Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed Ora Developers

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Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2022
Developed by: Ora Development

About Project  Integrated commercial residential project by Ora Developers located in Sheikh Zayed City and close to external services including Hyper One and Al Ahly SC.

Zed Towers Location  In the heart of Sheikh Zayed City.

Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed  Area  165 acres.

Units Types Sheikh Zayed Apartments For Sale - Duplexes - Penthouse.

Units Space in Zed Towers  Towers with 10 floors

Meter Price Zed Towers prices of the towers with 10 floors

Zed Towers Developer Name  Ora Developers.

Payment systems  10% downpayment, 5% upon contract, and equal installments over 6 years.

Properties for sale

Apartment in Zed Towers El Sheikh Zayed
Apartment in Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed


Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed Ora Developers Brochure and Master Plan


Project Name: Zed Towers.

About Project: Integrated commercial residential project by Ora Developers located in Sheikh Zayed City and close to external services including Hyper One and Al Ahly SC.

Zed Towers Location: In the heart of Sheikh Zayed City.

Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed  Area: 165 acres.

Units Types: Sheikh Zayed Apartments For Sale - Duplexes - Penthouse.

Units Space in Zed Towers: Towers with 10 floors: the units' space within starts from 97 m² up to 242 m², Towers with 20 floors: the units' space within starts from 135 m² up to 250 m².

Meter Price: Zed Towers prices of the towers with 10 floors: the price per meter starts from 20,000 EGP. Zed Compound Prices of the towers with 20 floors: the price per meter starts from 26,000 EGP.

Zed Towers Developer Name: Ora Developers.

Payment systems: 10% downpayment, 5% upon contract, and equal installments over 6 years.

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Zed Towers El Sheikh Zayed

Are you looking for the most valuable real estate projects in Egypt? Find out about Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed! Near HyperOne and July 26 axis, this integrated commercial residential project, provided by Ora Developments, is owned by well-known Egyptian engineer Naguib Sawiris.

Zed Towers are considered an architectural masterpiece that will not be repeated in the near future as the project consists of two types of towers, the first type is designed with 10 floors and 20 floors, and the two are designed for habitation

The second type has been specialized to include shops and services from the fourth floor to the end of the tower as the areas of the project vary, starting with about 90 m² up to 250 m² all this makes Zed Zayed Towers one of the most unique and contemporary real estate projects.

Your comprehensive guide to know the best Apartments for sale in Sheikh ZayedDetails & Designs of Zed West

Residential towers in a complex with a great strategic location that guarantees everyone a comfortable and quiet life filled with all the concepts and requirements of luxury the most important features of this distinctive residential project include: 

  • The project's executing company provided all elements of well-being and innovation in this project with global considerations.
  • Life within Zed Towers is quiet and classy away from pollution and noise.
  • All amenities and security are available on the site.
  • Zed Orascom features a range of luxurious residential towers with finishes delivered ready for housing and immediate life.
  • All units in Zed Towers are received with all air conditioning and fittings up to kitchens, and all designs have a taste and international standards.
  • Beautiful towers are similar to the skyscrapers of Dubai, UAE, for all luxury lovers.
  • The design of Zed Towers units follows the world-class both inside and outside, it looks like a painting by a group of experts and engineers.

Comprehensive information on the Twin Houses for sale in Sheikh Zayed

  • WATG London has been used to design units in accordance with the world's most luxurious designs.
  • Zed Towers project was divided into two main sections, the first being a number of towers consisting of ten floors, all for housing only.
  • The other towers consist of 20 floors for services, one of which has a Club House at the highest level, and the other floors from the first to the third floor include shops, and the floors from the fourth to the 20th floor are allocated to the residential apartments.

Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed location

Sawiris Towers have a strategic location, as it’s located in the heart of Sheikh Zayed.

Zed Sheikh Zayed Towers is located in the middle of the largest park in Sheikh Zayed and is surrounded by green spaces, artificial lakes, and various parks.

Zed Towers Close to external services including Hyper One and Al Ahly SC, and it includes various units from Duplexes and penthouses.

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Features of Zed Towers Ora Location:

Zed Towers is located near Hyper One, a huge shopping center with international products and essential goods, Sheikh Zayed has become a vital area and this will push you to invest your money inside and you are assured as it is densely populated and has all the facilities and services and this will contribute in the rise of real estate prices, which helps you profit, the developer company has been keen to implement this project in a way that competes with international real estates.

Services provided by Zed towers ora

Zed Ora features a range of services that make it a residential leisure resort that fulfills the dreams and desires of all customers, making it a comprehensive city integrated with its services, infrastructure, and facilities.

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The most important services of this luxury residential complex are:

  • There is a high health club with recreational activities equipped with all the highest international equipment and devices.
  • There are a gym and spa equipped with the highest standards.
  • A large supermarket is available as well as small shops, which means a variety of alternative shopping services are available to suit the desires of the entire residents.
  • There is a huge mall offering the world's most famous brands in Zed Towers.
  • A large area of the project has been allocated to the green spaces making all units have a magnificent view of the gardens and trees in a stunning landscape.
  • Zed Towers Zayed includes a large number of international cafes and restaurants serving delicious cuisine.
  • Special tracks are provided for walking, exercising, and cycling safely away from the car's walking areas, with places to rest and sit for relaxing in the charming gardens.
  • A large area of the project has been allocated to the water bodies that give the place a special charm, where there is a dancing fountain, artificial lakes, and a large number of swimming pools of various sizes.
  • There are an administrative building and an equipped parking garage.
  • Educational services and international school.
  • The towers have modern electric elevators.
  • Clean and environmentally friendly garbage spaces are available.
  • Security and guarding services are available 24 hours a day to secure all project units.
  • There is a large five-star hotel in Zed Towers.
  • There is a dedicated kids' play area that is diverse and safe.

Units Spaces in Sawiris Towers Sheikh Zayed

Zed Project Egypt has space up to 165 acres, where the largest area of it, 65 acres, has been allocated to the largest park in Sheikh Zayed while the remaining area was allocated for construction.

Zed project was carried out in partnership with Watg London, a global company to carry out all the necessary plans and the Master Plan of the project, Ora also participated in the construction of the project.

Ora has built 20 floors and has been divided into two parts: the first 3 floors for cafes, shops, and clubhouse, while the rest of the floors are allocated to residential units.

Spaces of units in 10-floor towers:

  1. 2 bedrooms apartment with a space of 97 m² up to 136 m².
  2. 3 rooms apartment with a space of 160  up to 211 m².
  3. 4 rooms apartment with a space of 237 m² and 242 m².

Spaces of units in 20-floor towers:

  1. 2 rooms apartment with space up to 135 m².
  2. 3 rooms apartment with space up to 223, 185, and 172 m².
  3. 4 rooms apartment with a space of 250 m².

Everything You Need To Know About Best ٍSheikh Zayed Compounds

Zed Zayed Prices

Zed Compound consists of 30 towers, 10 floors towers, and 20 floors towers.

Zed El Sheikh Zayed prices of the 10-floor towers:

The price per meter in Zed Towers starts from 20,000 EGP, units shall be delivered with Super Lux finishing within 3 years and a half after the contract.

Prices of the 20-floor towers:

The price per meter starts from 26,000 EGP, units will be delivered with Super Lux finishing within 4 years after the contract.

The Payment Systems

10% downpayment, 5% upon contracting, and the rest will be paid equally via installments over 6 years.

Zed Park Features

The most important thing that distinguishes the project is that it enjoys a wonderful view of Zed Park, which occupies an area of 65 acres, and was opened by Engineer Mustafa Fahmy, head of the Sheikh Zayed Development Authority, and is characterized by the presence of the largest amusement park in the Middle East, and the investment of this park has reached about 170 million Egyptian pounds.

The park features green spaces, dense trees, rest and seating areas, walking, running, and cycling tracks, and recreational areas for the whole family.

Compound Zed is designed in a french style and will be designed within an area of administrative, recreational, and commercial services on a large area of about 143 acres, and is supervised by Dr. Maher Estino, who designed and implemented Al Azhar Park.

Note that the Zed Egypt prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2021, and therefore it is changeable, and we, Real Estate Egypt, are keen to update the spaces and the list of residential and commercial units' types and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.

Zed Towers is located in the heart of Sheikh Zayed, it is the beginning of real estate projects contributed by the well-known businessman Naguib Sawiris through Ora Developers, which built these towers with the supervision of the Construction and Housing Authority, and the company has worked on this Towers, which is a huge project with the Housing and Construction Authority by its side and this project is one of the first projects in the towers.

Disadvantages of Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed

Despite the distinctive features offered by ZZed Towers Sheikh Zayed, some people may point to the lack of villas as one of the weaknesses in Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed. However, the hotel services, vast green spaces, and swimming pools covering a large part of the project provide residents with a unique experience rivaling that offered in villas, but at a cost similar to apartments, which enhances the compound's value and appeal.

Major projects of Ora Developers

Its major projects include:

Ora projects outside Egypt include:

  • Great Britain Project.
  • Ayia Napa Marina in Cyprus.
  • Twenty Grosvenor Square Hotel in London.
  • Silversands Resort in Grenada Island.
  • The Eighteen Project in Pakistan.

More About The Best Compounds In Sheikh Zayed

Sheikh Zayed City Compounds: Where Quality, Innovation and Elegance Manifest in Every Corner!

Sheikh Zayed City in Egypt is known for its high standard of living and luxury, and is characterized by many elegant compounds that embody quality, innovation and elegance in every corner. These compounds are a quiet, ideal haven for families and individuals seeking to live in a comfortable and safe environment.

Compounds in Sheikh Zayed City provide a wide range of services and facilities that cater to all the residents' needs. The compounds include a selection of accredited international schools, universities, hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, health resorts and integrated social clubs.

Compounds in Sheikh Zayed City are distinguished by their unique, modern architectural designs, and are characterized by vast green spaces and beautiful gardens that provide a comfortable, refreshing environment. They also have many swimming pools, sports fields, and children's play areas.

Compounds in Sheikh Zayed City offer different types of residential units, from luxury apartments to luxury villas and townhouses. The residential units are characterized by contemporary designs and elegant finishes that reflect refined taste and elegance.

Compounds in Sheikh Zayed City are extremely safe residential areas, providing 24-hour security guards and advanced security systems. Residents live in an atmosphere of safety, comfort and enjoy privacy and tranquility within these compounds.

Sheikh Zayed City compounds represent an ideal blend of modern urban living and serenity. These compounds reflect quality of life, innovation and elegance in every detail, making them an ideal choice for individuals and families looking for a distinctive, comfortable lifestyle.

A Unique Modern Life Experience Awaits You in Sheikh Zayed City!

Sheikh Zayed City in Giza Governorate offers visitors from all over the world a unique modern life experience. This city is one of the most promising governorates in Egypt and is renowned for its innovative design and modern amenities.

Sheikh Zayed City provides many facilities and services that cater to the requirements of modern life. These facilities include luxury shopping centers, restaurants with diverse cuisines, health resorts, theaters, and integrated sports stadiums.

This city is distinguished by its modern architectural design and scenic natural landscapes. Visitors can explore the beautiful gardens and vast green spaces that reflect the city's natural beauty and provide a tranquil environment for relaxation and walking.

Visitors can also enjoy diverse recreational activities in Sheikh Zayed City. They can spend a fun-filled day at the local zoo or stroll through the beautiful public parks. They can also partake in sporting activities like biking or golfing on excellent fields.

Sheikh Zayed City also contains many prominent tourist landmarks. Visitors can tour the Museum of Oriental Civilization to discover Egyptian history and culture. They can also visit the Grand Sheikh Zayed Mosque, which is one of the city's most prominent religious landmarks.

With its vibrant urban spirit and traditional heritage, Sheikh Zayed City is an ideal tourist destination for those seeking a unique, different life experience in Egypt. So if you want to enjoy modernity and heritage at once, Sheikh Zayed City is the perfect place for you.

A One-of-a-Kind Experience: Enjoy the Benefits of Living in Compounds Near Zayed Towers Al Sheikh Zayed!

If you are looking for an ideal compound near Zayed Towers Al Sheikh Zayed , we have compiled a list of the best available options. These compounds are distinguished by their prime locations and high-quality services they offer. Here is the list:

  1. Zayard Elite Compound Sheikh Zayed:

    Copy code
    • Located near Zayed Towers Al Sheikh Zayed.
    • Distinguished by modern designs and state-of-the-art comfort.
    • Provides beautiful green spaces and artificial lakes.
    • Contains recreational facilities like swimming pools and sports clubs.
  2. Capital Green Compound Sheikh Zayed:

    • Located a short distance from Zayed TowersAl Sheikh Zayed.
    • Provides luxury apartments and penthouses with stunning views.
    • Boasts beautiful gardens and enchanting natural scenery.
    • The compound offers many facilities like restaurants, cafes and sports fields.
  3. Karamel Sodic Compound Sheikh Zayed:

    • Provides a great residential option near Zayed Towers.
    • Contains luxury residential units and villas with contemporary designs.
    • Includes commercial areas and stores to cater to all your needs.
    • Offers vast green spaces for strolling and enjoying the outdoors.
  4. Ira Compound Sheikh Zayed:

    • Located just minutes away from Zayed TowersAl Sheikh Zayed.
    • Provides luxury apartments in different sizes to suit all families.
    • Distinguished by scenic natural landscapes and tropical pools.
    • Contains service facilities like schools, hospitals and shopping centers.
  5. Allegria Compound Sheikh Zayed:

    • Considered a great shopping destination near Zayed Towers Al Sheikh Zayed.
    • Home to many famous shops and luxury restaurants.
    • Provides a unique shopping experience and family entertainment activities.
    • Also includes quiet green spaces and relaxation areas.

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  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa
  • Water Fountains
  • Hotel
  • Aqua park

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In the heart of Sheikh Zayed City.

The price per square meter starts from 26 thousand pounds.


Ora Developers.

100 units

10% downpayment, 5% upon contract, and equal installments over 6 years.

165 acres.