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City Stars North Coast

City Stars village is one of the highest tourist resorts implemented in the best areas of the North Coast by ARCO Development Company, which has been very interested in high-end designs on a global scale to ensure the privacy of the population, in addition to providing all the services, whether major or complementary, which provide a life of luxury, beauty, dignified life and for more information click Real Estate Egypt.

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Design of Arco City Stars North Coast

The project is designed in a luxurious system of terraces that make all units see the sandy seashore directly, where the height of the terraces, which are 9 terraces, starts from about zero to 45 meters, giving all units a charming view, noting that the resort has been fully implemented on a vast area estimated at 747 acres.

A wide range of residential units have also been provided within the City Stars Al Sahel Resort, which is characterized by a variety of luxury chalets, luxury twin house units, upscale townhouses, as well as luxury villas with unique finishes, all units are characterized by variations in space, giving each customer the opportunity to choose the right residential unit to suit his conditions and needs.

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Services provided by City Stars Egypt

Arco Properties has paid a lot of attention to providing all the integrated services that residents need within City Stars North Coast, both recreational and major services which include the following:

  • All residential units have a charming view due to their stunning scenery and spacious, comfortable green spaces, as well as views of the sea beach with a crystal clear turquoise water, bright white sands, as well as artificial lakes and charming Crystal Lagoons spreading over a long area of approximately 114 acres.
  • There are 3 world renowned hotels, within the Resort, offering high-quality hotel services for guests of different nationalities: Fairmont Hotel, The Suez Inn, and Raffles Hotel
  • There is a complex with a large number of cafes and high restaurants offering high quality services and a variety of cuisines and drinks.
  • There is a large and integrated shopping mall with a large number of shops selling various goods and products.
  • There is an aqua Park that has a wide range of water games for adults and young people alike.

  • For sports fans and fitness enthusiasts, the developer of the project has been interested in providing an integrated gym equipped with the latest international sports equipment.

  • Within the project there is a fishing marina, as well as an interest in sea adventure enthusiasts by providing a yacht marina.

  • The entire project has its energy from clean solar energy that does not cause any health damage and keeps the environment safe without any pollutants.

  • The entire village is equipped with a highly trained security staff to ensure the safety of the residents.

  • The resort is based on diversity both in terms of types and spaces, and in terms of finishes, prices and payment systems, which puts the customer in front of several choices, so that he can choose the best unit for him/her.

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Arco City Stars location

ARCO Company knows very well that the privileged location is one of the most attractive factors for customers and investors and one of the most important reasons for the success of any project, so it was keen to select a strategic location in the best places on the North Coast in order to establish its project.

The project was carried out on Alexandria - Matrouh desert road, specifically in Kilo 194, where it is located next to a large number of vital places, which are as follows:

  • It overlooks one of the world's most beautiful beaches, Ras El Hikma Bay.
  • It is about 70 square kilometres from the marinas, while the main entrance of Fukka is 20 square kilometres.
  • The resort is located in the distance between two of the most beautiful resorts on the North Coast Egypt, La Vista North Coast resort, and Mountain View North Coast Resort.

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Units spaces

City Stars Resort features a variety of units with different spaces that allow each customer to choose the best for him/her in accordance with his or her potentials and the number of family members, the spaces are as followinng:

  • For cabins at the resort, its space starts at 48 square meters.
  • The areas of high-end Twin House units start at 65 square meters.
  • The floating chalet space starts at 70 square meters.
  • Standalone villas feature large spaces starting at approximately 383 square meters.

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Features of City Stars El Sahel

The customer and his family can have a good time or a summer vacation full of luxury and pleasure, due to the resort's many advantages, most notably the following:

  • The resort's unique geographical location in the best places on the North Coast.
  • A wide area has been allocated for the entire resort to be established, providing all the services within it, whether basic or leisure, allowing customers to spend lovely time with friends and family.
  • The resort's designs are luxurious and refined to match international standards.
  • The prices of residential units within the resort are very competitive and suit many categories of customers with different purchasing potentialities.
  • During the implementation of City Stars North Coast Arco, the owner took care to maintain the privacy of customers by providing sufficient green spaces and crystal lagoons among units.

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City Stars Sahel prices & payment systems

Although Arco company was keen to provide integrated and comprehensive services within City Stars Al Sahel project, and chose a dynamic and strategic location close to many vital places, but at the same time made sure to provide residential units at very competitive and suitable prices to suit a large number of customers.

Prices vary depending on the type and size of the unit, but prices generally start at 2,600,000 pounds, and the prices are as follows:

  • There are  first-class standalone villas with an area of 383,15 square meters and with prices starting at EGP 19,200,000.

  • There are second-class villas with prices ranging from 9,5,000 and 168 pounds up to 29,588,880 pounds, with an area starting from 297.99 square meters.

  • As for the third-class villas in City Stars Coast, prices range from 8,650,583 Egyptian pounds up to 20,693,221 pounds, and with an area starts from 90,330 square meters.

  • The resort's luxury twin villa units range in price from 6,130,765 EGP up to approximately 8 million pounds.

  • Finally, the high-end Twin House units priced among 5,225,000 pounds up to 7 million pounds, with an area of about 237.08 square meters.

As for the payment systems for owning a distinctive residential unit within City Stars, it is flexible and very easy so that the client is not charged any financial burdens, as he does not pay a contract down payment and the unit value is paid in installments over a full eight years, in addition all units to be delivered by 2021.

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The Owner company Profile

ARCO Development Company, known as Al Sharbatly Group in the Egyptian real estate market, is the developer of the resort, which was founded in 2005, it has extensive experience in the field and is one of the leading companies in the real estate field.

Arco has cooperated with the Spanish company Florida for the design of the artificial lakes and swimming pools in its latest project, City Stars Sahel, with a high quality, and has a precedent of honorable works, and the successful projects it has implemented include the following:

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Social Club
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Water Fountains
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