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White Bay North Coast Resort - Enjoy the sophisticated life in White Bay North Coast Resort


White Bay North Coast Resort 

An integrated recreational resort in the most beautiful spot on the North Coast, White Bay Village has been designed according to the latest modern international designs, providing all the services and facilities that make your stay filled with comfort and luxury away from sources of noise and pollution. You will be surrounded by services and facilities that make life easier and more luxurious and comfortable. For more information, click Egyptian Real Estate.

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Location of White Bay North Coast Resort

White Bay North Coast Resort village is originally a charming village, its distinguished location adds additional charm to it, as it is located in a place classified as one of the three most beautiful beaches in the whole world, Ras El-Hekma Bay, and the most important thing that distinguishes the location of this elegant resort is the following:

  • The village is located in a distinguished place on the Alexandria - Marsa Matrouh road, specifically at km 230 in the Sidi Heneish area, the most beautiful spot in the North Coast.

  • The area where the village is located is characterized by soft white sands and clear sea water. The sea there has calm and safe waves for swimming as it is a lagoon area that acts as natural breakwaters for the waves.

  • The distance between White Bay village and the city of Marsa Matrouh is about 30 km.

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White Bay North Coast Areas

White Bay North Coast Resort was established on a huge area of ​​76 acres, with a depth of about 650 meters, and the features of space in this resort are as follows:

  • About 13% only of the total area of ​​the village was allocated for buildings and facilities, as the resort includes only 600 residential units with modern designs that all enjoy privacy.

  • The remaining area is allocated to recreational services, green spaces and the Crystal Lagoon, which means the highest degrees of luxury and joy.

  • White Bay North Coast Resort is designed in an ideal system on terraced slopes with a height of 47 meters, so that all units can clearly see the sea and enjoy a comfortable view that soothes the nerves and eyes.

  • The village is built on six terraces with elevations starting from six meters up to 28 meters, so all units see the sea and not just the first row units.

  • You will find in this village the space that suits your family's needs, as the units are characterized by varied areas.

  • Studio apartments with small and medium areas are available, ranging between 50 square meters up to 128 square meters.

  • Twin house units are available with areas starting from 250 square meters.

  • Townhouse units are available starting from 276 square meters.

  • Chalet areas range between 120 square meters up to 235 square meters.

  • The area of ​​independent villas starts from 300 square meters.

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White Bay North Coast Services

White Bay North Coast Resort Village is characterized by its wonderful designs based on the latest modern international systems, as it includes all services, facilities and infrastructure that make your vacation fun and comfortable away from troubles or annoyances. Here are the most important services that will arouse your passion:

  • The village overlooks the most beautiful turquoise beach on the Mediterranean coast, with a length of up to 500 meters.

  • You can spend the best times on the beach, where there is a fully integrated entertainment service area.

  • The charming artificial lakes occupy an area of ​​about 8 acres of the village's area, and they are distributed throughout the village to provide an attractive view for all units.

  • Green spaces, parks and gardens everywhere.

  • A five-star deluxe hotel at the highest global level.

  • A commercial area with stores and shops that provide all brands.

  • Distinguished restaurants and cafes.

  • An entertainment area for children's games.

  • A large number of swimming pools in various sizes.

  • Beauty center, gym, spa and club house equipped with the latest equipment and efficient trainers.

  • Sports courts.

  • Medical, therapeutic and pharmacy services.

  • Smart home services are available under the supervision of Cisco.

  • State-of-the-art surveillance cameras and 24-hour security and guarding provide security for all units, as a specialized security company has been hired to provide safety for all units.

  • The attention to women in White Bay village is very clear, as a whole private beach has been prepared for ladies, as well as a covered swimming pool, in addition to a spa for women only.

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 White Bay Prices and Payment Systems

White Bay North Coast Resort offers luxurious and luxurious residential units with varied areas and shapes, all with ultra-modern designs and a stunning panoramic view, all at great prices that are the best in the North Coast area.

 The prices of the units that the client receives with complete super finishing start from about one million and 550 thousand Egyptian pounds.

As for the payment systems in White Bay, they are easy and varied so that each client can choose the system that suits their circumstances. You can pay 10% down payment of the unit value and then pay the rest in installments for 8 years.

Or pay 20% down, provided that the rest of the unit price is paid in equal installments for 7 years.  

 The units are delivered within two and a half years from contracting, knowing that the first and second phase units have already been delivered in 2018 and 2019, respectively.

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 Pact Real Estate, White Bay's Parent Company

White Bay North Coast Resort is a great investment opportunity that attracts investors, visitors and vacationers, and it is one of the projects of Pact Real Estate, which was established in 2014.

 It is the result of a partnership between two of the largest engineering experts in the Arab world, Engineer Mohamed Gamal, who was working as General Manager of Amalak Properties Dubai, and Engineer Muaz Wissam, owner of Al Wissam Engineering Consultancy Group, and previously worked for Talaat Mostafa Group, and worked before in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar.

 Although the company was recently established, it was quickly able to make a big name for itself in the real estate world through its huge successful projects.

The White Bay project came to crown its successes, as it was launched in 2019 and cooperated in its implementation with the best experts and consultants, as follows:

  • The village designs and decor are modern and contemporary according to the latest international standards, and are implemented by Wessam Architects.

  • All units have been equipped with a Cisco smart system technology, which is operated by the global company Cisco.

  • The client receives the unit with luxurious super luxury finishes and furniture, so it is ready for immediate residence, and the designs are provided by the international company DE.CI.

So White Bay North Coast Resort is the most beautiful place in the North Coast where you can spend the best times with your family, it is your distinctive resort and luxurious home and your golden investment opportunity, all services are at your feet, and every detail strives for your comfort and service, you will definitely feel comfortable when you see the beauty of the sea, crystal lagoon, green spaces, and delight your eyes with the beauty of nature and scenic views, your children are safe in the recreational playgrounds, the family ladies have the highest degrees of comfort and privacy on a private beach for them and covered swimming pools for their comfort, you will feel reassured about all your family members.

So why hesitate?! Contact and choose your luxury unit that you will receive ready for immediate residence without the hassle of finishes and equipment with the most beautiful sea view and relaxing natural scenery, White Bay North Coast is the village of your dreams and the best place for rest, tranquility and relaxation.

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