Pyramids Mall New Capital

From 4,400,000 EGP
Status Completed
Delivery Date 2022
Developed by: Pyramids



Project Name: Pyramids Mall.

Project Location: It is located in the middle of the New Administrative Capital in front of Al Masa Hotel and close to the Green River.

About the mall: It is an administrative, commercial, hotel mall located in one of the best places within the New Capital, offering customers various integrated services.

Project Area: it is established on an area of 45000 square meters.

Units Types: commercial units - administrative units - medical clinics.

Meter Price: it starts at 110,000 EGP up to 130,000 EGP as a maximum.

The executing company: Pyramids Developments.

Payment methods: The contract is made by paying a 10% down payment and installments over 10 years without interest.

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All information and advantages of Pyramids Mall in the New Administrative Capital

It is the eighth project, which was established by Pyramids Developments Company in the New Administrative Capital, specifically in the Downtown area. It is the first and largest commercial hotel mall there that enjoys the vital location in front of the Green River Park and the famous Al Masa Hotel.

It attracts a lot of customers thanks to its location in the center of the Capital, as well as its competitive prices and flexible payment systems, making it an irreplaceable investment opportunity.

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Pyramids Mall Master Plan

It is an administrative hotel mall located in the best places within the New Administrative Capital, offering customers integrated and diverse services, the most prominent of which is the provision of a large space to allow water skiing.

The mall is designed in a unique architectural style, knowing that the Administrative Capital has a good and modern infrastructure, where the networks of service facilities, whether electricity, water, or communications are placed inside tunnels to maintain them, which facilitates periodic maintenance, making the Administrative Capital not at risk of flooding or interruption of daily life.

The investment revenue of the Administrative Capital is very large, as the return on the first year of operation exceeds the revenue achieved by the gold mines and the banks.

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Pyramids Mall Location

The mall has a vibrant geographical location, this is explained by the following:

  • It is located in the center of the New Administrative Capital in front of the well-known Al Masa Hotel, and it is also very close to both the central area and the Green River Park.
  • The mall is located in the center of the Administrative Capital and has a large number of residential projects, attracting huge numbers of customers, especially those living in the R7+ R8 neighborhoods to visit the mall, and this is a great opportunity for investors to achieve a good financial revenue.
  • It is near a number of vital places, such as the Government District, The Central Business District, the Fair Zone, and the Diplomatic Quarter.
  • One of the most important features of the site is that it is located in the Administrative Capital, which contains a number of important projects, such as Solas New Capital.

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The services provided in the mall

  • The mall has a variety of units including administrative, commercial, and medical.
  • It has large meeting rooms.
  • A range of restaurants offering world-class services to customers is also available.
  • Aquarium (large fish tank), with a number of entertainment shows, offers to customers, including dolphin and ice skating.
  • In the center of the mall, there is a charming dancing fountain.
  • There is a parking area.
  • Within the project, there is also a large supermarket with all the goods and products available.
  • There is a high-level security system, security crews deployed throughout the week for 24 hours, as well as the latest modern surveillance cameras.
  • There are vast areas of green spaces and landscape that give the place more charming and beauty.
  • There are a theatre and a range of cinemas including VIP cinema and 4D cinema.
  • There is a venue for parties on various occasions.
  • There are a variety of water bodies.
  • There are spaces for walking and enjoying the fresh air, as well as recreational areas.

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Area of Pyramids New Capital

The mall has an area of about 45,000 square meters and contains various units including administrative units that can be offices, commercial units to set up shops, and medical clinics in various specialties.

Unit areas vary to suit all customers according to their tastes and needs, with the ground floor including commercial units.

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Units prices and payment systems

Pyramids Developments company has made the prices of units within the mall very affordable, making a significant financial profit for granted compared to the prices of units in other projects, as the price per square meter inside the mall starts from 110,000 Egyptian pounds up to 130,000 pounds as a maximum.

In addition to the flexible and easy payment systems provided by the company to customers in convenient installments in exchange for owning or renting a unit within Pyramids Mall. The commercial units are delivered in a semi-finished system, where only marble floors are made in addition to core and shell, with the application of the rental authorization system, i.e. the customer paying the first installment after renting his unit, and the payment systems are as follows:

  • System 1: Pay 5% as a reservation and contract down payment, and another 5% will be paid a second payment three months after the first payment date, with the remaining amount to be paid in easy interest-free installments over a full 8 years.
  • System 2: The customer will pay a contract down payment of only 10% of the total unit price, after which the rest of the price will be paid over a period of 10 years, in the form of installments each month without interest at all.
  • The third system (25% down payment with no return): The customer will pay the first installment of the unit price after receipt, knowing that the company offers the opportunity to divide the contract down payment by 5% down payment, 5% after three months, and 3% payment each month over five consecutive months.

  • The fourth system (payment system of 30% down payment with a return of up to 12%): The first installment is paid after receiving the unit, the buyer can divide the 30% down payment into installments over a full year, knowing that the interest rate inevitably varies.

  • The fifth system (35% down payment with a return of up to 14%): the first installment is paid after the customer receives its unit, and can divide the down payment in installments for a full year, in which case the interest rate will vary.

  • The sixth and final system (payment of 40% down payment with a return of up to 16%): where the client receives his unit first and then begins to pay the first installment, knowing that there is an option to installment the down payment in installments over one year with a difference in the value of the annual interest.

The owner undertakes to deliver the units within two and a half years of the date of the contract.

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The owner company and its previous projects

Pyramids Developments is the owner and developer of Pyramids New Capital, it is one of the companies that occupy the leading position in this field in the Egyptian market, and has been working for a long time in cooperation with the armed forces

The company is owned by businessmen Engineer Hisham Al Kholi and Engineer Alaa Al Kholi, owners of Pyramids Import and Export Company, in addition to owning 3,000 acres in Al Gharbia Governorate.

The first branch of the company was opened in Egypt in 1984, and then in 1989 the second branch was opened in France, with a volume of about 1.2 billion Euro, and owns successful projects in Egypt and France, most notably the following:

The company previous projects in France

  • The company has also carried out some projects in France, including recent repairs at Louvre Museum in Paris.
  • Reforms in the French Parliament.
  • Finally the establishment of Holiday Inn Hotel.

The company previous projects in Egypt

  • The establishment of the Air Force Hospital and El Galala Road in Egypt.
  • El Galala Road.
  • Contributing to the implementation of the infrastructure of the New Administrative Capital.
  • Tulip Hotels Group in Egypt.
  • Establishment of Al Mosheer Tantawi Mosque in 5th Settlement.
  • La Capital New Alamein project.
  • Sky City Project Al Galala.

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The company previous projects in The Administrative Capital

Properties for sale


  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Water Fountains
  • Cinema

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