kattameya gate Compound

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Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2022
Developed by: Memaar Al Morshedy

About Katameya Gate New Cairo  Memaar Al Morshedy Company was keen on establishing this compound to maintain the provision of all basic and recreational facilities and services to clients and investors.

Compound Location  it is located within Katameya City Near To Cairo Festival Mall.

Project Space 10 Acres.

Units Types  They range among Apartments, Studios and Stores.

Units Space  it varies from 46 square meters up to 177 square meters.

Units Prices  it starts from 1,930,000 EGP.

The Owner Company  Meamar El Morshedy Development.

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kattameya gate Compound Brochure and Master Plan


Project Name: Katameya Gate.

About Katameya Gate New Cairo: Memaar Al Morshedy Company was keen on establishing this compound to maintain the provision of all basic and recreational facilities and services to clients and investors.

Compound Location: it is located within Katameya City Near To Cairo Festival Mall.

Project Space: 10 Acres.

Units Types: They range among Apartments, Studios and Stores.

Units Space: it varies from 46 square meters up to 177 square meters.

Units Prices: it starts from 1,930,000 EGP.

The Owner Company: Meamar El Morshedy Development.

Payment Systems in Katameya Gate: 5% Downpayment from Total Unit Price and The Rest Via Installment Up to 8 Years.

What are you waiting for to get your exceptional unit in Kattameya Gate

Memaar Al Morshedy is one of the largest real estate development companies, so it is characterized by the work of important and huge projects at the same time, and Kattameya Gate Project is one of those integrated works that have always fascinated us.

The project holds a large area that enables it to have endless advantages and unique services and also makes it include units of various sizes and designs, as it was designed by VPD, one of the major design companies that designed most of the Dubai World Towers.

Its strategic location in the city of Kattameya Gate makes it close to many main axes and facilitates entry and exit from the place with ease, and this is part of the competitive features that we will talk about in detail in the rest of the article, so ... Follow us

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Where is Kattameya Gate Compound located?

The dream of living in an atmosphere of joy and pleasure in an exceptional and distinguished location has been achieved by Al Morshedy Company in one of its major projects, the unique Katameya Gate Compound, which is located in the city of Katameya, which makes it a link between several important areas and distinct pivotal roads.

This project is located on the first road to Ain Sokhna, and you can access it from several directions and different ways, which are as follows:

  • The compound is about 15 minutes away from the famous Cairo Festival Mall.
  • Also, it is not far from Nasr City, as it is only 10 minutes away.
  • It is away from the downtown area about 15 minutes.
  • And about 5 minutes away from Maadi and Carrefour Maadi.
  • As for Cairo International Airport, it is a 10-minute drive away.
  • It is also located near the Ring Road, which is easily accessible from several places, including the Fifth Settlement, the Ninety Street, and Heliopolis.
  • It is also very close to 6th of October City and New Administrative Capital.
  • It is 45 minutes away from Ain Sokhna.
  • Kattameya Gate is surrounded by several major vital facilities, including hospitals, international schools, and a number of universities.

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The geometric design of Kattameya Gate

The developer of this project always offers us everything distinct and different, so this residential complex is considered one of the best projects in Katameya at present because it offers the residents multiple and important advantages, including the attractive architectural design that it carries.

The designs of this compound were developed according to international standards for safety and security by Vander Pas Design, so it provides reassurance to the residents inside, and it is indeed a wonderful project, as it carries a very luxurious and sophisticated style full of distinct details and decorations, which makes it an integrated architectural icon.

Katameya Gate is a large and comprehensive project that consists of about 14 floors (the first two floors are garage + third-floor commercial + and the rest of the floors are residential), so it is an integrated place where you can live for a long time without having to leave it.

The different spaces and types of units within Katameya Gate Memaar Al Morshedy

The compound is characterized by a large area that allows it to include a wide range of services and various facilities that increase the life of comfort and luxury within the project, in addition to the multi-space units that it carries so that the customer can choose from them freely.

The space of ​​Katameya Gate is about 43,700 square meters, which is equivalent to approximately 10 acres, within which there are several types of units, namely "studios, apartments for sale, and commercial units". The project includes a large number of residential units, which are 2896 units of varying size.

There are also large green spaces inside the place, which gives it a distinct climate and an atmosphere of fresh air and calm that brings comfort and recreation. In the next part, we will explain information regarding the available spaces within the compound:

  • Studio space within the project starts from 41 square meters and includes a large room.
  • As for the residential apartments, they start from 64 square meters up to 177 square meters, and the unit includes two large rooms or three rooms.

All you Need to Know about Best Katameya Compounds

Enjoy the best different benefits inside Kattameya Gate Memaar Al Morshedy

Kattameya is one of the most distinguished places in New Cairo, close to several vital areas, and this is one of the features of the Kattameya Gate project, but this is not the only advantage of it, as it is an integrated compound with many and many competitive features that you will not find and enjoy except within it.

In the following lines, we will learn more details about the features and services within Kattameya Gate:

  • Distinctive green spaces fill the entire project and enhance the comfortable and wonderful atmosphere inside, due to the fresh and fresh air it provides and the spirit of calm and relaxation is looking for in it.
  • A distinct engineering design that divides buildings in a way that is comfortable for the eye and mixes them with water bodies attractively and wonderfully.
  • In Kattameya Gate, there are glass facades that reflect the clear sunlight inside the units, insulate the sound, and give more space to the place, which makes you feel very comfortable.
  • A unique location in the heart of Katameya, bringing the compound close to major roads and important places in the heart of Greater Cairo.
  • To obtain your complete privacy, the units have been provided with large interfacing spaces so that you can take your comfort and privacy in your home.
  • Large artificial lakes are scattered all over the place.

Many services and basic facilities are provided within Kattameya Gate Compound

  • A large walkway suitable for running, jogging, and cycling as well, with all safety and comfort.
  • Large gardens and parks with colorful and beautiful plants and flowers enable you to enjoy the beautiful nature of nature.
  • Swimming pools vary in size and space for all ages to enjoy.
  • Large wellness center with sauna, jacuzzi, and lots of fun leisure activities.
  • A huge gym equipped with the best international equipment and modern equipment to practice your favorite sport continuously.
  • A group of various playgrounds that enable you to practice football, billiards, tennis, and other sports inside Kattameya Gate.
  • For the interest of the developed company for children, a large entertainment area has been created for them to spend unforgettable times inside without causing any concern for parents because it is fully secured.
  • A large cinema complex showing all Egyptian and international films to have a wonderful evening and times of joy.
  • Kattameya gate includes a huge commercial area that enables you to get a unique buying experience, because it includes many shopping areas and shops with international brands and brands, and also provides you with everything you and your family need.
  • Cafés that provide distinguished services and major restaurants that offer high-quality food and an atmosphere of calm and comfort.
  • Electric elevators enable residents to move between floors with ease.
  • To avoid crowding and overcrowding or ruining the aesthetic appearance of Kattameya Gate, a large garage was built and designed to accommodate a large number of cars and provide all means to take care and maintain them.
  • Surveillance cameras are located throughout the entire project, in addition to trained guards to maintain peace and security within the compound.

Find out with us the prices and payment systems in Kattameya Gate

Memaar Al Morshedy Company always seeks to consolidate the bonds of credibility and transparency between it and the customer, through a full commitment to the delivery dates of units, as well as offering competitive prices and convenient payment systems.

In the next part, we will learn about the offered prices and available payment plans for the residential units within this compound:

  • The price per square meter in Katameya Gate New Cairo starts from 10,800 EGP.
  • The studio price in the compound starts from 539,000 EGP.
  • As for the apartments, the average price starts from 700,000 EGP and reaches an average of 1,930,000 EGP.

Payment plans for residential units at Kattameya Gate

The payment systems provided by Al Morshedy Company are characterized by ease in order to be convenient for the customer and to be able to obtain his own unit easily, as follows:

  • The customer can pay an advance of 5% of the total unit price, then the rest of the amount is paid over installments for a period of 8 full years without interest.
  • The monthly installment is 3,650 EGP.
  • The units are delivered in a text-finished system and have the basic facilities so that the customer can complete them in a way that suits his taste and capabilities.
  • The units will be delivered in 2022.

Are you always seeking comfortable housing and life within the best areas of Cairo? Here is Kattameya Gate Project that offers in your hands everything you wish to own and dream of living in, so seize this golden opportunity and get your unit with us now.

The real estate developer of Kattameya Gate Compound

Memar Al Morshedy is a well-known name, as it is one of the largest companies in the field of real estate development and development. The credit for this goes to Eng. Muhammad Al Morshedy, a well-known businessman who established that company in 1983.

Memaar Al Morshedy carries a new era for real estate in Egypt and the Middle East, as it seeks continuous development and increasing technology use within the new residential complexes that it designs and implements with precision and at the highest level of quality.

This company has a strong capital estimated in millions, which makes it a large and well-established edifice in the Egyptian market and this also enabled it to carry out a huge number of major projects that are characterized by sophistication, luxury, and simplicity at the same time, and we will explain some of those important works in the following:

  • Degla Landmark.
  • Lake Front.
  • Degla Gardens.
  • Rayhana Avenue.
  • Skyline.
  • Rayhana Residence.
  • Crystal Plaza.
  • Bavaria Town.



Katameya City

1,930,000 EGP


Meamar El Morshedy Development.

23 apartments

5% Downpayment from Total Unit Price and The Rest Via Installment Up to 8 Years.

10 Acres


  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa
  • Water Fountains
  • Cinema

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