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La Vista Gardens Sokhna Resort

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Project Description

Project Name: La Vista Gardens.

About the Project: it is of the most powerful resorts in terms of design and advantages, and is one of La Vista Developments projects.

La Vista Gardens Location: Located in Al Ain Sokhna in kilo 146 from Cairo.

La Vista Gardens Sokhna Space: 180 acres.

La Vista Gardens Units Types: Chalets - villa in lavista gardens for sale.

Unit Space: It starts from 100 square meters to 180 square meters.

Payment Methods in La Vista Gardens: according to the units, where you can pay 25% downpayment and the rest in installments over 5 years, or 20% downpayment and the rest via installments over 6 years.

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La Vista Gardens Ain Sokhna

La Vista Gardens Project is one of the finest and most prestigious Egyptian tourism projects, which has been keen to provide lovers of luxury with a radiant view that fascinates them, and even transports them from the ground to experience the high sky soaring on the horizon that fills them with happiness and relaxation in La Vista Gardens Resort, so that they can enjoy calm in the most beautiful place on the Red Sea shore in Ain Sukhna, amid an atmosphere full of vitality, activity, and charm mixed with originality in La Vista Gardens Sokhna Resort.

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La Vista Gardens Project Location

La Vista Developments searched for a unique place to set up its new project, La Vista Gardens, and did not find a better and more wonderful than Ain Sokhna, which is characterized by its cool weather in summer and winter, and which attracts tourists internally and externally beyond description.

The most important landmarks near La Vista Gardens Ain Sokhna Village:

  • La Vista Gardens is less than one hundred and fifty-two kilometers away from the heart of Cairo.
  • La Vista Gardens is the link between Zaafarana and Ain Sukhna.
  • La Vista Gardens Surrounded by the most famous tourist villages and distinguished projects.
  • La Vista Gardens is separated from Zaafarana by a distance of twenty-four kilometers.
  • La Vista Gardens Resort is fifty-one km from Ain Sokhna.
  • La Vista Gardens is located near the city of Suez, about ninety-five kilometers.
  • La Vista Gardens Sokhna overlooks the entire sea directly.
  • La Vista Gardens Village is located near the village of Laguna Bay.
  • La Vista Gardens Ain Sokhna is located near El Galala city.

The unique design of La Vista Gardens El Sokhna project

The developing company put its expertise, which reaches long years, at the heart of La Vista Gardens El Sokhna project, and drew on an elite of the most skilled engineers and architects with high competencies to design the village in a style that combines modernity and sophistication.

The architectural designs in La Vista Gardens Sokhna project came in the form of 6 consecutive terraced rows along the beach, which is about 1000 meters long, to give the units a wonderful panoramic view of the waters of the Red Sea, in addition to the enchanting natural scenery that improves the mood of customers.

La vista Gardens Resort Space

La Vista Real Estate Development has allocated an area of more than one hundred and eighty acres directly on the Red Sea coast for the construction of the compound, which has a depth of more than 1,800 square meters, distributed among the chalets, with an area of no more than 20% for the buildings divided into six rows sloping towards the sea, surrounded by green spaces immersed in the heart of the swimming pools, and extending along the coast for a distance of more than a 1000 meters.

La Vista Gardens La Vista Units Spaces

The company adopted the idea of designing different spaces ranging from small, medium, large and luxurious spaces within the compound, to suit all the needs of the valued customers, perhaps it is worth noting here that despite the different spaces, all of them enjoy impressive views and are surrounded by swimming pools, artificial lakes, and vast green spaces to enjoy privacy and a stunning view, and these spaces can be listed as follows:

  • The spaces for the summer units in La Vista Ain Sokhna start from 150 m² up to 180 m².
  • A 180 square meter chalet with 2 rooms and 2 bathrooms, and it has direct sea views.
  • A chalet with A space of 180 m², consisting of 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms, with a very luxurious finish.
  • Two-story chalets with private garden and swimming pool, specially designed for families, families, or youth gatherings.
  • Chalets for sale in La Vista Gardens Sokhna with space of 120 m² and attached to a private garden.
  • Twin house units with spaces starting from 180 m².

Services and Features of La Vista Gardens El Sokhna

La Vista Gardens Sokhna resort is filled with various advantages that are not matched by gold, as it is concerned with providing all services that guarantee its customers all means of comfort, luxury, and safety to the utmost. If you are looking for something that combines luxury and unparalleled luxury, then you will find what you are looking for in La Vista Gardens Ain Sokhna, as it has the following features:

  • La Vista Gardens resort is equipped with a large number of swimming pools of various depths to suit all ages, as well as private swimming pools attached to family chalets.
  • Private and public gardens and vast green spaces ensure a sense of comfort, calm, and relaxation.
  • A sports walkway for jogging and cycling enthusiasts.
  • Sports fields are suitable for many sports such as basketball, tennis, basketball, and other games.
  • Benches and parasols for lounging in front of the artificial crystal lakes.
  • Beach games to enjoy the cool weather while doing activities with loved ones and friends.
  • Medical clinics that ensure appropriate treatment for various specialties and emergency cases throughout the day.
  • Streamlined designs designed to exude positive energy for customers, all units overlook the sea and the soft white sands of the turquoise waves of a stunning beach.
  • Gardens and green spaces are distributed to appear as if the buildings are surrounded by plants that radiate vitality and activity.
  • La Vista Gardens is distinguished by its modern finishes for all units, with the latest international models that take you from your place to the most beautiful countries in the world.
  • La Vista Gardens resort in all its buildings is supported by an automatic fire extinguishing system.
  • La Vista Gardens design of the swimming pools with a gradient lined up towards the beach with an aesthetic appearance that adds splendor to the panoramic view of La Vista Gardens Sokhna resort.
  • Tourist walkway with a romantic view.
  • The highest security cadres guard La Vista Gardens Sokhna resort with a modern surveillance camera system for all aspects of the buildings.
  • Inside La Vista Gardens Sokhna resort, there is a supermarket and hypermarket to provide goods and products to all customers.
  • An entire area is characterized by its vast area, which includes the most wonderful and delicious dishes from international and Egyptian restaurant chains, as well as the finest natural and hot drinks in modern cafes designed in authentic styles that exude history.
  • Service cadres to maintain the cleanliness of La Vista Gardens Sokhna resort around the clock.
  • A tourist hotel is available for lovers of hotel services.
  • Impressive hotel management for all its services and units.
    A distinctive beach with a length of one kilometer, serving the entire compound.
  • Many commercial centers and malls include various international brands with all the needs that the customer may need.
  • Drinks, Kids Area, and Snacks are available on the beach for entertainment without having to go to buy from elsewhere.
  • La Vista Gardens includes a shopping center with elevators and escalators to ensure easy transportation between floors.
  • Multiple entries and exit gates are supported by protection systems to ensure safety inside the compound.
  • A social and health club is available, as well as a spa and gym equipped with the latest sports technology and the most qualified trainers.
  • La Vista Gardens was provided with a distinct area for water games for both adults and children.
  • A large area has been allocated for the establishment of a car park and garage for customers and visitors.
  • Allocating places of different sizes to suit the establishment of special events and parties.
  • There are souvenir shops.

La Vista Gardens Resort Prices

La Vista Developments announced the prices of units within La Vista Gardens Ain Sokhna and guaranteed it several payment systems to suit all customers, and that plan that it developed includes the following prices:

  • Chalet prices start from a total of 2,450,000 EGP.
  • While the total prices of the chalets amount to about 3,400,000 EGP.
  • While looking at the price per square meter inside the compound, it starts from 60,000 EGP, which is the lowest price per square meter within Ain Sokhna.
  • The price per square meter in La Vista Gardens is up to eighteen thousand square meters.
  • As for twin houses with a space of ​​180 square meters, the total price is 3,900,000 EGP
  • The price of a ground chalet in La Vista Gardens with a space of 180 square meters starts from 4,500,000 EGP.
  • Ground chalet with a space of 120 square meters at a price starting from 2,900,000 EGP.
  • The first-floor chalet with a space of 120 square meters, with prices starting from 2,300,000 EGP and up to 2,500,000 EGP.
  • Chalets for sale in La Vista Gardens Sokhna with a space of 140 square meters on the ground floor, with a price starting from 3,500,000 EGP.
  • First-floor chalet with a space of 140 square meters starting from 2,800,000 EGP up to 3,400,000 thousand EGP.

Payment Systems in La Vista Gardens

La Vista Developments has introduced several payment systems for La Vista Gardens, Ain Sokhna, which would provide the best payment and installment methods to suit all investors, to facilitate the acquisition of units for all lovers of luxury and beauty of nature, and the company has limited these systems to the following :

  • A downpayment of 25% of the total value of the units, provided that the remaining amount is to be paid in installments over 5 years without interest and in equal payments.
  • A value of 10% is added to the amount as a downpayment allocated for the periodic maintenance of the units, provided that the units are delivered fully finished in 2021.
  • A reservation downpayment of 20% of the unit price, and the rest of the amount are to be paid in installments over seven years in fixed installments without any interest.

Disadvantages of La Vista Gardens Resort

Despite the multiple advantages associated with Resort La Vista Gardens El Sokhna, some people may feel that the location is far from some main areas. However, with the modern highway network, the location is no longer an obstacle. In addition, by choosing this location, the company ensured that La Vista Gardens Resort El Sokhna would be in a strategic location close to vital and important areas.

La Vista Gardens Owner Company and Previous Works

La Vista Developments, the owner of La Vista Gardens Sokhna project, is one of the most prominent real estate companies in the Egyptian market, which was established in 1991 AD, and was able to dig its name among the largest companies for its credibility and transparency in dealing with customers, as well as its distinguished thrones that invade the arena without a competitor, in addition to Its distinguished architectural designs that make it sit on top of the glamorous styles, which it quotes from its distinguished engineers and architectural cadres with extensive experience.

Its first and last endeavor in all of its projects, including La Vista Gardens Ain Sokhna, was to create a unique civilizational and architectural boom. Indeed, since it launched into the architectural arena, it has been implementing its endeavor with meticulousness and great care, commensurate with the requirements of customers and in response to the needs of the Egyptian and modern market. It has shone greatly in all the projects she built in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, El Shorouk City, Sheikh Zayed, Cairo, and Ain Sokhna, and the luxurious and upscale tourist character dominated her projects, the most prominent of which are the following:

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Your Investment in Ain Sokhna: Your Opportunity for Profit and Growth in the Heart of Modern Egypt! 

With the growth of the Egyptian economy and increasing interest in the real estate sector, Ain Sokhna emerges as an exciting investment destination. Located in the heart of modern Egypt on the Red Sea coast, Ain Sokhna is one of the main tourist and investment areas in the country.

Diverse Investment Opportunities
Ain Sokhna offers diverse investment opportunities in real estate, hospitality, and entertainment. The area is a popular destination for beach and marine tourism lovers, featuring white sandy beaches and clear waters. And thanks to its temperate climate year-round and the rapid development it is undergoing, demand is increasing for luxury villas, apartments, and tourist resorts.

There are many major real estate projects that provide opportunities for investors to benefit from the growth of Ain Sokhna. With the presence of modern airports and roads, access to the area is easy, further increasing its investment appeal.

Increasing Revenues and Economic Growth
Ain Sokhna is part of the Egyptian government's plan to maximize the country's ability to attract foreign direct investment and boost economic growth. According to economic reports, the area has seen rapid growth in recent years, pointing to good profit and investment return opportunities.

And thanks to large corporate investments in developing Ain Sokhna, job opportunities and increases in tourism and investment revenues in the area are expected to continue. According to the Egyptian Tourism Authority, the Egyptian government seeks to increase the number of visitors to Ain Sokhna by diversifying offerings and services in the area.

Your Investment in the Future
Investing in Ain Sokhna is an opportunity for profit and growth in the heart of modern Egypt. With increasing demand for real estate and hospitality, you may have a chance to increase your profits and achieve good investment returns.

With expected government investments, Ain Sokhna is expected to see sustainable development and improved facilities and services provided to investors and visitors. Therefore, if you are looking for a great real estate investment opportunity in the Egyptian market, investing in Ain Sokhna may be the right choice for you.

Location Red Sea Coast
Investment Type Real Estate, Hospitality, Entertainment
Growth Opportunities Diverse and Multiple
Major Investments Villas, Luxury Apartments, Tourist Resorts
Economic Increase Increase in Tourism and Investment Revenues
Government Vision Increase Foreign Investment and Boost Economic Growth
Available Services Modern Airports and Roads

Ain Sokhna is Not Just a Place to Live, It's a Distinct Lifestyle! 

Ain Sokhna is considered one of the most famous coastal areas in Egypt. Not only because of the beauty of its golden sandy beaches and clear waters, but also because it has become a major destination for living and relaxation.

Ain Sokhna is located about 120 kilometers south of Cairo, and enjoys a temperate climate all year round, making it a popular area for vacations and enjoying the beautiful design of its luxurious hotels and resorts.

Ain Sokhna is distinguished by many activities and facilities that give it a luxurious character and make it a distinct lifestyle. The area includes many large shopping malls and modern malls, where residents and visitors can enjoy a fun shopping and entertainment experience.

In addition to the stunning beaches, Ain Sokhna contains many upscale restaurants and cafes that offer a diverse selection of international and local cuisines, where visitors can savor delicious dishes and enjoy relaxing and fun atmospheres.

Moreover, Ain Sokhna offers many exciting recreational activities such as diving and snorkeling trips, sailing on yachts, surfing, and tours into the nearby desert. These activities are not only fun, but also help promote health and fitness.

We cannot forget that Ain Sokhna also attracts real estate investors and developers. The area has flourished in recent times with more luxury residential compounds and tourist resorts being built, making it attractive to many potential buyers.

It is certain that Ain Sokhna is not just a place to live, but offers people a distinct lifestyle. Due to its focus on luxury and entertainment, the area attracts many visitors and residents seeking to enjoy the natural beauty of the coast and luxurious facilities in the area.

Location 120 km south of Cairo
Features Golden sandy beaches, Luxurious hotels and resorts, Shopping malls, Upscale restaurants and cafes, Exciting recreational activities, Diving, Surfing, Desert tours
Real Estate Development Luxury residential compounds and tourist resorts
Investment Attractive to potential investors
Focus Luxury and entertainment

When Location and Luxury Meet: Top Resorts Near La Vista Gardens Ain Sokhna!

The Ain Sokhna area in Egypt is one of the most important tourist destinations in the country, comprising a number of luxury resorts that provide exceptional experiences for visitors. One of these amazing resorts is La Vista Gardens. In this distinctive list, we will explore some of the resorts near La Vista Gardens that are worth discovering.

  1. La Vista Ray:
    This resort is located next to La Vista Gardens, and is distinguished by its modern, elegant design. The resort includes many luxury units and upscale facilities that ensure an enjoyable, comfortable stay for guests.

  2. La Vista:
    La Vista is considered one of the most prominent resorts in Ain Sokhna, providing private beaches and stunning scenery. This resort is also distinguished by many recreational facilities and excellent services.

  3. La Vista Topaz:
    If you are looking for an exceptional beach experience, La Vista Topaz is the ideal resort. It is distinguished by its beautiful sandy beaches and luxurious relaxation facilities. The resort also offers modern chalets with stunning interior designs.

  4. La Vista 4:
    La Vista 4 provides luxurious accommodation and tranquil atmospheres at the heart of Ain Sokhna. The resort contains over 900 luxury chalets and villas surrounded by beautiful gardens and refreshing swimming pools.

  5. La Vista 7:
    La Vista 7 holds a unique position thanks to its stunning beaches and excellent services. The resort includes luxury residential units and great recreational facilities such as spas and children's play areas.

There is no doubt that resorts near La Vista Gardens in Ain Sokhna provide amazing travel experiences. Whether you are looking for serenity and tranquility or vibrancy and entertainment, these resorts will undoubtedly meet your needs. Get ready to relax and enjoy the most beautiful beaches and upscale facilities in this luxury destination near La Vista Gardens.

Make Your Dream Come True: Learn How to Buy Your Ideal Unit in La Vista Gardens Resort Ain Sokhna on!

If you are looking for luxury and relaxation in a calm, beautiful environment, La Vista Gardens Resort Ain Sokhna is the ideal place for you. And if you are interested in buying a unit in this amazing resort, here are some tips to help with the process:

  1. Search for available offers: Visit and look for available offers in La Vista Gardens Resort Ain Sokhna. Browse the available units and learn about the features of each unit and available finishes.

  2. Visit the site yourself: If you want to learn more about the resort and see the actual units, you can visit the site yourself. You will have the opportunity to see the facilities, units, and ensure the quality level and finishes provided.

  3. Get help from us: It may be best to work with the team to help you in the process of purchasing the right unit at La Vista Gardens Resort Ain Sokhna. An expert can provide you with the necessary advice, information about available offers, purchase terms, registration procedures and more.

  4. Read the contract carefully: When you decide to purchase the unit, be sure to read the contract carefully and understand all the terms and conditions related to the purchase. If you have any inquiries or doubts, do not hesitate to ask us and get in touch.

  5. Negotiate: Sometimes, there is room for negotiation in the real estate purchase process. If you have the advantage of negotiation, take it to get a better deal.

  6. Make sure of available services and amenities: Before completing the deal, be sure to know all the services and amenities available at La Vista Gardens Resort Ain Sokhna. Check for private pools, parking, restaurants, gyms, and other important facilities.

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Social Club
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Al Ain Sokhna in kilo 146 from Cairo.

1,900,000 EGP


La Vista Developments.

64 Units

20% downpayment and the rest via installments over 6 years.

180 acres.


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