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  • الحياة داخل كمبوند الباتيو كازا بمدينة الشروق+2
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El Patio Compound El Shorouk city

El Patio Casa is one of the most famous real estate projects established in New Cairo.

The project has many of the features that distinguish it from many other projects in Cairo.

It is also one of the projects designed specifically for leisure travelers and quiet, as it has vast green spaces.

Location of El Patio Casa Compound

The project has been established in one of the most beautiful places in New Cairo, where the project has been established is a distinct location that many people are looking for, which is suitable for lovers of tranquility, where the establishment of the compound in the 5th settlement, and is located near the places the following famous:

  • Near El Shorouk City, a distance of seven hundred meters only.
  • Near Madinaty.
  • It is located close to the Heliopolis Club, not more than 1 km away.

Specifications of El Patio Casa Shorouk

The project is one of the largest real estate projects, which provides all the comforts and safety of residents of the compound because it has many specifications that distinguish it from others, including the following:

  • The project has a large proportion of green space, designed specifically for lovers of tranquility, with a total area of ​​more than eighty percent, to enjoy the calm.
  • The Compound has residential units covering more than 20 percent of the land, which has many distinct services.

Services available at El Patio Casa compound

El Patio Compound is one of the projects that provide the services sought, especially lovers of luxury and advancement, including the following services:

  • The compound provides a security system, as the compound is equipped with several security surveillance cameras, and security guards are located in all areas of the compound, 24 hours a day.
  • The project includes a large number of scenic landscapes, where there are a number of water fountains, as well as green spaces, as well as lakes, and many other landscapes.
  • The hotel has a large health club, which offers many different medical services, in all specialties.
  • A large number of parks are available in the hotel, and all the entertainment is available.
  • The compound has many swimming pools, ranging from bathrooms for women and children.
  • The project offers sports stadiums for football fans, basketball and golf courses.
  • The project has dedicated gymnasiums, which include a large number of sports.
  • The mall has a large number of shops, which are located in the commercial area dedicated to the project, which has all types of goods.
  • There is a large shopping center with many shops, which are available in all international brands.

Residential spaces and rates in El Patio Casa

There are many residential units, which have a variety of spaces, ranging from apartments to penthouses. The spaces and prices are as follows:

  • Apartments: The apartments have spaces ranging from one hundred and sixty meters, to one hundred and sixty-five square meters, while prices start from two million per unit.
  • Penthouses: The penthouses in the compound, the total area of ​​the house and up to two hundred and seventy-five square meters, and prices start from two million and eight hundred pounds.
  • Apartments with gardens: The apartments are equipped with a garden, which range from two hundred seventy square meters, up to three hundred square meters, and the prices start from three and a half million pounds per apartment.


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