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La Capitale New Capital Compound Pyramids Developments

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Project Description

Project Name: La Capitale East.

About La Capitale East New Capital: An integrated residential compound by Pyramids Real Estate, located near Expo City and Central Business District.

La Capitale East Space: 30 acres.

La Capitale East Location: in the heart of New Administrative Capital - M2, the 7th residential District R7.

La Capitale Developer Name: Pyramids Developments.

Payment Methods: 10% up to 0% downpayment and rest via installment period start from 8 years up to 15 years.

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La Capitale East New Capital

Pyramids Real Estate Development has disclosed the latest residential artifacts that it has recently implemented within the New Administrative Capital, as it is a huge company that has implemented a number of residential projects within the New Administrative Capital, which has become an attraction and investment area for a number of Developers and investors as a distinct start to a number of residential projects as the best investment area, it is one of the most important future cities.

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The Location of La Capitale East Pyramids

Located in plot M2, the 7th residential District R7, Administrative Capital, located near many vital places.

Major Landmarks Near to La Capitale New Capital:

  • Steps away from Fairground and the Canadian University.

  • La Capitale is the connecting point between the edges of the New Capital and the British University.
  • La Capitale Minutes from the diplomatic quarter.
  • La Capitale is close to the Central Business District and a number of embassies.

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Look for a unique and amazing experience in architectural design with our one of a kind project La Capitale East Compound New Capital

The developing company was keen to make the La Capitale East project in the New Administrative Capital an architectural masterpiece with sophisticated designs that mimic European cities. So it hired the most important consultants, architects and designers to develop designs and engineering plans for the project according to international standards. Decor was created that combines authenticity and modernity in a captivating way for the exterior of the units with colors harmonious with the surrounding nature of green spaces and artificial lakes. The project has also been divided as follows:

  • La Capitale East Pyramids New Capital City was built on an area of up to 30 acres.
  • Green spaces, plazas and water surfaces occupied the largest part of the project, and the rest for residential units and buildings.
  • The project includes residential apartments in different sizes.

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Enjoy a wide and unlimited variety of units and spaces that we offer you to choose what suits you in La Capitale East Compound New Capital

The large area and precise division of spaces in La Capitale East Compound New Capital helped provide units in different sizes, so that the client can easily obtain the unit that suits their needs from the following areas:

  • The area of units in La Capital Compound starts from 70 square meters.

Major Services Provided by La Capitale East compound

  • Swimming pools: the spaces and sizes within Pyramids New Capital compound varied to match the old and the young, as well as the allocation of some pools to the ladies to ensure a large area of privacy and distribute them equally with the compound area and it is ideally organized in front of the units to show La Capitale compound in an orderly manner and a distinctive aesthetic view.

  • Green spaces: All units within the compound are surrounded by large spaces to increase the ideal and upscale atmosphere that works for calm, comfort of eyes and nerves, some of which are allocated to the family gathering areas and private outdoor barbecue areas.

  • Gym and Spa.
  • Sports fields for all different activities.
  • Landscapes: Distributed in a distinctive geometric style and covering Pyramids compound area to give the best view of the enchanting nature at its best.
  • Artificial Lakes: Increases the aesthetic sense of the compound and gives perfect colors that are consistent with the green color of nature, especially with units overlooking lakes and swimming pools.
  • Shopping Malls: it contains a number of shops with the most famous brands at Pyramids New Capital Compound.
  • Cinemas.
  • Many restaurants and cafes.
  • Kids Area.
  • Pharmacies and hospitals: All medical supplies and medical services were provided to the residents of La Capital compound throughout the day.
  • Security and guarding: Operates 24 hours a day with a number of high-resolution cameras and some security systems.

Extra details about projects in New Capital Egypt

Do not wait long, attractive price offers and easy payment plans are waiting for you in La Capitale East Compound New Capital

The developing company did not just provide units in different sizes, but also offered competitive prices compared to what is offered in terms of features and services that are not available in any other residential project in the New Capital. So the client can obtain the unit that suits their financial capabilities through the following prices:

  • The price per meter of apartments for sale in La Capitale Compound starts from 18,000 up to 25,000 Egyptian pounds.

In addition to the prices of La Capitale East project, the owning company of the project provided flexible payment systems that reduce the financial burdens on the client, which are:

  • A residential unit can be obtained in the compound by paying 5% down payment, and after 3 months paying 5% and the rest over 8 years.
  • 10% down payment can be paid to book a unit in La Capitale East Pyramids and install the rest over 10 years.

There are also payment systems that provide a return on investment for the client through the following:

  • 30% can be paid upfront and the rest installed after receiving the unit, while getting 12% return on the down payment until receipt.
  • 35% of the total unit price can be paid and the first installment paid after receipt, while getting a return of up to 13% on the down payment.
  • 40% down payment can be made to book the unit and the rest after receipt, while ensuring the client gets a return of up to 14% on the down payment until the receipt date.
  • The residential units in Pyramids project will be delivered after 3 years from the contract date.

Disadvantages of La Capitale East Compound New Capital

Despite the many advantages known about La Capitale East Compound New Capital, some clients express concerns about the scheduled date for delivery of the units, considering it late for them. However, the company shows extreme care for product quality, as it aims to take the time necessary to ensure the delivery of top quality, fully finished units that meet the expectations and needs of residents.

Short History about The Developer of La Capitale Project

Pyramids Real Estate is the executing company and is one of the largest leading companies within the Egyptian market where the company initially entered the real estate field to develop projects, whether commercial or residential, the first thing that Pyramids sought was providing the client with a unique experience like no other in any other project, and the continuation of the company's very long-standing goal of satisfying everyone as the company has become one of the most important companies for real estate development and its acquisition of a number of important and key areas and locations throughout the Republic.

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Pyramids company has implemented many projects in a number of different areas inside and outside Egypt, including:

Executed works in Egypt

Highest level road and drainage network

Private and government hospitals for the armed forces.

A number of residential projects, including:

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As for the company works outside Egypt:

  • Some structural modifications at the Louvre museum in France.
  • Construction developments in the French Parliament.
  • Holiday Inn Paris Hotel in France.

And many different projects, it is a global company that sought to impose the distinctive company's trademark and make the client look for its projects in any location of the Republic, especially in the field of investment and real estate development, in an effort by the company to satisfy a lot of customers and increase purchasing power to enhance the investment value of all shareholders of different classes, in addition to offering the best creative designs with the best innovative quality to reach the latest projects in the New Administrative Capital, where it has developed its long and global experience.

La Capitale East New Capital project has been designed with the latest designs inspired by the contemporary French style, as well as the announcement earlier of Pyramids' collaboration with a number of experienced engineers to work on all the unique designs of La Capitale East.

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Get the best of advanced urban living: All you need to know about the New Administrative Capital!

The New Administrative Capital is one of the largest mega projects currently being implemented by the Egyptian government. This capital aims to meet the needs of population growth and economic development of the country, and is also an opportunity to create new job opportunities and develop new areas for housing and facilities.

The New Administrative Capital, located about 45 km northeast of Cairo, is one of the most advanced planned cities in the region, and its massive planning requirements began in 2015. The New Administrative Capital includes government, health, education, cultural, social and administrative facilities, and is home to government headquarters and various ministries.

One of the most prominent features that distinguish the New Administrative Capital is the advanced infrastructure, which includes an extensive network of highways and advanced public transportation, including a new metro line connecting the capital to Cairo. The advanced infrastructure aims to reduce traffic congestion and facilitate the movement of residents and workers in the city.

In addition, the New Administrative Capital provides huge opportunities for trade and investment in various sectors, including real estate, tourism, technology, renewable energy and heavy industries. Thanks to the available government facilities and procedures, the New Administrative Capital is an ideal place for companies and entrepreneurs to expand in the Egyptian market and grow their businesses.

In an attempt to enhance the cultural and recreational life in the city, the New Administrative Capital will see the establishment of a number of parks, theaters, sports centers, shopping malls and luxury restaurants. These areas will be an ideal place for everyone to enjoy their free time and have fun shopping and entertainment.

The New Administrative Capital is a symbol of urban development in Egypt, providing countless opportunities to achieve economic growth and enhance the quality of life for the population. This capital is a smart step towards a better and more sustainable future for Egypt and its people.

The quality of life you deserve in compounds of the New Administrative Capital!

The New Administrative Capital in Egypt is one of the most ambitious and massive projects in the world. This modern city has many advantages that make it an ideal destination for investors and residents alike. Among the main advantages of this new capital is the high quality of life deserved by its resident communities.

Many compounds in the New Administrative Capital are distinguished by their sophisticated and innovative design, providing a safe and quiet residential environment. The designs of apartments and villas within these compounds take into account the desires of the residents and meet their needs in terms of luxury and comfort.

The compounds in the New Administrative Capital also provide a wide range of entertainment services and facilities that contribute to the well-being of residents and improve their quality of life. These services include hospitals, international schools, shops, restaurants and cafes, which help provide all the residents' needs easily and comfortably.

In addition to these facilities, the New Administrative Capital provides advanced security and protection systems, such as 24-hour security cameras and guards. Additionally, the city enjoys a strategic location that allows proximity to key government facilities and major commercial institutions, providing easy access to them.

In these ways, the compounds of the New Administrative Capital help achieve a high quality of life for their residents, as they can enjoy luxury, security and comfort in a modern environment that opens doors to many vital opportunities and experiences. Relying on great design and distinctive facilities, the New Administrative Capital remains an ideal choice for investment and family living in Egypt.

The ideal choice: What are the distinctive compounds around La Capitale Compound, New Administrative Capital?

The New Administrative Capital area in Egypt is an ideal place for real estate investment, as many luxurious residential projects are being developed with the latest modern designs. One of these projects is La Capitale Compound in the New Administrative Capital by Pyramids Company.

The City Valley Compound New Administrative Capital:

  • This luxury compound is located just minutes away from La Capitale Compound.
  • It is distinguished by its modern architectural designs and a variety of residential units.
  • It provides many services and facilities such as swimming pools, gym clubs, and recreational areas.

Jnoub Compound New Administrative Capital:

  • Jnoub is one of the best compounds near the La Capitale area.
  • It provides a quiet and family-friendly residential environment.
  • It offers a wide range of residential units with unique designs that suit different tastes.

Vinci Compound New Administrative Capital:

  • This compound is distinguished by its strategic location close to many commercial and service areas in the New Administrative Capital.
  • It provides luxurious residential units with all the services and facilities necessary for modern life.

Boardwalk Compound New Administrative Capital:

  • This compound is located a short distance from La Capital and is distinguished by its central location.
  • It provides a wide range of residential units with unique and modern designs.
  • It includes vast green spaces and recreational areas to enjoy nature.

Easy steps to own your new unit in La Capitale Compound, New Administrative Capital via!

Easy steps to own your new unit in La Capitale Compound, New Administrative Capital via Egypt Real Estate website

If you are looking for a new residential unit in the New Administrative Capital, you can now easily own your new unit via Egypt Real Estate website. The New Administrative Capital is one of the leading real estate projects in Egypt, distinguished by beautiful landscapes and modern facilities.

1. Search for a suitable unit:
Visit the Egypt Real Estate website and use the search function to find a residential unit in La Capitale Compound, New Administrative Capital. You can specify important criteria for you such as area, number of rooms, and available facilities.

2. Conduct advanced search:
You can use the advanced search options on the Egypt Real Estate website to determine more specific criteria such as price, floor, finishes, etc. The website will display options matching your requirements.

3. Review details and photos:
Click on the displayed unit to view details, specifications, and photos. You can view location map and nearby service areas.

4. Contact us:
If you are interested in a particular unit, you can contact the real estate developer responsible for the project. You can ask questions and get more information about the property.

5. Booking and payment:
Once you decide to own the unit, you can book via the Egypt Real Estate website. This requires paying the booking amount specified by the real estate developer.

6. Unit handover:
After completing all legal procedures and paying due amounts, you will receive ownership documents and unit handover. You can now start designing and furnishing the unit according to your needs.

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Shopping center
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Health club and Spa
Water Fountains
Aqua park
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the heart of New Administrative Capital, the 7th residential District R7.

3,600,000 EGP


Pyramids Developments.

34 Units

10% down payment and the rest in installments up to 15 years

30 acres.


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