El Galala Sky City Ain Sokhna

From 1,600,000 EGP
Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2023
Developed by: Pyramids

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Project name: Sky City El Galala.

About the project: It is one of the most important projects of Pyramids Company in Ain Sukhna, which enjoys a charming atmosphere throughout the year.

Project Location: It is located in Ain Sukhna, specifically El Galala City.

Project Space: Al Sahab City was carried out on a vast area approaching approximately 282 acres.

Units types: vary among chalets - villas - twin houses - studios - apartments.

Units Space: starts from 65 square meters.

Price per meter: starts from 26 square meters.

Owning company: Pyramids Real Estate Development Company.

Payment systems: You can pay a downpayment starting from 5% to 10%, and installments of the rest of the amount over a repayment period of up to 8 years.

El Galala Sky City:

It is one of the most prominent resorts offered by Pyramids Real Estate Development Company. It is a unique exclusive start, called “Al Sahab City” because it takes its fans on a magical journey to caress the clouds and enjoy the imaginary nature, and the main objective of that project was to transform Ain Sukhna into the newest residential city inhabited by residents from everywhere throughout the year after it was designated for only resorts, as Ain Sukhna is one of the most wonderful cities in Red Sea Governorate, and even the closest to Capital and one of the highlights of her is charming summer and winter atmosphere that has made her a destination all year round.

El Galala Sky City Location:

The Resort is located in Ain Sokhna with stunning views of the Gulf of Suez, which has been ranked globally as one of the most beautiful parts of Red Sea for being a first-class tourist area and suitable for all activities from practicing sports, entertainment and setting up camps, which prompted Pyramids Developments to choose it to set up its largest residential projects.

This project is a globally fictitious architectural shift, as it was created at an altitude of more than 700 meters above the earth's surface on El Galala hill, which is characterized by its mountainous nature that guarantees its residents an amazing panoramic view. It is designed to match the European architectural style with its grandeur and brilliance, and is surrounded by all of the following:

  • A two-minute walk from Downtown El Galala.
  • Close to the largest "Car Cable" projects in the Middle East, extending over a distance of 4,500 meters, which is the Sokhna aerial lift system.
  • It is only 60 kilometers from New Capital City.
  • It overlooks "El Galala" road, which extends for 82 km, and is the alternative to "Zaafarana and Ain Sukhna" road.
  • It is 60 km away from the heart of Cairo.
  • Near the heart of Ain Sukhna, less than 20 km away.

Sky City El Galala Resort Space:

Based on vision 2030 of the Egyptian investment plan and sustainable development which includes Al Ain Sokhna, Pyramids Real Estate Development Company has worked hard to create an integrated city that matches the latest international architectural specifications and is in line with the long-term look that Egypt seeks to achieve, and then it has allocated the following to the project:  

  • 282 acres as a total space for the project.
  • Dividing that area into two parts, the first of which is located on Galala Mountain with a space of 64 acres, and the second is located in the heart of the mountain with a space of 218 acres.
  • Connecting the two parts to a unique "glass" bridge that captures hearts and conscience.

 Sky City El Galala Resort, Pyramids Real Estate Development units space:

The Project was specifically designed to make a breakthrough in the Arab world and even the world at large, as it was able to combine the melted Lebanese look in a Spanish style filled with fine Malaysian elegance, as Pyramids Developments based its design on a terrace system that fascinates its residents with a dazzling view from all angles, and provided it with a range of the finest units of varying spaces, water chalets and high-end villas, with areas ranging from 65 square meters up to 170 square meters. They are summarized as follows:

  • Townhouses with a waterfall area of 170 m².
  • Sparkling Twin House units.
  • Apartment units consist of luxury apartments "lagoon" at the highest level.
  • Chalet units for summer chalet lovers.
  • Stand Alone units that represent independent villas for privacy enthusiasts
  • Studio units start from 65 square meters.

Project services:

An integrated residential and tourist resort, with many superstitious features unmatched within the scope of Al Ain Sokhna or the entire Republic. Pyramids Real Estate Development excelled in its design to bring it to the world with a lightning view and impress all countries to make them wish to live in it for a lifetime, as it included many features and services that would make it superior to others and even on the throne of the real estate summit. Among the most prominent things it offers to its residents are the following:

  • It includes a uniquely designed bridge, which is considered an innovation for El Galala Sky City Resort as no one's ever been before designed; it is a "glass" bridge that connects the two parts of the resort from the heart of the mountain and extends over it.
  • Enjoy the crystal clear turquoise waters between the rocks and the soft white sand.
  • The design of the buildings, especially the villas with a view of the very creative waterfalls, descends the depth of the entire resort.
  • Equipped with the largest "Aqua Park" for both adults and children to enjoy.
  • Providing 1200 swimming pools, designed in a distinguished and exclusive rocky style adding beauty and dazzling brightness to the entire resort.
  • There is an aerial cable car station that connects the mountain and the sea, to make it easy to move from one place to another, as well as enjoy the view from the top to see the whole city.
  • Enjoying an unparalleled atmosphere, as it is the only city built on the height of the entire mountain, making the temperature nicely low, interspersed with cool breezes.
  • Surrounded by vast green areas divided by an innovative look, and the entire resort overlooks the sea and the mountain
  • Al Sahab City Resort covers an area of 20 acres, designed to resemble tropical forests filled with diverse trees.
  • A large shopping mall is dedicated to the resort's residents, as well as a hypermarket that provides them with all their needs.
  • The resort is designed to combine Spanish creativity, Malaysian beauty and Lebanese charm.
  • Kids Area designed with state-of-the-art secure games.
  • For jogging, walking and cycling enthusiasts, many trails in the middle of the greenery have been paved to enjoy their time.
  • Create many hotels classified under the quality of "seven stars" to serve vip visitors, and to receive tourists.
  • The most skilled security and insurance professionals to protect all parts of the resort 24 hours a day.
  • A large number of artificial lakes for recreation lovers.
  • Update all buildings with modern camera monitoring systems to increase security.
  • Allocation of 20 acres for Golf.
  • Providing the resort with Club House and the world's finest restaurant chains and state-of-the-art cafés.
  • The resort is equipped with a world-class university built on 173 acres.

Project prices:

Unit prices within the resort vary according to unit spaces and villas, and the company has introduced its initial phase so that the prices of the units in it are as follows:

  • The price per square meter for all units starts from 26000 EGP.
  • Only 20,000 EGP is paid as a unit reservation payment, provided that the amount is fully refunded.
  • Total unit prices start at 1660,000 EGP.
  • 5% of total unit prices are deducted in case of pre-booking.
  • 10% of the unit price is added as a periodic maintenance deposit.

Payment systems:

The real estate developer of the project was interested in providing the best payment methods, which would make it easier for anyone wishing to acquire a suitable housing unit to submit the reservation payment and enjoy the facilities guaranteed by the company. The company announced that these systems are as follows:

Payment systems include:

  • A downpayment of 5% of the total unit price, with the remaining amount to be paid in installments for 8 years in equal installments.
  •  A down payment of 5% and another 5% payment after three months, and the remaining installments over 8 years without any interest.
  • A down payment of 10% and the rest of the price is to be paid in installments over 8 years in equal payments.

Payment systems with an investment return include:

  • 30% reservation downpayment for villas of the total unit, and enjoy a 12% return for a period of 30 months from the start of the contract, to be the first installment of the unit after receipt and for a period of 8 years.
  • 35% reservation downpayment and a return of 14% for two and a half years, and payment of the first installment after receipt for a period of 8 years.
  • 40% down payment, 16% return due over 30 months, and sections are divided into 8 years after receiving the unit.
  • 50% down payment system, 17% return due for two and a half years and equal interest-free premiums for 8 years after receipt, and the customer can recover the full amount paid if he does not wish to receive the unit, without compromising the value of the return and without deducting the value provided.
  • Receipt no later than three years after the start of the unit contract, to be the delivery of all units fully finished and include air conditioning, and the entire unit can also be furnished within the contract, with an additional amount of 3000 EGP. 

Owning company and previous business:

Sky City El Galala joins Pyramids, a French-origin real estate development company, which has recently become one of the pillars of the real estate market in Egypt, as it participated in the construction of many facilities in cooperation with Egyptian Armed Forces. Since it was launched in 1999, it has made its unique mark on all its construction projects and has been able to build a good reputation and credibility that gold does not match.

It established its first production within Republic in 6th of October city, then expanded to New Administrative Capital with the most prominent projects under the name "La Capital New Capital". Its projects in the heart of the capital have increased to six giant projects, relying on the most skilled experts and architects. Sky City El Galala Resort is its first project within Ain Sokhna, and it was able to carve its name in all of its projects, which are always and forever characterized by their special and exclusive character. 

Previous work of Pyramids Real Estate Development Company within the scope of New Administrative Capital:

  • Paris Mall.
  • "La Capital 1" compound.
  • "Champs Elysees" Mall.
  • "La Capital 2" compound.
  • "Paris West" Mall.
  • "Paris East" Mall.
  • "Grand Square" Mall.
  • "Pyramids" Mall.
  • Pyramids Business Tower.
  • "Lake Studios" project.
  • Other Pyramids Developments projects:
  • "La Capitale" Compound in New Alamein City.
  • La Capital Suite Lagoons Compound.
  • "La Capitale" compound in Ain Sokhna.
  • Sky City El Galala Resort in Ain Sokhna.


  • Security
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Health club and Spa
  • Water Fountains
  • Aqua park
  • Cinema

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