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Project Description

Project Name: The Pearl.

About Project: Residential project by Safwa Urban Development.

The Pearl Location: The Pearl Compound is located in the heart of New Mansoura.

The Pearl New Mansoura Space: 60 acres.

Units' Type: The Pearl Apartments for Sale - Villas for Sale in The Pearl.

The Pearl Units' Space: Villas space starts from 325 m² up to 400 m².

Apartments space starts from 115 m² up to 175 m².

Price per meter: starts from 10,500 EGP up to 15,000 EGP.

The Pearl Executing Company Name: SUD-Safwa Urban Development

Payment Methods: 20% downpayment and installments up to 5 years.

The Pearl New Mansoura

Safwa Development has provided all the new and modern in the real estate world and all methods of development and innovation through The Pearl New Mansoura, where it provides all the comfort and well-being for customers within this compound through services, facilities and a unique vital location in the largest New and sophisticated urban cities.

New Mansoura City is a city with all the services and facilities so all the features will be in the place of residence you dream of, and The Pearl New Mansoura may provide you with a summer unit to spend fun times with your family.

I invite you to a unique experience: Discover our project, which is distinguished by its strategic location and many advantages offered inside The Pearl Compound Mansoura New City

The Pearl Compound occupies a prominent position among the many projects established in the New Mansoura area. It is distinguished by many unique advantages and overlooks the beautiful sea and tourist walkway. It connects the most important roads and main axes. The distance between it and the most famous famous cities is only a few minutes. The Pearl New Mansoura is what Al-Safwa Real Estate Investment Company was keen on, making it easy for everyone to reach it in a few short minutes away from congestion in The Pearl New Mansoura SUD Group.

Most landmarks close to the location of The Pearl Compound, New Mansoura:

  • Al Safwa Group's project in New Mansoura is located directly on the Mediterranean Sea coast.
  • The Pearl Residential Compound Mansoura also has a long corniche for walking, with the coastline being 250 meters long.
  • The Pearl Mansoura New City project is adjacent to the most famous projects in the west, a main street 100 meters wide, and 25 meters, and from the south a 25 meter street.
  • The distance between The Pearl Mansoura project, Maritas, yachts, and Nahda University is very short.

Enjoy the best in the world of architectural engineering with our modern and unique designs that embody innovation in every corner inside The Pearl Mansoura New City

Al Safwa Real Estate Company decided to launch its luxurious residential project in the heart of New Mansoura, called The Pearl, which enjoys many unique advantages and includes the largest amount of integrated and exclusive services. It was also keen to have luxurious architectural designs, after consulting the largest engineering companies with extensive experiences, leaving us with an incomparable project. It is located on a huge area of ​​about 60 acres, divided between green spaces, beautiful natural landscapes that occupy 85% of the total area, and also surround residential buildings containing different units characterized by varying areas that give you the freedom to choose what suits you and your family.

Available services within The Pearl New Mansoura compound

Take the opportunity and book a luxury unit inside The Pearl New Mansoura Compound, the finest residential complex in Mansoura, where all amenities, luxury, and pleasure are available, and this is represented by the presence of many unique advantages, all kinds of entertainment, and basic services that children and adults need, the most important of which are:

  • You can eat all kinds of your favorite food and drinks inside The Pearl New Mansoura restaurants and cafes, as they provide services at the highest level to satisfy all tastes.
  • A clubhouse includes the latest equipment and many services necessary to meet the needs of guests for more luxury and comfort.
  • A 5-star hotel with a space of ​​45,000 square meters divided into a ground floor and 3 upper floors, which includes a gym, spa, sauna, and Jacuzzi units designed in the latest style.
  • Inside The Pearl New Mansoura project, there is a huge shopping center that includes shops with international brands of shoes, clothes, and cosmetics to meet the needs of customers.
  • A hypermarket with all kinds of consumer goods and necessities that guests need on a daily basis without the need to leave the accommodation.
  • A social club that was built on large space and includes all kinds of recreational, social, and sports activities, which are represented in various games such as basketball, volleyball, etc., and there are specialized places to teach children to swim, in addition to places designated to sit with friends and family in the summer circles for long periods of time for more entertainment and fun at SUD New Mansoura Compound.
  • A special entertainment area for children that contains safe games and entertaining activities suitable for their ages so that they can spend the most enjoyable times in an atmosphere full of fun and enjoyment.
  • To reduce pollution and crowding, large-sized garages were built to accommodate the largest number of cars for guests at SUD New Mansoura.
  • A specialized center with a group of the most skilled and efficient maintenance workers to repair all possible malfunctions.
  • The Pearl New Mansoura compound is equipped with advanced electric elevators to facilitate the movement of the elderly between floors for more comfort.
  • Huge screens to display advertisements for the shops and achieve the highest financial return at The Pearl New Mansoura Compound.
  • Tracks and tracks designated for walking, running, and cycling away from motorways inside SUD New Mansoura Project.

Units' space and types within The Pearl

The Pearl was built on a huge area of 60 acres,  and the company was interested in allocating the largest area of The Pearl New Mansoura project for green spaces and artificial lakes with all the services needed by the residents

The Pearl New Mansoura includes approximately 150 stand-alone villas with a private garden, where the land area of villas starts from 325 square meters to 400 square meters with a garden ranging from 200 square meters to 250 square meters.

The Pearl comprises residential buildings consisting of a ground floor and five other floors, each with four apartments, and the apartment's space starts from 115 square meters to 175 square meters, as each apartment has two or three rooms.

With us, quality meets reasonable cost! We offer you flexible payment plans and prices that suit all budgets without compromising quality inside The Pearl Compound Mansoura New City

The Pearl Compound Mansoura New City is one of the most famous huge projects established in that area. Al Safwa Group was keen to provide all its customers with a package of unique and competitive prices that help you easily purchase the unit you want. Flexible payment methods have been offered to pay the total amount in installments over years, which are:

  • Price per meter inside The Pearl Compound Mansoura New City: Starts from 12,000 Egyptian pounds up to 15,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Price of residential apartments inside The Pearl Mansoura New City: Starts from 1,199,250 Egyptian pounds up to 3,769,500 Egyptian pounds.
  • Price of apartments attached to a garden inside The Pearl Mansoura New City: Starts from 1,930,655 Egyptian pounds up to 2,659,893 Egyptian pounds.
  • Villa units inside The Pearl Mansoura New City: Their price starts from 6,500,000 Egyptian pounds.

As for the flexible payment methods offered inside The Pearl Mansoura New City, they are:

  • You can pay a 10% down payment of the unit price inside The Pearl Mansoura New City, and after 3 months pay another 10%, and pay the rest in 6 year installments.

For more information you can contact us....!!!

Disadvantages of The Pearl Al Safwa Mansoura New City Compound

Some may wish to get their residential units at The Pearl Compound quickly, especially those seeking quick returns. Although the company has set the delivery date after 4 years from now, the goal is to ensure delivery of units with the highest finishing standards. The company seeks to provide a luxurious and unique residential experience, which takes time to achieve with the highest quality.

About the developer and its previous projects

SUD-Safwa Urban Development is the owner and executing company of The Pearl New Mansoura.

It is also one of the largest real estate companies located in Egypt and was interested to show all its experience in the execution of this unique real estate project, which is located in one of the largest new and developed urban cities that includes all services and facilities. It was established in 1996 owned by Dr. Medhat Shalabi and Mr. Mohamed Shalabi, and the company has done a lot of successes through its establishment of many important real estate projects in different places in Egypt.

These projects range from residential towers to tourist resorts and many sports, educational and medical buildings.

Among the most important projects and works carried out by Safwa Development are:

  • High City compound in Obour.
  • Capital Hub Mall The Administrative Capital.
  • Capital Hub 2 Mall The Administrative Capital.
  • Capital Heights 1 Compound The Administrative Capital.
  • Capital Heights 2 Compound in The Administrative Capital.
  • Financial Hub New Capital Mall.
  • Sunset 1 project in Ras al-Bar.
  • Sunset 2 in New Damietta.
  • Sunset 3 in Ras al-Bar.
  • Sunset 4 at Ras al-Bar.
  • Sunset Mall.
  • Al-Ola City.
  • Trade Center Project.
  • Mavericks International School.
  • Elite Tower Elegance.
  • Elite Medical Tower in Mansoura.
  • Al-Safwa Albatrawi Tower in Nasr City.
  • And its latest projects Financial Hub Mall.

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Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2023, and therefore it is changeable, and we, Real Estate Egypt, are keen to update the spaces and the list of residential and commercial units' types and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.

Imagine Yourself in the Heart of Modern Egypt... The New Mansoura!

The New Mansoura represents a distinguished vision for a future based on sustainability and technological advancement. This city was born from the ambitious urban development initiatives of the Egyptian government in 2016, aimed at promoting development across the nation. Meticulously planned and comprehensive, this city seeks to establish new standards for modern living by combining residential, commercial, and industrial facilities in a way that achieves the highest levels of comfort and convenience for its residents.

What distinguishes the New Mansoura is its profound emphasis on the concept of sustainability and ensuring the continuity of natural resources. The city has been designed with an approach focused on efficient water and energy usage, as well as the development of innovative waste management systems. As a result, the New Mansoura takes pride in its clean environment and high quality of life it offers its inhabitants.

Additionally, the city is equipped with a wide range of advanced service facilities such as schools, hospitals, shopping centers, parks, sports fields, and places of worship necessary to meet the diverse needs of its residents, building an integrated social fabric that supports the growth of individuals and the community.

Moreover, the New Mansoura is taking significant strides towards supporting and economically empowering youth by encouraging investment in modern industrial and technological zones, opening up broad horizons for employment and enhancing the city's role as a major driver of the local economy.

With this vision and efforts, the New Mansoura emerges as an icon of urban development in Egypt, offering hope for a future that combines technological progress, environmental sustainability, and comprehensive development, becoming a model to be emulated in modern urban planning.

Be Part of the Future with the New Mansoura Compounds: Your Ideal Choice for a Life of Luxury!

In the heart of Egypt, where history meets modernity, the New Mansoura emerges as a renewed urban landscape, immersing its residents in a unique taste of luxury and modern living while retaining their cultural and historical roots. The New Mansoura compounds, with their enchanting architectural designs and abundant greenery, attract those seeking a distinguished quality of life and a high-quality residential environment.

These compounds serve as a haven, ensuring residents a complete living experience; they are interspersed with vast green spaces and lush gardens that contribute to creating an atmosphere of serenity and rejuvenation. The New Mansoura also features sports and recreational facilities such as gyms, swimming pools, and playgrounds for children, making it a preferred destination for families.

Furthermore, the New Mansoura encompasses a diverse range of residential units, from luxurious apartments specifically designed for individuals and couples, to spacious villas suitable for large families, all characterized by their modern designs and the use of the finest building materials and technologies.

The New Mansoura compounds also represent a prominent investment opportunity; investors can benefit from the real estate potential here by investing in or renting out properties, promising a financial return that extends for many years.

Thus, the New Mansoura offers not just a place to live, but is defined as a living space where beauty and elegance converge to enhance the lifestyle that individuals aspire to. We invite you to be a part of this promising future and experience a new level of modern living in the New Mansoura.

One Step Away from The Pearl New Mansoura Compound: Discover the Outstanding Neighboring Residential Offerings!

The New Mansoura city has become a destination for those seeking excellence and luxury in housing, with a number of upscale compounds designed to provide high levels of quality and comfort for their residents. Among these leading real estate projects, the Zahia New Mansoura Compound stands out as a model of elegant living, combining an ideal location and competitive prices to offer distinguished residential solutions. The Zahia Compound is unique in offering residential units overlooking vast green spaces, enhancing the beauty and value of the place.

The Zahia Compound offers a wide range of residential units at different prices to meet the needs of various residents. Details regarding the units, prices, and real estate developer can be accessed through platforms such as the RealmapGuide. The diverse facilities and services at Zahia contribute to providing a rich residential experience, with easy access to higher education thanks to its proximity to Nahda University and Delta University.

Additionally, the compound hosts a luxurious 5-star hotel, offering various recreational options for residents and visitors, and includes a sports club equipped with the latest facilities for engaging in physical activities in a comfortable atmosphere. The Zahia Compound, one of the projects of the leading real estate development company Al Safwa, is a point of attraction for those seeking beauty and elegance in housing, with flexible payment options of up to 8 years.

In the vicinity of the Zahia Compound, lies The Pearl New Mansoura Compound, which matches the construction quality and diversity of residential units on offer, making the entire area ideal for those seeking a modern and integrated lifestyle. The Pearl shares its proximity to important educational institutions such as Nahda University and Delta University, emphasizing the importance of the location in enriching the daily lives of the residents of these compounds.

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  • It is essential first to determine the type and number of rooms and spaces you seek to own, in addition to identifying the geographic location that meets your desires and the additional features that are essential to you.
  • The platform allows you to browse a wide range of options, where you can accurately review the details of each property, enhanced with photos that illustrate all its aspects.
  • Viewing the opinions and experiences of other buyers is also an indispensable step to gain a clear understanding of the efficiency of services and the accuracy of the information provided.
  • If you have any inquiries or need further clarification, the team opens its arms wide to answer all your questions and assist you in all your steps.
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  • No matter your ambitions, whether you seek to invest in multiple properties or are looking for your dream home, it is advisable to diversify your choices to ensure stable returns.
  • You can choose properties in different locations and with different specifications to enhance the chances of success in your investment.

The platform is not limited to just displaying properties; it is also a rich source of tips and articles that help make the buying experience more enriching and beneficial, assisting you in making informed and well-grounded decisions in the real estate world.

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Commercial area
Social Club
Health club and Spa
Water Fountains
Aqua park
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The Pearl Compound is located in the heart of New Mansoura.

starts from 10,500 EGP


SUD-Safwa Urban Development

35 units

20% downpayment and installments up to 5 years.

60 acres


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