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Information On The Best Resorts Of Ain Sokhna


Best Villages of Ain Sokhna

  • One of the most important features of Ain Sokhna area is the presence of a large number of tourist villages and luxury resorts in the region, which was characterized by the implementation of a number of architectural artistic designs of outstanding quality and the latest possibilities for all residential projects located in Ain Sokhna for More Click Egypt Real Estate, in addition, there are many special and privileged services that help provide a life of well-being, security, tranquility and comfort for the entire residents.
  • The mild atmosphere in Al Ain Sokhna has also helped to attract a large number of tourists interested in the climate to enjoy the medical tourism as well as all the water sports that all the tourist villages of Ain Sokhna have been characterized by.
  • One of the most important features of Ain Sokhna area is the short distance between it and Greater Cairo, which is only one hour away, which is the distance between Cairo to Ain Sokhna by car through Cairo Suez.
  • This helped to make Sokhna the initial destination for family vacation lovers in a good place with a variety of features, especially the weekends, for its closeness to Cairo so that everyone can quickly go and return from vacation in a short time, as well as make Ain Sokhna one of the most attractive areas for tourism investment by a large number of investors and real estate developers to implement a number of international tourist hotels and resorts, and through some of the following lines, we list the best villages and tourist resorts in Ain Sokhna.

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Blue Blue El Sokhna

قرية بلو بلو السخنة

Location of Blue Blue Metawee Group: Blue Blue Ain Sokhna is located in the windmills area, it is  One of the best compounds in ain sokhna which is located 2 square kilometers from Orlando village, in the opposite of Mountain View 2, which is located on Zaafarana road in direct view of the sea with a panoramic view of the façade reaching 1 Square kilometer directly on the sea.

Units Space: Chalets space starts at 100 square meters, while villas space starts at 235 square meters.

Units Price: Chalets prices in Blue Blue Village start at 1,800,000 EGP, while villas price starts at 4,148,000 EGP.

Services & features in Blue Blue Ain Sokhna: Green Spaces, artificial Lakes, Public Gardens, Waterfalls, Marina and Yacht Marina, Private Diving Centers and Aqua Park, shopping Centers, Health Centers, 24/7 Security and guarding, Swimming Pools, Restaurants, Cafes and Floating Restaurants on the sea and recreational areas for adults and kids.

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IL Monte Galala Sokhna

Location of IL Monte Galala Tatweer Misr: it is located in the most beautiful location in the area of Galala Mountain, which is characterized by the charming nature and picturesque mountains, it is 7 km from Mövenpick Resort and it is located about 11 km from Porto Al Ain Sokhna.

Spaces: Chalets in IL Monte Galala start at 109 square meters, while villas space starts at 288 square meters.

Prices: Chalet prices start at 2,200,000 EGP, while villas start at 6 million and 700,000 EGP.

Features of IL Monte Galala Sokhna Resort: The largest crystal lagoons, a large number of international hotels, safaris with the best trainers, many major and recreational services, a wide area of entertainment areas, clubhouse, marina, and shopping centers.

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Azha Ain Sokhna

One of the most prominent tourist villages in Al Ain Sokhna mentioned in the first list of the most luxurious tourist resorts and villages.

Azha Village Location: it is located in the heart of Al Ain Sokhna, on the road leading to Suez, 126 square kilometers from Greater Cairo, 11 km apart from Ain Sokhna gates.

Spaces in Azha Madaar Development: chalets spaces in Azha start from 100 square meters while the villas area starts from 270 square meters.

Prices: Chalet prices start at 2,600,000 EGP, while villas prices start at 8,500,000 EGP.

Services and Features: Crystal Lagoons, International Hotels, Central Park, Swimming Pools and Health Clubs, 24-hour security and guarding, hospitals and pharmacies.

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Coronado Marina El Sokhna

قرية كورونادو السخنة

Village Location: Coronado village is located on kilo 108 on Zaafarana Road, which is an hour and a half from Cairo by car.

Spaces within Coronado Resort by The Red Sea Development: the chalets spaces have varied from 110 square meters up to 150 square meters.

Prices: Chalet prices start at 1,018,000 EGP up to 1.311,000 EGP.

Coronado Resort Services: Green Spaces, Swimming Pools, artificial Lakes, Health and Recreational Clubs for Children, International Shopping Center, Yacht Marinas, Private Fishing and Diving Centers, Open Theatres, Water Games, Cinemas, Restaurants, and Cafes, Security around the clock.

Ein Hills Ein Sokhna

منتجع عين هيلز السخنة

Ein Hills Village location: Ein Hills Resort is 12 square kilometers from the general gates of Ain Sokhna, while it is 127 square kilometers from Cairo.

Spaces: Ein Hills Chalets space starts at 130 square meters up to 317 square meters, while villas space starts at 414 square meters up to 1,036 square meters.

Prices at Ein Hills Shahawi Properties: Chalet prices in Al Ain Hills village start at 1,450,000 EGP, while villa prices start at 12,250,000 EGP.

Features and services: recreational services, swimming pools, a number of restaurants, cafes, aqua park, green spaces, health club, gym, spa, sports fields, hotels, artificial waterfalls, large mall, Crystal Lagoons, private garages, and cable car to move within mountain peaks.

The Groove Ain Sokhna

The Groove Resort location: it is located on Suez road, specifically Zaafarana Road, and is about 11 square kilometers ahead of Porto Sokhna Resort and about 7 km from IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna Resort.

Units Space: Chalet areas start at 100 square meters up to 120 square meters.

Units Prices: chalets price starts from 1,650,000 EGP up to o1,750,000 EGP.

Services & Features of The Groove DM: Beaches with Soft White sand, Integrated Recreational Services, Water Games and Health Clubs, Amusement Parks and Huge shopping Malls, A World-Class Hotel, A World-Class Conference Hall, Marina, and Yacht Marina, and Top Security Systems.

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Stella Di Mare Resort

منتجع ستيلا دي ماري السخنة

Resort Location: At the 46th kilometer of Suez-Hurghada road, it is one of the most important touristic Day Use villages and many families come to spend the most important holidays and vacations, it is a village for the one-day trip.

Stella Di Mare village features: The village is characterized by soft white sand as well as turquoise blue waters, it is one of the best ain sokhna compounds and there are plenty of parks, green spaces and special areas for children's games, diving and enjoying sea games.

Services: A number of swimming pools, international restaurants and cafes, golf courses, gym, and spa.

Prices at Stella Di Mare Sokhna: Prices start at 500 EGP per person without chalet rental, while chalet rentals start at 1,300 EGP per day depending on size and design.

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La Sirena Resort

قرية لاسيرينا السخنة

Village location: At kilo 68, La Sirena is located in Ain Sokhna, one of the most prominent tourist villages for day use tours of Al Ain Sokhna, while the resort is 189 km from Cairo International Airport and 20 km from Porto Sokhna Resort.

Advantages of La Sirena Ain Sokhna: The village has been characterized by a number of privileged services, including a private beach in the village, swimming pools of different sizes, a large hotel and private parking garages.

Prices in La Sirena Village: tickets per person start at 200 Egyptian pounds and chalet rentals start at 800 Egyptian pounds.

EL Wadi Resort

قرية الوادي

El Wadi Village Location: it is located on the road leading to Hurghada-Sokhna Road, it is only an hour's drive away from Cairo, and it is on the opposite side of Stella Al Ain Sokhna Resort.

Features and services in Wadi Sokhna Resort: Swimming pools and a huge shopping mall featuring a number of huge shops of all international brands, seaside water parties, a marina for diving and fishing, yacht marinas and a number of artificial lakes, ambulance (immediate rescue) centers distributed in a manner appropriate to the rest of the spaces, beach playgrounds, water parties, and 24-hour quick rescue units.

Prices: chalet prices in Wadi Village start at 500 EGP for daily rent.

Cancun Sokhna Resort

قرية كانكون السخنة

Cancun village location: it is located at kilo 102 on Zaafeanan-Suez Road.

Features: Swimming pools, large hotel and water games, a large number of recreational services.

Prices in Cancun Sokhna: The daily rental price for chalets within the village starts at EGP 500 for one-day trips.

La Vista 5 Village

قرية لافيستا 5 السخنة

Village location: The village is located 165 square kilometers from Cairo on Cairo-Suez Road, only about one hour away by car.

Features of La Vista Resort 5: La Vista village has many distinct services, the most important of which is a large hotel with cafes, restaurants and a number of shopping centers selling souvenirs, swimming pools and shopping stores for a large number of food items.

Prices in La Vista 5 Sokhna: The daily rental price for the chalets start at 700 EGP, while the prices for private chalets for ownership start from 9 million Egyptian pounds.

Marina Wadi Degla

منتجع مارينا وادي دجلة السخنة

Marina Ain Sokhna Village location: it is located in the most beautiful locations of Ain Sokhna on Suez Road with a full presence of all the privileged services where there are a number of swimming pools, green spaces, and speedboats for delivery service.

Prices at Marina Wadi Degla Resort: Daily rental rates for the chalet within Marina village start at 1,000 Egyptian pounds per day, while chalets for sale within the village start at 1.450 Egyptian pounds.

Porto Sokhna Resort

Porto Sokhna Resort Location: The village is located at kilo 48 on Ain Sokhna-Zaafarana Road, one of the most important and famous tourist villages in Ain Sokhna, with a cable car and a large golf course.

Services and features: The village has a number of privileged services, recreational services, golf courses, swimming pools and a number of artificial lakes of varying sizes, and it has been provided with a number of fishing and diving areas, Olympic City and kids entertainment areas.

Prices in Porto Sokhna by Amer Group: one-day trips prices for the village start at 265 Egyptian pounds, while daily rental rates for chalet start at 600 Egyptian pounds and chalets for sale within Porto Sokhna start at 1.5 million Egyptian pounds.

Telal El Sokhna

Telal Sokhna Resort Location: The village is 2 km from the famous Porto Sokhna resort and not more than 130 km from Greater Cairo on an extension of up to 6 km on the Red Sea shore.

Prices of Telal Al Sokhna Roaya: Prices for chalets for sale start from 1,300,000 EGP up to 4 million pounds.

Blumar El Sokhna

قؤية بلومار السخنة

The location of Blumar Ain Sokhna: Located at the 32nd kilometer on Cairo-Suez road, just an hour and a half from Cairo.

Services and facilities: Restaurants and cafes, central shopping centers, gym, spa and jacuzzi, kids play area.

Prices in Blumar Wadi Degla Sokhna: Chalet prices start at 800,000 Egyptian pounds up to 2,500,000 Egyptian pounds.

Laguna Bay Ain Sokhna

Location of Laguna Bay Sokhna Resort: At the 93rd kilometer on Zaafrana-Suez Road.

Services and facilities: floating restaurants, shopping malls and recreational areas, beach water games, diving and fishing sports, five-star hotel, swimming pools, various designs and spaces, clubhouse with trained labor.

Prices at Lagoona Bay Capital Group: Chalet prices in Laguna Bay village start at 1,200,000 Egyptian pounds up to 2,700,000 Egyptian pounds.

Ocean Blue

Ocean Blue Sokhna Location: Located on the Al Ain Sokhna Zaafrana Road, specifically in Kilo 92.

Prices: Chalet prices for chalets in Ocean Blue village start at 1 million EGP.

Palmera Beach Ain Sokhna

منتجع بالميرا بيتش العين السخنة

Location of Palmera Beach Village: The village is 120 square kilometers from Cairo, close to Stella de Marie Resort and Marina Wadi Degla El Sokhna.

Facilities and services: 2 swimming pools with different sizes and designs, a large hotel, a floating restaurant, kids playground in the entertainment area.

Prices at Palmera Beach Resort: Daily rental rates start at 650 Egyptian pounds, while chalet prices for sale start at 1,150,000 EGP.

Jaz Little Venice Ain Sokhna

قرية چاز ليتل فينيس العين السخنة

Location of Jaz Little Venice Sokhna Village: Located in Kilo 36 on Al Ain Sokhna-Suez Road.

Facilities and services: swimming pools, a kids' entertainment area, a number of restaurants, a hotel and football playgrounds.

Prices at Jazz Little Venice Resort: Chalet rates for rent start at 1,000 Egyptian pounds, while chalets for sale start at 2,500,000 EGP.

 Carnelia El Sokhna Resort

Carnelia Village location: 40 minutes apart from transportation, 4 square kilometers from Porto Sokhna, and four square kilometers from IL Monte Galala.

Units area: standalone villas space starts from 350 square meters, twin houses start at 265 square meters, while townhouses space starts from 195 square meters.

Chalet space within Carnelia Ajna Developments: The one-room chalets space start at 90 square meters, the two-bedroom chalets start at 100 square meters, while the three-bedroom chalets start at 150 square meters.

Prices and payment systems at Carnelia Resort: With a downpayment starting from 10% of the total unit price and paying the rest in monthly installments over a period of up to four years, the total unit price start from 1,250,000 Egyptian pounds.

Majada El Sokhna Resort

Real Estate Developer: The company that owns the project is Iwan Development Company.

Location of Majada Sokhna Village: The village is located only four and a half kilometers from IL Monte Galala, about an hour and a half from New Cairo, 126 square kilometers from New Cairo, and Five square kilometers from Galala City and Porto Sokhna.

Spaces at Majada Iwan:

  • The duplexes space starts at 170 m² up to 230 m² with various designs and spaces.
  • The two-floors Twin House villas start at 160 m² up to 190 m².
  • Standalone villas start from 515 m² to 367 m² and 250 m² in three different areas of different designs.
  • Chalets space starts at 65 m² up to 170 m² with different number of rooms.

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Best Compounds In Al Ain Al Sokhna

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