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City Stars Resort is the right place for all nature lovers as you will feel more freedom in the resort thanks to the unique offered services & quiet beauitful life away from clutter. The resort is located in the heart of North Coast in the middle of Fouka Gulf granting you the opportunity to view the coast & we will go through all advantages & services offered by City Stars Resort.

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The Most mportant Services Offered By City Stars North Coast

City Stars Resort offers so many services as the most prominent of these services are:

  • As for location, the resort is located in the center of North Coast granting you the opportunity to live in such charming atmosphere through direct sea view observation from your residential unit or chalet in the resort.
  • More than 8 various swimming pools destributed all over the resort that fit both, adults & kids so both enjoy swimming.
  • For those who love to live for few nights, there are 3 international luxruious hotels.
  • Large mall holding the title of City Stars where all products and world brands are offered to fit all tastes.
  • Efficient 24/7 security & guarding system besides the use of the latest surveillance cameras for more resort safety.
  • The resort is designed according to the latest world designs.

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More About Services Offered By City Stars Resort

  • Privacy got much attention through the designing of lagoons & green spaces that separate residential units for more privacy for residents.
  • As for entertainment, there are unique sections for families while other areas for kids to enjoy playing games with friends.
  • If you are a fan of eating foods at new places, you can try restaurants all over the resort where the best delicious food is served and you can enjoy it with your family & friends besides the best drinks in cafes too.
  • The largest aqua park is there for the real fun granting you & your family the chance to enjoy your time with unforgetabble experience of trying a variety of games.
  • A variety of payment options to help you select the best as you can pay according to your budget & you can also determine the down payment vaule as well as the right installment for you.
  • A variety of chalets & units as you can select your units according to your potentials & your family members as space determines the price.

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Additional Services Offered By City Stars Egypt 

  • Easy transportation in & out of City Stars Resort due to the availability of transportation.
  • Healthy buidling materials were used to keep citizens healthy.
  • A number of high quality hospitals offering the best care for residents.
  • Cty Stars Village offers many sports playgrounds for all different games.
  • highly equiped health club with international equipment.
  • vast green spaces & a number of wonderful lagoons.
  • You can get to Alexandria only in only 10 minutes via car.

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