Dorado Mall New Capital

From 1,500,000 EGP
Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2024

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Project name: Dorado Mall

Dorado Mall Location: One of the most famous malls of the new administrative capital, which is characterized by great location and competitive prices.

Project Space: A huge area characterized by different units and diversity.

Types of Units: commercial, administrative, and medical units.

Price per Meter: The price per meter for commercial units starts at 50,000 EGP, while the price per meter for administrative and medical units starts at 20,000 EGP.

Developer Company: Capital Link Developments.

Payment Methods: easy payment systems that last up to 9 years.

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Take the Golden Opportunity to Invest in Dorado Mall

Dorado Mall has all the advantages that make it a great opportunity to invest, from the strategic location to competitive prices. The mall offers a variety of units so you can choose whatever fits your business. For all these reasons, Dorado Mall is an ideal investment opportunity for those looking to make a decent profit.

Dorado Mall Location

The success of any project depends on where it is located, which is why Dorado provides its customers with a great opportunity to own units in the most vital areas of the New Administrative Capital, the Downtown MU19. This large commercial area wraps around many vital places in the New Capital.

You don’t need to go deep into the downtown area to reach the mall, because it is located directly at the main entrance. This location makes it easily accessible for unit owners, employees, and customers. It is also located on three main roads and next to many important landmarks, such as medical companies (right in front of it), the Ben Zayed Northern Axis, the Towers area, as well as:

  • Al Masa Hotel
  • Presidential Palace
  • House of Representatives
  • The largest hospital in the region

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Unit Spaces

There are various types of units you will find available within Dorado Mall, because it is built on a large piece of land, and the building itself has many floors (a ground floor + 10 upper floors). The company paid close attention to the variety of their units, which are divided as follows:

  • The ground floor, first floor, and second floor are reserved for commercial units.
  • The third floor to the tenth floor are reserved for administrative and medical units.

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Services and Benefits

The exclusive services and benefits available within Dorado Mall will assure you that you made the right choice by booking your unit here. Below, we highlight some of our favorite benefits:

  • The highest degree of security, especially with surveillance cameras covering the entire mall. You wouldn’t be afraid of leaving any goods or belongings unattended.
  • A backup power system, so that you can keep working normally even during a power outage.
  • The mall is equipped with two entrances instead of one, thus preventing overcrowding even on the busiest days.
  • The mall has a large indoor parking garage, so you don’t need to worry about where you’re leaving your car.
  • The mall has an advanced sound system that is rarely available in other projects.
  • Landscape covers a large part of the project, making the mall look very civilized and luxurious, while at the same time giving units a beautiful view.
  • The mall provides the units with a lot of equipment, including a central satellite TV service.
  • The mall’s exterior features a double glass façade, which gives it a luxurious look and attracts customers to it.
  • The mall has a lot of safety precautions in place in case of an emergency, this includes an advanced firefighting system.
  • The mall's interior design is no less luxurious than its exterior design.
  • The mall has a central air conditioning service, which is available to all the units.
  • The mall has an electric elevator, which facilitates movement to the upper floors for both unit owners and customers.
  • The project runs mostly on solar energy, which provides a clean work environment and helps it keep running even with a power outage.
  • Inside the mall there are offices with full finishes (Super Lux), which saves time and effort on your part so you can set up your business right away.

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Dorado Capital Link Prices

Although a lot of projects in the New Capital are notorious for their high prices, Dorado Mall breaks these expectations by offering full-service units at a decent price point.

You will not find a fixed price for different types of units, because prices vary widely. The average price of commercial units ranges from 50,000 EGP and up to 100,000 EGP per square meter, while the average price per meter for administrative and medical units ranges from 20,000 EGP to 26,000 EGP.

Payment Systems

Dorado Mall makes it possible to open your business sooner rather than later, even before you finish paying for the whole unit. thanks to the easy payment system it provides to its customers, which enables them to pay for the unit in installments over 9 years without charging interest on premiums.

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Owner Company Portfolio

Dorado Mall New Capital is the property of Capital Link Developments, which is a fantastic addition to the company’s other projects since its founding in 2016. Capital Link became one of the most important real estate development companies in the Egyptian market and one of the largest companies working in the construction sector.

Dorado Mal is the company's second project in the New Administrative Capital. It also plans to launch three other new projects there because it owns three pieces of land within the capital, and the company's head of commercial sector Ahmed Zayed confirmed more projects in the upcoming period.

Capital Link always aims to expand its real estate projects within Egypt, and is keen to select the most prestigious and lively location to launch its projects, especially those that receive great attention from the government, which explains why it is moving towards the New Administrative Capital.

The company develops many plans for urban development and aims to increase its investments in the real estate sector, so it has constructed many projects in new cities, most notably the New Capital, among others. One of their previous investments in the New Capital is Verona Mall, which is a full-service luxury mall with commercial, administrative, and medical units available.

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  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Health club and Spa
  • Water Fountains
  • Cinema

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