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IL Monte Galala resort Ain Sokhna

IL Monte Galala is one of the largest projects built in Sokhna, a large number of apartments and chalets.

It is designed with the latest modern design and it is suitable for all tastes, especially lovers of luxury.

IL Monte Galala resort Location

The project is unique because it is an integrated project in the Arab Republic of Egypt in general.
Project Location:

  • The project is located in Ain Sokhna area, and this is what made it a thin, delicate painting.
  • The project was designed eleven kilometers from Porto Sokhna.
  • It is located near Mövenpick Hotels, with an area of ​​only 7 km. to her.

IL Monte Galala resort Specifications

This project has many excellent specifications, which made it one of the  largest projects in Egypt because it has many specifications, which include the following:

  • The project was designed on a very large area, reaching two million square meters. Twenty percent of the project area was allocated to the buildings.
  • The rest of the project depends on the green areas and the various recreational areas in the project.
  • The project has a distinctive view, with many magnificent and picturesque landscapes, directly on the crystal blue sea water.
  • The project has a very large area, which is designed with a large number of stadiums, which meet the needs of everyone who goes to that place, especially from sports enthusiasts.
  • The project has a large number of swimming pools, which are designed in different sizes.
  • It also contains indoor and outdoor guarded enclosures, which provide safety and security in the place constantly.
  • IL Mont has a large number of sports halls, which include a large number of different devices, which meet the needs of sports enthusiasts.
  • The village has many different activities, including mountain climbing, because of the village's unique location in the mountains.
  • The project contains traffic, making it easy for visitors to move from place to place, from the top of the mountain, in a panoramic view.
  • There are a large number of specialty restaurants, which offer many local and international dishes, and various dessert items.
  • The project includes a large number of cafés, which offer many services along with juices and beverages.
  • The project offers a large commercial space, which includes a large number of shops, where all kinds of international goods are located.

Available Services in IL Monte Galala project

It offers a variety of services to guests, including:

  • Enjoy the large green spaces for jogging enthusiasts.
  • Private parking.
  • Guard available throughout the day.
  • Multiple swimming pools.
  • Great range of gardens.
  • Synthetic fountains.
  • Specialty restaurants.
  • High service cafeterias.
  • Integrated market for local commodities and global brands.
  • Club is integrated for sports enthusiasts.
  • Integrated medical services through the centers in the project.
  • Areas for barbecue lovers.
  • Areas for party lovers.
  • Club House.
  • Full-service club.

Area of ​​apartments and chalets in IL Monte Galala

  • The project includes a large number of apartments, villas, and chalets, which are in different areas, ranging from seventy square meters, up to one hundred and fifty-five square meters.
  • The project also offers the facilities in payment, where only ten percent of the unit is to be paid, and the rest is to be paid for up to ten years in full and it can receive the unit after four years from the date of booking.



Security Playgrounds Swimming pools Shopping center Commercial area Mosque Social Club Health club and Spa Water Fountains Hotel


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