Cecilia Lagoons Resort North Coast

From 600,000 EGP
Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2023

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Project Name: Cecilia Lagoons.

About the project: It is one of the company's most important projects inside the North Coast, which enjoys charming nature and tranquility, as well as providing basic and recreational services.

Cecilia Lagoons North Coast Location: In the heart of the North Coast.

Project Space: 123 acres.

Units types: villas - chalets - studios.

Units Space: starts from 55 square meters.

Units prices: start from 600,000 EGP.

Payment systems: A downpayment starts from 32,000 EGP and the rest is in installments.

Looking for a life of luxury, recreation, and fun to you... Here is Cecilia Lagoons North Coast

If you are a fan of luxury and complete comfort and are looking for places to spend the most beautiful times in a distinctive summer atmosphere, we have provided all this in Cecilia Lagoons Resort, which enjoys a huge space of ​​luxury and all its units offer wonderful views of the beautiful sea with its turquoise blue waters that give you a sense of relaxation.

Also, the largest engineering consultancy offices were used to develop executive plans and innovative designs that differ from anywhere else to suit the tastes of many customers, at a time when the company provided a package of distinctive prices, which are the best in that region at all, and there are easy and flexible payment plans to own the unit, Cecilia lagoons North Coast is one of the major investment opportunities.

Cecilia Lagoons Resort North Coast Location

The company that developed the project was keen to choose the unique location of its kind to establish its wonderful project and be its main headquarters. It was built in the heart of the North Coast, which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. about congestion.

Cecilia Lagoons North Coast location Features:

  • The project is located at kilo 245 of Alexandria-Marsa Matruh Road on Al-Jarawla Bay.
  • It is 20 km from Marsa Matruh.
  • It is about 160 km from the northern register.
  • You can also take about 10 minutes only, to reach the heart of Matrouh.
  • The project is close to the new Fouka area.

Cecilia lagoons North Coast Space

The largest space was chosen to accommodate a large number of services in the resort, as it occupies about 123 acres, and only about 20% of it has been allocated to buildings and constructions that include various units, including villas, chalets, and studios, which are designed in wonderfully creative ways, which suit all customers' tastes and fulfill all their desires. Work has been done to create distinctive green spaces within the resort, which occupy 80%, to be represented in gardens and parks with their high trees and beautiful blooming flowers that give it a spirit of wonderful beauty...

The resort has a depth of 770 square meters, and the length of its private beach is 1,000 square meters. It includes many recreational services and distinctive service facilities to enjoy a distinctive summer atmosphere and spend the best times there.

Multiple Features within Cecilia North Coast

  • One of the most important features of the Cecilia Lagoons project is that it is located in the heart of the North Coast, and is close to the most important roads and important axes that made it easy to access.
  • Swimming pools of various shapes and sizes are distinguished by their splendid design and are suitable for all customers and provide them with a great deal of privacy and complete luxury.
  • 5-star hotels, which are distinguished by their wonderful hotel services to suit all customers and visitors, and are of the highest degree of luxury and elegance.
  • All units are designed according to international styles and feature wonderful finishes that suit the tastes of the residents, as well as overlooking the most beautiful natural views.
  • 2 Aqua Park helps you to enjoy among your friends the most beautiful times of entertainment.
  • Crystal Lagoon has a size of 3000 square meters, which gives the resort a charming appearance.
  • It is characterized by the presence of a large shopping mall displaying modern fashion, which contains the best types of international brands and brands.
  • A 1000 square meter sandy beach, characterized by the picturesque crystal waters that give it joy and beauty.
  • All units have enchanting panoramic views of the sea, making the residents enjoy the most beautiful scenic landscapes.
  • A tourist walkway extending to the end of the resort, to relax in the charming nature and wonderful waters.
  • Stunning green spaces occupy 80% of the total space, which are spread around the beautiful crystal lagoons.

Services available inside Cecilia Resort North Coast

 Ibn Sina For Hotels & Tourist Villages has been keen to provide enormous and exclusive services within the project to meet and achieve all the desires of customers, and the services are as follows:

  • A large mosque designed according to Islamic styles to hold prayers and religious rites.
  • The Food Court area includes restaurants that serve delicious cuisine, and luxurious cafes that offer the best variety of drinks. The resort also includes a floating restaurant on the water with a charming and attractive view.
  • For lovers of running, walking, and cycling, long tracks have been paved, helping the residents to rejuvenate, and they are in the midst of green spaces for more enjoyment.
  • health club equipped with the latest sports and gym equipment, and there is a Spa House for gym care.
  • For recreation, there is a sauna and a jacuzzi, which provides customers with relaxation and comfort.
  • For those who love fishing and diving, a special area has been identified inside the sea that includes a marina and a yacht marina that can accommodate a large number of them for lovers of recreation within the sea.
  • Cecilia lagoons North Coast is characterized by the presence of medical clinics that include all different specialties, and they operate 24 hours a day to receive patients.
  • A large social club that provides you with complete calm and encourages family and friends to meet and spend the best time in it, to enjoy.
  • For the sake of general insurance inside the village, men of security and heavy guards, trained at the highest level, were provided, and they operate 24 hours a day.
  • A huge number of modern surveillance cameras that monitor events inside the village have been distributed so that customers can enjoy public safety inside their unit
  • Large garages house a large number of cars for visitors and residents, to maintain the civilized appearance inside.
  • Assigning a property management service within the resort, which is at the best level, to further secure what you own, and also help you rent your chalet during the summer period and benefit from it.
  • For sports lovers, five-apartment courts have been designated at the highest level, including football, tennis, and golf.
  • Cecilia Lagoons Resort is equipped with sound alarms that help you solve the problem before it gets worse.
  • Electric elevators inside the units to facilitate movement between floors.
  • A supermarket and hypermarket within the village work to provide all the goods you need during your day.

Book now and enjoy the best exclusive services within Marsa Matrouh, where the North Coast is.

Units and spaces within Cecilia lagoons North Coast

The resort is distinguished by its charming views of the seaside, which enjoy the splendor of its creative designs inside the resort. It is designed in the form of terraces with a height of up to 10 square meters, and its units overlook the sea coast, which shines with its turquoise blue waters and soft sand that helps you relax and delight.

It includes several diverse residential units designed on international styles, which are (villas - chalets - studios), each designed on different international styles, which also vary in terms of spaces, and we mention them as follows:

  • The first-row villa units start from 250 m² and consist of a ground floor + first floor + roof.
  • A second-row chalet with a space of ​​about 135 m², and consists of a ground floor, and the first floor is attached to a garden of 100 square meters.
  • Third-row chalet with a space of 120 m², and it consists of a ground floor and a first floor, attached to a garden of 50 m².
  • Ground floor-chalet + first floor attached to a garden of 35 m², and a total space of 100 square meters.
  • The chalet consists of 4 floors, each of 88 m², and the fourth floor includes a roof space of 15 m², with a total space of 88 m².
  • The studio units have a space of 55 m², and it consists of a ground floor and 4 upper floors, attached to a garden of 15 m².

Prices and Payment systems

Cecilia Lagoons is unique with many unparalleled features and diverse services, as it works to meet the needs of customers, and this is represented in the distinguished prices announced by Ibn Sina for Hotels and Tourist Villages, the owner of the project, and we explain this as follows:

  • Chalet units start at 600,000 EGP.
  • As for the price of the villas, it starts from 6,325,000 EGP.

The company has also developed easy payment plans to serve its customers, which are characterized by flexibility, which helps customers to own units easily and without trouble. It is based on convenient installments for the longest possible period of up to 9 years, the value of the downpayment that the customer pays when booking the unit is explained below:

  • Downpayment for villa units starts from 312,000 EGP.
  • While the chalet starts from 50,000 EGP and goes up to 115,000 EGP depending on the number of rooms.
  • The downpayment for studio units starts from 32,000 EGP.
  • All units are delivered with a luxurious and upscale hotel finish.

The real estate developer of Cecilia Lagoons Resort Al Sahel

Ibn Sina for Hotels and Tourist Villages is one of the largest companies that help you spend the best times and vacations for more luxury and spend the most rest and happiness times. It has established Cecilia Lagoons on the North Coast, the most beautiful tourist resort on the North Coast, which enjoys a charming view of the most beautiful landscapes.

It also always aims to reach the world through its real estate projects that are characterized by innovation and artistic creativity that exceed all expectations on the part of customers. It enjoys a good reputation and great credibility and has many achievements that have achieved great successes.

Among the most important projects that Ibn Sina has established are:


  • Al Safwa Towers 6th of October.
  • Al Safwa Towers Sheikh Zayed.
  • Hadayek El Ahram


  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Health club and Spa
  • Water Fountains
  • Aqua park
  • Cinema

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