainly known for its sophistication and tranquility because it is not overcrowded, as is the case in many other cities and regions.

The distinguished location of the compound in El Shorouk also enjoys a great deal of vitality thanks to the spread of service facilities in various parts within it to serve the residential compounds in the city.

El Shorouk Springs Compound is characterized by its proximity to major facilities and vital areas such as Smart Village, universities and institutes, Heliopolis Club, which is the most beautiful club in the city, and is located behind Total Station,

The Compound Space

Many things compete within El Shorouk Springs  Compound to draw your attention, whether its vast space of 150 acres, the luxurious modern design of its various buildings and units, the wonderful views spread in it, or even the smart division of its space.

The freedom to choose your unit with the design you desire is available to the fullest extent for you because you can choose from the most luxurious types of units that include: apartments for sale in Hassan Allam Compound El Shorouk, villas, townhouses, and twin houses, not only that, but you will find it available in multiple spaces in line with the varying needs of customers as follows:

  • Apartments are offered with medium spaces of 173 m² or large spaces of up to 233 m².
  • Standalone villas with large spaces starting from 447 m² as a minimum, meaning that there are villas with larger spaces of up to 586 m².
  • Townhouses with large spaces starting from 330 m² as a minimum, meaning there are units with larger spaces up to 420 m².

El Shorouk Springs Services and Features

What is unique about the apartments for sale in Hassan Allam El Shorouk Compound is that it is not considered a traditional place of residence only, but rather full-service residential units, because the project is equipped with the finest equipment in addition to the many facilities that serve and well-being of its residents, such as:

  • Many playgrounds spread over large spaces, allowing residents to spend unconventional times that break any boredom they may feel.
  • Residents of El Shorouk Springs Compound can enjoy shopping at one of the most luxurious shops located just a few steps away from them.
  • A gym inside Hassan Allam Springs compound is characterized by the presence of the latest equipment in it so that it is easy for all residents to maintain their fitness by practicing all exercises.
  • The most luxurious cafés in addition to the largest restaurants that are characterized by providing integrated and upscale services.

Springs Hassan Alam Prices

Do not hesitate to book apartments for sale in Hassan Allam El Shorouk Compound to get reasonable prices for a large number of high-end services and facilities that you will enjoy within your residence.

El Shorouk Springs Compound was able to offer its units at affordable prices for all customers because they vary according to the specifications of each unit, whether related to space, finishing, etc.

Payment Systems

The comfort of customers comes at the forefront of the priorities of the owners of Springs Hassan Allam Compound, and this is largely evident in the provision of unprecedented facilities upon payment that allows them to pay the value of the unit in installments instead of paying it in cash to avoid placing them under a large financial burden that may expose them to the problem of default in payment in the end.

Whether you intend to buy apartments for sale in Hassan Allam El Shorouk Compound or any other units available within it, you can pay a contract downpayment of 15% of the unit value, then pay 5% as a second payment after a year, and then pay a second 5% as a third payment after two years of the contract, and the fourth payment (5% also) is after 3 years, finally, you can pay the rest of the 7 years in quarterly installments.

The Owner Company and Previous Works

El Shorouk Springs Hassan Allam Compound has strengthened the position of the company that owns it, which is the Hassan Allam Company, or as it is called the Nasr General Contracting Company, which is used to launching luxury projects inside Egypt, and everyone talks about its extreme excellence, but this project exceeded all expectations thanks to its extreme grandeur and unprecedented integration.

The company that owns the compound is considered one of the oldest companies operating in the contracting sector in Egypt but has become well known throughout the Middle East thanks to its strong distinction and the experience it has acquired over many years, dating back to 1936.

Its distinction did not come by chance because it is, in fact, part of a large entity that weights the real estate market, which is Holding Company for Construction & Development, which operates under the control of the Ministry of Public Business Sector, and thanks to its distinguished work, it was able to enjoy an important position in the real estate sector as it was able to launch giant projects during different years It was of great importance in national terms.

The company has implemented hundreds of vital major projects that made it place a large imprint in the construction and reconstruction sector in Egypt. Although the economic policies that the country witnessed had a clear impact on the company, it led to its transformation into a joint-stock company during the mid-nineties, within the privatization and economic reform processes that were implemented in the country. However, it continued to launch outstanding projects.

The National Company for Construction and Development, a government holding company, became the main owner of Hassan Allam Developments at the end of 1996, and new management was appointed for it at this new phase in its history, which succeeded in changing the company’s path and restructuring it to keep pace with the frequent and recent developments in the field.

Despite the many difficulties it faced throughout its history, it was able to overcome them all thanks to its wise management, which made it compete with the other largest real estate companies. because it was keen to take advantage of all the wasted energies to achieve great achievements, and indeed the company expanded its activities with time and launched huge projects that enabled it to obtain many prizes, such as the ISO certificate and the Order of Merit of the first degree.

Its success cannot be limited to Springs Compound El Shorouk only because it has implemented many distinguished projects not only in Egypt but in many Arab countries where it has built multiple facilities, important roads, and major buildings, among these countries: the Emirates, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Sudan.

Its achievements are continuing so far, as it has succeeded in launching a group of major projects inside Egypt during the past few years, such as bridges and others, for example, El Merghany Bridge, which was completed in only 3 months, it includes a private road leading to Heliopolis metro which is located in the Heliopolis neighborhood known for being a densely populated place.



  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa

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