Pyramids Mall New Capital

From 4,400,000 EGP
Status Completed
Delivery Date 2022
Developed by: Pyramids

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Project Name: Pyramids Mall.

Project Location: It is located in the middle of the New Administrative Capital in front of Al Masa Hotel and close to the Green River.

About the mall: It is an administrative, commercial, hotel mall located in one of the best places within the New Capital, offering customers various integrated services.

Project Area: it is established on an area of 45000 square meters.

Units Types: commercial units - administrative units - medical clinics.

Meter Price: it starts at 110,000 EGP up to 130,000 EGP as a maximum.

The executing company: Pyramids Developments.

Payment methods: The contract is made by paying a 10% down payment and installments over 10 years without interest.

Take the best investment opportunity at Pyramids Mall in the New Administrative Capital

This mall will not only enable you to invest in Egypt's largest national project, the New Administrative Capital but will give you the opportunity to get the highest return on investment and endless benefits, especially since you will get the best price and the easiest payment system to make big profits in a short period of time.

Pyramids Mall Location New Administrative Capital

The unique location in the New Administrative Capital is the mall’s most important point of strength, because it is located in the dynamic Downtown area, in the central part of the New Capital, and close to a number of famous hotels, particularly Al Masa hotel in front of gate 3. A lively location such as this is one of the most important elements necessary for the success of any commercial and investment project.

Having a unit within the mall means that you will be able to attract a large number of customers and clients, because it is close to many important areas, projects, and residential neighborhoods inhabited by a large population, such as the following:

  • Green River.
  • Central Region.
  • Diplomatic Quarter.
  • Business District.
  • Government District.
  • Exhibition Zone.
  • 7th Residential District.
  • 8th Residential District.
  • Solas New Capital.

The mall is also close to the main axes of the New Capital, it directly faces the main axis which is about 130 meters wide. This facilitates movement to and from the project.

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Pyramids Mall New Capital Space and Design

The mall covers a large space of 45,000 square meters, which includes a variety of units that suit commercial, administrative or even medical activities. In other words, the unit types available are as follows: shops, administrative offices, and medical clinics. The remaining percentage of the land is occupied by green spaces, services, and recreational facilities.

Pyramida Mall is made up of several floors, with the ground floor dedicated entirely to commercial units. The entire mall enjoys the most luxurious design, inspired by modern international malls with a few unique touches to make it stand out.

The luxury of Pyramids New Capital is not an accident, but a deliberate result of hard work and good planning by a team of highly qualified experts, consultants, and engineers. This enabled them to launch a project that impresses customers and investors.

Services and Features in Pyramids Mall New Capital

There are many reasons why Pyramids Mall is an excellent investment opportunity. Some of these reasons include the services and features available, which range from the essential to the recreational, such as:

  • The presence of the mall in the New Capital is one of its most important advantages because the city has a complete infrastructure and all basic facilities such as electricity, water, and communications networks, in addition to regular maintenance, ensuring a high return on investment because it is a major national project.
  • The wide variety of units within Pyramida Mall, including commercial, administrative, medical, and hotel-style units. The commercial units are delivered with semi-finishing, including basic wall finishes and marble floors.
  • Customers can rent out the commercial unit while still paying installments.
  • Units are delivered after 2.5 years from the date of the contract, which is not a very long time for such projects.
  • Pyramida Mall New Capital is attached to the largest water skiing venue in all of Egypt.
  • The mall units can be purchased with unique payment systems, which are some of the best available in the real estate market.
  • The mall has a number of meeting rooms to meet your various business needs.
  • The project is equipped with exquisite and unconventional designs, including a unique dancing fountain.
  • Fun entertainment services such as aquariums, and entertainment shows, including a dolphin show.
  • The supermarket inside the mall has all the goods that visitors or even unit owners may need.
  • A spacious mosque built on 68 acres.
  • Security and guard personnel are available throughout the day. Surveillance cameras operate at all times as well.
  • Luxurious architectural designs for all buildings.
  • Completely secure parking allows visitors and unit owners to park their cars inside.
  • Cinemas inside Pyramids Mall provide another service for all visitors who want to shop and entertain themselves at the same time.
  • To further organizing and prevent overcrowding in the place, an entrance has been allocated to each of the administrative, hotel-style, and medical units.
  • The cafes in the mall are very luxurious and offer high-end service to their customers.
  • The restaurants at the mall are no less luxurious than the cafes, and they all serve delicious menus and a varied cuisine.
  • There are several main entrances to the mall so there is no crowding, the buildings are also equipped with electric escalators and elevators.
  • Green spaces surround the various mall buildings to provide a more refined landscape.
  • Many activities to entertain and satisfy all visitors of the mall, whether adults or children.

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Owner Company Portfolio

The mall is owned by Pyramids Developments, which is one of the leading real estate investment companies operating in Egypt. It is also partnered with the Armed Forces.

The company originated in France but is currently owned by two businessmen: Engineer Hisham Al Kholi and Alaa Al Kholi. They also own Pyramids Company for Import and Export, which is one of the largest Egyptian companies exporting to Europe.

The two engineers own about 3,000 acres in Al Gharbia governorate, and they launched the company's first branch in Cairo in 1984, and in France during 1989. The company's investments amount to 200 million euros.

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The company has been investing in residential projects since 2013, and although it has launched many of its projects in France, it has occupied a significant position in the real estate sector in Egypt.

The company has cooperated with the famous Hussein Sabbour Group to launch luxury and modern projects in the New Administrative Capital.

This mall is the eighth of the company's projects in New Capital. Some of their best projects in Egypt include:

The company previous projects in France include the following

  • Holiday Inn Hotel.
  • Reforms in the Louvre Museum and the French Parliament.

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Unit prices

Take the opportunity to book a unit within the mall at a very special price. Despite its strategic location and many services, the prices are reasonable and generally range from 90,000 up to 170,000. The price is determined by the type of unit and its location within the mall.

Payment Systems

Pyramids Mall units are not only offered at reasonable prices, but there’s also a number of flexible payment systems available to choose from. These systems are detailed as follows:

  • 30% downpayment with a yearly return of 12%. The first installment is paid after unit delivery.
  • 35% downpayment with a yearly return of 14%. The first installment is paid after unit delivery.
  • 40% downpayment with a yearly return of 16%. The first installment is paid after unit delivery.
  • 5% downpayment, with another 5% paid after 3 months from the date of the contract. The remaining amount is paid in installments for 8 years. 10% is paid for maintenance, also in the form of installments.
  • 10% downpayment, with the remaining amount paid in installments for 10 years, plus an additional 10% maintenance paid in installments.
  • 25% downpayment (can be divided into installments). The remaining amount is paid in installments after receiving the unit.

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  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Water Fountains
  • Cinema

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