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City Gate New Cairo Project Qatari Diar

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Project Description

Project Name: City Gate.

City Gate Location: New Cairo 10-minute drive from the American University.

About City Gate Project: It is one of the most important residential complexes in New Cairo, which was established by a large group of real estate developers.

City Gate New Cairo Space: 2100 acres.

Units Price: starts from 2,473,000 EGP.

Units Type: Villas - Twin Houses - Townhouses - Apartments

Units Space: It starts from 270 m².

Payment Methods: 898,000 down payment and the rest via installments over 8 years as equal payments.

Join our world and enjoy the finest designs and best experiences in our unique project, where creativity and uniqueness exist in every corner within City Gate project New Cairo

City Gate New Cairo Compound is the ideal destination for those who appreciate refined taste and sophistication. This distinctive residential project located in the heart of Fifth Settlement offers rare green spaces and stunning views, in addition to amazing designs that embody true luxury. The real estate company Qatari Diar was keen to present it to the highest level to suit the tastes of many clients. It has directed all its efforts to build it in the best strategic location in New Cairo, specifically in the Fifth Settlement area. We find that it connects the most important roads and main axes, and the distance between it and vital areas is only a few minutes. You can easily reach the most important institutions and shopping malls without congestion.

Qatari Diar Compound is also built on a huge plot of land that includes vast green spaces and beautiful natural landscapes that give it a unique appearance beyond compare for more relaxation and enjoyment of unique natural atmospheres. The units in City Gate Project Qatari Diar vary in sizes and types such as "townhouses, twin houses, villas", with distinctive views and architectural designs that match the modern era and are consistent with the elegant architectural styles where luxury and sophistication exist. This will enable you to choose what suits you and your family.

As for the services provided within City Gate Compound New Cairo , they are integrated and exclusive, meeting all your requirements and evenly distributed within it for more comfort for residents looking for the most luxurious and advanced residential life. In addition, Qatari Diar customers were served by announcing a range of competitive prices that allow you to buy the unit you want at a price that suits your purchasing desires. It also offered flexible payment methods to distribute the total amount over years and equally. Don't miss the opportunity! Book your unit now in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, in City Gate Compound, one of the most luxurious residential compounds in New Cairo area....!!!

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Experience the luxurious life at the heart of the most tranquil and beautiful locations, where magic meets elegance within the location of City Gate New Cairo project

If you are looking for a residential project that provides you with the best atmosphere of comfort and enjoyment with a great deal of luxury, be sure that this opportunity is in your hands now after the real estate company Qatari Diar announced its project known as City Gate, which was keen to build it in the best strategic location, and the choice fell on New Cairo, the city that includes the largest amount of service facilities. Thus, it will be easy for you to reach it in a few short minutes. The distance between it and vital areas is very short. It is 30 km southeast of Cairo, near the gate of the New Administrative Capital.

The most important landmarks near City Gate New Cairo project:

  • City Gate New Cairo Compound is 10 minutes away from the American University.
  • City Gate Compound has a great view overlooking the famous Road 90.
  • The estimated distance between Qatari Diar Compound and Cairo International Airport is only 30 minutes.
  • City Gate Qatari Diar project is close to the Ring Road, Cairo - Suez Road, and Ain Sokhna Road.

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Discover the joy of unique architectural design with our project, where we provide you with an exceptional experience that meets all your aspirations for City Gate Qatari Compound

City Gate New Cairo Compound is specifically designed for all those looking for the most luxurious and comfortable residential life. If you want to live in a distinct atmosphere that suits you and your family, Qatari Diar Company worked to implement it on a vast plot of land and divided it to include green spaces and the most beautiful landscapes of landscapes and water bodies represented in lakes and dancing fountains that work in amazing ways that help renew the spirit of activity and optimism within it and for all residents of Qatari Diar Compound in New Cairo.

The units within City Gate Compound vary in sizes and types such as "apartments, standalone villas, twin houses, townhouse villas", while the designs of Qatari Diar New Cairo project were placed by the most capable engineering companies with extensive experiences that developed unmatched strategic plans and stunning decorations befitting clients of refined taste. They are consistent with the luxury European architectural styles where luxury, simplicity and elegance exist that attract the eye and soul.

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Take a step towards excellence and luxury with the set of exclusive advantages we offer specifically for you in our City Gate New Cairo project

Qatari Diar Real Estate has launched a luxury residential project in the heart of New Cairo called City Gate, which is distinguished among residential projects in New Cairo. It was designed in a modern style and includes unique features, most notably:

  • City Gate New Cairo project is distinguished by many advantages, most importantly its privileged strategic location as it is close to the most important roads and main axes, which makes it easy for you to reach, and close to the major vital areas. Thus, you will have the freedom to easily go to the most famous institutions and areas.
  • City Gate New Cairo project is designed in the same luxurious architectural styles by the largest architects who play a major role in developing elegant designs and decorations that suit the clients' level.
  • City Gate New Cairo provides a recreational area for barbecues and birthday parties to enjoy special times with friends in an unmatched elegant atmosphere.
  • To maintain the elegant appearance of City Gate Diar project, artificial fountains and beautiful water bodies have been designed that add a touch of unique beauty.
  • City Gate New Cairo has a distinctive Clube house that provides various premium services at the highest level befitting the residents, making it one of the best compounds in that area.
  • A Kids area entertainment area is provided within City Gate Compound, containing all wonderful and safe games to ensure their safety and enjoyment of spending the best times.
  • Units within City Gate New Cairo project vary in sizes and designs, as well as having attractive views of the surrounding natural scenery.
  • City Gate New Cairo Compound has an integrated social club offering exclusive services at a level that suits everyone. It is designed to provide opportunities for friends and families to enjoy unique times.
  • A high-speed free internet network is distributed within City Gate New Cairo residential compound for all residents.
  • Within City Gate New Cairo Compound there is a huge commercial area with different shops displaying all global brands, for more complete comfort for all residents.
  • Modern private elevators are provided in all residential buildings within City Gate New Cairo Compound, allowing you to move freely between floors without any effort.

What are you waiting for? Book your unit now in the heart of New Cairo, where City Gate Compound is the most elegant compound in the area!!

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Make luxury and excellence a daily part of your life with the set of luxury services we provide in our elegant City Gate New Cairo project - City Gate New Cairo

Qatari Diar Real Estate Company designed City Gate New Cairo Compound especially for you. It is the true symbol of sophistication and uniqueness among residential projects in New Cairo, and is characterized by its modern design and wide range of services, which include:

  • City Gate New Cairo Compound has distinctive security services, as a number of security personnel have been appointed to work 24 hours a day, for a more luxurious and psychologically comfortable residential life.
  • Within City Gate project and for complete luxury and enjoyment of special times, swimming pools of different shapes and sizes have been designed for more entertainment and privacy for all residents.
  • For fitness enthusiasts and to maintain body fitness, an integrated gym equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and top trainers has been designed inside City Gate Compound, and there is a luxurious spa house for beauty lovers to enjoy unmatched atmospheres.
  • City Gate New Cairo Compound has an area designated for cafes and restaurants that offer special dishes and various drinks in the best unique atmospheres.
  • There are different sporting playgrounds for adults and children inside City Gate New Cairo where you can invest your time by practicing useful activities, favorite games and sports.
  • You can practice golf anytime in front of your unit within City Gate New Cairo project to enjoy special times with friends amidst the vast green spaces.
  • A private garage for each unit is built under all buildings of City Gate New Cairo Compound to park cars and avoid congestion and overcrowding in its yards.
  • You can join the distinguished international schools available within City Gate New Cairo project, which provide the best educational services.
  • To enjoy a unique residential life that is more comfortable and clean, a special eco-friendly system has been implemented that relies on the sun, thus reducing electricity consumption within Qatari Diar New Cairo Compound.

Behind every door, you will find elegant details that form the perfect blend of luxury and beauty, specifically designed to provide comfort and make your dream of owning the ideal home come true, where City Gate New Cairo Compound is.....!!!

We offer you the best competitive prices and payment plans specially designed to suit your budget, to ensure a comfortable and ideal experience with us within City Gate New Cairo Compound

Qatari Diar Real Estate was keen to build an integrated residential project that provides all residents with various integrated services. City Gate project was created to be the ideal residential place for all its clients. It announced a range of competitive City Gate prices that are considered the best in the New Cairo area. It did not stop there, but facilitated the purchase process for everyone by offering flexible payment methods to distribute the total amount over long years, which are:

  • Price per unit in City Gate New Cairo - City Gate New Cairo: Starts from 2,273,000 EGP.
  • Townhouse units priced at 2,473,000 EGP, with 898,000 EGP paid and the rest distributed over 8 years.
  • Twin houses inside City Gate: Priced at 3,236,000 EGP, with 1,049,000 EGP paid and the rest distributed over 4 years.
  • Standalone villas priced at 3,825,000 EGP, with 1,289,000 EGP paid, and the rest distributed over 4 years.

For more information, please contact us.....!!!

Disadvantages of City Gate New Cairo Compound

Despite the luxury and excellence offered by the "City Gate New Cairo" project, its location in New Cairo may raise questions about ease of access. However, the Egyptian government has paid special attention to this matter by emphasizing the provision of effective and fast transportation roads and axes. In addition to the main roads that connect the Fifth Settlement to different parts of the country, there are modern means of transportation that contribute to facilitating movement, such as the metro and electric train, which provide residents with fast and comfortable trips. This makes "City Gate Qatari Diar Compound" an ideal destination for housing and investment in the heart of New Cairo.

Get to know our real estate developer, known for excellence and expertise, where we turn your dreams into a reality you experience daily

Qatari Diar is one of the most important and largest real estate companies in the Egyptian real estate market, which has presented various projects on Egyptian lands. It always strives to present something new and seeks to satisfy its customers and investors. It always takes the initiative to gain their trust and adheres to handing over units on time. It launched its massive residential project in the heart of New Cairo called City Gate and provided it with the largest amount of integrated services and facilities. It owns a number of architects who play a major role in the unique planning, resulting in unique projects for us.

Previous projects of Qatari Diar Company:

  • St. Regis Hotel New Cairo.
  • Anantara Towers Resort Tunisia.
  • Doha Conference and Exhibition Center Qatar.
  • Conrad Hotel in the United States of America.

Experience Luxury and Comfort in New Cairo!

Recently, New Cairo has emerged as a shining spot in Egypt and the region, thanks to its focus on developing infrastructure and a comprehensive range of services that elevate it as one of the leading cities in modernity and progress. This meticulously planned city, designed to become a prime hub for living, working, and entertainment, has taken ambitious steps toward achieving self-sufficiency and providing an affluent lifestyle for its residents.

With its unique blend of sophisticated residential buildings, modern business centers, massive shopping malls, and exhibition halls housing internationally and locally renowned brands, New Cairo has become an attraction not only for residents but also for visitors from outside the city.

In the context of education, New Cairo offers golden opportunities by attracting international universities and schools with prestigious educational levels, making it an ideal destination for students seeking excellent academic achievements. In terms of healthcare, the city has also witnessed qualitative leaps with the establishment of hospitals equipped with the latest medical devices and tools.

For sports and recreation enthusiasts, New Cairo offers a comprehensive experience through its diverse sports clubs and recreational centers, including golf courses and other dedicated fields for various games.

The Egyptian government, for its part, has not stood idly by but has supported the development process in New Cairo by encouraging investment in various sectors such as industry, technology, and services. This support is a strategic step toward accelerating the city's economic growth and creating valuable job opportunities for its residents, benefiting the community as a whole.

New Cairo continues to attract attention and enhance its position as a leading city in development and modern living. Thanks to the government's efforts and the commitment of those involved, New Cairo stands as a model for sustainable urban and economic development.

Get Ready for a New Experience: Choose the Fifth Settlement and Discover the Benefits of Modern Living!

The Fifth Settlement is one of Cairo's unique and vibrant suburbs, offering its residents a modern lifestyle with a distinctive character that combines luxury and refinement. This neighborhood shines with its remarkable architectural organization, which includes everything residents need from international hotels and luxurious residential projects featuring modern villas and apartments to suit various tastes and needs.

The residential complexes in the Fifth Settlement excel in providing all elements of comfort and enjoyment by offering integrated services that help create an ideal living environment. The level of available services is elevated through a wide range of high-quality recreational and educational facilities, including international schools, hospitals, and medical clinics that provide exceptional healthcare.

Additionally, the Fifth Settlement stands out by offering a rich selection of upscale shopping malls and centers, ensuring residents and visitors an unparalleled shopping and entertainment experience amidst an atmosphere of restaurants and cafes offering a diverse array of international cuisine to satisfy all tastes.

It's not just about the architectural and service aspects; it also encompasses enjoying the captivating natural beauty enhanced by the presence of parks and green spaces, making the Fifth Settlement an ideal place for individuals and families seeking a peaceful and healthy lifestyle, with the opportunity to enjoy outdoor and sports activities in an atmosphere of tranquility and beauty.

Between Neighborhood and Excellence: Discover the Compounds Adjacent to the City Gate New Cairo Project!

New Cairo is home to a collection of prestigious residential projects that embody the essence of luxury and elegance, serving as a hub for modern living. Among these complexes:

  1. Azad Views Compound in New Cairo:

    This compound shines with its strategic location near "City Gate," brimming with modern designs and green spaces that lend it an aura of beauty and tranquility. It features a diverse range of exceptional services and recreational facilities to ensure the comfort of its residents.
  2. Capital Gate Compound in New Cairo:

    It represents a truly modern lifestyle, offering a variety of residential units to suit everyone's needs. This project is adjacent to "City Gate," providing top-quality services and facilities that cover all daily living requirements, from education and healthcare to sports.
  3. Cattleya Compound in New Cairo:

    Nestled near "City Gate," this compound boasts a unique location and a design that embraces nature, making living there a comprehensive experience of luxury and relaxation. The project offers a wide range of services and recreational facilities, providing residents with everything they need.
  4. Regents Square Compound in New Cairo:

    Considered an icon of luxury near "City Gate," it offers spacious and unprecedentedly elegant residential units. The compound includes a collection of lavish facilities, such as parks and commercial areas, enhancing the residents' luxurious living experience.

These complexes embody a visionary approach to upscale living in New Cairo, offering a residential environment that meets the desires and aspirations of those seeking a settlement that combines authenticity and modernity.

Real Estate Purchasing Made Easier: Your Guide to Navigating and Buying in the City Gate New Cairo Project on!

If you are interested in acquiring a residential unit within the City Gate complex located in New Cairo, there are several essential guidelines you should be aware of.

The first step is to determine a suitable budget for you; it is crucial to be aware of your financial capabilities to choose the most suitable unit. Establishing a budget is the primary starting point.

Next comes the importance of understanding the project's geographical location, as the City Gate complex boasts a prime location in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, with meticulous attention paid to the finest design and engineering details in its construction, and its distinction with modern villa designs offering a high aesthetic vision.

It is also important to explore the prices and available units by visiting the website, which provides comprehensive details about the costs and multiple payment options offered by the project to ensure a suitable purchasing experience.

This experience would not be complete without visiting the site in person to familiarize yourself with the units up close and gain a deeper understanding of the available villa specifications. It may also be helpful to seek the expertise of real estate professionals through for detailed consultations.

After evaluating all these elements and comparing the determined budget with what has been seen and discussed, it is time to make the final purchasing decision. To complete this process, you may need to contact the developers through the website to arrange the purchasing steps and ensure a thorough understanding and review of all documents and agreements to guarantee a successful and satisfactory purchasing experience.

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New Cairo 10-minute drive from the American University.

2,473,000 EGP


Qatari Diar

10 villas

898,000 down payment and the rest via installments over 8 years

2100 acres


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