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Murano Wadi Degla Ain Sokhna

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Project Description

Project Name: MURANO.

About the Project: it is one of the best projects by Wadi Degla.

MURANO Sokhna Location: Ataka Mountains overlooking the Red Sea.

Murano Wadi Degla Space: 111 acres.

Murano Developer Name: Wadi Degla Developments.

Units Type: chalets - standalone villas - duplexes.

Murano Chalets Space: It starts from 123 m² up to 178 m².

Payment Methods: 10% downpayment and installment of the total amount up to 6 years.

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Murano Wadi Degla

Murano Wadi Degla El Sokhna was established on 111 acres and it is the best compound with exquisite designs from Wadi Degla, a pioneer company in real estate design, it is characterized by magnificent green spaces, with a 750-meter long beach, Murano Wadi Degla is a very distinct project and contains landscapes as It's an integrated compound with multiple benefits, providing you with different residential units of villas, duplexes, and chalets, with great designs, as well as Wadi Degla Ain Sokhna project's vibrant facilities, restaurants, cafes, and other services within Murano Wadi Degla Ain Sokhna Compound.

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The stunning location of Murano Wadi Degla Village in Ain Sokhna that stands out thanks to its strategic location

The developing company was keen to choose the geographical location to implement Murano Wadi Degla Ain Sokhna compound, knowing that it is a key element to attract ambitious customers and investors near the vital areas that meet the needs of customers

The most important landmarks near Murano Ain Sokhna Village:

  • Murano Wadi Degla Ain Sokhna village is located 5 km from Al Qatameya Road.
  • The distance between Murano Wadi Degla Ain Sokhna village and Suez Road is very short.
  • Ease of going from Murano Wadi Degla Sokhna village to Cairo through Wadi Degla in just one hour.
  • Murano Wadi Degla Ain Sokhna Resort is located near the New Administrative Capital.

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Murano Wadi Degla Sokhna design that combines elegance and innovation

Murano Wadi Degla Ain Sokhna village is one of the most important coastal villages in the area. The developing company implemented it on a large area, where the largest part of the total area was allocated to the vast green spaces and charming natural scenery, and the remaining part for the units and facilities. Wadi Degla Ain Sokhna project is distinguished by many advantages, including the unique architectural design, which was implemented by the most skilled engineers and architects with long experiences, in addition to the presence of a 750 meter beach, which gives the units a wonderful panoramic view, to spend the happiest times with their family and close friends.

Murano Wadi Degla Ain Sokhna village designs that mimic the international level were adopted, as Wadi Degla Ain Sokhna project has the best decorations and internal finishes that suit all tastes, as all its details reflect beauty and creativity in order to become one of the most important and best coastal resorts in the area.

Learn about the most important services and facilities of Murano Ain Sokhna, with us

  • Recreation and comfort were among the priorities that the developer is keen on, so it has provided an integrated health club with a spa house, jacuzzi, sauna, and many other recreational services.
  • And for more luxury and fun, a wonderful (Hot Spring) was designed inside Wadi Degla village, which is a large place with warm water that helps the body to fully relax.
  • A large gymnasium with modern equipment and the necessary equipment to practice your favorite sport continuously.
  • Fun times are irreplaceable, so Club House has been provided with the highest level of entertainment services that make times with friends and family very unique.
  • It includes a large walkway on a huge area paved for safe running or cycling.
  • Swimming pools of various sizes are suitable for adults and children.
  • A large commercial area of ​​about 8,500 square meters has everything you need from the various necessities that you and your family need, and the shops inside it offer many brands and international brands.
  • A dining area with many restaurants and cafes that provide residents with high-quality services in Murano Sokhna.
  • Excellent entertainment places for children, including many entertaining games for them.
  • Electric elevators help residents to move between the different units in Murano Wadi Degla Properties.
  • A mosque built in the Islamic style and sterilized on an ongoing basis to maintain the public health of worshipers.
  • Maintenance and organization services teams provide necessary maintenance for facilities and units at Murano Wadi Degla Project.
  • A garage designed to accommodate several cars to maintain the aesthetic shape of the place.
  • A tight security system with many surveillance cameras that monitor all movements in Murano Wadi Degla resort and provide security and protection for the residents.

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What are you waiting for to get the best features inside Murano Sokhna?

Murano is truly Murano Wadi Degla El Sokhna resort of beauty, as it is full of various features and services that make it unique and very distinctive and make the residents enjoy an unforgettable vacation. In the following, we will explain to you some of the distinctive features of Murano resort:

  • Its exceptional location inside the heart of Ain Sokhna, directly on the seashore, it is close to a large group of vital areas and different roads, making it easy to move to and from it.
  • Murano resort has a large beach extending about 750 meters, which makes all units distinctly overlook a wonderful view.
  • A stunning design on which Murano village was built, Wadi Dela Resort is indeed a place that simulates the best international tourist resorts in terms of beauty and distinction, and it also has many exquisite decorations and details that increase the splendor and elegance of the place.
  • There is a lot of beautiful greenery in Murano Sokhna spread throughout the place giving a wonderful view combined in an innovative way with the water bodies and the white sand of the beach.
  • A strong infrastructure in Murano resort, which makes it expand to many diverse services and facilities that serve the residents permanently.

Residential Units Spaces in Murano Resort

There is a diversity of units followed by a variety of spaces, and all units within the compound overlook the sea, and the area of the units depends on its type as follows:

  • Spaces of ground floor apartments consisting of 2 floors, starts from 90 m² up to 265 m².
  • Murano Villas' space starts from 238 m² up to 248 m².
  • 2-rooms chalets space starts from 56 m² up to 90 m².

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  • 3-rooms chalets space starts from 90 m² up to 265 m².
  • Duplexes space starts from 174 m² up to 178 m², and spaces are as follows:
  1. Duplexes with garden and half of the first floor are with space starts from 174 m².
  2. Duplexes on the ground floor with a garden and corner are with space starts from 196 m².

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Units Prices within Murano Project

The prices of units vary, where there are 178 m² chalets priced at 1,900,000 EGP, 174 m² chalets at a price of 2,300,000 EGP, besides other spaces for chalets and also duplexes, villas, and apartments, there are differences in the spaces and therefore the difference in prices depending on each unit area, Murano Sokhna is more than just a regular resort, it is a multi-units resort so you can choose the unit you are looking for as you wish.

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Booking & Payment Systems in Murano El Sokhna

The payment system varies as the residential units in the compound, where the payment is a certain percentage and the rest in installments, as follows:

  • As for ground floor units in the first and second phases, the payment is 10% down payment for the unit booking, and 10% second payment after 3 months, while the rest is divided over 6 years.
  • Duplex units in the first and second phases are paid in 5% downpayment and 10% after three months, with the rest in installments over 6 years.
  • Phase 1 units are delivered with a full finishing system as soon as contracted, while phase II units with a full finishing system delivered in December 2020, and phase III units will be delivered in December 2021.
  • Price: starting from 1,600,000 EGP.
  • Delivery date: December 2019.

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Disadvantages of Murano Wadi Degla Village

Although some people may consider delivering units on red brick a weakness in Murano Wadi Degla El Sokhna project, this comes as a unique feature that allows buyers to furnish their units according to their taste and add their personal touches. In addition, Murano Wadi Degla Sokhna units are offered at competitive prices, with flexible payment plans, making it an ideal option for those looking for luxury and security at the same time.

Take a tour of our developer's vision that embraces innovation and pushes boundaries!

Wadi Degla Real Estate Development Company is the owner of Murano Wadi Degla Ain Sokhna village, which is one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development and providing many projects with a high level of efficiency and sophistication, in cooperation with an elite group of the most important engineers and architects with high competencies, and gaining the trust of its customers by delivering units on time with high quality rivaling the international level, and among the most important projects implemented by the developing company are:

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Become part of the future: Ain Sokhna and its vision for a bright tomorrow!

Ain Sokhna is one of the most famous tourist resorts in Egypt and with continuous development and ongoing improvements, Ain Sokhna aspires to become a leading futuristic destination for luxury tourism and real estate investments.

Ain Sokhna emerged as one of the major tourist destinations in Egypt in the 1970s and 1980s. Over time, it started becoming known for its pristine beaches and beautiful scenic views. But recently, we are witnessing a major shift in Ain Sokhna's vision and aspirations for the future.

Ain Sokhna aims to develop itself as a comprehensive community with entertainment, shopping, culture and education. It seeks to provide high quality services and advanced infrastructure for both visitors and residents. To realize this vision, it has launched many massive, luxurious real estate projects in Ain Sokhna.

All these new projects and investments reflect Ain Sokhna's vision for a bright tomorrow. They aim to provide exclusive experiences for visitors and residents, and create an amazing, sustainable environment to live and enjoy everything Ain Sokhna has to offer.

Additionally, Ain Sokhna is an ideal base for hosting major sporting and entertainment events. It annually hosts many festivals, sports championships and lively music concerts.

Ain Sokhna is steadily and attractively marching towards the future. Many expect it to become an essential destination for tourism and investment in the coming years. With continuous development and improvements, Ain Sokhna's vision for a bright future remains alive and strong.

You deserve true luxury... found in Ain Sokhna resorts!

In the presence of beautiful natural scenery and a gorgeous sea front, Ain Sokhna resorts are the ideal place to enjoy an atmosphere of comfort and grandeur. These resorts in northern Red Sea in Egypt provide visitors with a true experience of luxury.

Ain Sokhna resorts are characterized by their elegant, modern design, combining luxurious buildings and high-end facilities. The resorts offer a variety of activities and amenities that ensure a luxurious and enjoyable experience for guests.

The resorts feature stunning private beaches where guests can enjoy soft sands and clear blue waters. There are also opportunities to engage in water sports like diving, surfing and water skiing, making the place ideal for adventure and sports enthusiasts.

The resort provides many luxurious recreational facilities for guests, including international restaurants serving the most delicious local and global cuisines. Additionally, there are many spas where guests can relax and rejuvenate with a range of treatments and relaxing massages.

Moreover, the area has a number of magnificent tourist attractions that guests can explore, like the Red Mountains and nearby islands. Exploring these sites provides an opportunity for guests to appreciate the natural beauty surrounding the resorts, and experience local culture.

Ain Sokhna resorts are a premier destination for those seeking comfort and relaxation in luxurious, enchanting surroundings. The resorts provide an experience that truly deserves luxury. No wonder Ain Sokhna resorts are a beloved destination for many local and international visitors looking to enjoy everything this beautiful region has to offer.

Between proximity and distinction: Discover the resorts adjacent to Murano Wadi Degla Village Ain Sokhna!

The Ain Sokhna area in Egypt is one of the most famous tourist destinations overlooking the Red Sea and is characterized by its beautiful beaches and gorgeous natural environment. Among the tourist resorts located in this area, Murano Wadi Degla Village Ain Sokhna stands out as one of the great places with many distinctive services and facilities.

If you want to discover more adjacent resorts to Murano Wadi Degla Village Ain Sokhna and enjoy a distinctive accommodation experience, here is a list of some resorts you can explore in the area:

  1. LaVista Ray Resort: LaVista Ray Resort is one of the most prominent resorts adjacent to Murano Wadi Degla Village Ain Sokhna. This resort offers luxurious accommodation and comprehensive facilities such as swimming pools, private beaches, and elegant restaurants. The resort also enjoys an exceptional location overlooking the Red Sea, allowing guests to enjoy breathtaking sea views.

  2. Stella Di Mare Resort: Stella Di Mare Resort is another great destination in Ain Sokhna. The resort is characterized by its white sandy beaches and luxurious facilities. The resort also includes a variety of recreational activities such as diving and surfing, providing guests with a unique and exciting experience.

  3. Blue Bay Jory Ain Sokhna: Blue Bay Jory Resort offers comfortable accommodation and world-class facilities in Ain Sokhna. The resort enjoys a tranquil location on the Red Sea beach and provides exceptional service to its guests. The resort also includes restaurants, cafes, spas, and a large swimming pool, allowing guests to relax and enjoy breathtaking sea views.

  4. Majada Ain Sokhna: Majada Resort is one of the newest resorts in Ain Sokhna. The resort features standalone residential units with modern designs and integrated facilities. Located on the Red Sea beach, the resort provides guests with an exceptional experience in a relaxed, tranquil atmosphere.

  5. Jebal Village Ain Sokhna: Jebal Resort is an ideal destination for an exceptional vacation in Ain Sokhna. The resort features private sandy beaches, swimming pools, and diverse restaurants. The resort is also distinguished by many fun activities such as diving, surfing, and boat trips.

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Ataka Mountains overlooking the Red Sea Ain Sokhna

49 Units


Wadi Degla Developments.

49 Units

10% downpayment and installment of the total amount up to 6 years.

111 acres.


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