El Galala Sky City Ain Sokhna

From 1,600,000 EGP
Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2023
Developed by: Pyramids

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Project name: Sky City El Galala.

About the project: It is one of the most important projects of Pyramids Developments in Ain Sokhna, which enjoys a charming atmosphere throughout the year.

Location: It is located in Ain Sokhna, specifically El Galala City.

Project Space: Sky City Pyramids was carried out on a vast space approaching approximately 282 acres.

Units types: vary among chalets - villas - twin houses - studios - apartments.

Units Space: starts from 65 square meters.

Price per meter: starts from 26 square meters.

Owning company: Pyramids Developments.

Payment systems: You can pay a downpayment starting from 5% to 10%, and installments of the rest of the amount over a repayment period of up to 8 years.

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Find out the most important information about Sky City El Galala

Sky City is an honorable work in the historical record of the executing company Pyramids Developments, because everything in it works on the convenience of customers, starting from the location, through the design of units and services, up to prices and payment systems, as the owner company always puts the satisfaction of its customers in front of its eyes and works from this point of view, which eventually helped it to gain everyone's trust.

Sky City Resort Location

Secrets that surpass Sky City over many other projects are many, but the distinguished location on El Galala plateau in Ain Sokhna comes on top, especially as it has a wonderful view of the Red Sea due to its construction above sea level at a height of 750 meters, most importantly, its proximity to the cable car station, which reaches a length of 6 km (4500 m) and is considered the most distinguished and most important location in the whole region.

Access to many vital places is not an obstacle, because Sky City Project is only two minutes away from the Downtown area, and traveling from it to Cairo will only take about an hour, only 60 km from The New Administrative Capital, and residents can move to Ain Sokhna easily, as it is a short distance of about 20 km.

Sky City Pyramids Space

The striking in Sky City El Galala is its large space of 247 acres and its dazzling designs that simulate the finest Spanish, Malaysian, and Lebanese designs, so its general appearance looks like an architectural masterpiece, because of the huge space, it was important to divide it into two parts, one of which extends over 184 acres and the other is only 63 acres, but they are connected by a glass bridge.

Your fascination with Sky City El Galala project will increase with every step you take inside it because the wonderful modern décor is spread almost everywhere, whether waterfalls, swimming pools, green patches, and beautiful trees that reflect a microcosm of the charming nature, it is very exceptionally designed.

You can see the most beautiful beaches of the Red Sea from the balcony of your unit, because almost all of them have a wonderful view on them, knowing that these units vary in types, as they include: apartments, studios, chalets, twin houses, townhouses, independent villas, and their spaces start from 65 m² up to 170 m² for the largest units, meaning that most options are available to customers.

Services and Features of Sky City Project

Despite a large number of major investment projects, Sky City Galala Project was able to stand out and occupy a great position among them thanks to its distinguished services and exclusive advantages, which are:

  • A team concerned with securing and guarding the place around the clock in anticipation of any emergency and for the safety of everyone.
  • Advanced surveillance cameras deployed in many places within Sky City Ain Sokhna as an additional measure among other procedures necessary for insurance.
  • Modern electronic gates at all entrances and exits keep pace with modern developments on the one hand and provide more security on the other hand.
  • Cafes are very luxurious, whether in the design or the service provided, so they will undoubtedly satisfy all their customers.
  • Various restaurants of the same luxurious level as cafes and keen to satisfy all customers by providing various dishes.
  • An area is known as Kids Area because it is dedicated to entertaining children as there are many games and entertaining activities that suit them.
  • Green spaces reflect a beautiful landscape in addition to other charming views, whether for natural or industrial decorations, such as landscapes.
  • Swimming pools (rocky) for recreation and recreation on the one hand and add aesthetic touches to the exterior decoration on the other hand because they have innovative and unique designs.
  • The largest amusement park for water games, where many exciting games ensure a very special time with family or friends.
  • The largest golf course over a vast space of ​​about 20 acres and is designed in a way that ensures enjoyment without any obstacles.
  • Artificial lakes of a modern and sophisticated design, thus adding to the beauty of the exterior view.
  • A cable car is operated by the electric system to make it easier for residents to walk around and allow them to see the entire city from above.
  • A huge shopping mall consisting of several floors and includes many shops, providing its clients with all their needs and requirements in one place only.
  • A large hypermarket that displays various types of goods and many household items.
  • Places for lovers of simple sports such as running, walking or cycling, are located in completely safe areas.
  • A full-service jacuzzi, a spa with modern equipment, and a gym equipped with the latest devices. All these facilities are available to everyone, whether men or women.
  • A social club built on a vast space and attached to a gymnasium to ensure a distinguished entertainment service.
  • Playgrounds for many popular sports instead of participating in other playgrounds outside the city
  • The area is famous for its natural features and impressive heights that occupy a large space of approximately 65 acres.
  • Sky City Ain Sokhna has a major international university built on 173 acres, so not all university students living in it will have to attend universities far from them.
  • Dense trees simulate tropical tree forests, especially as it extends over a large area of about 20 acres.
  • Major 7-star hotels provide the best hotel services to their guests, providing them with a very clean and calm atmosphere.
  • A wonderfully designed clubhouse that offers a unique setting for relaxation and recreation amidst the open air and beautiful scenery.

Sky City Pyramids Prices

Competitive prices are one of the most important advantages that the project’s clients enjoy, especially that they will get many services without having to pay huge amounts, as the minimum price per square meter is 26 thousand EGP, for fully finished units equipped with air conditioning, and if you want to receive them furnished, add 3 thousand EGP on the meter price, and the price of the unit attached to a garden will also increase.

The total price of units varies according to their specifications, but the minimum price is estimated at 1,600,000 EGP. The customer can get a 5% discount in the case of an early booking.

It is worth noting that in addition to the set price of the unit, the buyer bears other material costs of maintenance, estimated at only 10% of the unit price.

Payment Methods

Whether you choose the cheapest or most expensive units, you will not face any problems when paying, because in all cases you will get excellent facilities and easy systems that mainly rely on the installment system, which is the best payment method at all, which are:

  • Pay a down payment of 5% of the unit price, then pay the second payment after 3 months at a rate of 5% as well, and the rest is to be paid in installments for 8 years.
  • Pay a 10% downpayment of the unit price, then the rest of the value is paid in installments over 8 years.

As for the interests system in Sky City Ain Sokhna, it guarantees the customer the highest immediate return, as follows:

  • 30% as a downpayment, provided that the first installment is after receipt. In return, an annual return of 12% of the paid downpayment can be obtained, over two and a half years of the contract.
  • 35% as a downpayment, provided that the first installment is after receipt. In return, an annual return of 14% of the paid downpayment can be obtained, over two and a half years of the contract. 
  • 40% as a downpayment, provided that the first installment is after receipt. In return, an annual return of 16% can be obtained, over two and a half years of the contract.
  • 50% in advance, provided that the first installment is after receipt. In return, an annual return of 17% can be obtained over two and a half years of the contract. This system gives the customer the right to recover all his money upon receipt as an alternative to receiving the unit without any discounts.

It is worth noting that the units are to be delivered within three years of contracting with the owner company, that is, before the end of the scheduled payment period.

Owner company and previous Works

Pyramids Developments put all its expertise into the project, so it was able to implement it wonderfully in line with its great position in the real estate sector and its long experience of up to 20 years because it was established in France in 1999, This was clearly reflected in almost all of its projects, its designs imitate the grandeur of the buildings of Paris.

Although Sky City Resort is the company's first project in El Galala city, it has started its investment activity in Egypt in the residential projects sector since 2013, when it launched many projects, especially in the New Administrative Capital, most notably:

  • Pyramids Mall
  • La Capital Compound
  • La Capitale Suite Lagoons Compound
  • Pyramids Mall New Administrative Capital
  • Champ Elysees New Capital
  • La Capital Mall
  • Paris Mall
  • Paris East Mall
  • Grand Square Mall New Administrative Capital
  • Lake Studios

The company’s successful projects did not stop there, but there are still many distinguished previous works that it was able to launch thanks to its distinguished human cadres and creative team, whether engineers or real estate developers under the leadership of two of the largest businessmen, Eng. Hisham El-Khouly, Alaa El-Khouly, from these works:

  • Pyramids Business Tower
  • Tulip hotel group
  • The Mosque of the Field Marshal Tantawi
  • Paris Mall New Administrative capital

The company's roots go back to France originally, so it was necessary to have a clear imprint on it. Among its most important works there:

  • Holiday Inn Hotel
  • Structural development work at the Louvre
  • Construction development work in the French Parliament

It is worth noting that the company that owns Sky City Project has cooperated with Hussein Sabbour Company to implement huge modern projects in the New Capital because it is also one of the most important companies operating in the real estate development sector.


  • Security
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Health club and Spa
  • Water Fountains
  • Aqua park
  • Cinema

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