New Alamein Towers

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Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2022
Developed by: City Edge Developments

About The Project  It is one of the most beautiful residential complexes in New Alamein, with great seaside views, excellent location in the heart of the North Coast, services, facilities, and leisure activities that make residents happy.

New Alamein Towers Location  it is located in New Alamein City in Matrouh governorate, near the Old City, Al Masa Hotel, and New Alamein Gardens.

Project Area  it was executed on 48,000 acres.

Units Types  it varies between apartments and chalets.

Units Space  it starts from 90 square meters up to 351 square meters.

Units Prices  its price starts from 3,600,000 EGP.

The owner Company  City Edge Developments.

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New Alamein Towers Brochure and Master Plan


Project Name: New Alamein Towers.

About The Project: It is one of the most beautiful residential complexes in New Alamein, with great seaside views, excellent location in the heart of the North Coast, services, facilities, and leisure activities that make residents happy.

New Alamein Towers Location: it is located in New Alamein City in Matrouh governorate, near the Old City, Al Masa Hotel, and New Alamein Gardens.

Project Area: it was executed on 48,000 acres.

Units Types: it varies between apartments and chalets.

Units Space: it starts from 90 square meters up to 351 square meters.

Units Prices: its price starts from 3,600,000 EGP.

The owner Company: City Edge Developments.

Payment Systems: You can pay a 10% downpayment and the rest in installments within 7 years.

New Alamein City

This city is one of the most distinct cities newly implemented and has succeeded to achieve a new and distinctive concept of high-end housing, it was implemented on a huge area of 49 thousand acres, and this wonderful city has also occupied a privileged location that was the reason for attracting so many people to it without other coastal cities, as the whole city enjoys a charming and enjoyable view on the shore of the Red Sea, making it appear as if it was a piece of paradise.

The city has a huge amount of services that make life within it completely different from any other city, as it has a dedicated hotel district, a huge cultural center, an international park, a mosque and a church, world war graves, new schools, and university, sports clubs, a heritage city, commercial centers and other service facilities that provide residents with a full life for added comfort.

The city is characterized by a large number of residential units that differed in size and designs to be suitable for all, but for the average prices of apartments in it is estimated at 3.700,000 pounds, these prices are considered reasonable compared to the level of services available, and it has been announced that all contracted units will be delivered as soon as the necessary services and facilities for the city are completed, and are expected to be completed by the end of 2020 AD.

Living within Alamein city will ensure a distinctive and unconventional life for the population, a truly different city that will become a shining star in Egypt's real estate world thanks to its unique design and services that rarely gather in one place.

North Edge Towers Alamein

Al-Alamein City Edge Towers is one of the most important investment projects that are provided with all means of well-being and comfort, City Edge Al Alamein project has succeeded in attracting the attention of many investors thanks to its wonderful location in the center of New Alamein.

The units within North Edge Towers varied between apartments and chalets with great designs and different spaces, chalets have been put up for sale in New Alamein towers in varying areas ranging from 183 square meters up to 351 square meters.

The prices of units within the Towers are imaginary and not exaggerated at all, with the availability of facilities and payment systems enabling the customer to pay for the unit comfortably, Al Alamein Towers North Coast is characterized by its magnificent design, Alamein Towers is a set of residential towers including 15 towers each with 40 floors with a total of 230 residential units each.

Living in North Edge Towers New Alamein has become a dream for many customers who love the luxury and different life, owning a unit within City Edge Alamein is a good and wonderful opportunity that everyone should seize.

The Gate Towers

The Gate Towers New Alamein was able to make a big fuss as soon as it was announced that it would be launched in the New Alamein on North Coast Egypt, as The Gate Towers are one of the mega-projects that will change the concept of life in the coming periods.

The Gate New Alamein has been implemented in accordance with the latest and best architectural styles, as the entire project consists of 18 towers each with 40 floors, and The Gate Alamein has been implemented on a large area of 200 acres divided between construction and service facilities.

The company has announced the existence of apartments for sale in New Alamein with varying areas to satisfy all, there are apartments for sale in El Alamein with an area starting from 49 square meters up to 387 square meters, while the prices of apartments in Alamein towers are different according to their area, but the prices in total are reasonable within the reach of a large number of customers.

The company has made it possible to pay the prices of apartments in the new city of Al Alamein in installments so that the customer feels some flexibility in paying.

A golden opportunity to live and invest in Alamein Towers, don't miss it

It provides you with all the necessary means for comfort and luxury at the best prices because it implements the concept of modern life that provides everything that anyone desires in his place of residence from luxuriously designed units, many services, and unlimited benefits at the lowest possible cost. You can learn more about this huge project below.

New Alamein Map

The New Alamein City enjoys a great location that makes it have a stunning view of the charming beach of the Red Sea, so the location of New Alamein is one of the most important elements that make it one of the finest and most beautiful new cities in Egypt, in addition to its many residential units and its diversity in designs and spaces to satisfy all desires Also, the prices of the apartments there are reasonable, as the average price is estimated at 3,700,000 EGP.

The value of investments in the city has reached tens of billions, because by looking at the map of New Alamein we will find that it contains huge facilities, luxurious buildings, and multiple service facilities for more luxury and comfort for the residents, including for example:

  • The neighborhood is designated for hotels, which cover a space of 296 acres.
  • Luxurious medical center with an area of 44 acres.
  • A conference center designed globally to host European conferences.
  • A long beach extending to 14 km, in addition to the existence of a corniche of the same length.
  • A heritage city and archaeological places, such as World War cemeteries
  • Houses of worship (mosque, church)
  • Modern schools and universities
  • One of the largest cultural centers
  • gyms
  • malls
  • international park

With the enormity of the city, it had to be divided into several stages or sectors, including two main sectors with a space of about 8,000 acres and capable of accommodating nearly 400,000 people, in addition to the urban sector, and the coastal sector, which includes the global tourism center and the archaeological sector.

Comprehensive information about the best resorts in New Alamein Egypt

New Alamein Towers location

Sophistication is the dominant feature of the site of the new Alamein towers, as it was built in the area of the new city of Alamein on the northern coast, which is characterized by its modernity and the luxury of its various buildings and facilities, noting that this area is located within the administrative borders of Marsa Matrouh governorate and along 48 km of Alexandria and Matrouh road.

It is also characterized by its proximity to the heritage city and the industrial area located in the port of Al-Hamra, and its vitality and importance have increased thanks to the presence of important facilities and vital cities in the same surroundings, such as:

  • Al Masa Hotel
  • Midtown area
  • New Alamein Gardens
  • El Alamein International Airport: It is only 54 km from the towers.
  • Borg El Arab International Airport: It is only 89 km from the towers.

What is also distinguished in the towers is that they are not isolated from the major cities, but on the contrary, it is easy to reach any of them in a short time, these cities are:

  • Cairo: Residents of the towers only need to travel 261 kilometers when traveling to it.
  • Alexandria: The distance between it and the towers is 107 km.
  • Marsa Matruh: The distance between it and the towers is 184 km.

Spaces of Alamein Towers

You will never be disturbed by the crowding inside Al Alamein Towers Project because it is built on 200 acres divided between facilities, equipment, and other facilities, and this huge area guarantees the presence of large streets and large areas for units, especially since the buildings are not many in number because the project consists of 15 towers, each of them consisting of 40 floors with 230 housing units in each tower of them.

The towers are designed according to the latest international architectural designs because they are primarily inspired by the towers erected in Dubai, which is the most luxurious tourist destination in the world, and the units there are varied between apartments and chalets, and the spaces in them are estimated at 90 meters, and other medium and large spaces of up to 351 square meters.

The number of bedrooms varies according to the area of each unit, but in general, it ranges from one bedroom to four rooms. The minimum apartment spaces are 49 square meters, and the largest apartments are 387 square meters, while the minimum spaces for chalets are 183 square meters and the maximum is 351 square meters.

It is worth noting that the depth of the project exceeds 60 km in the southern part of the coastal strip because the new city of Al-Alamein is supposed to accommodate more than 3 million people.

Services and Features of The Towers

The demand for units in New Alamein Towers is historical because everyone is trying to seize an exceptional and irreplaceable opportunity. After all, the project is equipped with many temptations that motivate purchase, and the most prominent services and amenities that its customers enjoy can be explained as follows:

  • Continuous guarding throughout the day to preserve the safety of its residents from any danger, while making sure to install surveillance cameras for more safety.
  • The distinguished location of New Alamein, where the city is mainly characterized by its abundance of service and recreational facilities, such as schools and a modern university, the cultural center, the opera house, museums, the huge library whose area is close to the size of the Library of Alexandria, and the International Conference Center.
  • The new city of El Alamein is characterized by the presence of a neighborhood dedicated to hotels and Midtown with 6 hotels famous for providing high-end hotel services, in addition to historical monuments such as World War tombs, multiple galleries, and many shops that offer wonderful souvenirs, in addition to the picturesque El Alamein Lake that can be taken for a pleasant walk.
  • The location of New Alamein Towers enables you to move easily to any area you like because it is a strategic location close to many cities and is characterized by sophistication and vitality.
  • A fully secured and covered car garage in order to maintain all the cars in it.
  • A medical center that extends over 44 acres, and it is a large area that indicates that it is equipped with various capabilities and equipment that guarantee the provision of comprehensive services to all residents of the city.
  • Diversification in the design of swimming pools is in line with the contrast of desires, as there are covered and open pools.
  • The new El Alamein towers are decorated with large green spaces that add a wonderful atmosphere to the picturesque nature and make it look more luxurious.
  • A hypermarket has various goods and items that anyone can need in their home, making it easier for residents to buy their various supplies.
  • Major shopping malls with all the world-famous brands available, so that residents can buy the best products and brands.
  • Gyms and gyms with all modern facilities and equipment, most of which are imported from abroad and are known internationally.
  • An amusement park with a variety of games suitable for everyone, whether young or old, so that everyone can spend an unforgettable fun time.
  • A safe and well-equipped path that allows the residents of the towers to enjoy cycling or walking in an open space instead of their closed residential units.
  • Children's entertainment areas so they can spend fun time alone or with their friends without any worries of getting hurt.
  • A spacious park in order to recreate its residents and provide them with a distinctive entertainment service.
  • A mosque built on a large space accommodates a large number of worshipers, in addition to the presence of a large church as well.

New Alamein Towers Prices

Mostly, the project prices will push you to make your decision and book a unit immediately within the project, because it is reasonable despite the many advantages of the project units and the multiplicity of its services to a degree that suggests their high prices, as there are units at a price of only 3 million and 600 thousand pounds.

The wide discrepancy in the prices of Al Alamein Towers units is welcomed by all customers because it makes them enjoy greater freedom in choosing the right price for them and not just the appropriate specifications. For example, the price of some apartments ranges from 5,500,000 EGP up to 13 million EGP, and it rises in other apartments with higher specifications. ranging from 6,300,000 up to 14,400,000 EGP.

Payment methods in El Alamein Towers City Edge

The ease of paying the unit price is one of the most important advantages of the New Alamein Towers project, which always puts the interests of its customers in mind, as the executing company provided it with a wonderful payment system through which the buyer can install the value of the unit over 7 years after paying an advance of 10% of the total value of the sold unit.

You won't be burdened with finishing your unit inside Alamein Towers, because all units are to be delivered to clients with full super lux finishes.

The Owner Company and Previous Works

The standing of a large edifice such as City Edge Development behind New Alamein Towers Project was a major factor in achieving all this success because it is a company that has its name and a great position in the real estate sector, especially as it is the result of the cooperation of three major government entities, they are:

  • The New Urban Communities Authority, which owns the largest share of the company (60%),
  • Housing and Development Bank (38%)
  • The Holding Company for Investment and Development (2%)

Each of the projects of the company that owns the towers bears witness to its great distinction. Among the most prominent of its previous works are the following:

  • Downtown New Alamein.
  • Al Maqsad New Administrative Capital.
  • North Edge Towers North Coast.
  • Zahya towers in New Mansoura.
  • The Gate North Coast.
  • Mazarine New Alamein.
  • Baroque New Administrative Capital.
  • Etapa Sheikh Zayed.
  • Etapa Square Sheikh Zayed.
  • Al Maqsad Residence New Administrative Capital.



New Alamein City

3,600,000 EGP


City Edge Developments.

120 Units

10% downpayment and the rest in installments within 7 years.

it was executed on 48,000 acres.


  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa
  • Water Fountains
  • Aqua park

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