Cavo Sokhna

From 1,350,000 EGP
Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2024
Developed by: Travco Properties

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Project Name: CAVO.

About Project: one of the highest Ain Sokhna resorts by Travco Properties.

CAVO Location: Ataka Mountains overlooking the Red Sea.

Cavo Sokhna Space: 80 acres.

The Developer Name: Travco Properties.

Units Type: Chalets - Standalone Villas - Townhouses.

Chalets Space: It starts from 82 m² up to 167 m².

Townhouses Space: starts from 244 m².

Villas Space: it starts from 324 m² for the building area.

Payment Methods: 5% downpayment and the total amount via installments over 6 years.

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CAVO Ain Sokhna Resort

It is one of the most important new projects in Al Ain Sokhna where it is considered a simulation of the charming nature characterized by beauty and luxury, Travco Properties has been keen to prepare the project in a way that helps the individual to feel comfortable, this resort overlooks the distinctive mountains and lakes, where it is considered a combination of luxury and simplicity and this Resort is also one of the projects of Almaza Bay on the North Coast.

Resort Location

This tourist resort occupies an excellent location in Ain Sokhna because it is located on the summit of an isolated mountain in this charming area, opposite the famous Mount Ataqa, this huge project was built at an altitude of 110 meters above the level of the Red Sea, which means that it enjoys a charming view of the Red Sea, the owner company was keen to choose this wonderful site with great interest to be one of the most important projects of the famous Almaza Bay on the North Coast, the project is located only 10 minutes from IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna, and it is just 3 minutes away from Blumar El Sokhna.

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Services of Cavo Sokhna

The company was characterized by the choice of an excellent strategic location in addition to the European architectural designs that usually choose it in all its projects, and this is the highlight of the contemporary European designs that all types of residential units have, most of the residential units enjoying charming views on the Red Sea coast, as the developer of the project worked on allocating a large area of the project land to create services that provide residents within the project basic and recreational needs, summarized in the following:

  • Walking and running tracks, Travco has worked to secure these walkways to ensure that customers exercise safely away from cars. 
  • Top-level hotel services to ensure a pleasant stay for all customers.
  • A health club, featuring many health services that many customers are looking for.

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  • A yoga center equipped with the highest level and its staff provides assistance to all visitors of the center.
  • Kids Area, one of the most recreational areas for children, it is a child secured zone away from cars.
  • Sports facilities and this type of service ensure that the resort's residents maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • An upscale restaurant with an excellent location on top of a cliff, serving the world's best cuisine.
  • Security and guarding services operate 24 hours, including a security team and surveillance cameras at the resort entrance.

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The Residential Units in Cavo Travco Properties

All residential units are with full finishing on an area of 80 acres, other than the total area of the project estimated at 421,083 square meters, it includes 700 different residential units among townhouses, villas, and chalets, all units in the resort provide a lot of services, and the units details are as follows:

  • Townhouse units: with a building area of about 244 square meters, while the land area is 208 square meters, the townhouses overlook a lake with wonderful landscapes, and there are other buildings with space of 278 square meters building area and a land area of 200 square meters and 230 square meters.
  • Standalone villas: Varied in size, with building area starting from 324 square meters, divided internally into 4 or 5 rooms with sea view.
  • 5-bedroom villas: with space of 530 square meters with a land area starts from 200 square meters to 230 square meters, with rooms overlooking the Landscape or the sea.
  • Chalets: Available in a number of different divisions, chalets range from one bedroom to 3 rooms, while chalets space range from 82 square meters to 167 square meters.

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Units Prices in Cavo El Sokhna

  • Chalets prices range from 1,350,000 EGP up to 4,100,000 EGP.
  • Villas prices start from 11,700,000 EGP up to 1,900,000 EGP.
  • Townhouses prices range from 4,400,000 EGP up to 6,200,000 EGP.

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Booking & Payment Systems

The real estate developer who owns this project has made several systems in order to pay the due amount in full, the best of which is that the customer pays up to 5% of the unit value as downpayment, and the rest of the amount is paid in installments up to 6 years via equal payments over 27 months, customers receive residential units after they are fully finished, book your residential unit in the Resort with the lowest downpayment and no interest and the longest repayment period.

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The Developer of The Compound

Travco Properties is the executing company, a leading company in real estate development and project construction, despite its outstanding real estate design but it is the smallest company of Travco Group. Travco has succeeded in the field of hospitality and tourism for 35 years, and currently, it is managing several hotels and resorts in the Middle East as well as Europe, it was founded in 2014, with a number of employees of more than 60 employees, it has several projects including:

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  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa

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