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Landmark Sabbour Company

Landmark Sabbour is considered one of the best and most famous leading development companies in the real estate development in Egypt, Landmark Sabbour has set up many activities with the most elevated level of completion and services in unmistakable areas inside and outside Egypt

Establishment History of Landmark Sabbour

Landmark Sabbour was established by businessman and engineer Ahmed Sabbour in 2005. This company is associated with Al-Ahly Real Estate Development Company, which was set up in 1994, to address the issues of the housing market for extravagance and present-day residential projects inside and outside Egypt.

Landmark Sabbour Vision

This company's vision is founded on a number of objectives, including the following:

  • The company's leadership in expanding the real estate market.
  • The company cooperates with real estate entities.
  • It aspires to work with a variety of brands around the world.
  • Partner with companies that adhere to the company's development and development standards.
  • The company's selection of partners with a new vision that seeks to give distinguished venues in diverse projects with an exciting ambiance.
  • The firm specializes in high-end real estate.

Advantages of the Landmark Sabbour Company

Everyone in Egypt and the Gulf countries has rushed to buy residential units, compounds, villas, tourist units, business units, and administrative units at Landmark Sabbour because of its many advantages. The following characteristics will be explored in the following lines:

  • The firm offers a variety of projects, all of which are differentiated by their location in New Cairo.
  • The company has worked hard to ensure that all of its real estate developments are of the greatest quality.
  • The company selects the most strategic places in the region, where all of the region's fundamental services are present.
  • Before beginning projects, the organization conducts thorough investigations and accurate studies.
  • All of the company's projects are distinguished by their diversity and unique shapes and designs.
  • The firm has a huge team of foreign professionals that work on projects that feature cutting-edge architectural concepts.
  • The organization has a huge integrated workforce that completes projects to the best of its ability and in the shortest amount of time.
  • The organization is known for its dedication to completing projects on schedule for clients.
  • In order to give the greatest projects in the real estate market, the company develops a comprehensive plan in which it examines all directions and elements.
  • The organization is constantly striving to improve the projects it generates in order to keep up with the present day.
  • The company stands out for its knowledge and awareness of the value of real estate investment, whether in Egypt, the Gulf countries, or Europe.
  • The organization is looking for places that provide both comfort and luxury.
  • The organization attempts to transport inhabitants to a distinctive, elegant, and serene world in the heart of New Cairo during its real estate projects.
  • Despite these traits, it offers real estate units at rates and payment schemes that are suitable for everyone seeking a luxurious and modern lifestyle.
  • Over the years, the company has gained a lot of experience in the sector of real estate development.

The company's most major projects in Egypt

The company offered a number of projects that established its name and gave everyone in the real estate market reason to believe in it, thus these projects will be addressed in detail in the following:

First project: Aria Sabbour Compound Landmark

Aria Compound, a 108-acre development in Mostakbal City, is distinguished by the following features:

  • The project is right across the street from Palm Hills Compound in New Cairo, on the middle ring road.
  • It's also opposite Mountain View Icity Compound.
  • It is near Madinaty city.
  • The American University is also close to the project.
  • It stands out because it offers all of the basic recreational, cultural, health, commercial, public, and religious services that people require.

Second project: Layan Compound, 5th settlement

The company has built Layan Compound, Fifth Settlement, on a 233-acre plot of land divided into twin houses and townhouse villas.

This project is distinguished by a number of characteristics that entice anyone seeking a luxurious lifestyle to purchase a unit within it, including the following:

  • The compound sits in the middle of New Cairo, near 90th Street in the Fifth Settlement, and was built by the corporation.
  • The corporation tried hard to locate the compound near American University.
  • It was also conveniently near Palm Hills Katameya.
  • The property provides all of the amenities that its occupants require
  • The company aimed to provide all of the amenities found in clubs, swimming pools, 24-hour security, mosques, churches, clinics, and hospitals.

Outside of Egypt, some of the company's most well-known projects

While the company exhibited a number of high-end projects throughout Egypt. It also worked on luxury projects outside of Egypt's boundaries, such as the ones listed below:

  • The Continental Tower project in Dubai Marina, UAE, was presented, in which the company chose a unique location with a wide space and employed the top architects to develop this multi-story tower.
  • It presented the Rokan complex project, which is located in Dubailand in the United Arab Emirates and is one of the firm's largest residential complexes in Dubai, thus the corporation put a lot of money into it.
  • A building with historic designs going back to the year 91, located on Avenue Montaner in Barcelona, where the corporation employed a huge group of history specialists and the top architects to make historical engravings that give the structure a combination of current and historical appearance.