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Project Description

Project Name: Granda Al Shorouk.

Granda Al Shorouk Location: Al Shorouk City.

About Granda Project: Integrated residential compound by EgyGab located in Shorouk City near the first and second entrances of Suez Road. 

Granda El Shorouk Compound Space: 19 acres.

Units Types: apartments - duplex - penthouses.

Apartments Space: start from 150 square meters and up to 234 square meters.

Penthouse Space: start from 303 square meters and up to 307 square meters.

Duplex Space: start from 399 square meters and up to 400 square meters.

The Executing Company: EgyGab Developments.

Payment Systems: 10% downpayment and the rest is divided over 16 installments. The unit is delivered to the buyer after 4 years.

15% downpayment, 55% is paid on 12 installments before the unit is delivered. The remaining 30% is paid on 8 installments after delivery. The unit is delivered after 5 years.

20% downpayment, 45% before unit delivery plus a 5% delivery payment, all divided into 11 installments. The remaining 30% is paid over 12 installments after unit delivery. The unit is delivered after 6 years from the date of the contract.

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Enjoy the Luxurious Lifestyle in Granda Compound El Shorouk

Granda Shorouk has succeeded in being a landmark project amid the luxurious residential compounds in all of Egypt, thanks to its strategic location, variety of units, and the availability of services. Granda aims to balance quality and quantity when it comes to the services provided inside Granda El Shorouk EGYGap.

The Location of Granda El Shorouk

Living in Granda Alshorouk means living in an upscale neighborhood and a strategic location, because it is located in the center of El Shorouk, so it will be easy for you to reach many cities and central areas of Greater Cairo, such as:

  • Fifth Settlement
  • Nasr City
  • Rehab City
  • Downtown (only 30 minutes from Granda El Shorouk)
  • Heliopolis

Granda Compound Shorouk is close to the first and second entrances to the Suez Road, and in front of its villas you’ll find very prominent landmarks such as the British University, as well as Heliopolis Club in Shorouk City.

Granda doesn’t suffer any problems in traveling to and from it, because it is located in a strategic location that is easily accessible from several residential areas. In addition, it is only 10 minutes

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Enjoy a wide and unlimited variety of units and areas that we offer you to choose what suits you in Granda Shorouk Compound

What EG Gab Real Estate Development was most keen on when launching Granda Shorouk Compound was meeting customers' needs for residential units by providing different areas, so that the client can easily get the unit they are looking for from the following areas:

  • The area of residential apartments in Granda Shorouk Compound ranges from 150 up to 234 square meters.
  • The area of the penthouse in the project ranges from 303 up to 307 square meters.
  • The area of the duplex in the compound ranges from 399 up to 410 square meters.

Available Spaces

You will never suffer from congestion within Granda project because it is built on a large space of 19 acres, with units occupying a mere 21% of Granda entire project, which includes 27 apartment buildings. The largest proportion of the land is reserved for green spaces, service facilities and landscape.

Thanks to its large space available, Granda Compound offers you a variety of units: such as apartments, penthouses, and duplexes, all of which have charming views of artificial lakes and green spaces, and vary in their spaces as follows:

  • There are spacious penthouse units range from 303 to 307 square meters.
  • There are duplex units ranging from 399 square meters to 410 square meters.
  • There are apartments for sale ranging from medium to large spaces, starting from 150 square meters and up to 234 square meters

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Services and Benefits

Granda Compound Shorouk doesn’t cover all this space for no reason, but the goal of allocating all these acres to it is to provide all the necessary and recreational services to customers in just one place. This spares the residents from having to leave Granda Compound Shorouk regularly to get their needs met, which saves them a lot of time and effort. Below, you’ll find the highlights of the services available within Granda Compound Shorouk:

  • The presence of green spaces provides a sophisticated appearance to Granda Compound Shorouk, while at the same time giving the individual units beautiful views from all directions inside Granda Compound.
  • Security personnel are deployed throughout Granda Alshorouk compound and are constantly present in order to provide full protection to its residents throughout the day in Granda Project
  • The artificial lakes offer a striking appearance to the landscape of Granda Alshorouk compound, making it look more sophisticated in Granda.
  • Swimming pools contribute to the appearance of Granda Alshorouk compound, as well as provide entertainment services for the residents.
  • Besides guards, Granda Project is equipped with other security measures, such as electronic gates and high-quality surveillance cameras in various compounds.
  • There are private parking garages for the camp residents alone, so you never need to worry about finding a parking space again inside Granda Compound.
  • Granda project provides medical services at the highest level within the medical clinics established on its land, in addition to a pharmacy with all medicines and medical supplies available.
  • A modern mall called The Font where you can go shopping regularly for daily essentials. You can also find international brand stores.
  • Granda Includes a number of stadiums, in order to allow residents to play their various sports with ease.
  • A clubhouse is an entertainment facility available to the residents, offering them a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.
  • There is a mosque that occupies a large space within Granda Alshorouk compound, estimated at 520 square meters to accommodate a large number of worshippers.
  • The social club vast, spanning an estimated 835 square meters in Granda Compound which means that it is equipped with many facilities that allow for multiple activities in it very easily.
  • The business district within Granda Alshorouk compound provides various commercial needs for its residents, all in one place.
  • Owning an apartment means staying inside one of the most luxurious residential units with a very beautiful view.
  • Get the best possible service within the health club and gym located within Granda project facilities.
  • Granda Alshorouk compound offers outstanding entertainment and educational services for children in playground and a nursery, the latter which covers 295 square meters.
  • Water fountains can be found in various locations within Granda Alshorouk compound, enhancing the appearance of it.

Living in Granda Alshorouk compound, you’ll be needing nothing because all the main services and facilities are within reach.

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Do not wait long, attractive price offers and easy payment plans are waiting for you in Granda Shorouk project

The owning company of Granda Shorouk Compound did not just provide residential units in different areas, but also offered competitive prices suitable for all social classes. The prices available in the project are as follows:

  • The price of the penthouse in Granda Shorouk Compound starts from 4,500,000 to 5,700,000 Egyptian Pounds.

  • The price of the duplex in the project starts from 3,800,000 Egyptian Pounds.
  • The price of residential apartments attached to a garden in the compound starts from 2,450,000 up to 3,450,000 Egyptian Pounds.
  • There are residential apartments in the project starting at 4,376,000 Egyptian Pounds.

In addition to the prices offered by the developer, flexible payment systems have been provided which are:

  • A residential unit in Granda Shorouk Compound can be obtained by paying 10% down payment and the rest over 4 years in 16 equal installments, with the unit delivered at the end of the period.
  • A 15% down payment of the unit value can be paid with about 55% of the remaining amount paid in 12 installments, then 30% is paid in 8 installments and the unit is received after 5 years.
  • 20% is paid as a reservation down payment for the unit, then 45% is paid before receiving the unit, then 5% is paid in 11 equal installments, then 30% of the unit value is paid and it is received after 6 years.

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Payment Systems

Not only does Granda offer reasonable prices, but you’ll also be able to enjoy a number of flexible payment systems, where you can choose whatever suits your needs.

Below, you’ll find the details for each payment system. Be sure to ask about your favorite option when booking the unit:

  • 10% downpayment and the rest via 16 equal installments. The unit is received after 4 years.
  • 15% downpayment, another 55% is divided into 12 installments and is paid before receiving the unit. The remaining 30% is paid on 8 installments after receiving the unit. The unit is received after 5 years from the date of the contract.
  • 20% downpayment, 45% before receiving the unit plus 5% upon receiving it, both divided into a total of 11 installments. The remaining 30% is paid on 12 installments after receiving the unit. The unit is delivered after 6 years.

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Disadvantages of Granda El Shorouk Egygap Compound

The Granda Compound project is considered one of the distinguished projects, and although some may see the three-year delivery period as a defect, purchasing during the construction stage is considered a smart investment opportunity that guarantees obtaining the best prices.

Owner Company Portfolio

The developer of Granda project is EgyGab which was founded in 1977, it is one of the leading companies in the real estate field. Their major projects include:

  • Granda Life El Shorouk Compound.
  • Masaya North Coast.
  • The Egyptian Language School: It is considered the company's first project in the education sector and launched since 1994.
  • Family City on Ninety Street.
  • A group of residential towers in the most prestigious areas in Egypt, specifically in Heliopolis and Nasr City, in addition to a number of luxury villas in the Fifth Settlement.
  • Establishing CIC in 2004 (the first educational institution in Egypt that uses the Canadian education system).

Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2021, and therefore it is subject to change. We, the Real Estate Egypt team, are keen to update the unit spaces, types, and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.

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Embark on the Ultimate Lifestyle Experience: Your Guide to Shorouk City!

Shorouk City embraces an ideal blend of modern living and tranquility, making it a prime choice for those seeking an elevated standard of living near Cairo, Egypt's vibrant capital. Residents benefit from its unique geographic location, providing easy access to major business hubs, reducing commute times and enhancing daily quality of life.

The city boasts a contemporary and advanced infrastructure catering to all residents' needs, from carefully designed wide roads ensuring smooth traffic flow to state-of-the-art educational and medical facilities, as well as shopping and entertainment centers, ensuring a comprehensive living experience for everyone.

Comprehensive services are an integral part of life in Shorouk, where residents find everything they need at their fingertips, whether in top-notch medical facilities or distinguished educational institutions, not to mention shopping centers that cater to their daily and leisure requirements. Let's not forget the vast green spaces that enhance the city's beauty and provide a natural respite for residents.

Shorouk's job market is efficient and diverse, making it an attractive area for talents and expertise from various fields. As the infrastructure and services grow, the city attracts commercial and industrial investments, creating numerous job opportunities and supporting the local economy.

Safety and well-being are the watchwords in Shorouk City, where the residential infrastructure has been carefully designed to ensure a secure and comfortable environment for all residents. The advanced security system and continuous monitoring ensure their safety and peace of mind.

In short, Shorouk City offers a golden opportunity to live in a place that seamlessly combines the advantages of modern living and scenic nature. It's an invitation to discover an exceptional living experience within the depths of Egypt's ancient civilization.

Become Part of the Future: Shorouk City's Vision for a Brighter Tomorrow!

Shorouk City is attracting increasing attention from real estate investors in Egypt, thanks to its numerous investment advantages and the attractive environment it provides for investments. This city is a hub for a variety of real estate projects, ranging from residential units to commercial and industrial complexes, opening wide doors for promising investment opportunities. In the following lines, we highlight some of the reasons that make Shorouk City an investment magnet:

First, the city is witnessing rapid urban expansion, with an increasing number of new projects, which is a positive indicator for investors seeking multiple options that meet their investment needs.

Second, there is a growing and continuous demand for real estate within the city, which enhances the chances of success and profitability of investments in this vital sector, especially as it is considered a preferred location for many families to reside.

Third, add to that the distinctive urban planning that Shorouk enjoys, as it has been carefully designed to ensure a comfortable urban environment and modern facilities that meet the needs of the city's residents.

Fourth, the city enjoys an advanced infrastructure, including essential public services and facilities, making it a focal point for investors seeking to capitalize on these advantages for their investments.

Finally, Shorouk City offers investment opportunities in several sectors, whether real estate, commerce, tourism, or industry, giving investors the freedom to choose the sector that best suits them, based on their preferences and capabilities.

Overall, Shorouk City emerges as an investment magnet for real estate in Egypt, offering a combination of excellent investment opportunities in an environment that supports success and profitability. Therefore, Shorouk represents an ideal investment choice for anyone looking to invest capital in the real estate sector.

Where Location and Luxury Converge: The Most Prominent Compounds Near Granda Compound in Shorouk!

Exploring Shorouk City leads us to discover luxurious architectural worlds, where beauty and refined design come together to create ideal residential environments. At the heart of this city, a group of distinguished compounds emerge, promising a unique residential experience.

  1. El Sherouq Springs Compound:
    One of these residential gems is El Sherouq Springs Compound, strategically located near prestigious sports clubs and the city's main arteries. This compound is not just a piece of luxury but also a hub for modern living, where residents find all they need in terms of advanced facilities and services, ranging from a massive supermarket to specialized medical centers, lush green spaces, and facilities for young and old alike.

  2. El Patio Casa Compound:
    In another part of Shorouk, lies El Patio Casa Compound, where a striking architectural style is evident, with villas and apartments scattered among artificial lakes and eye-catching green spaces. This residential complex does not hesitate to provide a living experience that raises the bar, with international schools and shopping malls ensuring a comprehensive lifestyle for its residents.

  3. Cleopatra Palace Compound Shorouk:
    The Cleopatra Palace Compound in Shorouk City cannot be overlooked, as it offers residential options at attractive prices, providing the opportunity to own apartments with an affordable payment plan spread over years. This compound offers an unparalleled level of luxury with its recreational and service facilities, making it a successful investment and a distinguished residential environment.

  4. City One Compound Shorouk:
    City One Compound stands out with its contemporary designs and residential units that vary in size and price, offering an ultra-refined living experience. Nature's elements here unite with modern architecture to create a place that breathes fresh air and serenity, making it a haven for those seeking peace and beauty.

  5. El Patio Prime Compound Shorouk:
    El Patio Prime Compound Shorouk is considered one of the best compounds located near Granda Compound Shorouk. The compound is distinguished by its elegance and modernity in design, unit sizes, and varying prices. The compound offers a diverse range of services and facilities for residents, as well as a beautiful natural garden environment for enjoying peaceful moments and fresh air.

All these compounds share in offering a lifestyle that combines safety, luxury, and modernity, enhanced by service and recreational facilities that meet all needs and exceed expectations, making Shorouk an ideal destination for those seeking an exceptional residential experience.

Expert Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Unit in Granda Compound Shorouk via!

If you're seeking a life imbued with luxury and privileges within the confines of Granda Compound Shorouk, acquiring a home in this location might just fulfill your dreams. Here, we provide you with a unique guide to effortlessly own your unit:

First: Discover Opportunities Online
Begin your journey by visiting the online platform, where you'll find a treasure trove of information about available properties in Granda Compound Shorouk. Familiarize yourself with the unit details, including prices, specifications, and available payment plans.

Second: Connect for More Details
After selecting your ideal unit, reach out to the information source mentioned on the website. Whether it's a real estate agent or the developer themselves, inquire about further details regarding the unit you've chosen.

Third: Clarify Pricing and Facilitation Options
Now, ask about unit prices and available financial options for purchasing. Be sure to know all the details related to payment methods and installment schedules to find the plan that suits you best.

Fourth: Site Visit
Before making your final decision, we recommend visiting the Granda Compound Shorouk site in person. Take a tour to explore the area, inspect the available facilities and services such as parks, health clubs, and restaurants to gain a comprehensive view of the expected quality of life.

Fifth: Purchase Decision
After analyzing all the information and carefully evaluating the project, you can confidently make your purchase decision. Contact the developer or real estate agent to start the booking process and complete the purchase of your unit. Don't forget to familiarize yourself with all the terms and conditions related to contracting and unit delivery.

Granda Compound Shorouk offers you the opportunity to live in a luxurious environment, teeming with all the elements of comfort and enjoyment. Let this guide be your gateway to acquiring your dream home in this prominent residential landmark.

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Al Shorouk City

1,452,000 EGP


EgyGab Developments

25 apartments

Down payment starts from 10% to 20% and the rest is installments over 4 years up to 6 years

19 acres


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