Silver Sands North Coast

From 6,500,000 EGP
Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2023
Developed by: Ora Development

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Project name: Silver Sands.

About the project: The resort is one of the newest and most beautiful resorts on the North Coast, which is characterized by its charming nature and tranquility, and provides all the recreational and basic services needed for the residents of the resort.

Silver Sands Resort location: in the heart of North Coast, kilo 222, Alexandria-Matruh Road.

Project space: a large space of 485 acres has been allocated.

Units' types: vary among chalets, twin houses, and standalone villas.

Units Space: starts from 155 square meters.

Units prices: start from 6,500,000 EGP.

Payment systems: Paying a down payment of 5% and the rest in installments over a period of up to 8 years.

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Do you want to experience a unique summer vacation? So, "Silver Sands North Coast'' is your ideal choice.

Silver Sands Project is among the luxury and high-end resorts that have a beautiful charming view directly on the sea, Ora Developments is the executing company for this project, which relied on creating distinctive and luxurious designs in addition to a lot of green spaces and various facilities so that residents in this resort can to feel more comfortable and relaxed.

It also worked on building the various units within the project, all overlooking the unique seashore, so that visitors could enjoy a beautiful landscape that comes from the combination of clear blue waters, bright yellow sands, and beautiful green areas that surround the project from all sides to show us a very beautiful image.

So, Silver Sands Ora is the place that attracts you to it without feeling, with its charming features, picturesque location, and high-end services, now you can enjoy a pleasant summer atmosphere in a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle, and get your complete privacy, which makes you feel like you are alone in the arms of nature enjoying its beauty and splendor.

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Silver Sands Exceptional Location

This distinctive resort enjoys an important strategic location on North Coast. It is a sophisticated place that pulses with all the concepts and elements of luxury and splendor. This project was implemented near several areas and main roads, which makes the process of accessing it very easy. This location is close to:

  • Silver Sands Project is located in Kilo 222 Alexandria/Marsa Matruh Road, between Almaza Bay and Sidi Hanish.
  • It is also about 138 km away from El Alamein.
  • It is 202 km from Borg El Arab Airport and about 370 km from Cairo.
  • In addition to its proximity to several other tourist villages, including La Vista Resort, Gaya North Coast, Jefaira Resort, Fouka Bay Resort, Mountain View Resort, Marina El Alamein, and Marassi North Coast.
  • It is also close to the new Fouka Road.

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Here, in Silver Sands North Coast Resort you will enjoy endless benefits and know the true meaning of luxury living

Fun, luxury, and prosperity will definitely be found in Silver Sands Resort, which is considered one of the best resorts on North Coast. Its distinctive name indicates a beauty worth discovering, as it is a beautiful place in every sense of the word, which looks like a small oasis overlooking the sea directly.

The project has many distinct features and various facilities that serve all the residents of the resort to enjoy an abundant amount of enjoyment within the sides of this picturesque place, and we will present these features as follows:

  • Ora Developments presents one of the most beautiful artistic images inside Silver Sands North Coast, as it has a distinct view that combines the picturesque turquoise sea and beautiful green spaces that harmonize attractively with the soft beach sand.
  • To enjoy a distinct view of the Mediterranean with its picturesque blue waters, the project was designed in the form of beautiful natural terraces to see the sea from several directions.
  • Recreation and spending enjoyable times are not complete without the presence of various water bodies that give an atmosphere of calm and mental serenity, so the company was keen to provide wonderful crystal lakes with various spaces overlooking all the units of the place, which gives the residents a lot of comfort and luxury.
  • A group of swimming pools of varying sizes and suitable for different ages, and a swimming pool for women to obtain the required privacy.
  • Excellent restaurants that serve the most delicious Egyptian and international dishes at the hands of the most skilled professional chefs. Cafes serve different drinks with high service quality to enjoy your meal in an atmosphere of calm.
  • Great area for barbecues and other different occasions like birthdays.
  • A large paved tourist walkway equipped with several comfortable seats to enjoy sitting in this charming atmosphere between the sea and the beauty of nature.
  • Silver Sands Resort contains a 5-star international hotel that provides visitors with distinctive hotel service, and its rooms are equipped in a wonderful hotel style.

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Distinguished services and basic facilities that you will get within Silver Sands Ora

Since the start of the establishment of this huge architectural icon, the executing Ora Developments has been working hard to provide a large number of facilities, basic and recreational services, making residents enjoy every minute within the global resort, and we will show you the following are some of those services:

  • An integrated commercial area that includes a huge mall, shops, and shopping areas to enjoy a unique buying experience, as it contains international brands and brands that provide you with everything you and your family need.
  • Providing a distinctive Aqua Park with fun water games to enjoy valuable time with your family, as it is suitable for all ages.
  • For more luxury, the developer has built an integrated clubhouse with a spa and jacuzzi at the highest level of sophistication and modernity, offering all the various recreational activities.
  • A large gym with modern equipment and devices to practice your favorite sport continuously, with professional trainers.
  • An integrated sports club that contains several major stadiums dedicated to several different games.
  • Medical clinics and pharmacies are equipped at the highest level to be at the service of guests throughout the day.
  • To reduce overcrowding and congestion, the company has built a large integrated garage with all possible insurance means to preserve the residents' properties.
  • The presence of guarding and high-quality surveillance cameras spread throughout the resort, to get you the safety and assurance you want.
  • An integrated mosque with all the equipment and is continuously sterilized and disinfected.

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Units types and their space inside Silver Sands North Coast

Silver Sands Resort was implemented on a large space of ​​485 acres and extends about 1,000 meters on the Mediterranean shore, Space was also divided between "chalets, twin houses, and independent villas" for each individual to choose the unique unit for him in terms of price, space, and design since the company was keen on diversifying designs with the implementation of a wonderful and attractive design for all units in the resort.

The presence of a difference between the types of units and their area within the project is important and required, due to the great diversity between the desires and needs of customers, and the developer was keen on the existence of a variation in the types to suit everyone, and they can be mentioned as follows:

  • Excellent chalets on the ground floor with 3 large rooms with a space of ​​155 square meters.
  • Chalets with a large rooftop and contain 4 rooms starting from 200 square meters.
  • Twin house has 4 rooms with space of 280 square meters.
  • As for the first-row villas, which are located directly on the sea, they range from 312 square meters up to 391 square meters and include several rooms ranging from 4 to 5 rooms.
  • For more luxury, villas with a space of 360 square meters overlooking the sea, with a large garden to enjoy the beautiful landscape.
  • In addition to the second-row villas from the sea, their area starts from 300 square meters and contains approximately 5 rooms.

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Competitive Prices and special payment systems are available in Silver Sands Resort

Hurry now to book your unit in Silver Sands North Coast to enjoy all the luxury, services, and prices that are unparalleled in that area to help you live at a high level with facilities in paying for your preferred housing units of different sizes inside the resort. These prices are as follows:

  • Chalet prices start from 6.5 million EGP.

  • As for the twin houses, it starts from 9.5 million EGP.

  • Standalone villas range in price from 15 million EGP up to 60 million EGP.

Payment systems:

  • Paying a 5% downpayment and the rest in installments over 5 years.
  • Paying a 10% downpayment and the rest in installments over 6 years.
  • Paying a  15% downpayment and the rest in installments over 7 years.
  • Paying a 20% down payment and the rest in installments over 8 years.
  • The units are delivered in a fully finished system to relieve the customers of the burdens of equipment and finishes.

All these features, services, and more are enjoyed within this international resort, which simulates the largest international places in terms of wonderful design and fully equipped infrastructure, so contact us now and get the best offers to own your unique unit within the sides of this global project.

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The International Company, Ora Development

Ora Developments is considered one of the largest real estate construction companies in Egypt and the world. This huge edifice carries a distinguished business history. They have carried out a variety of projects bearing a luxurious European character and designed according to the latest international standards to suit the special taste of customers. Here are some of those engineering works:


  • Security
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa
  • Water Fountains
  • Aqua park
  • Cinema

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