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Project Description

Project Name: Swan Lake North Coast.

About Swan Lake Project: Swan Lake is one of the premium resorts on the North Coast with a magnificent architectural design, an open view of the sea, and the best services and recreational activities that meet all the needs of residents.

Swan Lake Resort Location: it is located in the North Coast at Ghazala Bay, Sidi Abd El Rahman area on Alexandria-Matrouh desert road.

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Swan Lake Resort Space: Swan Lake North Coast was executed on a vast space of 208 acres, the majority of which was allocated to green spaces and water bodies.

Units Types: apartments, chalets, and villas.

Swan Lake Units Space: chalet space starts from 100 square meters.

Units Prices: starts at 3,900,000 EGP and up to 6,900,000 EGP.

Swan Lake owner Company: Hassan Allam.

Payment Systems: You can pay a 10% downpayment and the rest in installments within 6 years.

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Own the luxury of hospitality with Swan Lake North Coast

Swan Lake is one of the most luxurious tourist villages on the North Coast, as it simulates international resorts in its architectural style and unique views that you will not find in any other tourist village, as well as the excellent prices and international services that are out of competition that make its residents spend the most enjoyable times and summer vacations, with turquoise water, fine sand, and fresh air.

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Live the luxurious life experience in the heart of the quietest and most beautiful locations, where magic meets elegance within Swan Lake North Coast Village

Swan Lake Village gives you fun summer vibes, and helps you spend distinguished times among friends and family on the beautiful beach that spreads positive energy around you. Hassan Allam real estate company was keen to build its Swan Lake coastal project in the best strategic locations, which is the North Coast. Swan Lake Village also connects you to the most important roads and main axes, and the distance between Swan Lake and the most prominent service and entertainment places is very short.

The most important landmarks near the location of Swan Lake North Coast Village:

  • Swan Lake is located in the heart of the North Coast and near Fouka Road in only about an hour and a half.
  • You can reach Swan Lake North Coast through Alexandria in about an hour and a half.
  • Swan Lake North Coast village connects to the Marsa Matrouh - Alexandria road.
  • Swan Lake resort is close to the Ras El-Hekma area.

Enjoy the finest in architectural design with our modern and unique designs that embody innovation in every corner within Swan Lake North Coast

Swan Lake North Coast project is one of the most important huge coastal projects, as it was designed on a vast land area of 208 acres. It includes green spaces, different sports fields, golf courses that make you enjoy elegant times. As for the units within Swan Lake North Coast resort, they are different in size and type, distinguished by a unique view of the beautiful beachfront. There are "villas and apartments". The real estate company hired the most capable architectural engineers who had a role in putting the best unique touches, and the interiors enjoy sophistication and luxury to suit the high level of customers. There are also chalets with areas starting from 225 square meters up to 205 square meters.

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The space of ​​the units of Swan Lake Hassan Allam

Swan Lake resort includes several types of residential units, which serve all needs, families, and groups, ranging from chalets, apartments, twin houses, villas, and townhouses, whose spaces are as follows:

  • The spaces of apartments in Swan Lake North Coast range between (100) square meters up to (200) square meters.
  • As for the chalets, their space starts from (70) square meters up to (250) square meters.
  • As for villas, there are four types, the first of which is (Villa-A), which has a space of (464) square meters.
  • As for (Villa-B), its space starts from (538) square meters up to (580) square meters.
  • As for the space of (Villa-C), it is (433) square meters.
  • The spaces of (Villa-D) start from (132) square meters up to (265) square meters.

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Swan Lake Resort North Coast Services

The company provides the most prominent services that are indispensable in any summer unit, and even more than what might come to the mind of any customer, as Swan Lake North Coast includes the following services and features:

  • The buildings are harmoniously designed with modern colors in 3D, as well as highly spaced spaces to ensure the privacy of the residents.
  • Swan Lake entire village was designed by (JZMK Partners) well known, who chose a system of gradual terraces to provide a distinctive sea view for all units.
  • Providing Swan Lake village with a large number of Crystal Lagoons adds beauty to the landscape.
  • A mosque to accommodate the largest number of worshipers inside Swan Lake Project.
  • Establishing a leisure club equipped with the latest games and swimming pools of various lengths and shapes to suit all age groups inside Swan Lake North Coast.
  • The construction of a world-class hotel (seven-star) within Swan lake for lovers of outstanding hotel service.
  • Allocating a large yard equipped with the safest and most enjoyable children's games within the (Kids Area) monitored from all sides to protect the children.
  • Multiple shopping centers and malls that include the most famous international brands for all the collectibles that residents may want to shop.
  • Entire buildings dedicated to local and international restaurants and cafes with the most skilled chefs to serve the most delicious food anywhere in Swan Lake village.
  • Providing international clothing and shoe stores of all kinds at Swan Lake Resort.
  • Providing Swan Lake village with a social club to hold special occasions, celebrations, and family gatherings.
  • Sports halls with playgrounds for all games of tennis, squash, football, and basketball.
  • A health club that includes a jacuzzi, spa, and gym for lovers of physical exercise, (Fitness), and recreation.
  • A hypermarket that provides all the goods and products that residents need in Swan Lake.
  • Allocating large spaces for yoga lovers.
  • Providing an integrated area for Swan Lake Sahel beach to serve hot and cold food and drinks.
  • Cinema halls for lovers of watching the latest movies at Swan Lake Village.
  • Providing places dedicated to the sale of antiques and tourism.
  • A (mini-hotel) for non-sustainable visitors to enjoy the most beautiful beaches of the North Coast.

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  • Assignment of special golf courses with large areas served by mini golf cars to roam inside.
  • Integrated and equipped restrooms for visitors.
  • Providing the entire beach with screens to enjoy watching the latest movies, series and programs with fresh air and turquoise water.
  • Providing hotel services at the highest international levels, as well as supported Wi-Fi for the entire village.
  • A full customer service staff 24 hours a day in Swan Lake Hassan Allam North Coast.
  • A (Club House) that has a picturesque view for gatherings of friends and family at Swan Lake North Coast.
  • Five-a-side pitches are available to practice your favorite sports inside Swan Lake North Coast Resort.
  • Specialized hospitals and clinics and providing them with the most skilled doctors, as well as distributing pharmacies throughout Swan Lake village to provide the residents’ drug needs throughout the day.
  • Establishment of a yacht marina for lovers of cruises, and another for fishing to enjoy great fishing at Swan Lake North Coast Resort.
  • A special track for jogging and walking lovers, and another for cycling, far from the car tracks, for the sake of safety and the safety of residents.
  • Establishing the largest Aqua Park, which includes the latest water games in the world such as (gliding, and Banana Boat).
  • Allocating indoor swimming pools for women only inside Swan Lake North Coast.
  • Establishing an amusement park for entertainment for both adults and children inside Swan Lake North Coast Village.
  • Many green gardens with benches for lovers of relaxation amidst the fountains and rare plants at Swan Lake North Coast Resort.
  • Dedicated diving centers for lovers of watching the deep sea in Hassan Allam North Coast.
  • A fire station is available to protect the entire village against fires inside Swan Lake North Coast Project.
  • Swan Lake Coast has a police station to serve residents 24 hours a day.
  • Providing garages with enough space for the cars of all residents and their visitors.
  • Cleaning and maintenance service is available at Swan Lake Sahel Village throughout the day.
  • Special rooms for conferences and VIPs.
  • All units are provided with a central shower.
  • Special areas for horse riding enthusiasts.
  • Swan Lake resort is protected by a full crew of trained security and guards, as well as surveillance cameras distributed throughout Swan Lake village.
  • Special halls for electronic games such as PlayStation and others for billiards.
  • Swan Lake North Coast offers the possibility to choose the interior designs of the units according to the customer's taste, and it is implemented by the famous designer (Mohamed Nouman) so that the units are delivered fully finished and air-conditioned.

The Prices of Swan Lake Hassan Allam

The prices of the units within Swan Lake project varied according to the units’ spaces, views, proximity, and distance from the sea, and they included the following prices:

  • The price of a ground chalet with an area of ​​two hundred twenty-five (225) square meters starts from  (5,350,000) EGP up to (6,004,000) EGP.
  • As for the price of the upper chalet with three rooms and two bathrooms, its price starts from (4,650,000) EGP up to (7,500,000) EGP, with a space of ​​(205) square meters.
  • For a chalet with three rooms and three bathrooms, with a space of ​​(205) square meters, and an attached garden of (225) square meters, its price is (4,900,000) EGP.
  • Chalets are available with a space of ​​(255) square meters, attached to a (60) square meter roof, at a price of (5,000,000) EGP.
  • As for the prices of villas, they start from (8,000,000) EGP up to (19.000.000) EGP according to the space and division of rooms and bathrooms.

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Swan Lake Payment systems

Hassan Allam Company has provided many payment systems to enable investors and customers to own the most luxurious summer units on the North Coast, as follows:

  • Paying a 10% downpayment of the total value of the unit, and the remaining installments over 6 years in equal installments without interest.
  • Reserve the unit with a 5% downpayment and the remaining amount in installments over 7 years without interest and in equal payments.

Disadvantages of Swan Lake Village Hassan Allam

Despite some people's observation of the distance between the North Coast area, where Swan Lake North Coast project is located, and Cairo, the government has made great efforts to develop infrastructure and establish an advanced road network that makes reaching the North Coast an easy and fast matter, especially with the continuous increase in demand for this area.

The Owner Company and Previous Works

Hassan Allam Properties is one of the most important real estate poles in the Arab world. It is the owner and executor of Swan Lake Village North Coast. It was established in 1936 AD to occupy a great position in the real estate market to this day.

Its residential projects are dominated by a luxurious architectural character. As for its tourist resorts, they are built with the latest picturesque European styles, always interested in providing all means of comfort and unparalleled luxury to its customers, providing excellent services and an impressive location, as well as being credible in delivering units according to the agreed date.

Speaking of her previous work, we find that she owns a real estate wealth unmatched by gold in Egypt, Kuwait, Iraq, Sudan, and Libya. Among her most prominent residential and tourist complexes are:

Investing in the North Coast: Your Opportunity for Profit and Growth in the Heart of Modern Egypt!

The coastal strip extending along the Mediterranean Sea in northern Egypt represents a major hub for attracting investment at present. This sector enjoys advantages that qualify it to be a focal point for investment opportunities, especially with its prime geographic location and diversity of available economic options. It is likely to witness further development and sustained growth thanks to the state's orientation towards enhancing its developmental capabilities and improving its basic facilities.

This coastal strip lies along the northern expanse overlooking the Mediterranean coast directly, encompassing cities, residential areas, and recreational resorts. It is famous for its captivating beaches and diverse touristic and cultural facilities. The region offers several advantages that make it a strong investment attraction point, chief among them being the possibility of rapid access from the capital, making it more appealing for investment near the country's economic hub.

The Egyptian government is making continuous efforts to improve the infrastructure and readiness of the North Coast to receive various investment projects. This includes plans to establish a port and an international airport in the area, which will elevate the North Coast as a center for trade and tourism. Additionally, there is promotion for the region as an upscale and diverse tourist destination to attract visitors and enhance investment opportunities in the tourism sector.

The North Coast offers diverse investment opportunities, including real estate development with the availability of land at attractive prices, and vast areas ideal for launching various residential and commercial projects. Other opportunities include establishing hotels and tourist resorts, as well as industrial and commercial communities, and medical and educational facilities. The real estate market remains in a state of continuous growth, with high demand for properties that enjoy proximity to beaches and high-quality services, making it a suitable investment for either residence or rental purposes.

Overall, the North Coast emerges as a significant investment opportunity within the contemporary Egyptian economy, offering attractive geographic and economic features for investors seeking to achieve sustainable returns and enhance the value of their investment portfolios. The North Coast is targeting itself as a platform for long-term profits and growth in Egypt.

North Coast Resorts: Where Quality, Innovation, and Elegance Manifest in Every Corner!

The North Coast resorts in Egypt represent a prominent tourist attraction, renowned for offering a high level of luxury and comfort. These resorts shine with a wonderful blend of enchanting nature and pristine beaches that attract visitors from all over. Their merits do not merely lie in their natural beauty, but also encompass advanced facilities and world-class services, ensuring an unforgettable experience for every visitor.

The North Coast resorts offer a diverse range of accommodation options, from stylish hotels with distinctive individual services to luxurious villas with private pools, catering to the aspirations of different guests. These resorts also pay great attention to service details, with staff working to provide the highest levels of comfort and satisfaction to guests.

Additionally, these resorts are brimming with a rich array of upscale dining options, ranging from exclusive restaurants to contemporary cafes offering delicious dishes and beverages. The resorts also provide a wide variety of recreational activities; whether guests are seeking to relax on golden beaches, dive into the depths of blue seas, or even experience the thrill of various water sports such as water skiing and surfing.

This is not all; the resorts also offer opportunities for playing golf on world-class courses and provide dedicated areas for physical fitness and fully equipped spa centers to deliver a comprehensive recreational experience. This blend of luxury, exceptional service, and recreational diversity makes the North Coast resorts the ideal destination for those seeking comfort and excellence, whether couples, families, or solo travelers. These resorts embody the pinnacle of elegance and innovation, presenting their visitors with an unmissable opportunity to enjoy the warmth of hospitality and natural beauty.

Experience Luxury: The Most Prominent Resorts Adjacent to Swan Lake North Coast Village!

The North Coast region in Egypt is distinguished by the presence of a group of upscale tourist destinations, and at the heart of this region, Swan Lake village stands out as a major attraction due to its strategic location and elegant urban designs that adorn it. This village, with all its components of luxury and distinction, makes it a quintessential Egyptian tourist destination for those seeking an unforgettable stay experience.

  1. Marassi North Coast Village:
    Visitors can explore a set of resorts that compete in offering unique and outstanding experiences. At the top of these resorts is Marassi Village, which is deservedly a gem of the North Coast. Thanks to its proximity to Swan Lake, Marassi is adorned with an amazing blend of captivating beaches and modern facilities, from restaurants and shops to clubs and a tourist marina, all of which make it a haven for those seeking luxurious vacations.

  2. Hacienda Bay Village:
    Hacienda Bay Village is no less important than Marassi, as it offers its visitors the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and its vast green spaces. The village is equipped with enchanting beaches and stunning pools, along with a wide range of restaurants and cafes that cater to all tastes.

  3. Malaz North Coast Village:
    Among the destinations that cannot be overlooked is Malaz Village with its elegant atmosphere and refined designs, offering a tranquil experience amidst the clear blue waters and its soft sandy beaches. The village is equipped with a range of recreational activities suitable for all ages and preferences.

  4. Gaia North Coast Village:
    Gaia Village represents the ideal destination for those seeking relaxation and serenity. It is distinguished by its proximity to Swan Lake and its provision of comfortable residential experiences, in addition to recreational services such as restaurants, playgrounds, and wellness centers.

Therefore, the North Coast in Egypt is home to a group of luxurious resorts that welcome visitors from all over the world, offering them multiple options that satisfy their tastes and fulfill their desires for an ideal vacation that combines luxury, comfort, and indulgence.

Easy Steps to Own Your New Unit in Swan Lake North Coast Village through!

If you have the desire to live a unique experience combining luxury and tranquility within Swan Lake village on the North Coast, here you will find your guide to owning your private unit with simple and clear steps:

Step One: Explore and Get Acquainted
Start your journey by gathering information about Swan Lake village on the North Coast; you can search on specialized Egyptian real estate websites. Browse the pages of this village to familiarize yourself with the services it offers, its unique architectural designs, and all the details related to its location.

Step Two: Contact and Inquire
It's time to contact the project managers through the numbers displayed on the website, where you can obtain all the necessary information regarding the available units in the village, including prices, areas, and features.

Step Three: Visit the Site
It is essential to arrange a visit to the village to see the project on the ground and explore what it offers firsthand. This visit gives you the opportunity to meet the working team and inspect the available units and the quality of services provided.

Step Four: Make a Decision
After completing all the previous steps and obtaining all the information you need to evaluate the project, it's time to make the final purchase decision. Be sure to review the contracts and terms carefully before signing them.

Step Five: Complete the Purchase Procedures
Once you have made the purchase decision, the initial payment must be made, and the necessary contracts must be signed. Be sure to understand all the financial and legal details stated in the contract clearly.

Step Six: Delivery
After completing all financial and legal procedures and paying the full amount, you will receive your new unit. At this moment, it is crucial to check the condition of the unit and ensure that all agreed-upon services are available.

Step Seven: Enjoy Your Unit
Now that your new unit is in your hands, it's time to enjoy a life of luxury and tranquility in Swan Lake village. Indulge in the panoramic views, modern facilities, and various activities offered by the village.

By following these steps, you will ensure an easy and enjoyable experience in owning a unit in one of the most prestigious villages on the North Coast.

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the North Coast at Ghazala Bay, Sidi Abd El Rahman area

4,650,000 EGP


Hassan Allam.

165 Units

10% downpayment and the rest in installments within 6 years.

208 فدان


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