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Gaia North Coast Al Ahly Sabbour

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Project Description

Project Name: Gaia.

About Project: Vacation project by Al Ahly for Real Estate Development.

Gaia Location: located at Kilo 192 in Ras El Hikma Bay.

Gaia North Coast Space: 280 acres.

Units' Type: Chalets - Duplexes - attached houses - villas.

Gaia Units' Space: start from 130 m² up to 350 m².

Units Price: starts from 12,000,000 EGP.

Gaia Developer Name: Al Ahly Sabbour.

Payment Methods in Gaia10% downpayment and installments up to 8 years.

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Gaia Resort in North Coast

After Al Ahly for Real Estate Development succeeded under the supervision of its CEO Engineer Hassan Sabbour in Amwaj North Coast, the Company has launched Gaia Sabbour North Coast in Ras El Hikma, 55 km away from Amwaj Resort to complete its successful real estate process, it gives you a great opportunity to enjoy and have fun with your family to fulfill your dream of luxury.

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Location of Gaia Al Ahly Sabbour

Gaia is located in the New North Coast at Ras El Hikma area, where the North Coast is divided into two parts: Ras El Hikma and Sidi Abd El Rahman.

Gaia Sabbour is characterized by a magnificent and very distinctive sea in addition to an attractive beach equipped for swimming with soft and white sand. Gaia is also located in a very famous area where there are many monuments in this area and is an attraction for tourists all over the world where it has a collection of Hellenistic tombs which are considered memorial temples, as well as huge underground tombs carved on the rock and belongs to the Hellenistic period.

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The most important landmarks near Gaia North Coast Village:

  • At kilo 192 next to City Stars Resort and Fouka Bay North Coast.
  • Gaia is 10 minutes from Fouka Road, which is only an hour and a half away from Cairo through the new Fouka Road, which was executed by the Egyptian armed forces, and this road is very wide, saving time for travelers between North Coast and Cairo and especially El Hikma Bay, it also connects the area of October 6 to the North Coast.

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Discover the secret behind our excellence and innovation, and how we offer you a unique and unparalleled residential experience in Jasmine Gaya North Coast

Jasmine Gaya North Coast phase is considered one of the most important phases launched by Al Ahly Sabbour Company, which enjoys all the elements that a client needs to enjoy a happy and luxurious life. The company paid attention to choosing a strategic location for launching this phase, specifically at Kilometer 194, Ras Al Hikma Bay, North Coast, which is about 55 kilometers away from Amwaj Village. Jasmine Gaya extends over a large area of the Gaya North Coast resort, which spans 300 acres, where the engineers ingeniously divided it between green spaces, artificial lakes, and buildings. The developer company also provided hotel residential units in the phase, ranging from 103 to 147 square meters, starting from 2,700,000 Egyptian pounds. For more facilities offered by the developer to the client, it introduced payment plans with a down payment of 5% and installments for the remaining amount over 9 years. This makes the phase the ideal choice for those seeking peace, relaxation, and a residential unit with all the services and advantages that make the client feel no need to leave the village. So hurry up and reserve your unit.

Let every day in your life shine with luxury and excellence with the new Mystique phase

For more luxury that Al Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Development Company seeks to offer its clients, it launched a new phase of the Gaya North Coast resort, the unique Mystique phase, which enjoys excellent basic and recreational services that provide clients with peace and relaxation. This phase is located at Kilometer 194, on the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Sea with its enchanting turquoise and crystal lagoon waters. This phase includes chalets and townhouses with modern designs inspired by international tourist cities, with varying areas starting from 74 to 90 square meters, and townhouses ranging from 165 to 182 square meters. To attract clients for investment purposes, Al Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Company offered these units at competitive prices unmatched by any other tourist village, starting from 1,500,000 Egyptian pounds for chalets and around 3,650,000 Egyptian pounds for townhouses.

The developer's creativity did not stop there; it provided distinguished recreational services through a commercial mall spanning 2 acres, a gym, a spa, and courts for practicing various sports favored by residents at any time. To enjoy a pleasant time, a club house was established, featuring recreational and sports activities and events that make residents feel no need to leave the village. The company offers all of this at competitive prices and flexible payment plans with a minimum down payment of 5% and a repayment period of up to 8 years. Additionally, you can acquire a unit by paying 10% of its value and the remaining balance over 9 years, with units set for delivery in 2025, making this phase a golden opportunity for you to seize.

Join us and enjoy a world full of creativity and uniqueness in the Camilla Lagoon Gaya Sabbour phase

Because you deserve the best, Al Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Development Company has developed one of the distinguished phases in the Gaya North Coast resort, the Camilla Lagoon phase, which is considered an architectural masterpiece and an artistic canvas executed by the best engineers and architectural designers. The developer company, keen on ensuring the residents' well-being, provided unique services and features that cannot be found in any other tourist project for the residents' comfort. Additionally, the company chose the best beaches of the Mediterranean Sea in the Ras Al Hikma area to launch this phase and designed residential units with direct sea views, granting residents peace and relaxation. Camilla Gaya North Coast is unique in offering a variety of chalet sizes ranging from 97 to 131 square meters with modern designs to suit all tastes.

Among the most important advantages that the developer offered clients in Camilla North Coast are competitive prices that match the client's financial capabilities, starting from 2,300,000 to 3,240,000 Egyptian pounds, and flexible payment plans with the lowest down payment and longest repayment period to alleviate financial burdens for the client, with a 5% down payment of the total unit price and the remaining balance over 8 years, plus 5% maintenance fees. Don't let this opportunity pass you by; hurry up and reserve your unit in the most prestigious tourist resorts on the North Coast.

Major services in Gaia North Coast Egypt

Through Gaia North Coast, Sabbour works to meet the needs of customers in accordance with the requirements of the modern life of high-end compounds and provides its customers with exclusive services that are not available in nearby projects, and these entertainment services are: 

  • The company that owns Gaia North Coast project provides regular maintenance services to all residential units, these services are paid by Sabbour.

  • Internet access, which is available to all residents of residential units, a high-speed internet service in Gaia North Coast Resort.
  • Generators are the most prominent services available to all residential units, which operate automatically when the power supply is out.
  • All residential units are equipped with intercom internal service, directly connected to the sub-gates as well as the main ones at Gaia North Coast.
  • The waterfall service for garbage, this service is more than great as it helps to get rid of garbage to ensure that the building is clean permanently, and customers do not have to leave the building.
  • Security and guarding services at the entrances and gates, which operate continuously 24 hours a day in Gaia North Coast Village.
  • Gaia North Coast project's executing company works on providing the highest level of security and privacy for Gaia Resort's residents, such as the service of soundproof steel gates, these gates are rust-resistant.

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Gaia North Coast Features

Gaia North Coast contains many indispensable features and services, and these features have played a major role in increasing the demand for applications for the reservation of residential units within Gaia North Coast project, as follows:

  • Sabbour has allocated a large area to councils and rests within the green spaces so that the residents inside Gaia North Coast Sabbour enjoy the beauty of the charming nature around them, and many families consider it the best recreational service for families in Gaia North Coast village.
  • International schools for all primary, prep, and secondary education.
  • Hospitals and medical centers equipped at the highest level to receive critical and emergency cases as it contains the intensive care unit, a team of doctors all specialties in the service of Gaia North Coast residents at any time 24 hours a day.
  • A private parking garage saving the time of looking for a vacant parking space and this provides the highest degree of safety and protection for cars inside Gaia North Coast.
  • The company employs a trained customer team to ensure the best level of service inside Al Ahly North Coast Resort.
  • A high-level trained guard team, a security team to guard the entrance to Gaia North Coast Resort 24 hours a day.
  • The company has also provided hypermarkets and libraries which are available 24 hours a day at Al Ahly North Coast Village.
  • A special area for barbecues within the green spaces, clean areas completely free of pollution to keep them away from car exhausts.
  • Social clubs, to serve the residents, Sabbour's customers deserve the best of everything for a better life at Al Ahly North Coast Village

Details about the units in Gaia Ras El Hikma

Sabbour has entrusted the design of Gaia to major Spanish engineering design companies, and this company has tried to invent a stunning new design that captures the eye and succeeds in doing so after it selects the design of the six continents of the world, this giant project was built on an area of 280 acres.

15% of the area has been allocated for buildings and residential units, while the rest of the area has been allocated for the construction of landscapes and green spaces as well as blue water bodies, as it provides different types of units among chalets - duplexes - attached houses - villas.

These bodies refer to the oceans, seas, and rivers, as for the residential units of Gaia Sabbour project, it has come as diverse as the largest number of customers are satisfied and all of it overlook the water bodies, as follows:

  • Gaia Chalets with space of 130 m².
  • Duplex with space of 170 m².
  • Attached houses with space of 180 m².
  • Gaia Villas with a space of 350 m².

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Gaia North Coast Prices and payment methods

Units' prices start from 1,600,000 EGP.

As for payment methods, it offers a 10% downpayment and installments up to 6 years.

The Delivery Date

Delivery of Super Lux finished units shall be in 2022.

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Disadvantages of Gaia North Coast Village

Despite the unique appeal offered by Gaia North Coast project, some people may think that the village's hilltop location complicates access. However, the developer has taken all necessary steps to ensure easy access, providing everything needed for client comfort. Additionally, this elevated location gives village residents the chance to enjoy stunning sea views.

About the developer and its previous projects

Al Ahly for Real Estate Development has executed Gaia Resort, which is owned by renowned engineer Hassan Sabbuor, as it is one of the largest companies in the field of real estate development and is one of the largest companies in Egypt with honorable history of successes and achievements real estate in the field of real estate marketing, it was founded in 1994, its experience in this field was more than 24 years of successes, developments, and achievements.

It has established more than 55 residential and tourism projects in less than 25 years, and the company includes a lot of important works and projects inside and outside Egypt, the most important of which are:

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Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2023 and therefore it is changeable, and we, Real Estate Egypt, are keen to update the spaces and the list of residential and commercial units' types and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.

At North Coast Resorts: You Are at the Epicenter of Leadership, Luxury, and Excellence

Egypt's North Coast is known as the gem of the Mediterranean Sea, where this captivating coastal strip attracts visitors from around the world for its natural beauty and luxurious services. This location shines with its soft sandy beaches and clear waters, making it a haven for those seeking tranquility and relaxation.

What distinguishes the North Coast are its lavish tourist complexes offering exceptional hospitality experiences. These resorts, with their integrated structure of upscale hotels, elegant villas, and innovative resorts, offer a high level of luxury and comfort for their visitors.

The resorts also provide unparalleled opportunities for entertainment and enjoyment of various activities such as diving and sailing, and visitors can also relax in recreational areas and take advantage of water parks designed for all ages.

Visiting the North Coast is also an unforgettable culinary experience, where upscale restaurants offer a wide range of international and local dishes and fresh seafood. It's not just about great food; the resorts are also a hub for diverse recreational activities, from cultural tours to shopping and sports like tennis and golf.

In short, the North Coast offers a rich and unique experience that combines natural beauty with high levels of hospitality and services. It provides visitors with opportunities to relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy amazing recreational experiences, making it an ideal destination for a memorable vacation.

A Unique Modern Living Experience Awaits You on the North Coast!

Egypt's North Coast is a touristic haven teeming with captivating natural beauty, attracting visitors from all over the world to experience unforgettable moments in its enchanting embrace. This area offers an ideal blend of stunning natural beauty and a luxurious modern lifestyle, where guests have the opportunity to live precious moments with elegance and grace.

This destination is distinguished by its stretch along a coastal strip directly overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, allowing it to embrace soft golden sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters that captivate hearts. The area is abundant with luxurious resorts that provide every comfort and luxury for their guests, offering refined services and modern facilities that cater to all needs.

What sets the North Coast apart is its diverse range of stylish restaurants and cafes offering varied menus to suit all tastes, making it a haven for food lovers seeking exceptional dining experiences. Additionally, the resorts feature lush gardens and upscale shopping centers that offer an unparalleled shopping experience.

Furthermore, the North Coast is an ideal place for outdoor enthusiasts, where visitors can enjoy golfing, cycling, water skiing, and even diving to explore the beauty of the enchanting coral reefs.

Therefore, this area holds a unique experience that combines relaxation, enjoyment of natural beauty, and a range of diverse activities. It is an invitation to experience an unforgettable stay in the embrace of luxury and beauty, where modernity meets captivating nature.

For Diversity Lovers: Multiple Residential Options Near Gaia Village, North Coast!

  1. Hacienda Bay Resort in the North Coast:
    Hacienda Bay Resort in the North Coast emerges as a luxurious destination for those who love luxury, thanks to its enchanting white beaches and modern, stylish facilities. This resort is located near the Gaia area, offering an exceptional stay experience, shining with top-quality services and facilities.

  2. The Water Way Resort in the North Coast:
    The Water Way Resort attracts attention in the North Coast, surrounded by captivating natural beauty. It offers chalets and villas with unique and exclusive designs, equipped with spa bathrooms, private pools, and world-class restaurants, ensuring an unparalleled stay experience.

  3. El Masiaf Resort in the North Coast:
    El Masiaf Resort in the North Coast is one of the prominent destinations for tourism and relaxation, distinguished by its charming beaches and modern facilities that include a wide range of restaurants and cafes, as well as pools, shopping outlets, and a plethora of options to suit all tastes.

  4. Cascadia Resort in the North Coast:
    Cascadia Resort sets itself apart with its modern design in the North Coast, offering residential units that cater to all needs. It is renowned for its pristine sandy beaches, beautiful pools, and diverse recreational facilities such as restaurants and health clubs, making it a destination for those seeking relaxation and enjoyment.

  5. La Vista Ras El Hekma in the North Coast:
    La Vista Ras El Hekma is located adjacent to Gaia Village in the North Coast, known for its contemporary design and luxurious facilities. With its diverse amenities, including large pools, extensive gardens, and sports courts, La Vista Resort offers an unforgettable experience for families and couples.

  6. White Sand Resort in the North Coast:
    White Sand Resort enjoys luxury and tranquility, offering private beaches and spacious villas with direct sea views, in addition to a diverse range of recreational facilities such as golf courses and spa centers, making it an ideal destination for quality and excellence in the North Coast.

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Social Club
Health club and Spa
Water Fountains
Aqua park
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located at Kilo 192 in Ras El Hikma Bay.

1,600,000 EGP.


Al Ahly Sabbour.

33 units

10% downpayment and installments up to 8 years.

280 acres.


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