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le Ciel New Capital Compound Bedaya Developments

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Project Description

Project Name: Le Ciel.

About Le Ciel New capital Project: A high-class compound by Bedaya Development located at R7 area in the New Administrative Capital.

Le Ciel Egypt Compound Location: New Administrative Capital - the 7th district, plot F4.

Le Ciel Compound Space: 17 acres.

Units Type: apartments - standalone villas - duplexes - le ciel penthouse.

Units Space: It starts from 135 m² up to 250 m².

Price per meter: starts from 6000 EGP.

Payment Methods: payment facilities for up to 4 years.

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Le Ciel Compound...a distinguished compound in the heart of New Capital

A healthy and clean life that you will live with your family amidst the charming nature, where the vast green space that you will find in Le Ciel Compound.

Enjoy the clean, pollution-free atmosphere and see the most beautiful landscapes that relax the nerves, le Ciel Compound Bedaya is the life that your children deserve for healthy growth without exposure to polluted air and noise, it is your ideal place because of the various services and different benefits you and your family get, as it provides you life with a lot of fun and comfort and privacy in le Ciel New Capital Compound.

In addition to the many options that Le Ciel Egypt compound has placed in your hands, it offers you various units at very attractive prices and also great facilities to get a home in this large project with ease.

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Le Ciel... an exceptional location in the heart of New Capital

A privileged location was chosen by the developer of Le Ciel Project in the heart of the most important neighborhoods of New Capital, which is the 7th residential neighborhood (R7), specifically in the plot (E4).

This area is characterized by its proximity to several neighborhoods and various places within the capital, which greatly serves Le Ciel Egypt compound, as it is not far from the main and important roads within New Administrative Capital.

The most important landmarks near le Ciel New Capital Compound:

  • It is near Al Sefarat Neighbourhood, the governmental area, and the diplomatic district.
  • It is also not far from the Presidential Palace and the beautiful Green River Garden, which is the first of its kind in Egypt.
  • It is just a short distance from the exhibition grounds (EXPO), the Opera House, and the Medical City.
  • In addition, it is not far from Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque and the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ.
  • It is also about 5 minutes away from the famous Al-Massa Hotel and the British University.
  • In front of Le Ciel Egypt compound, there is a large service area with playgrounds, gardens, and a large social club.
  • In addition to the beauty of the site, it brings you closer to everything you ever wished for and keeps you away from any cause of noise and pollution.

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Explore the genius of architectural engineering in the unique design of Le Ciel New Capital Compound

Cecilia Group for Real Estate Development was interested in designing Le Ciel Compound, New Administrative Capital, and made all its details pulsate with sophistication and modernity. The developing company used the latest urban concepts that achieve great harmony between residential units and charming natural landscapes. The company assigned this task to the best engineering consultants and architects with long experience to implement Le Ciel Compound, New Capital accurately. The design of Le Ciel Compound, New Administrative Capital comes as follows:

  • Le Ciel Compound, New Administrative Capital was built on about 16.5 acres.

  • Green lands occupy the largest part of the total area of Le Ciel Compound, New Capital, and the remaining part has been allocated to buildings and service facilities.
  • The loading rate in Le Ciel project, New Capital is about 20%.
  • Bedaya New Capital project includes a diverse group of units, whether studios, residential apartments, villas and twin houses.

Enjoy a wide and unlimited diversity in the units and spaces offered by Le Ciel Compound to choose what suits you

The developing company was able to make good use of the total area of the Le Ciel New Administrative Capital project, which helped it offer many units of different areas so that the client can choose what suits their needs, whether they are fans of limited or large spaces, and satisfy the different tastes of customers. You can learn about the unit area in Le Ciel Compound, New Administrative Capital through the following points:

  • The area of residential apartments in LeCiel Compound, New Capital starts from 125 square meters.

  • While the area of twin house villas in Le Ciel New Administrative Capital project starts from 270 square meters.

Enjoy an unparalleled experience with the exclusive privileges offered by Le Ciel New Administrative Capital project

Bedaya New Capital project includes a large group of features that suit you as a distinguished customer looking for privacy and a comfortable lifestyle, which are:

  • The Plaza and Landscape area, which includes gardens that are fully distributed over Le Ciel New Capital Compound, giving the units a wonderful panoramic view of the charming natural landscapes.

  • One of the most important features of Bedaya New Capital project is the choice of geographical location near several vital areas, cities and service facilities that meet the living needs of Le Ciel Compound residents.
  • Customers in Le Ciel New Administrative Capital project will be able to own their unit designed with the latest design and implementation methods according to European standards that add a touch of magic and beauty to all details.
  • The presence of artificial lakes and water surfaces within Le Ciel Compound, New Capital enhances the sense of tranquility and inner psychological stability.
  • Swimming pools designed in an innovative way with different depths to suit all age groups in Le Ciel Compound, New Administrative Capital.
  • For cycling enthusiasts and jogging, wide tracks have been provided in Le Ciel Compound, New Administrative Capital.
  • Spacious areas designated for barbecues, providing them with the necessary equipment and family gatherings to create unforgettable memories in Le Ciel Compound, New Capital.
  • To increase security in Le Ciel Compound, New Capital, high-precision surveillance cameras were installed to monitor the situation around the clock.
  • Bedaya New Capital compound management contracted with the best security companies to appoint a highly trained security team.
  • To ensure a continuous supply of electricity in Le Ciel Compound, New Administrative Capital, many electric power generators have been provided that work automatically in case of power outage.
  • The developing company was keen to make its project environmentally friendly and relied on alternative energy sources to provide a comfortable life for residents.
  • Providing designated areas for garbage collection and disposal as soon as possible to maintain the aesthetic appearance.
  • Places of worship to perform the five daily prayers throughout the day in Le Ciel Compound, New Administrative Capital.
  • Building spacious parking lots so that residents can comfortably park their cars to prevent congestion in front of the units in Le Ciel Compound, New Administrative Capital.

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Get the best housing unit with multiple features in Le Ciel New Capital

Le Ciel has many features and various services that serve the residents inside it constantly and make life easier for them and increase the sense of pleasure and luxury for them inside Le Ciel Egypt compound, and in the rest of the paragraph we will learn about some of those different facilities and features:

  • Within Le Ciel Egypt compound, some wide green spaces and gardens have been distributed over the entire place and distinctly so that all units have a wonderful aesthetic view overlooking it.
  • The unique location in which Le Ciel New Capital project is located is also one of its important deaths, which brings it closer to several vital areas and distinct pivotal roads, and increases the service environment that the place enjoys.
  • To meet the client's need to own a luxury unit inside a high-end compound, the place was designed according to luxury European standards and models that add more beauty and creativity to Le Ciel Egypt compound and its units.
  • Various water bodies are represented by large artificial lakes located within Le Ciel New Capital project that give a wonderful and picturesque view of the units that overlook them.
  • Swimming pools are available within Le Ciel New Capital project.

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Many services and facilities you can find in Le Ciel Administrative Capital

  • A large commercial mall with several different stores that provide the customer with all the requirements he needs.
  • Electric elevators were provided in the place to facilitate movement between the different floors.
  • Multiple restaurants and cafes provide excellent service to the residents.
  • A large entertainment area for children (Kids Area) with games and entertaining activities for them.
  • A large sports club with many playgrounds suitable for different sports.
  • A large gym with advanced equipment and equipment for you to practice your sport regularly.
  • Track for running and cycling.
  • An integrated health center with a spa, jacuzzi, and other recreational activities.
  • Dedicated places for different parties such as barbecue parties, birthday parties, etc.
  • A large mosque inside Le Ciel Egypt compound.
  • A huge garage dedicated to parking residents' cars and is fully secured.
  • Surveillance cameras and security men were provided inside the place to maintain the safety and tranquility of the residents in Le Ciel Egypt compound.

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Attractive prices and special payment systems provided to you only inside Le Ciel Compound

The prices in Le Ciel Egypt compound are very different from the rest of the residential compounds in New Capital, the company that owns Le Ciel New Capital project seeks to provide the maximum possible customer satisfaction by providing different types of units at premium prices and convenient payment systems.

In the following lines, we will explain to you the prices offered and the payment plans available within Le Ciel New Capital project:

  • The average price of the units starts from 1,000,000 EGP, and it also averages 7,227,000 EGP.
  • Payment plan: The customer can pay the total unit price over four full years without interest.
  • The units are delivered in a semi-finished system so that the customer can complete the unit in a way that suits his taste. It is also possible to contract with the developing company to complete the finishes and pay the price in installments without interest.
  • The units of Le Ciel Compound will be delivered in October 2021.

It is truly a golden opportunity for life with a new concept. Choosing a unit in Le Ciel Compound is choosing a smart and distinguished future for your children, so do not hesitate and make them what they deserve of comfort, luxury, and sophistication, you will find all the interesting services that make the future bright, away from pollution, crowds, and noise, in a distinctive environment that speaks by all standards of beauty and purity.

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Disadvantages of le Ciel New Capital Compound

le Ciel New Capital Compound is distinguished by providing a luxurious integrated experience for its residents. And while some may consider the location limited due to its distance from the vibrant center of Cairo, the features surrounding the capital make this location unique. The New Administrative Capital is surrounded by a wide network of sophisticated roads and main axes that ensure easy access. Advanced means of transportation such as the electric train and monorail make the movement easier and bring distances closer, making living in le Ciel New Capital Compound a distinctive and luxurious experience, combining tranquility, development and easy access to other areas.

The real estate developer of Le Ciel New Capital

Bedaya Association is a civil association notified by the Ministry of Social Solidarity and works in several important activities, including real estate, charity, agriculture, and many others, and one of the goals of that association is to establish integrated housing complexes with many different services and features.

One of the major residential projects that the association built in New Administrative Capital is Le Ciel Compound, and it chose this new city specifically because of its various advantages and services and a tremendous technological development that greatly serves the entire population within the capital.

Thus, the association did its utmost in this great engineering work and provided various units within it that suit the desires and tastes of customers, and it was also keen to have a modern and elegant architectural design that also includes facilities that benefit the residents and increase their well-being.

Bidaya Association has carried out several other projects in the field of real estate, including:

  • Bedaya Towers Dokki.
  • Bedaya City Compound New Administrative Capital.

Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2021, and therefore it is changeable, and we, Real Estate Egypt, are keen to update the spaces and the list of residential and commercial units' types and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.

Envision Your Tomorrow: How Life Changed in the New Administrative Capital!

The massive New Administrative Capital project represents an advanced step towards Egypt's architectural and urban future, as it was established to be a turning point in the concept of modern living. This capital was designed to be a platform for modernity and progress, equipped with everything required for an integrated and contemporary lifestyle.

At the heart of this city, a strong infrastructure has been built, especially in the transportation sector, with the introduction of new road networks and advanced transportation methods connecting different parts of the city to each other and to other cities, making it a major hub for mobility and communication within Egypt.

In addition, a wide range of basic services and facilities have been established, including schools, hospitals, commercial centers, and restaurants, allowing residents to enjoy all the requirements of daily life in a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle of major cities.

Special attention has been given to green spaces and parks, providing opportunities for relaxation, sports activities, and entertainment, enhancing environmental quality of life and enriching the city's social and cultural fabric.

Moreover, the capital has witnessed tremendous improvements in the field of information and communication technology, ensuring smooth and effective communication with government services, educational institutions, and health facilities.

The New Administrative Capital represents a model of urban renaissance, paving the way for sustainable development, and marking a qualitative leap in Egypt's history of urban planning, based on international foundations and standards that make it an exemplary model for development and providing a decent life for its residents.

A Haven of Purity and Tranquility in the Heart of the New Capital!

The New Administrative Capital in Egypt represents a distinctive scene of urban and civil development and stands out as one of the country's massive and highly important projects. This modern city is located 45 kilometers northeast of Cairo, and its prime location makes it an easily accessible point from all parts of Egypt. This innovative capital includes a wide range of infrastructure, government institutions, and service facilities, creating an ideal living and working environment.

The city maximizes the value of vital sectors such as tourism, investment, trade, and industry, opening up ample opportunities for investors and companies to take advantage of exceptional opportunities. It also includes diverse construction projects, ranging from modern residential neighborhoods to recreational and commercial facilities that meet the needs of residents and visitors alike.

A high priority is given to sustainable environmental development within the capital, with designs focusing on the use of renewable energy, water conservation, and waste recycling, paving the way for the capital to be a model for environmental protection and sustainability.

Additionally, the city includes a number of major facilities, including hospitals, schools, and international universities, effectively contributing to enhancing the quality of public services and raising the standard of living. These institutions work to keep pace with the rapid urban growth, encouraging the establishment of numerous cultural and sports activities.

The New Administrative Capital in Egypt is an embodiment of the country's aspirations towards progress and development, and represents a cornerstone in driving the Egyptian economy forward. It is undoubtedly a valuable addition that contributes to diversifying Egypt's infrastructure and improving the lives of its citizens, heralding a promising future for the republic.

Just a Step Away from le Ciel Compound in the New Administrative Capital: Discover Nearby Exclusive Residential Offerings!

  1. Capital Dream Compound in the New Administrative Capital:
    Capital Dream in the heart of the New Administrative Capital is a focal point for upscale living, distinguished by its proximity to the le Ciel Compound, offering its residents a life of luxury through residential units with diverse designs and exclusive amenities such as swimming pools and clubs.

  2. Rivan Compound in the New Administrative Capital:
    Adjacent to Lucial, the Rivan Compound rises, offering an exceptional residential experience. It shines with modern residential units and combines vast green spaces with integrated recreational facilities to achieve the desired luxury.

  3. Town Gate Compound in the New Administrative Capital:
    Town Gate, with its prime location near Lucial, offers an upscale residential model combining apartments and villas within a unique architecture. The compound includes various services such as schools, mosques, and commercial outlets, making life within it an integrated experience.

  4. Scenario Compound in the New Administrative Capital:
    Finally, the Scenario Compound comes as a residential icon in the New Administrative Capital, thanks to its strategic location and variety of residential units. It provides an integrated living environment with its diverse facilities, including vast green areas and advanced security measures.


Each compound represents a unique architectural vision aimed at providing a modern and luxurious living experience, enhanced by strategic locations that make life more comfortable and elegant in the heart of the New Administrative Capital.

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New Administrative Capital - the 7th district, plot F4.

1,000,000 EGP



25 villas

payment facilities for up to 4 years.

17 acres


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