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Zahya New Mansoura is one of the best residential projects being executed in the heart of New Mansoura City by City Edge development. It was designed with unparalleled precision to match global projects, it has a charming view of the Mediterranean Sea, making you feel like you live in a European city. Let us know more about the strategic location, services, and spaces offered by Zahya New Mansoura.

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What is the location of the Zahya New Mansoura?

  • Located in the heart of New Mansoura city on the Mediterranean coast.
  • It is only 20 minutes from Damietta city.
  • 58 km from Baltim and 67 km from Mansoura.
  • 2 hours from Alex and 4 hours from Cairo.

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About the Developer of Zahya City Edge Development

This project is being developed by City Edge Development Company, one of the companies that have established many wonderful residential projects and resorts including the following:

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The services provided by Zahya New Mansoura

  • A largغe green spaces and water bodies in order to provide maximum comfort to customers.
  • A modern and developed road network that managed to connect New Mansoura City to the cities around it.
  • A private university affiliated to Eastern Mansoura University city in addition to Regional university and international schools.

  • International Hotels.

  • An integrated service and logistics spaces that make it easier for many businesses, especially businessmen.

  • The project includes a comprehensive medical space containing the largest global liver treatment center in addition to a number of hospitals with various medical specialties.

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  •  An international Olympic village that offers you many different sports activities.

  • A variety of beaches are open all year round and there is a coastal marina.

  • There is a 56m width tourist promenade, which is completely separate from Gamasa City.

  • Lots of commercial malls that provide you with all the commodities you need, in addition to having a supermarket.

  • Many international markets, cinemas, and libraries.

  • Diversity in residential spaces is ranging from 130 m² up to 350 m².In addition to the stand-alone villas of various spaces are starting from 290 m² and up to 820 m². 

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Swimming pools
Shopping center
Commercial area
Social Club
Health club and Spa
Water Fountains
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Best Compounds In New Mansoura City

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