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Degla Towers Nasr City Meamar El Mosrshedy Development

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Project Description

Project Name: Degla Towers.

About Project: One of the most important projects of Meamar Al Morshedy Development Company, which was keen on designing it according to the highest standards of quality and distinguished urban designs.

Degla Towers Location: Nasr City.

Project Space: 5 acres.

Units Types: Apartments.

Units Space: It starts from 69 m² up to 165 m².

The Developer Name: Meamar El Mosrshedy Development.

Payment Systems: Downpayment from Total Unit Price and The Rest Via Installment Up To 6 Years.

Seize the golden opportunity and start a one-of-a-kind journey with us at the heart of our unique and advanced Degla Towers compound project in Nasr City

Are you still looking for an exceptional place for a luxurious life, a vibrant community pulsating with every detail of beauty, luxury, a new life designed just to make you happy and meet your needs? You should choose the elegant Degla Towers compound in Nasr City in the best location in Nasr City; Where the exceptional units, diverse services, and great features, the owning company enables you to receive your residential unit, and enjoy all the features and services of Degla Towers project at reasonable prices, with flexible and easy payment methods to choose from according to your capabilities and taste; The developing company provides you with everything you are looking for in the residential unit you dream of and the luxurious life you need through Degla Towers Meamar El Mosrshedy Nasr City project, so waiting has no meaning, book your unit in the finest residential projects in Nasr City.

Take a tour of the ideal location of Degla Towers compound in Nasr City that provides you with the perfect balance between work and daily life

One of the secrets of the success of residential projects is the location they enjoy, and real estate companies are keen to choose it carefully to attract customers and investors. Maamar Al-Morshedy Real Estate Development succeeded in choosing a strategic location for Degla Towers compound in Nasr City in the most vibrant areas close to roads, axes and famous landmarks in Cairo.

The most important landmarks near Degla Towers Nasr City Compound:

  • Degla Towers compound in Nasr City is close to Cairo Festival City, City Stars, Down Town, Genena Mall.
  • The project is steps away from Sarage Mall, City Center, Tiba Mall.
  • The project is close to New Cairo, Al Maadi, and New Cairo.
  • The compound is steps away from Degla Towers project.
  • Degla Towers compound in Nasr City is easily accessible via Marshal Tantawi Axis, Ring Road and Al-Nasr Road.
  • The project is close to Ain Shams Hospital and the Air Force Hospital.
  • The compound is near the American University and the German University.
  • Degla Towers compound in Nasr City can be reached to Abbas Al Aqqad Street in 10 minutes.
  • The distance between the project and 90th Street is about 4 minutes.

Join us and see how we have added touches of elegance and innovation to the design of Degla Towers compound in Nasr City

Degla Towers compound in Nasr City is characterized by European designs on Egyptian soil, as Maamar Al-Morshedy Real Estate Development put its expertise in making Meamar El Mosrshedy Nasr City project a luxury residential edifice. It sought the help of the best architects and engineers to develop engineering plans and designs according to international standards and specifications. The project was implemented in the latest styles that catch the eye with colors harmonious with the surrounding nature of green spaces and artificial lakes. The project was divided as follows:

  • Degla Towers compound in Nasr City was built on an area of up to 5 acres, equivalent to 21,000 square meters.
  • Green spaces, plazas and recreational facilities occupied most of the project, and the rest for residential buildings and units.
  • The project consists of 6 residential towers, 11 floors high.
  • Each residential tower contains a ground floor, a garage and residential units in different areas.

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Enjoy a wide and unlimited variety in the units and areas we offer you to choose what suits you in Degla Towers Compound

The vast area on which Degla Towers compound in Nasr City was established enabled the developing company to provide residential units in different areas to suit all tastes, so the customer can easily obtain the unit he is looking for from among the following areas:

  • The size of the residential units in Degla Towers compound in Nasr City ranges from 69 up to 165 square meters.

Enjoy a unique experience with the exclusive privileges provided by Degla Towers compound in Nasr City

By owning a residential unit in Degla Towers compound in Nasr City, you have come across a golden opportunity to take advantage of all the services and features available within Meamar El Mosrshedy Nasr City project, which are hard to compare with any other compound; So no need to think, reserve your place now, and get the best features which are:

  • Degla Towers compound in Nasr City is characterized by its privileged location that attracts customers and investors, units in the latest international styles and varied areas at competitive prices.
  • All units in Degla Towers compound in Nasr City enjoy wonderful views of the green spaces and swimming pools surrounding each building, providing relaxation and enjoyment of living in Meamar El Mosrshedy Nasr City project.
  • Separate jogging tracks have been provided away from the main roads of Degla Towers compound in Nasr City for jogging and cycling amidst the green spaces at any time.
  • There are paved paths and facilities for people with special abilities residing in Degla Towers compound in Nasr City to facilitate movement and mobility within Meamar El Mosrshedy Nasr City project without facing any difficulties.
  • Large spaces have been provided in Degla Towers compound in Nasr City suitable for holding barbecue parties and gathering with family and friends and enjoying the enchanting nature.
  • There is more than one elevator in each residential building in Degla Towers compound in Nasr City to easily move between floors without difficulties.
  • Electronic gates have been provided in Degla Towers compound in Nasr City to facilitate entry and exit from the project and ensure protection and privacy for residents.
  • Degla Towers compound in Nasr City features an advanced technical security system through high-quality surveillance cameras that monitor movements and provide security.
  • Highly trained security personnel are deployed in Degla Towers compound in Nasr City to maintain security and order around the clock 24 hours.
  • All residential buildings in Degla Towers compound in Nasr City enjoy the basic facilities residents need of gas, electricity and drainage networks.
  • Marble entrances of high quality and surrounding buildings with green spaces give an impression of glamor and sophistication.
  • There are emergency stairs in Degla Towers compound in Nasr City that are used in cases of necessity and to protect residents.
  • All facilities and units in Degla Towers compound in Nasr City operate under the Smart system, which makes it easy to control them via mobile phones.
  • Central air conditioning and showers are available in all residential units in Degla Towers compound in Nasr City to ensure luxury living and comfort.
  • ATMs have been provided in Degla Towers compound in Nasr City to facilitate financial and banking transactions such as withdrawals and deposits for customers without having to leave the project.
  • High-speed internet service is available in all units to ensure communication with facilities in the project and following social media.
  • Intercoms are available in all Degla Towers compound in Nasr City units to facilitate communication between residents and security personnel at the main gates.
  • Advanced firefighting devices and alarms are available in each unit to ensure dealing with any emergency and protecting residents.
  • There is a waterfall for garbage in each building to dispose of waste and garbage easily and safely away from the project to ensure the safety and comfort of the residents.
  • The residential units in Degla Towers compound in Nasr City are periodically disinfected to prevent the spread of diseases and epidemics.
  • There is a team that serves unit owners in Degla Towers compound in Nasr City around the clock by answering their questions and providing hotel services.

Making luxury an integral part of your life is our goal with our excellent services in Degla Towers compound project in Nasr City

Because you deserve it; Maamar Al-Morshedy Real Estate Development Company implemented Degla Towers compound in Nasr City, the address of sophistication and excellence among the residential projects in Nasr City; Where it was designed in a wonderful modern style, and includes unique services, most notably:

  • Degla Towers compound in Nasr City provides maintenance and cleaning services using the latest technologies around the clock and all week by a specialized team.
  • A top-notch social club has been provided in Degla Towers compound in Nasr City suitable for family gatherings and practicing various sports in courts designed in global style.
  • There is a large commercial area in Degla Towers compound in Nasr City that includes shops to display the most famous global brands and trademarks that residents are looking for to experience the pleasure of shopping.
  • A commercial mall has been built in Degla Towers compound in Nasr City with cinemas, a food court, and halls equipped to hold business meetings and conferences for businessman residents.
  • Care was taken to build swimming pools suitable for all ages and covered pools for veiled women to spend a fun time in complete privacy.
  • You can taste the most delicious dishes in a chain of state-of-the-art designed restaurants and cafes amidst wonderful vibes.
  • There is a large hypermarket in Degla Towers compound in Nasr City that provides goods and food products necessary for living with the possibility of delivery to residential units.
  • An entertainment area for children has been provided in the project, containing fun games suitable for their ages under the supervision of specialists to spend a fun time in complete safety.
  • Project residents get a great deal of luxury and entertainment through the presence of health clubs and beauty centers that provide skin care, spa and jacuzzi sessions.
  • For sports enthusiasts residing in Degla Towers compound in Nasr City, gyms equipped with the latest sports equipment and professional trainers have been provided.
  • State-of-the-art equipped halls have been provided to hold private events such as weddings and celebrations in Degla Towers compound in Nasr City.
  • A medical complex provides top-notch healthcare due to the large number of medical clinics, x-ray centers and analysis labs equipped with the latest devices and doctors in all specialties.
  • Pharmacies provide medicines, medical and cosmetic preparations needed by residents with the possibility of delivery to residential units 24 hours a day.
  • Private garages have been allocated for each residential building in Degla Towers compound in Nasr City to accommodate their vehicles in complete safety and privacy.
  • An area dedicated to charging electric cars has been provided to keep pace with environmental conservation campaigns and provide residents with advanced technology needs.

Do not wait long, tempting price offers and easy payment plans are waiting for you in Degla Towers compound in Nasr City

In addition to the areas provided in Degla Towers compound in Nasr City, the owning company of the project has offered competitive prices for units that cannot be obtained in any other residential project, which are:

  • The price per meter in the residential units in Degla Towers compound in Nasr City starts from 13,900 Egyptian Pounds.
  • The total price of small residential units in the project starts from 290,000 Egyptian Pounds.
  • The price of medium to large residential units ranges from 700 to 1,500,000 Egyptian Pounds.

In addition to these prices, the owning company has provided flexible facilities with payment systems which are:

  • A residential unit in Degla Towers compound in Nasr City can be obtained without a down payment and payment of the amount in 6 year installments.

Problems of Degla Towers Nasr City 

Despite the wide appreciation for the multiple advantages offered by Degla Towers Nasr City , some clients may find the delay in delivering the residential units challenging, especially those looking for immediate housing options or quick investment opportunities. However, the developing company is keen to ensure the units are delivered with high-quality finishes, with the goal of saving clients time and effort and ensuring they get the best value for their investment. This strategy reflects the company's commitment to providing an exceptional level of luxury and comfort for its residents.

Discover how our real estate developer makes complex things easy and fun

Maamar Al-Morshedy is one of the leading companies in the Egyptian real estate market that started its career in 1983 by Mohammed Al-Morshedy. For more than 30 years, it has presented many distinguished projects that have made it one of the largest real estate companies, comprising the best engineers and architects who provide a new architectural vision according to global standards. It is the developer of Degla Towers compound and many other projects, including:

  • North Coast Zahra.
  • Gatamya Business Gate project.
  • Gatamya Medical Gate project.
  • Project Degla Land Mark.
  • Rehana Avenue project.
  • Rehana Plaza project.
  • Project Lake Front 6th of October.
  • Bavaria Town project.
  • Degla View project.
  • Crystal Plaza project.
  • Grand Gate project.
  • Project Degla Towers Nasr City.
  • Saraeyat Suites project.
  • Degla Gardens project.
  • Degla Palms project.
  • Project Gatamya Gate.
  • Compound One Gatamya.

Compounds of Nasr City: Where Modern Technology Meets Refined Elegance!

Nasr City stands out as a prominent urban destination in Cairo, known for its refined diversity in modern living. This area attracts individuals and families seeking to experience life in fully serviced residential areas, where the existing compounds reflect unique architectural visions and provide the highest levels of comfort and security. Housing in Nasr City is divided into diverse sections comprising apartments and villas that cater to different requirements of residents, enhancing their quality of life by providing all necessities, from shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, and service facilities such as gyms and medical facilities.

Security and privacy are given utmost priority in these compounds, with a tight security system that includes security patrols and surveillance cameras. Additionally, residents enjoy multiple recreational facilities such as parks, swimming pools, golf courses, and clubs that contribute to providing an integrated residential experience.

Among the prominent compounds in this area is "Palm Hills," an example of excellence known for its architectural harmony and provision of exceptional services and facilities, such as vast green spaces, artificial lakes, and children's play areas.

The compounds of Nasr City create an ideal environment for those seeking to live amidst an atmosphere of tranquility and stability, while benefiting from modern services and facilities. They represent an oasis of luxury in the heart of Cairo, where architectural beauty meets a high quality of life.

Luxury and Refined Living Await You in Nasr City!

Nasr City, located in the Egyptian capital Cairo, offers its residents a luxurious and contemporary living experience. With its unique location overlooking the Nile River, it emerges as one of the preferred residential areas due to the quality of life it provides. Its modern urban design makes it close to numerous essential services, including recreational and educational options.

Nasr City is a major hub easily accessible from various parts of Cairo, making it an ideal launching point for both work and leisure purposes. The area excels in providing a safe and serene environment, making it a tranquil haven within the bustling capital. It is adorned with attractive natural scenery and features vast green spaces and beautiful gardens, creating an ideal environment for enjoying leisure time and relaxation.

Nasr City offers a wide range of upscale restaurants and luxurious hotels that provide exceptional dining experiences and comfortable stays. Additionally, it is a renowned destination for shopping enthusiasts, hosting numerous major shopping malls and stores showcasing international brands and contemporary goods.

To ensure the highest quality of life, Nasr City also provides access to international schools with prestigious educational standards and high-quality healthcare facilities. This blend of luxury, security, and exceptional services makes it an ideal place to live or invest.

In conclusion, Nasr City offers a practical and refined lifestyle within the embrace of Cairo, making it an excellent choice for those seeking quality and luxury in their place of residence.

Experience Luxury: Prominent Compounds Near the Degla Towers Compound by Memaar Al Morshedy in Nasr City!

1. Arena City Towers Compound in Nasr City

Located in the heart of Nasr City, the Arena City Towers project shines adjacent to the Degla Towers project, offering a range of outstanding services and a modern residential experience. This place is interspersed with captivating green spaces and designated areas for relaxation and leisure, as well as a robust security system that operates around the clock and designated parking areas, ensuring a safe and peaceful living environment in the vicinity of Degla Towers.

2. Degla Landmark Compound in Nasr City

Degla Landmark stands out as one of the prominent residential projects near Degla Towers, where the unique architectural design of this compound and the modern facilities it offers are reflected. The compound provides its residents with elegant residential units with distinguished views and includes recreational facilities such as swimming pools and commercial areas, in addition to designated garages and an effective security system.

3. Capital East Compound in Nasr City

Capital East is considered a valuable addition to the Nasr City community, thanks to its elegant design and comprehensive facilities it provides, adorned with its lush green spaces and attractive gardens. Residents here enjoy a luxurious residential experience that includes restaurants and cafes, along with continuous security and available parking spaces.

4. Cairo Town Compound in Nasr City

Cairo Town occupies a prestigious position among the luxurious residential projects adjacent to Degla Towers. This place offers vast green spaces and a diverse range of facilities that include swimming pools and gyms, as well as designated areas for barbecuing and strolling. Cairo Town also ensures the importance of security and around-the-clock surveillance, in addition to providing high-quality windows to ensure the highest levels of comfort and privacy for its residents.

Unlimited Real Estate Investment: How to Finance and Purchase in the Degla Towers Compound by Memaar Al Morshedy in Nasr City with Confidence through!

Many aspire to own residences within the prestigious residential communities in Nasr City, especially those located in the "Degla Towers Compound" by Memaar Al Morshedy. Seizing an opportunity for a successful investment and selecting the appropriate unit requires buyers to consider several methodical and well-thought-out steps.

Here, we present you with a guiding manual to help you confidently purchase a residential unit in the Degla Towers Compound:

First, the importance of research and gathering information about the project comes to the fore, whether through exploring the compound's website or contacting specialized real estate platforms, as the initial step. This approach provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the available services, facilities, and payment systems.

Second, it is advisable to inspect the project up close and familiarize yourself with the geographical location of the residential complex. This step allows you to get acquainted with the surrounding facilities such as schools, hospitals, and shopping centers, providing a clear vision of whether this choice aligns with your personal and family requirements.

Third, it is essential to inquire about all the legal details associated with the purchase process. Careful review of contracts and terms is necessary to ensure your rights as a buyer and understand all the obligations involved.

Fourth, after verifying the accuracy of the legal information, you are ready to initiate the purchase process. Direct contact with the developer company to submit a reservation request, agree on the chosen residential unit, and the payment method is one of the essential steps.

Fifth, the buyer proceeds to the stage of paying the deposit and signing the contract. It is essential to take the time to read every clause and ensure a thorough understanding of all aspects of the agreement before final approval and signing.

Finally, with the contract signed and the required payments made according to the agreement, you will wait for the company's notification of the unit's readiness, allowing you to proceed with the final handover and verify all details.

This guide provides you with a clear methodology for making an informed decision and ensuring a safe and suitable investment in the "Degla Towers Compound by Memaar Al Morshedy."

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Nasr City

1,050,000 EGP


Meamar El Mosrshedy Development

23 apartments

Downpayment from Total Unit Price and The Rest Via Installment Up To 6 Years.

5 acres


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