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Trio Gardens New Cairo Compound M2 Development

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Project Description

Project Name: Trio Gardens.

About Trio Gardens Project: A residential project consists of villas in addition to some apartments that have a distinctive character in designing, green spaces, water bodies, and providing all services needed by the residents to enjoy comfort and luxury within the compound.

Trio Gardens Compound New Cairo Location: at the 5th Settlement in New Cairo.

Trio Gardens Project Space: 35.5 acres.

The Developer Name: M2 Development.

Units Type: villas with a garden - villa with roof - apartments.

Price per meter: It starts from 17000 EGP up to 17500 EGP.

Unit Space: It starts from 126 m² up to 355 m².

Payment Systems: 5 up to 15% downpayment with installments period starts from 6 years up to 9 years.

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Trio Gardens 5th Settlement

It is a unique compound in everything, especially the innovative design idea based on the creation of 3 luxury duplex apartments above each other, so that each apartment has its own entrance, garden and swimming pool, in order to achieve the required privacy and in the same time to face the wave of high prices by providing space for one unit, and establishing three units, each unit is totally separated from the other trio Gardens M2 Compound.

Those pre-era ideas are always fascinated by the well-known M2 DevelopmentTrio Compound New Cairo is designed in the latest world-class entrances and facades, in a magnificent harmony between buildings and green spaces in Trio Gardens project.

This complex is one of the outstanding residential projects that exist today in the Fifth Settlement and consists of many distinctive villas and magnificent buildings that have been implemented on only 25% of Trio Gardens project area, and the remaining space of Trio Gardens project has been left for the green spaces and services within it.

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Trio Gardens Location

This luxury compound is located in a privileged location at the 5th Settlement and on the Ring Road after Hyde Park Compound, next to Mountain View ICity.

The most important landmarks near Trio Gardens New Cairo Compound:

  • 10 minutes or 8 kilometers from American University, AUC, and 35 minutes from Heliopolis.
  • 10 minutes or 5 km from Ain Sokhna Road and 20 minutes from Downtown Mall.
  • 25 minutes by car from Cairo Airport and 30 minutes from Nasr City.
  • This unique location has been selected so that customers can access it from all regions.
  • The complex is only about 6 km away from New Cairo Club.

Trio Gardens New Cairo compound is located in the most vital areas in the middle of the Fifth Settlement next to a number of famous residential projects, such as Palm Hills New Cairo Complex.

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Enjoy all the comforts inside the icon of beauty, luxury, and sophistication... The Annex Trio Gardens New Cairo

M2 Square Company has been keen to create a unique project with luxurious architectural designs in a modern style characterized by luxury and sophistication, and after The Annex, which is a new phase of Trio Gardens, the main objective of its implementation is to reach a high level of luxury and comfort by providing all kinds of excellent services and facilities that are looking for It has been reported by many clients.

The Annex New Cairo includes luxurious residential units, all of which have a wonderful view of the scenic landscape, consisting of triple villas with a private garden with an entrance, and a swimming pool for more privacy and luxury.

Spaces and unit types inside The Annex Trio Gardens New Cairo

Trio Gardens project includes luxury triple villas equipped with a private garden and swimming pool and integrated services of various sizes and are as follows:

  • A Middle villa consists of 3 bedrooms with a space of 206 square meters with a private garden ranging from 46 to 61 square meters.
  • A Corner villa It consists of 3 or 4 bedrooms with a space of 225 square meters with a private garden of up to 113 square meters.
  • A Front of 3 or 4 bedrooms with a space of 210 square meters and a garden space of 110 square meters.

Price plans and payment systems available inside The Annex Trio Gardens New Cairo

The developer has set out-of-competition prices and flexible and convenient facilities upon payment that suit all clients and investors as follows:

  • The Middle villa price starts from 4,000,000 EGP.
  • The Corner villa price starts from 4,900,000 EGP.
  • The Front villa price starts from 5,400,000 EGP.

As for the payment systems, the customer pays 5% in advance of the unit value, and the rest of the unit value is paid in installments over 9 years in equal installments without interest.

Services and features available inside The Annex New Cairo:

  • Tracks for walking and running.
  • Restaurants and cafes.
  • Green spaces and water bodies.
  • Commercial area.
  • Smart buildings.
  • Recreational area for children.
  • Treehouse for a picnic and recreational activities
  • Sport club
  • gyms.
  • Spa units, sauna, and jacuzzi.
  • Medical centers.
  • Nurseries and schools.
  • Mosque.
  • Renewable solar energy.

Space of Trio Gardens New Cairo

The company has designed Trio Gardens project on an area of ​​35.5 acres and has been implemented 773 residential units including apartments, villas with a garden, and villas with roof, all units have been designed in the modern European style, in addition to many special elements and all the spaces within the residential compound contains luxury and high-end designs as well as provided with many services.

The residential units occupy only 25% of the total area and all units are delivered with Super Lux finishing in addition to air conditioners, kitchen, electrical appliances, and decorations. Finishes are very distinctive and different from the rest of the traditional decorations, and the units shall be delivered at the highest level within 2021 according to the advanced announcement of the executing company.

The gardens of villas also have different spaces ranging from 35 m² to 85 m² according to the customers' desires. The units types and spaces within Trio Gardens Compound are as follows:

Villas with garden with an area starts from 213 square meters up to 355 square meters and garden space starts from 47 square meters up to 60 square meters.

Villas with roof with an area starts from 155 square meters up to 240 square meters with a roof space starts from 45 square meters up to 68 square meters.

Apartments with space start from 145 square meters up to 68 square meters.

The complex consists of residential buildings with great designs, each building consists of five floors, with 3 duplex units with areas ranging from 135 square meters up to 355 square meters, and the areas of the gardens range from 47 square meters up to 68 square meters as a maximum.

  1. The ground floor and the first floor include a duplex with a private swimming pool and a distinctive private garden.
  2. There is another duplex consists of the second and third floors, with a private garden and a high-end swimming pool.
  3. The third duplex is the 4th floor with a roof, a swimming pool, and a private garden as well.

Each residential building within Trio Gardens New Cairo compound has 2 electric elevators, as well as the duplexes containing private swimming pools and gardens, providing customers and their families with more privacy and comfort.

As soon as possible, book your unit to enjoy these numerous benefits including a lively location and a variety of spaces that provide the customer with a decent life in the best areas of the 5th Settlement in New Cairo.

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Enjoy the best services inside Trio Gardens Compound Fifth Settlement

Trio Gardens offers you the comfort and luxury of endless services and makes those who live in it find everything they want.

  • Trio Gardens compound includes a bouquet of the most luxurious restaurants and cafes, which are distinguished by their wonderful design and offer the most delicious food and drinks to satisfy all tastes and are supervised by the most skilled chefs.
  • In order to preserve the health of the residents, Trio Gardens provided many medical centers with various specialties and the latest equipment, and there is also a pharmacy that works non-stop and contains all kinds of medicines inside Trio Gardens Compound.
  • Trio Gardens compound includes many swimming pools of various sizes and spaces to suit all different age groups.
  • Trio Gardens New Cairo includes a large track for running and cycling amid the picturesque green spaces and the fresh outdoors away from cars for comfort and enjoyment.
  • For shopping lovers, Trio Gardens New Cairo project is characterized by the presence of a large commercial area that includes many different stores such as offerings, cosmetics, shoes, and bags, in addition to international brands and brands for unparalleled shopping pleasure.
  • An entertainment area for children equipped with the latest entertainment games and equipped with cameras for more safety, so that they can spend the happiest times with their friends at Trio Gardens New Cairo.
  • Trio Gardens Compound in the Fifth Settlement contains a huge gym with many different games, including football, basketball, golf, and squash, so that everyone can practice their favorite sport to maintain fitness.
  • A routine maintenance team works throughout the day to fix the fault in the shortest possible time.
  • Trio Gardens Fifth Settlement is characterized by the presence of a large mosque designed in the Islamic style to hold religious rites.
  • Paying attention to the educational aspect, as there are nurseries and schools with the most skilled specialized professors available within Trio Gardens New Cairo project to obtain a high-end education.
  • Trio Gardens Fifth Settlement includes a health club with modern equipment and the best trainers, in addition to spa rooms, jacuzzi, and sauna for recreation and body care.
  • Safe garages that can accommodate many cars to maintain the civilized look and reduce congestion inside M2 Developments Trio Gardens compound.
  • Dedicated areas for parties and barbecues amid the greenery with family and friends to spend a wonderful time in M2 Developments Trio Gardens.
  • Trio Gardens Compound is environmentally friendly as it relies on solar energy to rationalize consumption.
  • A social club with many cultural and social activities, and there is a place to sit with family and friends at M2 New Cairo.
  • A large hypermarket with all the different goods and services that the house needs, and it is provided with express delivery service.
  • Attention to the safety of the residents .. trained security personnel have been employed at the highest level and distributed throughout Trio Gardens, and there are also 24-hour surveillance cameras to monitor all movements.

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Trio Gardens Project Features

  • The residential buildings consist of 5 floors that include three duplexes, each duplex unit has its own swimming pool and garden, which brings residents some privacy within their own units.
  • M2 Developments Trio Gardens project is based on solar energy, making it environmentally friendly and does not result in any kind of pollution.
  • All units are delivered with a full Super Lux finishing system, equipped with luxurious finishes and furniture for those with good taste.

The company has also worked to provide more quiet spaces in the middle of the green spaces to provide more tranquility and comfort to all customers and residents.

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Trio Gardens prices & payment systems

  • The prices of residential units in Trio Gardens are suitable and unbeatable, with prices generally starting at 2,600,000 Egyptian pounds, while the prices of standalone villas start from 2,960,838 Egyptian pounds.
  • The prices of the various units within M2 Developments Trio Gardens project start from 2,461,000 Egyptian pounds.

The developer has provided flexible and diversified payment systems for the purchase of residential units in Trio Gardens New Cairo compound, which are as follows:

  • The first system in M2 New Cairo Compound is to pay a contract down payment of only 10% of the total unit price, with the remaining amount to be paid in monthly installments over eight years.
  • The second payment system is to pay a 10% down payment and pay the rest of the unit price in monthly installments over a full 10 years.

The owner company undertakes to deliver all units to customers with full finishes and equipped with kitchenware, home furnishings, and air conditioners, to be delivered between 2021 AD and 2023 AD.

Disadvantages of Trio Gardens New Cairo Compound

While the lack of villas in Trio Gardens New Cairo Compound may be seen as a downside by some, the real estate developer "M2" has compensated for this by providing residential units with areas up to 234 square meters. These spacious areas meet the needs of families looking for villa alternatives in October, especially with the presence of vast green spaces that provide the apartments in "Trio Gardens Fifth Settlement Compound" with beautiful natural views and a level of privacy that rivals what villas provide.

The Executing Company of Trio Gardens compound

M2 Development is the executing company that has committed itself to provide the most luxurious residential units to customers. The main idea of ​​this residential community is to provide unique homes to the buyer. The apartments have been designed in a unique style, in addition to the latest decorations, and Providing a lot of services to customers so that the residential community becomes integrated.

M2 Development Company, which developed M2 Developments Trio Gardens project, has been founded more than forty years ago, through which it was able to gain extensive experience which qualified it to carry out a number of real estate projects that have achieved great success, with an investment volume of 2 billion Egyptian pounds.

The company relies on its real estate activity on a new and unique method in the Egyptian market, which is based on dividing the price of land into three units in order to facilitate customers by owning luxury residential units at unbeatable prices.

M2 has carried out many real estate projects in Egypt, the most important of which are:

Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2021, and therefore it is changeable, and we, Real Estate Egypt, are keen to update the spaces and the list of residential and commercial units' types and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.

The 5th Settlement Compounds: Experiencing Contemporary Life in Its Finest Details!

The residential projects in the 5th Settlement are considered prominent landmarks in the Egyptian real estate market, where these projects are distinguished by their elegance and modern designs, in addition to the upscale living standards they offer their residents. These residential compounds consist of housing units that embody the concept of luxury and security, making them the focus of attention for many individuals and investors seeking to own luxurious properties. The compounds in the 5th Settlement offer a distinctive residential experience, interspersed with charming green spaces that lend it natural beauty and an atmosphere of tranquility and serenity.

Life in these residential projects is complete with the availability of all essential and recreational services that residents may need, including international educational institutions, well-equipped hospitals, shopping centers that house the best global brands, in addition to clubs and sports and social facilities that contribute to enhancing social gatherings and sports activities. Residents within these compounds find dedicated spaces for many hobbies and activities, such as swimming pools, gyms, golf courses, and designated bike paths, providing them with an integrated living experience.

Investing in these residential projects is also considered a golden opportunity, given the increasing demand for them and the great potential for growth in property values. The continuous demand, unique architectural design, and level of services provided all contribute to increasing the value of real estate investment in that area.

At their core, the compounds of the 5th Settlement offer an ideal lifestyle that combines comfort, elegance, and security, making them the perfect place for families and friends to live in a distinguished and unique environment in Egypt. As this area grows and develops, these compounds are expected to continue attracting attention from residents and investors alike.

Explore the Renewed Modern Living Experience: Luxury and Exceptional Services in New Cairo!

New Cairo represents an ideal model of modern urbanization in Egypt, equipped with facilities and services that keep pace with the continuous population growth. This city serves as a major attraction hub thanks to a wide range of essential features that efficiently meet the needs of its residents and visitors.

1. Modern Shopping Malls and Centers: New Cairo is a hub for upscale shopping and entertainment activities, hosting a series of large malls that offer a wide range of luxurious goods and global brands. Visitors can enjoy a delightful shopping experience and dine at restaurants and cafes offering the most delicious cuisines in unparalleled atmospheres.

2. Luxurious Accommodation and Resorts: This modern city is home to numerous high-end compounds and hotels, offering guests advanced amenities and exceptional services. These establishments are distinguished by their contemporary designs and integrated facilities, making them an ideal haven for those seeking respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

3. High-Quality Medical Services: New Cairo also stands out for its exceptional medical services, provided through hospitals and medical centers equipped with the latest technologies. The presence of a specialized and qualified medical staff ensures the delivery of the best healthcare to residents and visitors, making these services a valuable addition to the city's care system.

4. Areas for Recreation and Natural Relaxation: New Cairo also excels due to its abundance of green spaces and parks, which provide exceptional areas for relaxation and recreation. These areas are ideal for family outings, sports activities, and quiet leisure times, enhancing the quality of life for city residents and making New Cairo a perfect place for living and recreation.

In the Vicinity of Grandeur: A Glimpse into Compounds Near Trio Gardens Compound in the 5th Settlement!

These residential compounds are located in the heart of the 5th Settlement area and are among the ideal choices for luxurious living in the region. Each of these compounds offers a refined residential experience that caters to the tastes of those seeking elegance and privacy.

  1. La Mirada Compound in the 5th Settlement:
    La Mirada Compound stands out with its strategic location, offering easy access to various notable landmarks in the 5th Settlement. It offers modern-designed housing units that align with contemporary lifestyles, coupled with high-quality amenities and green spaces.

  2. Il Cazar Ville Compound in the 5th Settlement:
    At Il Cazar Ville Compound, you'll find a collection of elegant, standalone villas with luxurious amenities, providing an ideal environment for families seeking to settle and enjoy their time in complete safety and comfort.

  3. The North Park Compound in New Cairo:
    The North Park Compound in New Cairo is an oasis of tranquility and beauty, offering luxurious villas and apartments with panoramic views of green spaces and artificial lakes, in addition to sports facilities and entertainment venues.

  4. Rai Sarai Compound in New Cairo:
    As for the Rai Sarai Compound, it offers diverse residential experiences in luxurious apartments and villas with modern designs and high-quality finishes, along with recreational and commercial facilities that ensure residents an unparalleled quality of life.

Visiting these compounds provides interested parties with an exceptional opportunity to choose what suits their lifestyle from a wide range of luxurious housing units, offering everything an individual might need for a comfortable and serene life.

Real Estate Solutions at Your Fingertips: Learn How to Achieve Your Residential Dreams in Trio Gardens Compound, 5th Settlement with!

If you're seeking a new home within one of the latest residential compounds in the 5th Settlement, the Trio Gardens complex offers you an opportunity not to be missed. Through its collaboration with M2 Real Estate and the prestigious platform, the steps to acquiring property in this stunning compound proceed smoothly and clearly. Here are the guidelines that will ensure you have an outstanding real estate purchasing experience:

Begin your journey by visiting the website, where you'll find a wide range of residential options in the Trio Gardens complex, from apartments to villas, with a variety of sizes and prices. Carefully review all the details related to the project and the housing units available for sale, including the unit size, number of rooms, and additional features such as gardens, swimming pools, and diverse recreational facilities.

To proceed, contact the dedicated sales team at for detailed guidance and to arrange a visit to the compound, where you can view the available properties and explore the surrounding environment. You can also assess the quality of the infrastructure and services provided up close.

After selecting the suitable unit, you will be required to confirm your reservation by making a down payment. This indicates the start of the actual purchase process, after which the sales contract with M2 Real Estate will be finalized, bearing in mind that this step may require paying a portion of the total amount for the unit.

To ensure your legal rights and confirm your ownership of the unit, it is necessary to register the property in your name with the relevant real estate authorities, noting that this process may require additional fees.

M2 Real Estate offers flexibility in payment methods, whether through cash payment or installment plans that can extend up to 8 years. Choose the plan that best suits your financial capabilities to ensure a comfortable real estate purchasing experience.

Upon completing the payment process, you will receive the keys to your new unit, marking the beginning of a new chapter in your life at the Trio Gardens Compound, which promises a new era filled with adventures and memories in your dream home.

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5th Settlement in New Cairo.

2,482,000 EGP


M2 Development.

30 villas

5 up to 15% downpayment with installments period starts from 6 years up to 9 years.

35.5 acres


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