Details about Sky Capital Compound and its best features

Sky Capital New Capital Compound
Published at 2019-04-09

Sky Capital Compound is an integrated residential compound that has all that the person dreams of in the life, and the company chose this name that means the sky to ensures that the residents will live like a bird in the sky of the New Administrative Capital inside this special project, and the company seeks for presenting a residential compound on the European style with unique designs for the residential units.

Know the Location of Sky Capital Project

Sky Capital Compound is located in the best special districts in the New Administrative Capital, as:

  • It's located in the R7 District and near the most important vital locations in the New Capital.
  • It's located near Massa Hotel and the Embassies Neighborhood.
  • Also, it's located near the Cathedral and El-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque and the Business and Financial District.
  • It's also located on the Green River that's considered the largest public garden in the world.

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What's the space of Sky Capital Compound?

The Sky Capital project was constructed on 14 acres and it includes apartments, villas, and duplex and the compound was constructed on the latest international designs.

The units were constructed on 20% only of the total space and the remaining 80% was specified for the green spaces and the services and the artificial lakes.

The company worked on providing the largest amount of green spaces in front of the client.

Properties for sale in Sky Capital New Capital

A brief about the Executing Company of Sky Capital Project

Better Home is the owner of Sky Capital project in the New Administrative Capital, and the company was established since 2007.

The company constructed many successful projects that have a new perspective in the real estate development world.

The company always seeks for presenting the best features in the units and providing large green spaces and entertainment areas for the client.

It has many special projects that are located in the new cities as ElShorouk and New Cairo and many other cities, and the city chose the new cities as they have a new and developed road network in addition to large spaces for providing entertainment means.

Better House Company provided Sky Capital Compound with a new type of welfare because of the large open areas of the green spaces and the clubs and the various services.

Know the Available Services in Sky Capital Compound

Better Home Company executed the project to be an integrated residential compound with all the services and utilities that the client will ever need as:

  • All the units have a wonderful overlook on the green spaces and the artificial lakes.
  • Many and various swimming pools to suit all the genders and ages.
  • The whole compound uses solar panels.
  • Many parks and tracks for walking and riding bikes.
  • Large commercial centers.
  • Huge commercial mall.
  • Large area for restaurants and cafes.
  • International nursuries and entertainement games area.
  • Underground private garage for each building.

Know more about the Residential Units Spaces in Sky Capital Compound

The residential units vary inside the compound among the apartments, villas, and duplex with different spaces as:

  • The spaces of the apartments start from 170 up to 245 square meters.
  • The spaces of the apartments with gardens start from 155 square meters.
  • The duplex villas' spaces start from 335 square meters.

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The Meter's Price in Sky Capital Compound by Better Home

The prices in Sky Capital Compound are from the suitable prices for many residents in the New Administrative Capital.

  • The meter's price of the residential units in the compound starts from 8700 up to 12,000 pounds.




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