Downtown Mall New Cairo

From 1,000,000 EGP
Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2021
Developed by: Marakez

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Project Name: Katameya Mall.

About Katameya Mall: It is a commercial mall located in a privileged location serving many areas such as New Cairo, Nasr City, Maadi and Mokattam and all roads leading to New Cairo has been linked to easy access.

Katameya Mall Location: The mall is located in the new city of Katameya, which follows New Cairo, next to Teseen Street.

Downtown Mall New Cairo Space: 100 acres.

Units Type: commercial stores.

The Real Estate Developer: Marakez Development.

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Downtown Mall Katameya 

Mall of Katameya is one of the projects of Marakez Development, the company has chosen New Katameya area to establish one of its important projects so that the mall is a destination for all residents of the region and through it they can meet all their needs. Marakez has been established in 2015 and it is worth mentioning that it is a subsidiary of Fawaz Al Hokair Saudi Group.

The Company is working on establishing several urban and investment projects in Egypt with 17 billion Egyptian pounds and these projects will be in Cairo, the Delta, and other provinces.

One of the most important of these projects is Mall of Tanta designed with the World Heritage, which cost 6 billion Egyptian pounds and an area of 83 acres and 1,000 young people were employed inside it, and Mansoura Mall, built on 47 acres at a cost of 1.4 billion Egyptian pounds, which will open three years from now in 2021.

Details about Downtown Katameya Mall New Cairo

100 acres will be allocated as a total area of Katameya Mall equal to 420,000 square meters with a rental area of about 110 square meters, 4 billion EGP will be spent on the mall, although less than 1 billion Egyptian pounds have been withdrawn as expenses needed to develop it so far.

Banque Misr, Arab African International Bank, Banque Du Caire, Arab International Bank and Bank of Misr Iran Development Bank have joined forces to finance Katameya Mall project in new Katameya with 1.5 billion, which will be the reason for the establishment of the first phase of it, specifically 70% of it.

The developer announced that it has completed the establishment of 25 to 30% of the total mall units.

Katameya Downtown Mall Location

Katameya Mall is located in the New Katameya Region in New Cairo, where the customer can reach the mall through Teseen Street via the bridges that the company will establish to serve this purpose, which is to facilitate access to it and is close to the road leading directly to Suez.

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Exclusive services inside Downtown Katameya Fifth Settlement

Marakez Development, the owner of this huge project, was keen to provide all the great services that help customers achieve their requirements, and meet all their desires, and these services include the following:

  • Inside Downtown Mall, there are many restaurants that serve the finest varieties of oriental and western food, and cafes with modern architectural designs and provide you with special drinks.
  • The most skilled doctors and nurses in the largest medical centers available in all specialties, which provide you with the best treatment services and are available throughout the day in order to receive emergency cases.
  • In addition to a number of major pharmacies that provide multiple types of imported medicines, and treatments for all customers.
  • Below the mall building, there are large garages that can accommodate a large number of cars in order to reduce congestion and preserve property.
  • Downtown Katameya has a large cinema equipped with all facilities from large screens and speakers, showing all the various international films.
  • Inside the mall, there are a number of huge shops, including jewelry and eyewear stores with international brands.
  • Various telecom companies and a number of furniture and textile stores are also available for an enjoyable buying experience.
  • Work hard to stabilize the security situation in the mall by distributing a number of security personnel in addition to advanced surveillance cameras that are constantly working to monitor all events.
  • Allocating a place for a large mosque designed in the Islamic style, for the establishment of various religious rites.
  • Downtown Mall has modern electric elevators for ease of movement between floors and some of them and for the convenience of customers.
  • Downtown Katameya has a hypermarket and a large supermarket that offers you all the supplies and goods you need.
  • A large health club for lovers of relaxation, comfort, and tranquility. Special rooms are allocated with a sauna and jacuzzi.
  • For bodybuilding, fitness, and fitness lovers, a gym has been provided with all modern devices and equipment, and it includes a number of highly qualified trainers.
  • Repairing any malfunctions and avoiding any problem inside the mall by appointing a specialized maintenance team.
  • Fire extinguishers and sound alarms operate automatically to alert.
  • Escalators to facilitate movement between floors and prevent crowding.
  • Huge power generators automatically generate electricity in the event of any sudden outage.
  • A fast internet network that works automatically and is distributed to all units within the Downtown Mall.
  • Providing a waiting area for the elderly with facilities for their complete comfort, and providing them with the best services.
  • Distribution of a number of toilets between floors, including for men and others for women, which are fully equipped.
  • Allocating a children's area with games suitable for their ages, and to make them feel comfortable and spend the most beautiful time there.

Payment System and the Delivery Date:

The Developer is now working on the establishment of the mall, which will take many years to open and announced in a press interview that the Mall will be opened and delivered three years from now, i.e. in 2021.

Real estate developer Marakez Development

Marakez is one of the most well-known investments and development companies in the Egyptian real estate market, and owns many commercial and residential projects, including Mall of Arabia, Mall of Tanta, Town Center, D5M, Mansoura Mall, Aeon Towers, District Five and Mena House offices. It also depends on a group of A dynamic team of Egyptian professionals with innovative experiences.

It was established in 1989 AD, and since the date of its establishment, it operates more than 80 international fashion brands and more than 2,100 stores in more than 16 countries until now.

The group is a multinational conglomerate focusing on 5 key sectors, including fashion retail, shopping malls, food and beverage, entertainment, and hotels, and it manages more than 1.5 million square meters of premium retail properties spread across a network of 21 malls.

The group's investments extend across the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, the United States, and Central Asia, making it one of the largest real estate companies in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, and has worked to expand in all sectors including construction, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, and energy.

The projects that the company has carried out and achieved great success:

  • District 5 Compound Fifth Settlement.
  • AEON Compound 6 October

Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2021, and therefore it is changeable, and we, Real Estate Egypt, are keen to update the spaces and the list of residential and commercial units' types and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.


  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa

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