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Project Description

Project Name: One Katameya.

About Katameya Creeks New Cairo: Memaar Al Morshedy Company has been keen to produce this masterpiece on the highest quality standards and the finest designs.

Compound Location: It is located in New Cairo close to the American University. 

Project Space: 25 Acres.

Units Types: Apartments for sale in One Kattameya and Offices.

Units Space: it varies from 83 square meters.

Units Prices: it starts from 1,303,100 EGP.

Payment Systems in One Katameya: Downpayment and The Rest Via Installment Up To 8 Years.

The Owner Company: Meamar El Morshedy Development.

Apartments for sale in One Kattameya

Many clients have sought to buy apartments for sale in One Kattameya due to the amazing services and advantages that the compound provides them with all means of comfort and enjoyment, as One Kattameya Memaar Al Morshedy is characterized by its ideal location and amazing services that give residents a sense of self-sufficiency, making life more calm and stable.

Compound location

The strategic location chosen by Memaar Al Morshedy for the implementation of One Kattameya Project was one of the most important factors that attracted customers, as it is close to the main roads and prominent services.

The most important landmarks near One Katameya Compound New Cairo:

  • 10 minutes from Carrefour Maadi and Cairo International Airport.
  • Close to the most famous educational institutions such as the American University and the German University.
  • The Fifth Settlement area is only 5 minutes away.
  • Only 20 minutes is the distance that separates the compound from 6th of October City.
  • Reaching the compound from anywhere is very easy thanks to its proximity to El-Shaheed Axis, the Ring Road, and Al-Moshir Tantawi Road, which is only 10 minutes away from the compound.
  • Just minutes away from Nasr City.
  • A group of the finest clubs near the compound, including Shooting Club, Maadi Club, and Katameya Gardens Club.
  • A few minutes separate the compound from Teseen Street.

Project Space

Despite the vast space of ​​​​One Kattameya Compound, estimated at 25 acres, approximately 105 thousand square meters, the percentage of buildings in it was very small, and the largest proportion by about two-thirds of the space was dominated by green spaces and service facilities, which makes living inside this place more comfortable and stable.

The compound includes a group of residential units ranging between administrative, residential and commercial, and apartments for sale in One Kattameya Project, the company has allocated 30 buildings for residential units with a total number of 3,670 units, while the administrative units have been allocated 8 buildings with a huge commercial area, and all of them have been implemented. The buildings consist of 11 floors, two underground and 9 upper floors.

The spaces of the units varied to satisfy all desires. Apartments for sale in One Kattameya Compound were offered with spaces ranging from 70 square meters up to 240 square meters. These units were implemented with various designs, units of 2 rooms, a hall, a kitchen, and a bathroom, with other types consisting of 3 Bedrooms, a kitchen, reception, and 2 bathrooms.

One Kattameya Memaar Al Morshedy Services

One Kattameya Compound has achieved happiness and stability for its customers thanks to the integrated services it provides to them, which are as follows:-

  • Water bodies such as lakes and artificial waterfalls occupy a large area of ​​the compound, which contributed to highlighting the beauty of the place and increasing its charm and attractiveness.
  • The buildings inside the compound are equipped with luxurious glass facades that play a prominent role in isolating heat, moisture, and dust, thus providing a clean environment for the residents free of any pollutants.
  • All units within the compound enjoy a stunning view of the beautiful landscape.
  • Malls and shopping centers in most parts of One Kattameya Memaar Al Morshedy offer a range of the most beautiful products and international brands.
  • A group of banks that provide a high level of banking services to the residents so that they do not have to search for them outside the boundaries of the compound.
  • Secure garages designated for residents' cars to protect them, preserve them, and prevent any crowding or crowding in front of the buildings.
  • Administrative buildings with international equipment.
  • International hotels offer a good level of hotel services to guests.
  • Dedicated halls for holding parties and various events.
  • Recreational areas for children have been provided with a large number of entertaining games that ensure children have fun times of fun and go.
  • All compound buildings are equipped with luxurious hotel entrances, in addition to rest stops for visitors, for more luxury and sophistication for the residents.
  • Luxurious restaurants offer their customers a variety of the most delicious local and international cuisine, prepared by a team of highly trained chefs.
  • Upscale cafes offer their customers distinctive and innovative varieties of hot and cold drinks.
  • Tracks in the heart of the green spaces in places far from car paths for safe and comfortable walking and cycling.
  • A variety of swimming pools of varying shapes and sizes to achieve the maximum possible benefit for all ages within the compound.
  • A gym and spa with world-class facilities to provide a distinguished service to the residents.
  • A nursery that provides a high level of service for children and provides them with a high level of protection and safety.
  • An integrated medical center with different specialties that provides a good level of health care to the population throughout the day without interruption.
  • Security and guarding services are scattered throughout the compound, which operates 24/7 to provide the maximum degree of protection and safety for the residents and make them feel reassured and stable.
  • All buildings are equipped with a central Satellite and intercom.
  • Modern surveillance cameras throughout the compound secure every corner of it.

Prices and Payment Systems in Apartments for sale in One Kattameya

Despite the enormous services and many advantages that the compound offers to its clients, the prices announced by the company were very reasonable. Apartments for sale in One Kattameya were offered at a price starting from 915,300 EGP, which is the best price in the Egyptian market.

The prices included amazing facilities, whereby the customer pays a down payment of 15% upon contract, and the rest of the amount is to be paid over 5 full years.

The Owner Company and Previous Works

It is one of the most important works of Memaar Al Morshedy Company one of the largest real estate development companies in Egypt, which has a great experience in this field for more than 30 years since it was founded in 1983 by Engineer Mohamed Al-Morshedy. The company has presented a distinguished group of successful projects, most notably the following:-

Luxury Living at Your Fingertips in New Cairo!

As New Cairo thrives as one of the premier modern cities in the Middle East region, the area also boasts an elegant array of luxury real estate and exclusive amenities that add a touch of opulence to residents’ lives. Experiencing luxury living in New Cairo allows you to enjoy a unique, indulgent experience in every aspect of your daily life.

Whether you’re looking for lavish villas or upscale apartments, New Cairo offers a diverse selection of properties that cater to all individuals’ needs and tastes. With a focus on providing comfort and technological advancement, these properties feature modern architectural designs and high-quality finishes.

Among the exclusive facilities available in New Cairo, you’ll find a wide range of luxury restaurants and modern cafes serving the most delicious local and international cuisines. Additionally, the prestigious shopping mall provides a singular shopping experience where you can find the most renowned global and local brands to meet all your shopping needs.

And if you’re a fan of sports and relaxation, you can enjoy the many upscale health and sports clubs, and luxurious swimming pools that provide you with an ideal experience for unwinding and exercising. Moreover, seasoned gamblers can enjoy the lavish casinos and entertainment centers offering varied, amusing games.

To maintain enjoyment and appreciation of nature, New Cairo is also characterized by its expansive, diverse gardens and scenic parks that provide you with a calm, comforting environment to enjoy the outdoors and recreational activities.

Living in New Cairo offers a unique, distinguished experience in a diverse, modern community. If you’re looking to attain a luxury lifestyle and all it has to offer, beauty awaits you in New Cairo.

Get to Know Your New City: Fifth Settlement, Where Dreams Come True!

In this modern, developed age, the youth look with passion and aspiration to fulfilling their dreams and achieving personal and professional success. Among the areas in Cairo where ambitious youth place their hopes, Fifth Settlement comes as one of the most prominent residential and commercial zones in Egypt.

Integrated Urban Vision

Fifth Settlement is characterized by an integrated urban vision that meets the requirements of modern life. The area provides a diverse range of services and facilities that cater to the residents’ needs. Along with housing, the area also includes a varied selection of commercial centers, malls, restaurants, cafes, hospitals, schools, and universities.

Encouraging Investment and Innovation

Fifth Settlement is considered an ideal destination for investors and entrepreneurs. The area provides a uniquely encouraging environment for innovation, development, and business growth. Additionally, the region contains numerous major compounds and business parks that offer various business and marketing opportunities.

Luxurious Lifestyle

Luxury and opulence are among the characteristics of Fifth Settlement. It offers a wide selection of lavish villas and upscale apartments featuring modern design and high-quality fittings. Furthermore, the area provides a safe, integrated security system to ensure residents’ comfort and safety.

Advanced Infrastructure

Fifth Settlement is distinguished by its advanced infrastructure, including numerous main roads, electricity networks, water networks, and information technology. Thanks to this sophisticated infrastructure, residents enjoy easy access to other areas of Cairo and the city.

Promising Future

Fifth Settlement can be considered an example of progress and prosperity in Egypt. This neighborhood continues to develop and grow, witnessing increasing interest from investors and residents alike. With all the opportunities and advantages it offers, Fifth Settlement represents the place where youth's dreams come true.

Discover the Options: Compounds Similar to One Katameya Heights New Cairo Near You!

  1. Orla Compound New Cairo:
    Orla Compound is considered one of the most prominent compounds similar to One Katameya Heights New Cairo. This compound is located in a strategic location next to One Katameya Heights and is characterized by its modern, luxurious design. The compound includes luxurious residential units that suit the needs of all families and provide them with a comfortable, integrated life. Additionally, the compound includes a diverse range of services and facilities such as green spaces, swimming pools, sports courts, restaurants and cafes.

  2. Citygate Compound Katameya:
    Citygate Compound Katameya is one of the best compounds similar to One Katameya Heights. This compound is distinguished by its excellent location next to One Katameya Heights and provides residents with a luxurious, comfortable life. The compound offers luxurious residential units with modern designs and high-quality finishes. Additionally, the compound is characterized by a range of luxury services such as green spaces, swimming pools, restaurants and cafes, and shopping centers.

  3. Zed East Compound New Cairo:
    Zed East Compound is one of the most famous compounds similar to One Katameya Heights. This compound is located in an excellent location near One Katameya Heights and provides residents with high quality of life and comprehensive facilities. The compound contains a diverse range of elegantly designed, modern residential units, in addition to facilities such as green spaces, swimming pools, restaurants and cafes, and shopping centers.

  4. Jada Ivyan Compound New Cairo:
    Jada Ivyan Compound is one of the most prominent compounds similar to One Katameya Heights New Cairo. This compound includes luxurious residential units characterized by modern design and high-quality finishes. The compound is distinguished by the availability of upscale facilities such as swimming pools, commercial areas, sports clubs, and green spaces.

  5. Stone Residence Compound:
    Stone Residence Compound is one of the best compounds similar to One Katameya Heights. This compound is characterized by its modern, elegant design, and provides residents with luxurious residential units that meet all their needs. The compound contains a range of upscale facilities such as swimming pools, sports clubs, commercial areas, restaurants and cafes.

  6. Sila Compound New Cairo:
    Sila Compound New Cairo is one of the remarkable compounds similar to One Katameya Heights. This compound includes luxurious residential units characterized by privacy and security, available in different designs and areas. The compound provides a range of diverse facilities such as green spaces, swimming pools, commercial areas, and sports clubs.

Start the Successful Real Estate Investment Journey: Ways to Buy Apartments for Sale in One Katameya Heights on!

One Katameya Heights is one of the most elegant residential complexes in Egypt, offering a diverse range of luxurious apartments for sale. If you're looking to buy an apartment in One Katameya Heights, you can use Real Estate Egypt website to assist in your search and purchase.

  1. Determine Your Budget and Requirements: Before starting your search for apartments for sale in One Katameya Heights, you need to determine your available budget and housing requirements. Identify the required apartment size, number of rooms, required area, and important amenities for you.

  2. Visit Real Estate Egypt Website: Go to the trusted Real Estate Egypt website and use the search function to look for apartments for sale in One Katameya Heights. Use your search criteria such as price, area, number of rooms to narrow down the results.

  3. Review the Listings: Check the available apartment listings in One Katameya Heights. Be sure to view the photos, apartment descriptions, and learn more about the property details such as area, finishes, and available amenities.

  4. Contact the Seller: If you find a suitable apartment, contact the numbers listed in the ad on the website to get more information or arrange an apartment visit. You can also send inquiries via the email or phone number provided in the listing.

  5. Visit the Apartment: Visit the apartment offered for sale to get a clear idea about the space, finishes. Inspect all rooms, amenities, and verify the apartment's condition and finish quality.

  6. Negotiate and Purchase Proceedings: If you're interested in buying the apartment, you may need to negotiate the price and payment terms. Determine a suitable price based on your budget and available property information.

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Shopping center
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Health club and Spa
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It is located in New Cairo close to the American University.

Units Prices it starts from 1,303,100 EGP.


Memaar Al Morshedy

10 apartments

Downpayment and The Rest Via Installment Up To 8 Years.

25 Acres.


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