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Scarta New Capital Compound Makkah Developments

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Project Description

Project Name: Scarta.

About Scarta Project: a high residential compound located near the British University, Al Sefarat Neighbourhood, and Expo City.

Scarta Location: in the New Administrative Capital - R8.

Scarta New Capital Space: 20 acres.

The Developer Name: Makkah Real Estate Investment.

Scarta Units Type: Penthouses - Duplexes.

Scarta Units Space: starts from 80 m² up to 225 m².

Meter Price: starts from 7000 EGP.

Payment Systems: 10% to 20% downpayment and the rest via installments over 8 to 10 years.

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Scarta compound New Capital

Scarta Compound is one of the new projects announced by Makkah Real Estate Investment Company, one of the leading real estate companies in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Scarta new Capital compound was designed to provide you with the highest level of luxury and comfort, as well as the design is combining sophistication and civilization with eastern touch, 

Scarta compound new Capital compound is designed with the latest international designs combining classic sophistication with luxurious designs and spaces ranging from 80 m² to 225 m² to suit all categories, All units have a magnificent view of either green spaces or water bodies and industrial lakes, making it one of the distinctive projects in the New Administrative Capital.

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Scarta New Capital compound Location

Scarta Compound is located in the heart of the New Administrative Capital in a distinctive area of ​​the 8th district R8 on 20 acres .

The most important landmarks near Scarta New Capital Compound:

  • The regional ring road and the axis of Mohammed Bin Zayed, making it easy for you to enter and exit Scarta The Capital Compound.
  • In front of the Presidential Palace and the Opera House.
  • It is close to Al Sefarat Neighbourhood, Fairground, and the Cathedral.
  • Scarta is minutes from the international school and hospitals.
  • It is near the Green River and the British University.
  • Scarta Compound is located just a quarter of an hour from the Administrative Capital and the ministries district.

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Join us and discover the beauty and creativity we have added to make our project an umbrella for sophistication and excellence within Scerta New Administrative Capital Compound

An integrated residential project with exclusive services that meet all the requirements of clients and those looking for the most luxurious, comfortable and integrated life. The Makkah Real Estate Company was keen to present it in a unique unmatched way with modern features that suit clients with refined taste. It was also designed to be on a vast plot of land that includes green spaces and the most beautiful natural landscapes that account for the largest percentage of the total area.

And it decided to have luxurious architectural designs that are consistent with the modern era. All units overlook the distinctive landscapes of the landscape and artificial lakes that reflect psychological comfort on viewers. There is a variety between units within Scerta New Capital such as "residential apartments, duplexes, and penthouse" each of which enjoys luxurious decorations. The buildings are designed to consist of a ground floor with a garden entrance and 7 upper floors above it, and under each building there is a garage, and they are also delivered in a full finishing system.

Choose your ideal unit from among our diverse collection of units designed to provide you with luxury and comfort at the same time within Scarta Compound, New Administrative Capital

If you are looking for an integrated residential project that provides you with a unique luxurious lifestyle, it includes the largest number of integrated services and facilities that meet all your requirements and what you are looking for anywhere else. Here within the Scarta New Administrative Capital project, it was built on a large area. It includes the most unique features. As for the units inside it, they are different areas and types to give customers the freedom to choose the most suitable for you. The areas are as follows:

  • The areas within Makkak New Capital project start from: 80 square meters, divided into 2 bedrooms.

  • There are also units in Scarta New Administrative Capital Compound, divided into 2 bedrooms and a reception, with an area of ​​100 square meters.
  • There are units in Scarta New Capital Compound: with an area of ​​130 square meters, containing 3 rooms and a reception.
  • Scarta Compound units in the New Administrative Capital with an area of ​​145 square meters, containing 4 bedrooms.
  • There are units with an area of ​​200 square meters, containing about 4 rooms.
  • There are large units up to 225 square meters, including 5 rooms.

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Life Features Inside Scarta New Capital compound

Scarta New Capital is one of the most distinctive projects in the New Administrative Capital that characterized by:

  1. The distinctive location in the middle of the New Capital is next to all services.
  2. A distinctive view of each residential unit, where the majority of residential units overlook the landscape, artificial lakes, and green spaces.
  3. It offers a lot of payment and installment systems.

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Get to know with us about the various services and facilities within Scarta New Capital

The developer company of Scarta The Capital compound worked to provide a lot of various services that enable you to live life with ease and enjoy your time in a different and distinctive way inside the place, so we will show you in the next lines a set of facilities that were provided in Scarta Administrative Capital:

  • Makkah New Capital includes a large commercial mall with a number of shops that provide you with the supplies that you and your family need.
  • A dining area with restaurants and major cafes that provide distinguished services in an atmosphere of calm inside Scarta Compound.
  • Providing an international nursery that offers your children the best educational level with advanced teaching systems at Scarta.
  • A children's area with fun and entertaining games for them inside Scarta The Capital Compound.
  • A large track, paved and equipped, so that you can enjoy your morning sports with all comfort, and also enable you to ride the bikes safely inside Scarta Project.
  • A large sports club with playgrounds suitable for a number of different sports such as basketball, tennis and golf courses as well in Scarta.
  • An integrated health club with a spa, jacuzzi, and a variety of activities that ignite you, recreation, and comfort in Scarta
  • A large gym with modern and advanced equipment and supervised by professional trainers who always provide you with assistance.
  • A large mosque that can accommodate a huge number of worshipers and is constantly sterilized inside Scarta New Capital.
  • A large administrative building that provides various services to the residents of Scarta The Capital compound.
  • A social club with a variety of activities to consolidate bonds between residents of Makkah New Capital Compound.
  • Clinics inside Scarta New Capital equipped at the highest medical level and with several specialties are available to serve the population around the clock.
  • A large garage dedicated to each unit in order to reduce overcrowding and overcrowding within Scarta New Capital compound.
  • Advanced security systems responsible for providing security and protection within Scarta project.

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Do not hesitate and do not miss the opportunity, amazing offers and comfortable payment plans are waiting for you to complete your perfect experience with us within Scarta New Administrative Capital Compound

Makkah Real Estate Company always strives to serve its distinguished customers and provide them with the best services that suit their high level. Prices have been announced A competitive package that helps you buy the unit you want and suits your purchasing desires, and the best flexible payment systems have been launched to pay the total amount over many long years and without interest, which are:

  • The price per meter starts within Scarta New Capital Compound: from 7,000 Egyptian pounds.

  • You can pay a 10% down payment of the unit price, and install the rest over 8 years.
  • Or a 15% down payment of the unit price within Scerta New Capital, and install the rest over 9 years.
  • Or pay 20% of the unit price within Scerta New Capital project, and install the rest over 10 years.

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Disadvantages of Scarta New Capital Compound

Some may wonder why the delivery of units in Scarta New Capital was delayed even after four years. However, we must keep in mind that building a residential project of this size and luxury does not come without challenges, and the company's main goal is to provide a high-quality product to customers.

Emphasizing dedication and precision in design, applying the best standards in finishing, and paying attention to every minute detail makes the project an ideal place to live. For those wishing to invest, waiting for four years may be an opportunity to increase the value of the real estate unit as Makkah New Capital project develops and is completed.

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The real estate developer of Scarta Administrative Capital

Makkah Construction and Development Company is one of the real estate companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Since its establishment in 1989, it has been able to present many successful projects and add advanced technological methods to its various businesses.

The company has a strategic vision in developing the concepts of infrastructure and various engineering constructions that it undertakes within the business it provides to customers, and also always seeks to meet their needs in a better and more satisfactory manner.

One of the most important projects carried out by Makkah Company is Scarta Compound in the New Administrative Capital, which is an integrated model of development and modernity that the company is trying to provide within the various businesses, and it also contains many different features and services that make the residents live in a very special surrounding.

Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2021, and therefore it is changeable, and we, Real Estate Egypt, are keen to update the spaces and the list of residential and commercial units' types and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.

Explore the Rejuvenating Experience of Modern Living: Luxury and Premium Services in the New Administrative Capital!

The massive New Administrative Capital project represents a milestone in Egypt's development and modernization journey. This project embodies a qualitative leap in infrastructure and services provided to individuals. Through this modern city, Egypt aims to establish solid foundations for a prosperous future and open new horizons for a more sophisticated and efficient living experience.

The services available within the New Capital encompass a wide and diverse range, starting from the health sector equipped with the latest technologies and professional competencies, to the educational system aimed at preparing generations capable of competing and innovating.

The New Administrative Capital also boasts a rich recreational and cultural infrastructure, including parks, cultural centers, theaters, and other facilities capable of meeting the desires and needs of residents and visitors alike, adding another dimension to the city's daily life. On the other hand, the efforts made in developing an integrated transportation system within the New Administrative Capital reflect the state's commitment to providing comfort and efficiency in mobility, with public transportation services and multiple parking areas available to ensure smooth movement.

With this broad scope of services and facilities, the New Administrative Capital stands as an exemplary model of sophistication and development, and a testament to the will for reform and change towards a solid future vision. Efforts continue to enrich this project and expand its service base, not only to keep pace with global developments but also to shape a unique experience that meets the needs and aspirations of tomorrow's residents.

An Ideal Blend of Tranquility and Splendor in the New Administrative Capital!

The New Administrative Capital in Egypt stands out as an architectural and urban planning spectacle that blends elegance and innovation. This project paints a picture of modern Egypt, encompassing advanced architectural designs and unique urban planning approaches. The vast open spaces meet the organized streets to create an attractive and vibrant environment for all those who live or visit this city.

At the heart of the New Administrative Capital, contemporary commercial centers and endless green spaces provide a sense of comfort and relaxation. This unique environment also includes a wide range of vital facilities, including governmental and entertainment centers, making it a central hub for the country's social and economic activities.

The New Administrative Capital was established to be an administrative hub that brings together the elements of government, thus becoming the center of leadership and control in Egypt. It also attracts global investment attention due to the vast horizon of economic opportunities it offers, positioning it as an ideal location to become a major hub for trade and finance in the region. This translates into more job opportunities and an improved standard of living for residents.

The New Administrative Capital embodies Egypt's commitment to modernity and sustainable development, reflecting its aspirations for a better future. This project not only enhances the country's urban image but also elevates its status on the global stage as an example of innovation in urban planning and development.

Explore the Bright Aspects of the Compounds Neighboring Scarta Compound in the New Administrative Capital

The sophisticated residential compounds in the New Administrative Capital represent an ideal model for modern living that combines luxury and security. These compounds offer a diverse range of options to suit all tastes and requirements, from contemporary apartments to lavish villas. Each compound is designed to provide an exceptional living environment, with attention to the smallest details to ensure comfort and privacy.

The Curve Compound in the New Administrative Capital:
The Curve Compound is one of the compounds neighboring Scarta Compound in the New Administrative Capital. The compound is strategically located near many vital areas and services, making it an ideal choice for living and investment. The Curve Compound offers a range of amenities and facilities that contribute to an enhanced quality of life. This includes parks, barbeque areas, swimming pools, a sports club, and children's play areas. The compound also provides shopping venues, restaurants, and cafes.

La Verde Cassette Compound in the New Administrative Capital:
La Verde Cassette Compound epitomizes luxury and serenity, offering a range of upscale and modern amenities and facilities. Among its standout features are vast green spaces, elegant swimming pools, and integrated shopping centers that cater to all the needs and desires of residents. The residential units come in diverse designs, offering a wide range of choices, from apartments of various sizes to spacious duplexes, all equipped with the latest fixtures and finishes.

Stella Park Compound in the New Administrative Capital:
Stella Park Compound ensures privacy and peace of mind, with a design that caters to the needs of residents and a comprehensive security system that includes round-the-clock security and modern surveillance systems, allowing residents to enjoy the utmost safety. Additionally, the compound offers numerous recreational and social amenities, such as fitness clubs and children's play areas, to enhance the unique living experience for residents.

Yaru Compound in the New Administrative Capital:
Yaru Compound in the New Administrative Capital is an embodiment of sophistication and excellence, with a special focus on providing living spaces that suit all families. The compound features water fountains and green spaces that add vibrancy and beauty to the surrounding environment, while commercial facilities offer residents a complete shopping experience. The residential units range from modern apartments to luxurious villas, all designed to meet the residents' aspirations for comfort and elegance.

These residential compounds in the New Administrative Capital serve as a magnet for those seeking luxury and security, thanks to their premium services and meticulously designed residential units. The diversity of available options reflects these compounds' commitment to meeting the needs and desires of residents, making them an ideal choice for those seeking a place that combines comfort, elegance, and safety.

Make your partner in the journey of finding your new home in Scarta Compound, New Administrative Capital!

Searching for a new residence within the New Administrative Capital presents a golden investment opportunity, and the Scarta project stands out as a leading destination that meets the requirements of different individuals and tastes. This compound is distinguished by the diversity of its residential units, ranging from elegant to contemporary, making it a vibrant investment choice. For those seeking to acquire a property within this compound, here are some concise guidelines that can facilitate your pursuit:

1. Exploration and Research: As an initial step, researching online to learn about the project's details, such as the variety of residential areas and price ranges, is essential. You can utilize specialized real estate websites to gather this information.

2. Communication for Deeper Understanding: After identifying the type of unit you prefer, it's crucial to communicate with the project's representatives to obtain more detailed information about the compound, availability of units, prices, and available facilities.

3. Site Visit: Conducting an actual visit to the compound's location allows you to verify the accuracy of the available information and explore the facilities and services offered by the management, providing you with a unique living experience.

4. Financial Consultation: Before taking any purchasing steps, it is wise to consult financial experts to understand the best financing options and payment plans available that suit your capabilities.

5. Document Preparation: Ensure that all necessary documents for completing the purchase process are ready, such as ID card, birth certificate, proof of income, and others, to avoid any delays.

6. Signing and Payment: After agreeing on all details, it's time to sign the contracts and make the initial payment according to the agreed-upon terms.

7. Follow-up for Unit Delivery: Regular follow-up with the developer is essential to ensure the timely delivery of the unit, and to ensure that all legal procedures related to the purchase process are completed.

Following these steps contributes to facilitating the process of owning your residential unit within the Scarta Compound and ensuring a successful and satisfying investment for you and your family.

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Swimming pools
Shopping center
Commercial area
Social Club
Health club and Spa
Water Fountains
Aqua park
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in the New Administrative Capital

1,100,000 EGP


Makkah Real Estate Investment.

10 villas

10% to 20% downpayment and the rest via installments over 8 to 10 years.

20 acres


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