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Project Description

Project name:  Solare.

About Solare project: It is the ideal place to spend the summer vacation with family and friends. Solare resort is distinguished by its great strategic location, which makes it close to many tourist attractions in the region. Solare resort offers more than 10 wonderful areas of different sizes, and 82% of the units overlook the water, giving you a wonderful view of the sea.

Solare Location: Ras al-Hikma.

Solare  North Coast Resort space: a large area that includes all types of units.

Units Types: All types of units are available in Solare project, which suits all investors' tastes.

Solare Units Prices: it starts from 11,400,000 EGP.

The name of the real estate developer for Solare Resort: is Misr Italia Real Estate Development Company.

Payment systems:  The company has approved different and various payment systems with comfortable and long repayment periods.

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Solare North Coast

The major real estate company, Misr Italia, announced the launch of its distinctive coastal project within the North Coast region and called it the Solare Resort, which is a Spanish name similar to one of the areas powered by solar energy. It was also keen to choose the strategic location that connects the most important roads and main axes. And close to vital areas.

As for the area on which Solare North Coast project is built, it is vast, and it was divided in a distinctive geometric manner by the hands of the largest engineers. We find that the green spaces and scenic landscapes occupy the largest percentage, in addition to the residential units that are unique with prestigious designs that enjoy different spaces, so that customers have the freedom to choose the most suitable. for them.

It has also directed all its attention to provide the largest amount of integrated services that fulfill all the requirements of customers, and among the most important things announced are the competitive prices that are compatible with their purchasing desires, in addition to flexible payment methods that help you to pay the total amount over many years in installments. You can now take advantage of this golden opportunity and book your residential unit in Solare…!

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Solare Resort location, North Coast

The best tourist resorts built in the heart of the North Coast were presented by the major real estate company Misr Italia, and they were very keen to choose a strategic location for it so that it connects the most important roads and main axes, which makes it easier for everyone to reach any place in the least time and without much effort. Also, the distance between Misr Italia North Coast resort and the vital areas is very short.

The most important landmarks near Solare North Coast Village:

  • Solare Resort is located in the Ras Al Hikma area, which connects the most important roads and the main axes.

  • Solare North Coast project is also close to the largest known projects in the North Coast region.

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Space and design of Solare Ras El Hikma

A tourist resort that shines in the sky of the northern coast, it was launched by the prestigious real estate company Misr Italia, which announced the Solare North Coast project, which attracted many customers and investors because of its value among many projects in that region, and it was keen to build it on a vast area to include the largest amount One of the integrated services that meet all the requirements of everyone.

It has sought the help of the largest architects and it was divided so that the green spaces and scenic landscapes have the largest percentage and occupy about 85%. As for the remaining space, it is for residential units of different sizes, so that customers have the freedom to choose the most suitable for them.

As for the designs within the Ras El Hikma Solare project, they are characterized by luxury and sophistication and are comparable to the same international models. The residential units are well-equipped and work with the latest technological methods, where you can control many things remotely, which gives you comfort and happiness in a distinctive atmosphere, as for the views, they are wonderful. And that is on the dazzling blue seashore and artificial lakes that give the place an attractive civilized appearance.

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Services available within Solare North Coast Misr Italia

If you are looking for a distinctive coastal place that provides you with all the irreplaceable opportunities that will not be repeated in any other place, here is Solare Resort, one of the coastal projects of Misr Italia, which was keen to provide the best services that meet all your needs, which are as follows:

  • The company has appointed several guards and security personnel inside and outside Solare North Coast resort, who work throughout the day for more stability and safety for the residents.

  • A huge number of modern surveillance cameras have been distributed that operate throughout the day to monitor the events that take place throughout the day.

  • Paving a good space for tracks designated for walking, running, and cycling, away from the roads for cars, to avoid any accidents and maintain the safety of everyone.

  • Inside Solare Resort, North Coast, the best recreational services have been provided, with the presence of the best health centers, including saunas, jacuzzis, and a spa house, and they are offered to customers at the highest level.

  • For lovers of exercising and maintaining a fit body, gymnasiums have been provided, featuring sports equipment and advanced devices, and here are trainers of the highest level.

  • For luxury and enjoying the best times with friends and family, a barbecue area has been provided, and it is equipped with all equipment.

  • You can have your favorite meal and delicious drink inside the largest cafes and restaurants that are designed in the same international styles and with brilliant decorations.

  • Inside Solare Ras El Hikma, there are large sports fields dedicated to football, tennis, and volleyball, and there are many halls equipped for gymnastics, squash, and others.

  • For those who love shopping and buying products, a shopping mall has been provided that includes the largest number of stores that display the best international brands.

  • Several ATMs have also been distributed to facilitate the exchange and deposit process without having to go outside Solare resort.

  • Distinctive medical services have been provided within the resort of Solare, with the presence of several medical clinics that operate throughout the day and include the largest number of distinguished doctors.

  • In addition, several major pharmacies offer the best-imported medicines and various medical products.

  • Appointing several cleaners who work throughout the day to maintain the civilized appearance of Solare resort.

  • The company announced unbeatable prices within Solare Resort, which makes it easier for all customers to purchase the unit, and offers flexible payment methods to pay the total amount over many years.

What are you waiting for? You can take advantage of this golden opportunity inside Solare Resort and get the best services that you did not find anywhere else, so start booking now…..!

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The unique features of the Solare North Coast project

Solare Misr Italia is considered one of the most famous tourist resorts built inside Egypt in the North Coast region, which is unique in many different features, as follows:

  • The strategic location of the Solare project is one of its most important features, as it connects the most important roads and main axes, and is a short distance from vital places.

  • Also, the area on which Solare North Coast project is built is huge, which was divided between green spaces and scenic landscapes, which give the place an attractive civilized appearance.

  • As for Solare residential units, they work with the latest technological methods and are designed according to the latest international models of luxury and sophistication, as well as varying spaces, so that you have the freedom to choose the most suitable for you.

  • The largest engineers who have a long experience in this field have also been consulted, as the best architectural designs for Solare project have been developed to suit the customers with high taste.

  • Within the resort of Solare Misr Italia, there are swimming pools of different sizes, which are suitable for all ages, for more entertainment.

  • There is a large mosque designed in the Islamic style which is sufficient for the largest number of worshipers to perform religious rituals.

  • Below Solare units, large garages have been provided, which are sufficient for the largest number of customers' cars, to prevent crowding within Solare Resort.

  • For recreation and enjoyment of psychological comfort, several parks and gardens have been provided, and they have many seating facilities.

  • Solare Resort, North Coast, is environmentally friendly, as all Solare units operate on a solar energy system, to save electricity.

  • For young children, a special area has been provided for them that includes all games suitable for their ages, to provide more luxury and spend fun times with friends.

  • On the picturesque beachfront, several facilities have been provided to sit and relax in the sunlight and enjoy the view of the sea.

  • The infrastructure designed within Solare Resort Ras El Hikma includes all basic services such as electricity, natural gas, and sewage.

  • There are maintenance centers that operate throughout the day to receive any faults and repair them to provide a distinguished residential life free of problems.

  • For adults and children, a recreational area has been provided for them on the seashore to practice various sports and enjoy the best times with friends in Solare North Coast.

Hence, you can be sure that Solare North Coast is your favorite place, which gives you a unique opportunity to spend the summer holidays with friends and family, so book now…!

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Prices and payment systems announced within the resort of Solare North Coast 

Solare Misr Italia is one of the best coastal projects built in the heart of the North Coast, overlooking the Mediterranean coast. The most important distinguished service provided by the real estate developer is providing a package of competitive prices that are compatible with the purchasing desires of customers and investors. The unit within the Solare project starts from 3,000,000 Egyptian pounds. In addition to announcing flexible payment methods for the total amount in installments over many years without interest, as follows:

  • You can pay a 5% downpayment of the unit price, and the rest is to be paid in installments over 10 years.

For more information, you can contact us….!

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Disadvantages of Solare North Coast Village

In the "Solare North Coast" project, the chalets do not have more than three bedrooms. However, the developing company affirms that other options like townhouse units, twin house units, and standalone villas are designed to meet the needs of clients looking for larger spaces and more rooms. This flexibility in options ensures that every client can easily find what suits their needs, whether looking for a small or large space, reflecting the diversity and inclusiveness in Misr Italia North Coast project's design.

The real estate company - Misr Italia Development

Misr Italia is considered one of the largest giant companies in the real estate market and has a good reputation among many developers. It is also famous for its various projects with unique features and whose brand has varied between commercial and residential. It also seeks to develop and meet many of the requirements that are asked by many customers.

The company has swept many areas inside Egypt, including 11 residential projects, and 9 huge commercial projects, and it has delivered more than 6,000 luxury housing units, and it also has 18 projects, including 11 coastal residential, 9 commercial, and 5 hotel, and it is working towards a better implementation Innovating methods and putting the latest experiences within its projects to suit customers with high taste.

It is owned by one of the largest businessmen with wise leadership who have a long history in this field, including:

  • Khaled Al-Assal, founder of the company and chairman of the board of directors.

  • Mohamed Khaled Al-Assal, CEO and Managing Director.

  • Mohamed Hani Al-Assal, CEO and Managing Director.

  • Karim El Assal, Co-Chief Executive Officer.

Previous projects of Misr Italia:

Luxury and High-Living Await You on the North Coast!

The beaches of Egypt's North Coast have transformed into a haven for nature and luxury enthusiasts, making it a prime destination for tourism and relaxation worldwide. In this enchanting retreat, one finds a myriad of accommodation options ranging from modern luxury to sophistication, where the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea seamlessly blends with innovative architectural designs and state-of-the-art facilities.

The resorts boast sophisticated designs that respect the area's cultural fabric, offering guests an unforgettable hospitality experience through a diverse range of comprehensive services and facilities. From luxurious apartments to private villas, each abode provides a unique stay experience enhanced by privacy and comfort.

Moreover, the resorts are conveniently located, providing easy access to a wealth of activities and services, such as restaurants offering the finest global cuisine, chic cafés, and upscale shops. Recreational opportunities abound through health clubs, pools, gardens, as well as golf and tennis courts, offering guests endless enjoyment.

The North Coast has become an attraction not only for tourists but also for real estate investors, thanks to the promising investment opportunities it offers, characterized by lucrative financial returns and sustainable property values.

It's not just luxury and opulence that distinguishes the North Coast, but also the diversity of activities suitable for all ages and interests, from water sports to art festivals and music concerts that create unforgettable memories.

The management's continuous efforts to improve and develop facilities, coupled with their commitment to delivering the highest quality standards, have solidified the North Coast's position as a unique and enchanting destination, attracting beauty, tranquility, and investor seekers alike, making it truly a piece of paradise on Egyptian soil.

Experience Your City from a New Perspective: The North Coast Where Dreams Become Reality!

The northern coastal strip of Egypt represents a prominent tourist attraction, captivating attention with the glamour of the Mediterranean Sea and enchanting hearts with the grandeur of its luxurious facilities. This location serves as an ideal retreat for those seeking solace and relaxation, away from the aridity and commotion of routine life. This coast boasts dazzling white sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters, offering visitors a golden opportunity to bask in the splendor of breathtaking nature.

With luxurious resorts and uniquely designed tourist towns dotting its shores, the northern coastal strip offers everything necessary for ultimate comfort and pleasure. Here, one can indulge in a variety of water adventures and activities, such as surfing, diving, and even yachting, making it a paradise for sea lovers and adrenaline junkies.

From a cultural perspective, the coast shines with a rich historical and civilizational heritage, abounding with archaeological and heritage sites that narrate tales of bygone eras. The historic gem of Alexandria stands as a testament to a long history and profound culture, with a remarkable collection of temples and museums.

The captivating beauty of the North Coast is not confined to a golden summer season alone; visitors can enjoy its moderate climate year-round, providing a fantastic alternative to escaping the summer heat in other regions. This allure is not limited to its natural and enchanting beauty but extends to becoming a crossroads that fulfills the aspirations and expectations of visitors from around the globe. It is, indeed, the embodiment of a dream that every traveler seeks to realize; an unforgettable vacation in a captivating atmosphere with sophisticated facilities.

Solare North Coast and More: Discover the Noteworthy Resorts in Its Vicinity!

  1. Lake Yard North Coast

    • The Lake Yard Resort stands out as a unique touristic oasis, located in close proximity to Solare North Coast, offering its visitors an unforgettable experience with captivating views overlooking the allure of the sea. Its serene and charming surroundings embody the essence of true tranquility and natural beauty, making it the ideal place for those seeking relaxation and savoring moments of serenity away from the hustle and bustle of life.
    • The resort boasts a diverse collection of modern facilities, including infinity pools, gardens adorned with the magnificence of natural designs and colors, and restaurants offering delectable cuisine in an atmosphere of sophistication and refined taste.
  2. Cecilia Lagoons North Coast Resort

    • The Cecilia Village emerges as a unique destination for summer and relaxation enthusiasts near Solare North Coast Resort, captivating eyes with the charm of its alluring beach, flourishing with soft golden sands and crystalline blue waters
    • . This village is the perfect place for water sports enthusiasts and those seeking moments of relaxation under the warm sun.
    • It also houses a collection of luxurious hotels and resorts, offering guests the finest services and comprehensive facilities such as restaurants serving delectable dishes, refreshing pools, and sports courts for those seeking activity and vibrancy. In Cecilia Village, the enchantment of nature meets opulence to create an unforgettable experience for all who visit.
  3. Amwaj North Coast Resort

    • The Amwaj Resort emerges as an exceptional destination for those seeking relaxation amidst captivating nature and sea tranquility enthusiasts, located a short distance from the Solare North Coast Resort. Its architectural signature blends the beauty of Byzantine design with modern creativity, making it an unforgettable place for visitors.
    • The resort offers a wide range of recreational options catering to diverse tastes and preferences, from thrill-seekers and adventure lovers who can dive into the depths of the blue seas, to wave riders and surfers soaring above the water's surface, to those interested in more tranquil activities like cycling around the resort. Additionally, golf enthusiasts can hone their skills and enjoy pleasant times on the resort's sophisticated golf course.
  4.  D-Bay North Coast Resort

    • The D-Bay Resort is an ideal destination for those seeking relaxation and enjoyment near Solare North Coast Resort. This resort stands out with its captivating beach of soft sands and lush gardens, where the cool breeze embraces its visitors, offering them a unique experience of relaxation and rejuvenation.
    • The resort features a rich collection of sophisticated facilities, including sparkling pools and state-of-the-art health clubs, alongside a diverse range of recreational activities suitable for all ages, providing families with an opportunity to create unforgettable memories under the resort's blue skies.
  5. Hyde Park North Coast Resort

    • The Hyde Park Village forms a charming seaside oasis, located in close proximity to Solare North Coast Resort, offering guests the opportunity to enjoy the splendor of the sea and various water activities in an atmosphere of tranquility and pleasure. The resort stands out for its captivating beach and provision of luxurious facilities, including uniquely designed pools, terraces overlooking the enchanting blue expanse, as well as spa services promising an exceptional relaxation experience, and restaurants serving delectable cuisine.
    • It also promises to offer a diverse range of recreational activities and water games designed to suit visitors of all age groups, making it an ideal destination for families and individuals alike, seeking an exciting and vibrant experience by the seaside.

Your Comprehensive Guide: How to Make the Process of Buying Real Estate in Solare North Coast Easier with

If your desire leans towards sophistication and distinction in choosing a place for residence and investment in Egypt's North Coast, then Solare North Coast Village represents that horizon that combines modern designs and outstanding services, making it a prime destination for those seeking tranquility and rejuvenation. Solare North Coast Village, with its Egyptian-Italian flair, is one of the most prominent sites on the North Coast that meets the expectations of families and investors alike.

  • This village offers a unique experience for those seeking to spend unforgettable moments during the summer vacation with family and friends, as well as an excellent investment opportunity. To facilitate the path to owning a property in Solare North Coast, the website provides streamlined and clear steps, starting with visiting the site to browse available real estate options with detailed information on area, number of rooms, and prices.
  • The next step involves exploring these options through clear images and detailed descriptions of each property, allowing you to form a clear picture of the place even before visiting it. For more information or to arrange a visit, the website offers the possibility of direct communication with the team, where they provide you with all the guidance and advice to ensure a choice that meets your desires.
  • During the price negotiation and payment terms stage, their expertise plays a crucial role in ensuring you get the best deals that preserve the value of your investment. Once an agreement is reached, the team will guide you step-by-step through the purchasing process, from document preparation to registration, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free buying experience.

Combining beauty, sophistication, and amenities, Solare North Coast emerges, promising more than just a place of residence, but a life filled with luxury and smart investment.

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