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Project Description

Project Name: Fifth Square.

About Fifth Square Project: A high-end residential compound by Al Marasem Development, located near the American University, just 5 minutes away, near the city center, and just 20 minutes away.

Fifth Square Location: In the 5th Settlement in New Cairo, where it is located on North Teseen Street.

Fifth Square New Cairo Space: 158 acres.

Units Type: Villas - Apartments - Twin House - Town House.

Units Space: Villas space up to 350 m² and delivered semi-finished, Apartments space starts from 80 m² up to 270 m² and delivered fully finished, Twin House starts from 300 m², and Town House starts from 250 m².

Units Price: Villas: starts from 4 million EGP, apartments: starts from 2,800,000 EGP, twin House: starts from 5 million EGP, town House: starts from 3,400,000 EGP.

The Executing Company Name: Al Marasem Development.

Payment Methods: the payment systems vary from 0% up to 10% downpayment and installments start from 4 years up to 8 years.

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Fifth Square New Cairo

Fifth Square Project looks like an architectural masterpiece because Fifth Square Compound is designs mimic the most luxurious international designs, in addition to that, every aspect of Fifth Square Al Marasem is adorned with green spaces with its cheerful colors, as well as the decorations and special aesthetic touches represented by water bodies, which reflects an atmosphere of the pinnacle of beauty that achieves comfort and psychological calm that any a person in his place of residence.

Al Marasem Development, the owner of Fifth Square project, not only implement it in a luxurious manner that kept pace with the times, but also established Fifth Square New Cairo in the most distinguished locations in the Fifth Settlement and provided it with a package of the finest services, facilities, and exceptional advantages, but also put the interest of its clients on top of its priorities by offering one of the best real estate investment systems under the name of the "Al Marasem partner", let's get acquainted with this distinguished system below.

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Fifth Square compound location

All the advantages of the ideal geographical location are available in Fifth Square because it is located on the northern Teseen Street in the Golden Square area in the Fifth Settlement, which made it combine vitality, sophistication, and safety at the same time. After all, this area is far from overcrowded areas and receives interest on the part of the responsible authorities, as well as its proximity to important service places and facilities.

The most important landmarks near Marasem Fifth Square Compound New Cairo:

  • Heliopolis, which is only 10 minutes away.
  • City center: can be reached in 20 minutes.
  • American University: It can be reached in five minutes.
  • Major well-known malls in Cairo.
  • Sports clubs.

The vitality of Fifth Square New Cairo compound’s location also appears in the multiplicity of residential projects located in its surroundings, for example, PK2 Palm Hills Compound, Galleria Moon Valley Compound, Sabbour Compound, Mivida Emaar CompoundVillete Sodic Compound, Lake View Compound, and the presence of all these residential compounds ensures the availability of more From safety, service centers, and shops, which are usually located in populated areas and not isolated.

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Available Services in Fifth Square compound New Cairo

Al Marasem Company, which implements Fifth Square project, has been keen to provide all basic or recreational services to meet the needs of all customers of different tastes so that they do not have to go outside Fifth Square New Cairo compound to buy their supplies.

These services are:

Large green spaces: Fifth Square al marasem has large green spaces, reflecting the magnificent scenery, as well as giving it a sense of comfort and relaxation when viewed.

Swimming pools: Fifth Square marasem features swimming pools with different designs that suit all customers of all tastes.

Security & Guarding: 24-hour security and guarding, in addition to providing them with the latest and best security devices to provide security and stability within Fifth Square New Cairo compound.

Private parking: A private parking has been set up at The Complex, to maintain privacy, as well as to avoid congestion in front of commercial areas or residential units.

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Parks: Fifth Square Al Marasem has many magnificent gardens with the most beautiful and wonderful flowers as well as rare trees, as well as lakes and artificial fountains.

Club House: Providing clubhouse within Fifth Square New Cairo compound as well as a social club to promote social relationships between people and each other.

Restaurants and cafes: Fifth Square Al Marasem has many restaurants and cafes that offer the best and highest food and beverages.

Global Commercial District: Fifth Square project has a world commercial district, with the best brands and trademarks in the world.

Kids' area: A designated kids' area within Fifth Square project, equipped with the latest and best entertainment games for their entertainment.

Gym: A gym has been created for sports fans of all kinds and is equipped with the latest sports.

Barbecue and party areas: Inside Fifth Square New Cairo compound there are certain venues for parties or barbecues, as well as quiet areas to sit in the wide green spaces for meditation, enjoying the scenic and relaxing feeling.

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Moon Residence phase

Al Marasem Real Estate Company set out to establish the best residential projects within its huge Fifth Square project located in the heart of New Cairo, and that stage was called Moon Residence, which was designed on a large area and divided among the vast urban spaces that surround it from every side, which gives it psychological comfort and positive energy.

In addition to the space of the units, which varies among themselves, the apartments in them start from 186 square meters, and the villas start from 245 square meters, and there are other investment units with a space starting from 205 square meters and a garden of 95 square meters, in addition to the advertised prices, as they start from 4,046,000 EGP up to 6,199,000 EGP, and you can pay the amount in installments with a contracting downpayment of 5% of the unit price, and the rest over 8 years.

Lake Residence Fifth Square Phase

The Lake Residence project is one of the phases of the Fifth Square Compound, which is unique in many features, the most important of which was the strategic location, as it is located in the Fifth Settlement area, close to vital areas and service places, as for its large space, which was divided between green spaces and landscapes that reflect the elegant shape and spread positive energy.

The space of the units has also been diversified, as it starts from 48 square meters, in addition to the announced prices, which are competitive and compatible with your purchasing desire. The price per square meter inside Lake Residence starts from 20,850 EGP, and the total unit price starts from 1,484,000 EGP, and you can pay the total amount according to the offered payment methods by paying 5% of the unit price, and the rest via installments over 6 years.

The space of Fifth Square

Fifth Square New Cairo compound is established on 158 acres has been divided into several residential units, townhouses, villas, and twin houses, as well as green spaces that give you a sense of comfort and relaxation when you look at it.

The complex is close to important projects including Sodic, Lake View project, The PK2 Palm Hills, Mivida Emaar, Sabbour Compound, and Galleria Moon Valley by Arabia Group.

All buildings within Fifth Square project have ground floors and only three other floors with G+3 system, which is considered one of the most important features of Fifth Square project.

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Units Type and Space in Al Marasem Fifth Square

5th Square New Cairo has a variety of residential units that achieve the needs of customers and family members, as follows:

Villas with various spaces up to 350 m² delivered semi-finished with prices start from 4 million EGP.

Apartments vary in space where it starts from 80 m² up to 270 m² delivered fully-finished with prices start from 2,800,000 EGP.

Twin Houses delivered semi-finished with various spaces starts from 300 m² with prices start from 5 million EGP.

Town House with various spaces starts from 250 m² with prices start from 3,400,000 EGP.

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Payment Systems

0% down payment and installments up to 4 years.

5% down payment, 5% after 3 months, and installments up to 6 years.

10% down payment, 10% after 3 months, and installments up to 8 years.

Al Marasem Development Company has announced the launch of a new system in Al Marasem New Cairo which is, "Partners, not Just Clients", to revive the real estate market.

This system is known as the client's participation of Al Marasem company, by paying only 50% of the total value of the residential unit, in return owning the company for 50% of the residential unit.

This system applies to hotel units, which are located in a residential building and include all the services needed by the population, which helps to facilitate the rental of the unit with the highest return.

Disadvantages of Fifth Square Compound New Cairo

The "Fifth Square Compound" project represents an excellent investment opportunity, although some people may see the three-year delivery period as an obstacle. In fact, this is an advantage; as it provides investors with the opportunity to purchase properties in their early stages at prices much lower compared to their prices after construction is completed, which enhances their long-term investment value.

Al Marasem Partner System inside Fifth Square New Cairo

Partners and Not Only Clients... Under this slogan, Al Marasem Development launched the distinguished real estate investment system known as Al Marasem Partner, which allows the customer to purchase only 50% of the unit of his choice inside Fifth Square, while the company owns the remaining 50%, but the buyer has the right to Renting his unit and obtaining a monthly profit. He can also live in it or sell it, i.e. he has complete freedom to dispose of his unit according to his desire.

For example, we find some projects:

  • Fairmont Hotel.
  • Al-Rehab Club in New Cairo.
  • Cairo Airport Hotel.
  • Dreamland Shopping Mall.
  • Al-Rehab Shopping Mall.
  • Heliopolis Club in El Shorouk City.
  • Emaar Town Building.
  • Lake Residence New Cairo.
  • Amer Group Management Building.
  • Capital Gate New Cairo.
  • Not only that but it has worked on developing a lot of other projects and expanding in some airports such as Cairo International Airport, Hurghada Airport, Alexandria Airport, and Sharm El Sheikh.

There are many advantages of the Partnership system, which made it create a sensation in the real estate market and even tempted many customers and investors to hurry to book units within Fifth Square New Cairo compound, including:

  • Installment: Although the customer owns only 50% of the housing unit according to Al Marasem Partner System, he can still enjoy an easy payment system that enables him to pay with utmost comfort, as he can pay the prescribed price in installments over 4 full years.
  • Sure Profit: All the units of Fifth Square are designed in a modern and luxurious way that ensures that many people compete to rent them, especially that they are equipped with all the services necessary for a comfortable residential life, which in the end guarantees the owner to achieve a sure return on investment even when sold because the unit prices are expected to rise annually by a rate ranging from 10 to 15%
  • More than one choice: What is distinguished in the ceremony partner is also that the company does not require the company’s partnership with the customer for life, but the customer can buy the company’s share whenever he wants and he will enjoy special facilities that enable him to buy the other 50% with the same material value with which he bought his share when writing the contract.
  • Freedom of Disposition: As we have already explained, the customer remains completely free to dispose of his unit as he likes, so he can sell or rent it at any time he wants, whether before or during the scheduled date of delivery without any restrictions at all.
  • Trust Partner: The company that owns Fifth Square project, Al Marasem, is your second partner, and it is a major giant company, which guarantees to help small investors own luxury units and achieve a great investment return despite saving half of the material costs needed to purchase the unit.

Hotel units offered in Al Marasem partnership system

The hotel units offered within the new investment protocol partner system are called Lake Residence, and these units enjoy many services and benefits, such as:

  • The customer can receive his unit ready and fully finished and furnished, in addition to installing air conditioners and the availability of internet service inside it.
  • It has a beautiful view of the artificial lake with a distinctive design that keeps pace with the latest modern developments in the design of real estate projects.
  • Availability of various hotel services inside it, such as room service, maintenance work, cleaning services, etc.
  • The presence of multiple facilities, such as a gymnasium and jogging tracks, in addition to sports fields and playgrounds for children.
  • Availability of other basic services, such as guarding and comprehensive insurance for the place, as well as collecting rents for clients and central reservation service at Fifth Square.

Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2021, and therefore it is changeable, and we, Real Estate Egypt, are keen to update the spaces and the list of residential and commercial units' types and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.

Fifth Settlement Compounds: Experience Contemporary Living at Its Finest!

The New Cairo compounds, also known as the Fifth Settlement, have become a major attraction in Egypt for those seeking an upscale lifestyle and high security standards. This area, which combines elegant urban design and green spaces, has become the preferred choice not only for Egyptians but also for expatriates residing in the country. With its wide range of luxurious residential units, from elegant villas to modern apartments, these compounds offer an ideal living experience filled with comfort and security.

The residential complexes in the Fifth Settlement are distinguished by their innovative architectural designs and abundance of green spaces, lending them a natural beauty and helping to create an ideal living environment. These compounds also strive to provide all the necessary services and amenities for their residents, from shopping centers and recreational and health areas to international schools and specialized hospitals, making everything a family or individual might need within easy reach.

In addition to luxury and comfort, security is one of the most prominent features offered by the Fifth Settlement compounds, where they are equipped with the latest security systems and provide round-the-clock security to ensure the safety of residents. For those seeking an even more distinguished lifestyle, some compounds offer additional luxurious facilities such as golf courses, man-made lakes, and water parks.

With regularly organized social and cultural events, community life within these compounds is vibrant, and interaction and cohesion between residents increase, which is one of the most important factors that enhance the rich living experience.

Although living in the Fifth Settlement compounds may come at a considerable financial cost, the quality of life, comfort, and security that residents receive make the choice worthwhile. Ultimately, the Fifth Settlement compounds offer a safe, elegant, and facility-rich living environment, making them an ideal choice for those seeking excellence in lifestyle in Cairo.

Explore the Renewed Experience of Modern Living: Luxury and Exceptional Services in New Cairo!

New Cairo serves as a remarkable model of contemporary living, going beyond the exceptional services it offers to its residents for an integrated lifestyle. Let's take a look at some of these outstanding services:

Advanced Transportation Facilities: New Cairo has excelled in establishing advanced transportation systems that play a crucial role in reducing traffic congestion, with modern facilities that enhance safety and ease of movement.

Healthcare Institutions: New Cairo boasts a wide range of hospitals and health centers equipped with the latest medical equipment, ensuring the provision of outstanding medical services around the clock.

Shopping and Entertainment Venues: The city is renowned for its diverse shopping malls and entertainment venues, offering an enjoyable experience for shopping enthusiasts and recreational activities, including cinemas, restaurants, cafes, and more.

Educational Institutions: New Cairo encompasses several leading schools and universities that offer advanced educational programs to prepare students for a promising future.

Green Spaces: The city is committed to providing numerous parks and green areas, offering residents a space to relax, enjoy the outdoors, and engage in sports activities.

These integrated services make New Cairo an ideal destination for upscale living, demonstrating the city's commitment to providing its residents with everything they need to ensure an unparalleled quality of life.

In the Neighborhood of Grandeur: A Glimpse into the Compounds Near Fifth Square Compound, New Cairo!

In the heart of New Cairo, a group of residential compounds embody the experience of luxurious and integrated living. These compounds compete in offering the finest services and superior architectural designs, providing their residents with a lifestyle marked by elegance and tranquility.

1- Taj City Compound, New Cairo:

  • Taj City is a compound pulsating with luxury and contemporary design, offering residential units with flexible spaces to meet the aspirations of its residents.
  • It enriches their experience with a comprehensive array of services and facilities, ranging from swimming pools to commercial and sports centers, and playgrounds, all gathered in one spot that redefines the meaning of luxury.

2- Creek Town Compound, New Cairo:

  • Creek Town stands as an oasis of serenity and natural beauty with its elegant contemporary designs and vast green spaces.
  • It welcomes its residents with a rich experience of services, including restaurants, cafes, and dedicated areas for children's activities, making it an ideal place for families seeking peace and quality of life.

3- Acasa Compound, New Cairo:

  • "Acasa" represents a symbol of luxury and urban excellence, distinguished by its strategic location close to commercial and entertainment areas.
  • It offers contemporary units designed with refined taste, in addition to providing diverse facilities including swimming pools and sports clubs, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a modern lifestyle.

4- The Median Residence Compound, New Cairo:

  • The Median Residence reflects a sense of tranquility and security, with its elegant and modern designs.
  • It provides its residents with a unique experience, offering an abundance of leisure and relaxation amenities, including commercial areas and children's parks, serving as a daily haven of luxury and rejuvenation.

These compounds enhance the concept of upscale living in New Cairo, offering their residents unforgettable living experiences, combining the elegance of design with the richness of facilities and services.

Real Estate Solutions at a Click: Learn How to Achieve Your Housing Dreams in Fifth Square Compound, New Cairo with!

If you're considering investing or living in the Fifth Settlement area, the Fifth Square Compound might be an ideal choice for you. The first step towards this goal begins with visiting the website, where you can directly search for this compound or browse through different listings to find what suits you.

On the compound's page, you'll find a variety of units listed for sale. These units come with detailed information covering everything you need to know, from the area and number of rooms to the available services, allowing you to make an informed decision when choosing the unit that meets your priorities and specific requirements.

After determining the suitable unit for you, it's time to contact the listed seller on the website to obtain more details or arrange a site visit to the project. This step is crucial as it allows you to verify the location yourself and ensure that the unit meets your expectations before proceeding.

The next stage is arranging the financial details, where you need to agree on the purchase price and payment method. These negotiations depend on several factors, including your budget and the seller's terms of sale.

Once an agreement is reached, the purchase is completed by signing the sale contracts, paying the agreed-upon amount according to the payment plan, and then registering and documenting the property to ensure your legal rights as the new owner.

Finally, after completing all the steps and receiving the unit, you'll have the opportunity to collect the keys to your new unit in the Fifth Square Compound. This is an important moment where you can verify the construction quality and finishes before settling into your new home.

Remember that real estate investment requires prior planning and thought. Make sure to find the unit that meets all your needs and requirements to make the Fifth Square Compound your new home.

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5th Settlement in New Cairo

2,800,000 EGP


Al Marasem Development.

137 apartments

0% up to 10% downpayment and installments start from 4 years up to 8 years.

158 acres


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