All About Bo Islands North Coast Resort

bo islands north coast Resort
Published at 2020-09-03

Bo Islands North Coast

Enjoy a peaceful and luxurious life within the stunning resort in North Coast, a golden opportunity that you need to take before it is too late by booking the unit you want, and Maxim development company announces to its customers the provision of various styles of modern and non-traditional residential units at unparalleled competitive prices, highlighting in the following article the advantages of this huge tourist resort Bo Island.

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Bo Islands Location

Dear client, enjoy the unparalleled natural atmosphere at one of the highest areas of the North Coast, do not look too much for the excellent location, Maxim company has been able to provide its customers with the opportunity to enjoy the luxury life within its summer units in Bo Island North Coast.

The village occupies an excellent strategic location because it is located in kilo 120 on Alexandria - Matrouh Road, while the depth of the village is 1200 meters, and what distinguishes this village from others is that the width of the beach is estimated at about 800 meters.

This charming village is unique with its location near one of the famous North Coast villages, Hacienda Bay, close to Marassi village and also Bo Sands resort, this stunning village is also located 15 km from Marina village, do not hesitate to choose your apartment unit with the right space for you to enjoy the unparalleled atmosphere of the North Coast that has no matching in all parts of the earth.

Properties for sale in Bo Islands North Coast

Maxim Developments The Owner Company

Maxim Development has been able to attract the attention of tourists and investors thanks to its huge achievements and giant projects that have been successful and achieved precedence in the past years.

It is completing its series of projects by establishing this huge tourism project, Bo Island Village in the North Coast, as the company has already presented the project, Bo Sands, in Sidi Abdel Rahman area, the company was keen to establish both projects on an area of 1700 acres entirely.

All of its projects offer a unique vision of the future and a fictional residential world, and looking back let's get to know Maxim's previous works as follows:

  • Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski.
  • Maxim Country Club Compound New Cairo.
  • Maxim Residence Compound Sherouk City.
  • Bo Sands Resort North Coast.
  • The Canyon New Cairo.

Features Provided by Bo Island Egypt

The selection of summer residential units is undoubtedly very important, and it requires accuracy in the search for the location and the multiple advantages that each project is unique with.

Maxim company is unique in providing advantages and services that are not available near the nearby tourist villages, during the following lines we recognize these advantages in detail as follows:

  • The village overlooks Sidi Abdel Rahman Beach, the most beautiful beach on the North Coast with soft white sands and charming blue water.
  • Kids special beach for added luxury and safety.
  • Maxim has been keen on offering its customers high-end designs and world-class designs like no other in the entire region.
  • Within Bo Island Sahel, customers find a variety of residential units with spaces and finishes suitable for all tastes and prices suitable for all levels.
  • Various entertainment services to suit all customers, and this is what makes the village inclusive and integrated.
  • This giant project can be considered an environmentally friendly maxim project, providing healthy and clean air for all its residents away from pollution.
  • The village also relies on solar energy in the event of a sudden power outage.
  • Maxim has been keen to provide safe and fast transportation that does not pollute the environment, the most important of which is Electric Tram, and this mean is not available in nearby villages, and is the best innovative way to transport customers from one place to another.
  • Bo Island village is characterized by extensive green spaces, gardens, and parks, which occupy a large area of the project land.
  • Various entertainment venues to bring pleasure and happiness to all customers.
  • Great swimming pools, some for kids, and others covered for ladies for added privacy.
  • A huge water city called Aquapark, this aqua city has a wide range of games suitable for all ages.
  • Bo Island looks like a very beautiful and sophisticated painting, and this magnificent look has given by the crystal Lagoons that have been coordinated within the village.
  • The village also includes health clubs, a sauna lounge, and a spa.
  • The world's most impressive hotels, which offer more than unique hotel services for all guests and visitors, these hotels have 1,550 rooms.
  • The most wonderful cultural centers that meet the needs of those who want to read and learn.
  • International restaurants and cafes to suit all tastes.
  • Maxim Developments company has hired the largest and best guard companies in Egypt and the Middle East to provide the best rate of security, uninterrupted security services 24 hours a day.
  • A medical center equipped with the best modern medical equipment, and not to mention the medical staff, this makes this village the best tourist village supplying for medical services and comprehensive care in the North Coast region.
  • International educational services, as the village is equipped with the best international universities in collaboration with the best universities in Singapore.
  • International malls and very upscale shops, to suit the village's guest level.

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Area of Bo Island Sidi Abdel Rahman

Maxim has built this amazing tourist village on a wide area of 300 acres on the beach of Sidi Abdel Rahman, and this land is within the vast area allocated by the company to set up its projects in this charming area.

Many customers are looking for a life of tranquility and privacy, and Maxim succeeds in providing this to its customers as this project is the least densely populated in the North Coast region.

The company has worked on the construction of residential units on a very small area not more than 12% of the total area of the land, while the rest of the area has been allocated to green spaces and recreational services.

The residential units range from villas which occupy 80% of the total area of the project construction, while the remaining 20% have been allocated for chalets construction.

The units vary in design and internal division as well as area, in general, the area of units starts from 133 square meters up to 548 square meters, and now let us know in detail about the area of the units and the internal division of them, which is as follows:

First: Villa

Its areas starting from 260 square meters up to wide areas of 584 square meters.

Second: Town House

This type of residential unit has an area of 230 square meters.

Third: Chalets

  • Chalets consisting of 2 rooms

The building area for these units is 134 square meters, which consists of a ground floor and a number of 2 bedrooms and a garden, its space starting from 43 square meters up to 110 square meters.

Chalets with a 177 square meters building area are penthouses consisting of 2 bedrooms and attached with a 66 square meters roof.

  • Chalets consisting of 3 rooms

The 3-bedroom chalets with spaces ranging from 143 square meters up to 167 square meters are also attached to a magnificent garden ranging from 52 square meters up to 93 square meters.

The 3-bedroom penthouse chalets with large areas ranging from 214 square meters up to 221 square meters are provided with a roof with a wide area estimated at 85 square meters.

Upper chalets, with 3 upper bedrooms, are with space of 172 square meters.

The customer receives the residential units on red bricks so that the customer can choose the final decorations and finishes he/she dreams of.

Bo Islands Egypt Prices & Payment Systems

As we have explained to you before the diversity of residential units and its area, this confirms that the prices are also varied, Maxim has allowed its customers of all financial circumstances to book the unit they want at unparalleled imaginary prices.

The prices of villas start from 7,250,000 Egyptian pounds up to 22,550,000 Egyptian pounds for townhouse villa.

The townhouse has prices ranging from 6 million EGP up to 7,700,000 Egyptian Pounds.

With regard to the prices of ground chalets that contain the number of 2 bedrooms, it starts from 3,700,000 Egyptian pounds up to 4,715,000 Egyptian pounds, while the penthouse chalets with 2 bedrooms increase in price and range from 3,900,000 Egyptian pounds up to 4 million Egyptian pounds.

Chalets for sale in Bo Island North Coast consisting of 3 bedrooms divided into three sections, namely penthouse, upper, and ground chalets, and penthouse chalets with 3 rooms are the highest priced as it starts from 4 million Egyptian pounds up to 5,300,000 Egyptian pounds.

Followed by the ground chalets, its total price starts from 3,400,000 Egyptian pounds up to 4,300,000 Egyptian pounds, and the lowest price is the upper chalets with the price of 3,200,000 Egyptian pounds.

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Payment Systems within Bo Island North Coast Egypt

Maxim Development has been characterized by granting its customers large payment facilities, by choosing among more than one system that allows them to pay the value of the residential unit with the longest repayment period, and the payment systems in the village of Bo Island are as follows:

The customer is allowed to sign the contract with the company after paying the minimum value of the downpayment of 5%, and these customers are allowed to pay the amount up to 7 years, the delivery date is in 2023.

Pay a 10% down payment and pay the rest in interest-free payments up to 8 years, the delivery shall be in 2023.

The customer will pay the full pre-contract value of 15% downpayment and installments over 7 years and the units shall be delivered by the next 2022.



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