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Marina Wadi El Dome Ain Sokhna Resort Wadi Degla

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Project Description

Project Name: Marina Wadi El Dome.

Marina Ain Sokhna Resort Location: after only 22 km from the south of Sokhna Beach, i.e. in the area of Kilo 82 Suez Road.

Units Type: chalets with diffrent spaces.

Units Space: ranges from 100 m² up to 150 m².

Price per Meter in Marina Wadi El Dome Ain Sokhna Resort: starts from 11000 EGP.

The most beautiful tourist resorts in Ain Sokhna, where sophistication, luxury, and multiple recreational services.

Ain Sokhna culminates in a huge project on its land, which is one of the largest tourist projects that tourists flock to, in order to enjoy the wonderful and distinguished times in it as well as the recreational services available that fulfill their desires, in addition to that, work has been done on diversifying its residential units to suit all tastes in Marina Wadi El Dome.

The green spaces of the landscaping and the water bodies permeate all the units and occupy a larger proportion of the total area, while the rest of them are allocated to the various constructions and buildings. Within Marina Ain Sokhna resort, you will enjoy perfect services and one of the most important prices for the units, and you can own them through payment systems with a certain down payment upon booking, and the rest in installments over many years in Marina Resort Wadi Degla.

The location of Marina Wadi Al Dome Ain Sokhna

Marina Wadi El Dome is one of the major coastal projects that were launched with wonderful and distinctive specifications, which achieves all the means of tourist attractions for it, in addition to its location, which is one of the most important conditions that any resident is looking for, and indeed Ain Sukhna was chosen to be a vital and wonderful strategic place It links the most important roads and hubs that make it easy for everyone to travel in a few hours.

The most important landmarks near Marina Wadi El Dome Ain Sokhna Resort:

  • Wadi Dela resort is located at kilo 82 Suez Hurghada Road, and it is one of the easily accessible villages.
  • It is characterized by its proximity to the heart of New Cairo, which is about 60 minutes away from it.
  • Marina Wadi El Dome resort connects it with Cairo and Zafarana Road at kilo 48.
  • Marina Wadi El Dome is close to Porto Beach Resort.

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Marina Wadi El Dome Ain Sokhna Resort Space

Marina Wadi Al Dome has a distinguished geographical location, and besides that, Marina Wadi El Dome project was built on a large area of about 2.5 million square meters, and an extension above sea level of about 270 meters, and that huge space was divided into the vast green spaces that wrap Wadi Degla Ain Sokhna village from all directions that It has positive, comfortable factors for all residents, and many buildings and constructions available in it, which are designed on the latest models, and the finest building materials.

Marina Wadi Al Dome Hotel Ain Sokhna

Within Marina Wadi Al Dome Resort, there is a hotel designed on its private beach. It is characterized by containing an outdoor swimming pool away from the sea. It is surrounded by several gardens and green spaces with pleasant views that attract attention, relax the eyes and give a feeling of psychological comfort and relaxation, as well as provide quality services, the high interest of the workers inside this hotel to provide everything distinctive to satisfy all tastes.

Several hotels have been established in Ain Sokhna, but Marina Wadi Al Dome Hotel is unique and differs from others in that it is one of the huge hotels that combine luxury and sophistication...

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Available Services inside Marina Wadi El Dome Project

There are many and varied services within Marina Wadi Al Dome Project, in order to meet all the needs of the residents and achieve their desires, the various services within Marina Ain Sokhna, are mentioned below:

  • A large mosque in which various religious rites are held, and its design is in the ancient Islamic style inside Marina Wadi El Dome Resort.
  • A car parking space which is designed on a parking lift system.
  • You can sip your favorite drink in the open air and eat your favorite meal. Restaurants and cafés in modern international styles offer the best services.
  • An area inside the wonderful blue sea dedicated to lovers of fishing, adventuring and enjoying the landscapes and colorful fish at the bottom of the sea, a central spot has been provided to spend the most beautiful times.
  • On the beachside, a berth has been made for ships and major yachts for lovers of cruises and recreation.
  • The best 4-star hotels within Marina Wadi El Dome Ain Sokhna village, which have the best services for visitors and the highest level of sophistication and luxury, full reception and housekeeping.
  • A large commercial area with several stores that offer you the best brands and international brands for an unparalleled shopping experience.
  • The spaces and shapes of the swimming pools in front of the units vary for lovers of comfort and enjoyment, and they are intended for all ages.
  • For practitioners of different sports and lovers of building fitness, a large sports club has been established with many playgrounds, including football, tennis, and special tracks for running.
  • For complete relaxation, we have provided you with a large health club with huge gymnasiums that contain modern sports equipment and include the best trainers, and provide rooms for the spa house, jacuzzi, and sauna for more comfort.
  • Huge open-air halls for lovers of special parties and wonderful birthdays amidst the vast green areas, and give you a feeling of well-being and complete happiness at Marina Wadi El Dome.
  • For lovers of water sports, the Aqua Park area has been provided to spend the best fun times and is intended for all ages.
  • The most important feature of Marina Wadi El Dome project is the availability of complete safety, by appointing security personnel and heavy guards throughout Marina Wadi El Dome Wadi Degla Ain Sokhna village, which work 24 hours a day.
  • Deploying a huge number of different and modern surveillance cameras everywhere for convenience and security in Marina Wadi El Dome.
  • Providing internet service, with free wifi for all residents, for more fun and convenience for all residents.
  • Establishing large medical clinics that provide all services in all specialties, with doctors at the highest level.
  • The presence of solar panels to exploit and rationalize electrical energy at Marina Wadi El Dome Project.
  • Pharmacies with a large number of imported medicines and treatments are available to all residents and operate 24 hours a day.

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The Exclusive Features of Marina Ain Sokhna Resort

Enjoy a special summer vacation on the Red Sea beach inside Marina Wadi Al Dome, the most beautiful tourist village in Egypt, which has many exclusive advantages in Ain Sukhna, and we mention the following:

  • Marina Ain Sokhna Resort is characterized by its geographical location, which is close to the most important roads and vital areas, minutes away from the most famous villages, and thus became one of the tourist villages that attracted the attention of investors and foreigners because of its great strategic value.
  • For lovers of meditation and recreation, special places have been provided to sit directly in front of the sea, and recreational services are provided to them.
  • Wadi Al Dome Village Ain Sokhna is characterized by providing special areas for children and with a large number of recreational games that give them a feeling of happiness and comfort among friends.
  • Providing a large area, including green spaces and gardens, to give Marina Wadi El Dome project the most beautiful view.
  • Wonderful artificial lakes and water fountains, which were distributed throughout Marina Wadi El Dome Ain Sokhna village to give it an attractive urban view.
  • Wonderful architectural designs enjoyed by all the units in Marina Wadi El Dome project to suit all high tastes through the assistance of several engineers specialized in this field.
  • Marina Wadi El Dome resort overlooks the sea directly, and all units enjoy a wonderful view of it, giving its residents relaxation and enjoyment of the beautiful aesthetic appearance and clean outdoor air.
  • Specialized and accredited maintenance teams and centers to treat any malfunctions that occur within Marina Wadi El Dome Ain Sokhna village.
  • Most of the units are equipped with modern elevators to provide convenience for residents to move between floors.

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A step towards luxury and excellence: Take a look at our unique collection of units that embody the latest trends in design and innovation inside Marina Wadi El Dom Hotel Ain Sokhna

Wadi Degla real estate company has successfully launched its massive Marina Hotel project in the heart of Ain Sokhna, which is one of the most luxurious tourist villages with unique views of the most beautiful natural scenery on the shores of the Red Sea with its crystalline waters that glitter in the sunlight. It was also built on a huge area that includes vast green spaces that reflect tranquility and renew positive energy from all directions. In addition to integrated services and facilities that meet all customer requirements and those looking for luxury and enjoyment of unmatched times.

And care was taken to build the largest number of different units of luxurious chalets with luxurious decorations that suit everyone's high level, in addition, Wadi El Nile Real Estate relied on the largest consulting offices that put artistic touches and luxurious architectural designs that are consistent with people of good taste. The units inside Marina Wadi El Dom Hotel Ain Sokhna range in size from 90 square meters up to 200 square meters.

With us, quality meets reasonable cost! We offer you flexible payment plans and prices that suit all budgets without compromising on quality inside Marina Wadi El Dom Village Ain Sokhna

Marina Wadi El Dom Village Ain Sokhna is considered one of the most luxurious unique projects that includes integrated and unique services that meet all your different requirements. The real estate company has announced special prices for the different units inside it. As for the payment methods offered, they are competitive and help you pay the total amount over long years, which are:

Price per meter inside Marina Ain Sokhna project: It starts from 15,000 Egyptian pounds.

Cabins inside Marina Wadi El Dom Ain Sokhna: Their price starts from 1,308,000 Egyptian pounds.

Price of chalet units inside Marina Wadi El Dom Ain Sokhna: Their price starts from 1,950,000 Egyptian pounds.

Marina Wadi Degla villa Ain Sokhna: Its price starts from 3,300,000 Egyptian pounds.

As for the payment systems launched by Wadi Degla Company to alleviate its customers, buying the unit in installments over long years equally, they are:

You can pay a down payment of 0% of the unit price, and pay the rest over 7 years.

For more information you can contact us....!!!

Please note that the prices and areas mentioned in the article are for the second half of 2023, and are therefore subject to change. On Real Estate Egypt website we are keen to continuously update the areas, price list, types of residential and commercial units so that the client is aware of changes in the real estate market.

Disadvantages of Marina Wadi El Dome Ain Sokhna Resort

Marina Wadi El Dom Ain Sokhna is one of the upscale projects that combines luxury and integration in its services and facilities. It has been designed to meet all the needs and aspirations of its residents. It is natural for Wadi Degla Ain Sokhna project's location to raise some concerns for those looking for proximity to central places, especially in light of the idea rooted in some people's minds that Ain Sokhna is considered a distant destination. However, thanks to huge investments in infrastructure development and road network, Ain Sokhna has become an easily accessible destination from Cairo and other areas. Not only is Wadi El Dom location easily accessible, but it also provides an opportunity for residents and visitors to enjoy a tranquil and picturesque environment, while maintaining proximity to vital places and basic services. Certainly, this project is a golden opportunity for those looking to combine tranquility, comfort and ease of access.

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See for yourself how our real estate developer turns challenges into opportunities, and makes real estate an easy and enjoyable experience for you!

Wadi Degla Company is one of the most important and largest pioneering real estate companies with expertise dating back up to 15 years. It has also presented many different projects and seeks to end the idea of traditional communities and transform them in a unique modern way. It has extensive vision and experience in real estate and construction, and seeks to provide the greatest comfort in order to gain everyone's trust and implement all global quality standards. Recently it has launched its luxurious coastal project, Marina Wadi Dela Ain Sokhna, with its unique features that includes the largest number of integrated services that work to meet all the requirements of customers and investors. It seeks to spread across all parts of Egypt in order to provide projects needed by the Egyptian real estate market.

Wadi Degla Company's most important previous projects:

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Gear Up for a New Experience: Choose El Ain El Sokhna and Discover the Perks of Modern Living!

El Ain El Sokhna is renowned as a tourist hotspot in Egypt, attracting thousands of visitors every year. This coastal city, located within the governorate of Suez on the eastern bank of the country, is blessed with captivating natural beauty, boasting pristine sandy beaches and crystal-clear blue waters. El Ain El Sokhna can be considered a touristic paradise in Egypt for several reasons.

One of the most distinctive features of El Ain El Sokhna is its enchanting climate, which remains warm and dry in the summer, providing ideal conditions for sun-seekers and beach enthusiasts. During the winter, the weather is moderate and suitable for numerous outdoor activities. Additionally, the waters of El Ain El Sokhna serve as a natural sanctuary for marine life, offering unique opportunities for diving enthusiasts to explore the wonders of coral reefs and observe vibrant fish species.

The city also offers a wide range of recreational activities for its visitors, where adventure seekers can enjoy sandy sports, dune buggy rides, as well as exploring the surrounding desert and delving into the region's rich history and culture.

El Ain El Sokhna boasts an excellent infrastructure, with luxurious resorts and world-class hotels, along with various entertainment facilities, upscale restaurants, and shopping centers, enriching the visitors' experience and ensuring a comfortable stay. Moreover, El Ain El Sokhna enjoys a strategic location, easily accessible from Cairo, catering to both investors and vacationers, contributing to its remarkable growth and development in recent years.

With these features, El Ain El Sokhna emerges as an ideal tourist destination, combining natural charm, diverse activities and recreational pursuits, luxury, and comfort, making it the perfect place for an unforgettable vacation in Egypt.

Beauty, Comfort, and Excellence, All in the Heart of El Ain El Sokhna!

El Ain El Sokhna, Egypt's alluring seaside city, is the perfect oasis for those seeking captivating beauty and luxury. This city offers an exceptional experience that blends natural charm with modern, upscale amenities. As a favorite destination for vacationers, El Ain El Sokhna provides an excellent combination of recreational options and high-quality facilities.

El Ain El Sokhna boasts stunning beaches with white sand and crystal-clear blue waters, making it one of Egypt's premier beach destinations. Visitors to this city can indulge in various water activities such as swimming and diving, as the Red Sea offers incredible opportunities to explore breathtaking coral reefs and witness vibrant marine life.

Away from the beach, El Ain El Sokhna is surrounded by captivating natural landscapes, and it is worth mentioning the availability of a diverse range of luxurious resorts and hotels, elegantly designed to provide an unparalleled stay experience. These resorts are equipped with all the amenities for comfort, including enchanting pools, world-class restaurants, and lavish spas, ensuring relaxation and rejuvenation for guests.

For thrill-seekers, El Ain El Sokhna offers a wide array of exciting activities suitable for all ages. Whether you prefer water sports like surfing and water skiing, diving to explore the underwater world, or enjoying boat trips, El Ain El Sokhna provides all of these against a backdrop of breathtaking natural beauty.

El Ain El Sokhna skillfully weaves together natural attractions and modern, luxurious services, making it an ideal haven for those seeking pleasure and relaxation. Undoubtedly, this coastal city offers everything a visitor might need for an enjoyable and memorable vacation, making it an unmissable destination for travelers in Egypt.

For Diversity Lovers: Multiple Residential Options Near Wadi El Dom Marina, El Ain El Sokhna!

1. Il Monte Galala Village, El Ain El Sokhna:
Il Monte Galala Village in El Ain El Sokhna is known for its serene and attractive atmosphere, perfect for those seeking relaxation and tranquility. The village boasts soft sandy beaches and picturesque natural surroundings, offering chalets and rooms that combine refined taste with modern design, along with the added benefit of swimming pools and restaurants serving delectable dishes.

2. Ein Hills Village, El Ain El Sokhna:
At Ein Hills Village in El Ain El Sokhna, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy a luxurious stay. This village features chalets and villas offering captivating views of the blue sea, complemented by spacious swimming pools and stunning natural beauty that catches the eye.

3. Lavista Ray El Ain El Sokhna:
Lavista Ray Resort in El Ain El Sokhna offers an exceptional living experience for its guests, with a private beach and excellent facilities. The resort allows guests to stay in comfortable chalets and villas, featuring a large swimming pool and restaurants serving international cuisine. Additionally, it offers various water activities, including surfing and diving.

4. Cavo El Ain El Sokhna:
Cavo Resort in El Ain El Sokhna provides a unique experience for its guests by offering luxurious rooms and chalets, each with a private terrace overlooking the sea. The resort excels in offering a diverse range of recreational activities such as water skiing, bowling, and tennis, making it an ideal destination for families and friends seeking entertainment and enjoyment.

Start Your Successful Real Estate Investment Journey: Ways to Purchase a Unit in Wadi El Dom Marina, El Ain El Sokhna on!

Step 1: Explore the Website Your journey begins by visiting the website, where you can immerse yourself in the world of real estate using advanced search tools to discover properties available in the Wadi El Dom Marina area of El Ain El Sokhna.

Step 2: Identify Your Personal Needs Carefully determine your requirements, such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and desired area, as the website offers a wide range of properties with sizes ranging from 100 to 200 square meters.

Step 3: Refine Search Results The website provides excellent filtering tools that allow you to narrow down your search based on your budget and specific requirements, such as price, ownership type, and delivery dates.

Step 4: Evaluate Available Options Browse through the listed residential units, taking a closer look at the photographs and descriptive information for each unit. Compare the different options to determine the most suitable one for you.

Step 5: Contact for Details After selecting the appropriate unit, contact the designated numbers on the website to arrange a viewing visit and inquire about any additional details.

Step 6: Negotiate and Verify Documentation If you are fully convinced with the unit and the listed price, the next step is to negotiate to reach an agreement that satisfies both parties. Don't forget to verify all legal documentation related to the unit.

Step 7: Final Purchase Completion Finally, after reaching an agreement on all details and terms, complete the purchase transaction by paying the purchase price and signing the necessary contracts, paving the way for owning your dream property.

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Shopping center
Commercial area
Social Club
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Water Fountains
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after only 22 km from the south of Sokhna Beach, i.e. in the area of Kilo 82 Suez Road.

1,500,000 EGP


ORA Developers

10 apartments

10% downpayment of the total unit price and the rest in installments over 7 years without interest.

2.5 million square meters


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