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El Patio Casa Shorouk Compound La Vista Developments

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Project Description

Project Name: El Patio Casa.

Project El Patio Casa Location: located in El Shorouk City in New Cairo.

El Patio Casa Shorouk Space: 30 acres.

Units Type: apartments - penthouses.

Units Space: starts from 160 to 330 m²

The Developer: La Vista Developments.

Payment Methods: 20% of the unit value as a downpayment and the rest over 6 years.

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Don't miss out, be part of the amazing El Patio Casa Shorouk City that awaits you! 

La Vista Real Estate Development announced one of its most important residential projects, El Patio Casa Shorouk compound, which is characterized by its strategic location in Shorouk City, which is one of the most important investment fronts for clients and high net worth individuals, where the client can obtain a healthy environment away from congestion and pollution and the ideal life. It is an integrated project that provides the client with everything he needs from an ideal location, unique designs that rival the international architectural style, services and features that are countless, and finally prices that are out of competition with flexible booking and installment programs inside El Patio Casa La Vista. 

The long experience of the developing company is evident in its optimal utilization of the total area of ​​El Patio Casa compound while providing what the client needs and keeping up with the technological change to facilitate living within it, and the proximity to the most important roads and vibrant cities that make the transition from it to any other place very easy.

The most important landmarks near El Patio Casa Shorouk Compound:

  • La Vista Shorouk project is close to vital institutions such as international schools, hospitals and government agencies. 
  • The distance between El Patio Casa Shorouk compound and Masr City is about 15 minutes. 
  • El Patio Casa project is only about a kilometer away from Heliopolis Club, which is one of the most famous sports clubs in Shorouk City. 
  • El Patio Casa compound is located directly in front of the famous Madinaty compound. 
  • El Patio Casa compound is close to Hyper One supermarket. 
  • El Patio Casa Shorouk compound is located near the Suez Road. 

Everything you want to know about apartments for sale in Shorouk

Let El Patio Casa Shorouk City's innovative design inspire your dreams and paint the perfect picture for you! 

El Patio Casa Shorouk compound is the quiet haven away from the hustle and bustle of the city for those who love comfort and luxury. La Vista Shorouk project provides a unique living experience that combines comfort and happiness, with modern European designs that captivate the eye. The developing company has hired the most skilled and competent engineers and architects to design La Vista Shorouk project with an unmatched engineering model in the heart of Shorouk City. 

The most important thing that distinguishes El Patio Casa Shorouk compound is its green nature, as the green lands and vast spaces occupy the largest percentage of the total area, and their arrangement in a way that achieves privacy for all residents, so that they can inhale the refreshing air, and relax on the charming natural scenery in El Patio Casa Shorouk project. The developing company was also keen to provide a huge group of units with varying areas characterized by modern decorations and finishes that harmonize greatly with the external design of El Patio Casa Shorouk compound. 

El Patio Casa Shorouk compound is a great opportunity that will not be repeated for lovers of elegance and high taste; It is a distinctive residential project built on an area of ​​30 acres in Shorouk City, and it is distinguished by its rare green nature that is not found anywhere else, which gives its units extremely beautiful and wonderful views, in addition to the compound's breathtaking designs that make you fully aware through it the meaning of luxury and sophistication within this wonderful architectural edifice.

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Enjoy the ultimate comfort and luxury experience with the upscale services of El Patio Casa compound!

El Patio Casa compound provides you with a great opportunity to relax away from the hustle and bustle of life, and enjoy a quiet, clean life next to getting a set of countless advantages, the most important of which are: 

  • To maintain the civilized appearance of El Patio Casa Shorouk compound, there is a maintenance team that works around the clock to fix any malfunction in all units. 
  • The presence of sports courts that have been implemented over a large area so that residents in El Patio Casa Shorouk compound can practice their favorite sport such as football, basketball, tennis and others. 
  • The social club suitable for all residents in El Patio Casa Shorouk compound for family gatherings and various social activities. 
  • The presence of multiple bank branches in El Patio Casa Shorouk compound to facilitate banking transactions and transactions needed by residents. 
  • Providing an area for charging electric cars in El Patio Casa Shorouk compound to keep pace with technological change and provide residents with what they need in one place. 
  • The transportation network that operates day and night to facilitate transportation for all residents in El Patio Casa Shorouk compound. 
  • The spread of pharmacies that provide medicines, medical and cosmetic supplies needed by residents in El Patio Casa Shorouk compound. 
  • In order to ensure the safety of residents in El Patio Casa Shorouk project, medical clinics equipped with the latest medical devices have been provided to provide the best medical care by the most skilled doctors. 
  • The presence of international schools and universities that grant internationally and locally recognized certificates in El Patio Casa Shorouk compound, and students receive a high educational level under the supervision of experienced professors and lecturers. 
  • Nurseries equipped to accommodate children in El Patio Casa compound and develop their skills, help them acquire information and engage in various recreational activities. 
  • Game City suitable for adults and children in El Patio Casa compound so that visitors can spend the happiest times with family and close friends. 
  • A cinema hall equipped with large display screens to display the latest cinematic films in high quality to spend the most enjoyable times in El Patio Casa Shorouk compound. 
  • In order for businessmen to hold important meetings, a conference hall equipped with the latest audio and display equipment has been provided in El Patio Casa Shorouk compound. 
  • Swimming pools of varying depths so that they suit all age groups in El Patio Casa compound, with the presence of a covered hall for women to preserve their freedom and privacy.
  • The presence of a huge shopping center that includes many commercial stores, the most famous brands and brands that shopping enthusiasts are looking for to buy everything they need in El Patio Casa Shorouk compound. 
  • A hypermarket that includes all consumer goods and foodstuffs that residents in El Patio Casa Shorouk compound need in their homes with the possibility of free delivery to nearby places. 
  • The sports club equipped with the latest sports equipment and equipment for lovers of sports and fitness to practice sports exercises that maintain their physical fitness inside El Patio Casa compound. 
  • Getting the best skin care services in the most luxurious spa, sauna and jacuzzi centers in El Patio Casa Shorouk compound. 

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Explore the exclusive opportunities and benefits offered by El Patio Casa compound to make your dreams come true!

Behind every door, you'll find exquisite details that form an ideal blend of luxury and beauty, designed specifically to provide comfort and make your dream of owning the perfect home in El Patio Casa Shorouk compound come true, and enjoy great advantages including: 

  • El Patio Casa Shorouk project operates on solar energy to rationalize electricity consumption to preserve the environment and provide a healthy life for all residents. 
  • Providing many electric power generators that operate to run El Patio Casa Shorouk compound in the event of a power outage. 
  • A customer service office to receive customers in El Patio Casa Shorouk compound and record all their suggestions and work to solve all their problems. 
  • The presence of central air conditioning in all units of El Patio Casa Shorouk compound that works to create a refreshing and comfortable environment for all residents. 
  • The large mosque designed in authentic Islamic style to perform religious rituals and five prayers in El Patio Casa Shorouk compound. 
  • Building spacious garages that allow residents in El Patio Casa Shorouk project to ride their cars very comfortably to prevent congestion. 
  • A modern security system and alarm devices that work automatically in case of fires in El Patio Casa Shorouk compound and control them as quickly as possible to ensure the safety of residents. 
  • Attention to the Internet network in all units in El Patio Casa Shorouk compound to facilitate the residents' connection with the outside world and follow the latest global events. 
  • The most distinguishing feature of El Patio Casa compound is the first aid to deal with critical cases at any time around the clock, and ambulances equipped at a high level. 
  • Artificial lakes and dancing fountains that give El Patio Casa Shorouk compound beauty and charm. 
  • The spread of highly trained security personnel throughout El Patio Casa Shorouk compound to control security.
  • One of the most important security services in El Patio Casa Shorouk project is the electronic gates that work with smart cards and regulate the process of entering and exiting to prevent congestion. 
  • A children's area with age-appropriate games so they can play safely and have the most fun in El Patio Casa Shorouk compound.
  • The vast green spaces designated for barbecues and equipped with the necessary equipment in El Patio Casa Shorouk compound, and benches to sit and relax amidst enchanting natural surroundings. 
  • Attention to cleaning all units in El Patio Casa project and sterilizing them periodically to prevent the spread of diseases and infection. 
  • Basic services and good infrastructure such as gas, electricity and sewage networks that ensure residents get a comfortable living environment in El Patio Casa Shorouk compound. 
  • ATMs that facilitate withdrawal and deposit operations for residents in El Patio Casa Shorouk compound. 
  • Advanced digital surveillance cameras to monitor all movements in El Patio Casa Shorouk compound to protect the facilities.
  • All units in El Patio Casa Shorouk compound operate on a smart building system that is easy to control via smartphones. 
  • An area designated for collecting garbage and waste from all residential units in El Patio Casa compound and disposing of it as soon as possible. 
  • For those who love raising pets, there are designated walking areas in El Patio Casa Shorouk compound. 
  • The presence of a wide promenade away from the public road for cars so that residents can ride bikes and exercise outdoors.
  • El Patio Casa compound is characterized by its proximity to the most important landmarks and vital areas that make it easily accessible from all directions. 
  • Creative design of residential units in varying sizes and the announcement of special prices in El Patio Casa Shorouk compound. 

Your comprehensive guide to knowing the best villas for sale in Shorouk

Choose from El Patio Casa's amazing range of meticulously designed units to suit your tastes!

El Patio Casa Shorouk compound was built on an area of ​​30 acres, which is an extremely large area. The larger part of it was allocated to green landscapes, diverse service facilities, and the remaining part for the different units. The developing company was also keen to provide a huge group of units to satisfy different tastes in El Patio Casa Shorouk compound, and diversified them between residential apartments, penthouses and apartments attached to a garden. You can learn about the unit’s areas in El Patio Casa Shorouk compound through the following lines: 

  • The area of ​​penthouses units in El Patio Casa Shorouk compound starts from 185 square meters up to 275 square meters. 
  • While the area of ​​the luxury residential apartments in El Patio Casa Shorouk compound ranges from 160 square meters up to 330 square meters. 

Discover the real value with El Patio Casa's available payment plans and our competitive prices!

It is known that the developing company always strives to satisfy its customers by announcing successful projects that meet the clients' needs. Therefore, it announced a package of distinguished prices commensurate with the size of the features and services that the client gets to live an ideal life full of vitality and luxury. Prices in El Patio Casa Shorouk compound are as follows: 

  • Prices of residential apartments in El Patio Casa Shorouk compound start from 1,970,000 Egyptian pounds up to 2,200,000 Egyptian pounds. 
  • While the prices of apartments with a garden range from 3,400,000 Egyptian pounds to 4,060,000 Egyptian pounds. 
  • As for the penthouse units in El Patio Casa Shorouk compound, their prices start from 2,640,000 Egyptian pounds up to 2,900,000 Egyptian pounds.

The payment and installment programs in La Vista Shorouk project are also flexible so that the client can obtain the home of his dreams by paying a lower down payment and paying over long years without any financial interest in El Patio Casa Shorouk compound, where the client can own his unit by paying a 20% reservation down payment of the total value of the unit, and paying the remaining amount in equal installments over 6 years without any financial interest. 

Disadvantages of El Patio Casa Shorouk Compound

Despite the great appeal and many advantages offered by El Patio Casa Shorouk Compound, some clients consider the timeline for delivering the residential units to be too far for them, especially those eager for a quick move or urgent investment. However, the developing company emphasizes the importance of allowing enough time to implement the unit finishes with the highest standards of quality and precision, which ensures providing the best possible living experience for residents. This approach reflects the company's commitment to excellence and quality in every detail.

Get to know the leading real estate developer who turns your dreams into reality!

La Vista Real Estate Development Company is the owner of El Patio Casa Shorouk compound, which has a long history of impressive successes and carrying out many projects in the field of architectural construction and engineering. It has a team of the most important human resources to provide everything new and distinguished in the real estate market. The company was founded in 1991 by Engineer Mohamed Hadi and Alaa Hadi, who have long experience in engineering works. Among the most important works carried out by the developing company are: 

Compounds in Shorouk City: Where Modern Technology Meets Refined Elegance!

At the heart of Egypt, Shorouk City emerges as one of the most prominent modern urban projects, combining sophistication and technological advancement. This city has been meticulously designed to meet the needs and expectations of its residents, offering a model for modern urban planning.

Shorouk City, with its strategic location, serves as a bridge between a life of luxury and easy access to the vital centers of Cairo. This area gains added value from its advanced security system and continuous maintenance services, ensuring a safe and stable living environment.

The residential units in Shorouk City range from modern-designed apartments to luxurious villas, catering to all tastes and budgets. Developers are committed to providing advanced construction technologies and designs that combine elegance and functionality, ensuring a comfortable and contemporary living experience.

One of the most prominent features of living in Shorouk City is the emphasis on building a fully-serviced community, where world-class shopping centers, restaurants, and cafes are available, in addition to vast green spaces and recreational facilities suitable for all family members.

This technological landscape is complemented by the advanced technology employed in all aspects of daily life within the city, from high-speed internet to sophisticated security monitoring systems and artificial intelligence services available in some units, affirming the developers' commitment to providing comfort and safety for residents.

In conclusion, Shorouk City stands as a living example of combining modernity and comfort, offering a unique residential environment that meets the expectations of families and individuals seeking a high quality of life in the heart of Egypt.

Luxury and Refined Living Awaits You in Shorouk City!

Shorouk City, that vibrant gem in the heart of the capital, stands as an icon of progress and prosperity. It emerges as a distinguished urban destination in the region, offering modern lifestyles and unparalleled luxury. Over time, it has attracted attention with its innovative design and captivating natural landscapes, making it a point of attraction for many residents and visitors.

Shorouk boasts vast green spaces and man-made lakes, lending a sense of tranquility and beauty to the area, making it a haven for those seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. For shopping enthusiasts, the city offers a unique experience with a diverse range of modern malls and commercial centers hosting famous international brands.

Moreover, Shorouk City presents a range of luxurious residential options to suit all tastes, from modern apartments to elegant villas, all designed in an architectural style that combines authenticity with modernity. These residential complexes are equipped with all the amenities and services to provide the highest levels of comfort and luxury for their residents.

For families, Shorouk offers an ideal environment with international schools providing quality education and safe recreational play areas for children, making it the perfect place for family growth and development.

In the end, Shorouk City is a destination for those seeking a life characterized by luxury and comfort. It is an invitation to anyone looking for a residential experience that combines beauty and serenity. Joining the Shorouk community means immersing oneself in a lifestyle that embodies sophistication in all its forms.

Table of Facilities and Services:

Facilities and Services Description
Gardens Beautiful green gardens and playgrounds for children
Shopping Centers and Malls Luxurious shopping experience with a wide range of shops, restaurants, and cafes
Sports Clubs and Fitness Centers Comprehensive sports facilities with gyms, swimming pools, and courts
International Schools High-quality schools with innovative educational curricula and advanced educational facilities
Luxury Residential Communities Luxurious apartments and villas with stunning architectural designs and modern layouts
Health Centers and Hospitals Specialized healthcare centers and hospitals with qualified medical staff
Recreational Facilities and Entertainment Diverse recreational centers and parks, allowing you to spend enjoyable time outdoors or indoors

Real Estate Investment Without Limits: How to Finance and Purchase at Patio Casa Compound in Shorouk Through!

The desire to own a property within the Sodic East Shorouk Compound is a significant step towards achieving distinguished residential stability. Through the Egypt Real Estate platform, you have the opportunity to discover a comprehensive range of real estate options that align with your aspirations and living requirements. This compound combines elegance and comfort while providing a wide range of services and amenities that enhance the quality of life.

  1. To facilitate your search for your ideal property, the website allows you to use an advanced search tool, enabling you to filter properties based on the number of rooms, area, and price range that suits you, ensuring an effortless discovery of the desired property.
  2. Familiarizing yourself with the latest prices and available offers highlights the importance of visiting the website, where you can find a diverse range of apartments and villas that align with your financial capabilities, providing an unparalleled opportunity to own your dream property.
  3. Exploring the project details and available services is an additional step towards understanding the depth of the compound's offerings. This includes taking a closer look at the detailed project description and discovering the amenities such as restaurants, cafes, and shopping centers available within the compound.
  4. To obtain more details about a specific property or if you need additional inquiries, you can contact the real estate developer for the Sodic East Shorouk Compound directly through the platform. This ensures you receive all the necessary information and support during the purchasing process.
  5. Additionally, it is advisable to review the ratings and experiences of customers who have previously purchased in this compound through the website, as this provides a realistic glimpse of what one can expect from living in Sodic East Shorouk and contributes to making an informed decision.

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located in El Shorouk City in New Cairo.

2,000,000 EGP


La Vista Developments.

23 villas

20% of the unit value as a downpayment and the rest over 6 years.

30 acres


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