Zoya Ghazala Bay North Coast

From 3,680,000 EGP
Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2023
Developed by: Land Mark Sabbour

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Project Name: Zoya Ghazala Bay.

About the project: It is one of the most important coastal projects that is characterized by wonderful landscapes and tranquility.

Resort location: It is located at Kilo 142 Alex-Matrouh Road.

The Space of Zoya Ghazala Bay North Coast: 60 acres.

Units types: chalets - villas - twin houses.

Units space: starts from 103 square meters.

Units prices: start from 3,680,000 EGP.

The real estate developer: Landmark Sabbour.

Payment methods: 10% of the total unit price is paid as a downpayment, and the rest is paid in installments over 6 years.

Zoya Ghazala Bay North Coast... Your first destination to spend an enjoyable summer vacation with international specifications on the land of Egypt

The resort offers you a luxurious stay in a charming place directly overlooking the most beautiful beaches of the North Coast with its clean water, yellow sand, and clear sky. you will not find a more beautiful resort than the wonderful Zoya Ghazala Bay, in the most distinguished location in Sidi Abdel Rahman area.

Landmark Sabbour presented its new project, Zoya Resort, which is considered a breakthrough in the world of tourist resorts, with views of the distinctive White Sea, the diversity of its units, the different architectural designs, and the provision of all services so that customers can enjoy all means of entertainment and activities, complete calm and tranquility, it also provided all the means of security and privacy that any investor dreams of in his unit.

The Resort location

The most important characteristic of Zoya Ghazala Bay is the strategic location chosen by the owner company, as it is located in the Sidi Abdel Rahman area, at Kilo 142 Alexandria-Matrouh Road. It is also close to many important cities and main hubs, and we will explain them as follows:

  • The resort is located near Zahran City Mall.
  • It is located near some neighboring villages such as Tilal Resort, and Hacienda Bay North Coast.
  • It overlooks the new Fouka Road, which facilitates transportation to and from Cairo.
  • It is only 120 minutes away from Cairo.

Space and unit types inside Zoya Ghazala Bay Resort

The project included many services and exclusive features that facilitated life for many residents, and Zoya Ghazala Bay to include all of this, a huge space must be available, the project spread over approximately 60 acres, wonderfully divided between landscapes and various service facilities, where it represented the largest proportion, As for the buildings, they represented the smallest percentage of the project space.

There are many types of units in the project to include a large number of options to include chalets, townhouses, twin houses, villas, of various sizes, for the customer to choose the type of unit with the space that matches his needs as follows:

  • Chalets space starts from 103 up to 205 square meters.
  • Villas space starts from 340 up to 375 square meters.
  • Twin houses space starts from 238 up to 307 square meters.

Unique Features of Zoya Ghazala Bay North Coast

Zoya Ghazala Bay provided a distinctive and unique experience and made sure that there were all the advantages that the residents of the resort enjoy, and was also determined to provide all means of enjoyment for all age groups, and these features were as follows:

  • The resort presented an artistic palette full of colors, where the blue color of the crystal waters, the beautiful green color of the green spaces, and the shiny golden color of the soft sand combine, all of this contributed to producing a charming view that the client enjoys and helps him to relax and unwind.
  • The distinctive design of the project made it the focus of the attention of many who are looking for modernity and a touch of luxury and sophistication.
  • The diversity in the units offered made the customer feel that the unit was specially designed to suit his needs.
  • The most important feature of the project is the distance from all sources of pollution, as the environment is vibrant, active, and calm that everyone is looking for.
  • Many seats to rest and contemplate the charming nature and watch the beautiful sunset moments.

The exclusive services inside Zoya Ghazala Bay Landmark

Landmark Sabbour, the owner of Zoya Ghazala Bay Project, has provided many basic and recreational services that greatly contribute to the ease of life and enjoyment of the most fun times and priceless moments with family and friends.

  • It contains a large number of swimming pools of different shapes and sizes, spread throughout the village to suit all age groups.
  • The largest integrated commercial area includes many shops with the most famous and highest international brands for shopping enthusiasts.
  • A children's entertainment area that includes a lot of different games and activities to play, entertain and practice activities, and the place is completely safe.
  • A health club equipped at the highest level, which includes a spa, sauna, and jacuzzi to increase enjoyment and recreation.
  • A sports gym that includes many modern sports equipment with a group of distinguished trainers to maintain the fitness of the population.
  • The resort includes many restaurants and cafes that serve delicious dishes and drinks by the best international chefs.
  • An international five-star hotel, offering the best hotel services at the highest level for all those looking for luxury and sophistication.
  • 24-hour security and guarding service to ensure the protection of customers through competently trained security personnel and high-level surveillance cameras.
  • A yacht marina and a fishing marina for all cruise lovers.
  • Many fun water games such as snorkeling to see the beautiful coral reefs.
  • Attention to the infrastructure of the project and the availability of integrated facilities in all units, and panoramic electric elevators.
  • Special garage to prevent overcrowding.
  • Many pharmacies and supermarkets fill the need of customers throughout the day.
  • A medical center equipped with the latest equipment and experts in all specialties.
  • Maintenance and permanent cleaning services for units.
  • Special tracks for cycling, walking and running away from cars to ensure the complete safety of residents.

Prices and Payment Systems available in Zoya Ghazala Bay North Coast

The prices are very competitive, in addition to the services and features that are not provided in the project, but there is a great effort in providing prices that suit the financial capabilities of customers of all classes, and the prices varied according to the space and the type owned by the customer as follows:

  • Chalet prices start from 3,680,000 EGP up to 5,250,000 EGP.
  • The prices of standalone villas start from 17,000,000 EGP up to 34,000,000 EGP.
  • Twin house prices start from 7,500,000 up to 13,500,000 EGP.

The most important feature of the resort is the payment systems, which were very easy and flexible, and the installment period extended over a long period to remove the burdens of payment on the customers, Landmark Sabbour provided many payment systems so that the customer chooses the system that corresponds to his financial capabilities, and we will get to know them in the following:

  • A 10% downpayment is to be paid of the total unit price, and the rest is to be paid in installments over 6 consecutive years.
  • The units are delivered with a super lux finishing system.

Therefore, we find that Zoya Ghazala Bay Resort North Coast provides a life of privacy and luxury that you dream of away from the hustle and bustle of life in the Sidi Abdel Rahman area, which guarantees to enjoy the charming life of nature, and here is the Landmark Sabbour Real Estate Development Company that manages to attract everyone's attention to it due to its excellent location.

In addition to its vital location, it offers endless services and features at imaginary prices and payment systems, the first of its kind on the North Coast.

The Real Estate Developer

Zoya Ghazala Bay is implemented by Landmark Sabbour, which is one of the most important and largest companies in the field of real estate development and is keen to provide distinguished projects through which it earns the trust of customers.

LMD was established in 2005, and during this period it presented many distinguished integrated projects throughout Egypt and abroad.



  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Health club and Spa
  • Water Fountains
  • Aqua park
  • Cinema

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