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Arco Lagoon North Coast

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Project Description

Project Name: Lagoon Arco.

About Arco Lagoon Project: An integrated vacation residential compound by Arco Development, on kilo 108 Alexandria Desert Road.

Lagoon Arco Location: in the heart of New Alamein North Coast.

Lagoon Arco North Coast Resort Space: 33 acres.

Units Type: chalets- north coast apartments - villas.

Lagoon Arco Units Space: It starts from 87 m² up to 142 m².

Units Price: it starts from 1,000,000 EGP up to 2,100,000 EGP.

The Developer Name: Arco Development.

Payment Methods: 10% downpayment and rest via installments up to 7 years.

Get ready to be immersed in an experience you won't find anywhere else, and be part of the innovative vision we offer in our unique advanced project Arco Lagoon Village North Coast

If you are looking for a coastal project that invites you to relax and unwind amidst the most elegant and unique fun atmosphere, here the real estate company Arco has implemented its coastal project known as Arco Lagoon, which is distinguished by many unique features. It is in the heart of the North Coast in the best strategic location, which connects the most important roads and main axes. The distance between it and the vital areas is very short. Thus, customers will have the freedom to reach any place in the least minutes away from congestion and overcrowding.

Arco Real Estate was keen to build its Arco Lagoon North Coast project on a large area that includes vast green spaces where the landscape and beautiful natural scenery give it an elegant look and help relax and enjoy ideal atmospheres. As for the designs of the buildings inside it, they are characterized by luxury and you can choose the unit that suits your refined level. The units inside it vary in terms of areas and types, including "chalets, villas and apartments", and each has luxurious decorations that suit customers of refined taste in Lagoon North Coast.

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Live the experience of a luxurious life in the heart of the most tranquil and beautiful locations, where charm meets elegance inside Arco Lagoon Village North Coast

Arco Lagoon Project is one of the most luxurious coastal projects that will definitely take you to unique atmospheres like no other. Arco Real Estate was keen to present it in an important strategic location and the choice fell on the North Coast, which connects the most important roads and main axes. It is also close to the most famous service areas and lively places that facilitate access in the least few minutes. The distance between it and the huge institutions in that vital area.

The most important features of Lagoon Village North Coast location:

  • Arco Lagoon North Coast is located specifically at km 108 of the Alexandria Desert Road.
  • Arco Lagoon North Coast project is about 7 km from Porto Golf Resort.
  • The distance between Arco Lagoon North Coast project and Marina Al Alamein is about 7 km.
  • Reaching Arco Lagoon Arco North Coast resort from Cairo is about 3 hours.
  • You can reach Arco Lagoon Arco North Coast from Alexandria in about an hour and a half.

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Join us and discover the beauty and creativity we have added to make our project an umbrella for sophistication and excellence inside Arco Lagoon Village North Coast

Lagoon Coastal Village is one of the major projects that has many unique advantages. It is designed in the same luxurious architectural styles by the world's most important companies relied upon by the owning real estate company Arco. Lagoon North Coast was created on a huge area that includes green spaces and beautiful natural scenery that occupy 80% of the total area.

There is also a 6,000 square meter crystal lagoon. The units were diversified in terms of areas and designed in terraces so that each enjoys the most beautiful natural scenery that provides the best atmospheres everyone needs. The buildings inside Arco Lagoon North Coast consist of only ground floor + 3 upper floors. There are also ground floor chalets with a private garden, chalets consisting of first and second floors, and other upper chalets with a roof.

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Experience the choice between a diverse and innovative set of units and spaces, specially designed to suit all your needs and aspirations inside Arco Lagoon Village North Coast

Arco Lagoon North Coast Resort is built on an area of ​​33 acres, and it contains only 33 residential buildings. It has green spaces and beautiful natural scenery that enable you to enjoy the most unique atmosphere. It offers units of different sizes and types so that all customers can choose the most suitable for them, including "chalets, villas and apartments". Each also has elegant designs and decorations. The areas of Arco ​​Lagoon North Coast Village are as follows:

  • Area of ​​residential apartments inside Arco Lagoon North Coast Village: Starts from 93 square meters up to 153 square meters.
  • Chalet units in the first zone inside Arco Lagoon North Coast: Starts from 108 square meters up to 142 square meters.
  • Chalet units in the second and third zones of Arco Lagoon North Coast: Their area starts from 87 square meters up to 95.5 square meters.

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Enjoy a unique and colorful life experience with the exclusive privileges offered by our elegant project inside Arco Lagoon Village North Coast

Living near the sea is a dream that everyone seeks to achieve, especially if that life is characterized by luxury, splendor and integrated services, in addition to proximity to vital places and the ability to reach them in the shortest time. We find that Arco Lagoon North Coast Village is distinguished by many unique advantages, which are:

  • Arco Lagoon North Coast Village enjoys many unique advantages, including the important strategic location that connects the most important roads and main axes, and the short distance between it and the huge institutions in that vital area.
  • Arco Lagoon North Coast Village was designed in the same luxurious architectural styles by the world's most prestigious consulting firms, providing an integrated coastal project with services and facilities.
  • Arco Real Estate Company implemented its Arco Lagoon North Coast coastal project on a vast land area that includes green spaces and beautiful natural scenery that spreads comfort and positive energy in the place.
  • Implementing beautiful water surfaces inside Arco Lagoon North Coast Village represented in the crystal lagoons with beautiful pristine waters, and dancing water fountains that operate in different shapes to give it a beautiful and unique appearance.
  • For more complete safety, a number of voice alarms were distributed within Arco Lagoon North Coast Village, which automatically operate in case of any sudden fire, to control it and minimize losses and protect all residents inside it.
  • On the beautiful beach, the project was worked on to provide an area that includes many fun entertainment games to spend great times with friends.
  • Diversification between units inside Arco Lagoon North Coast project, each with a wonderful view of the beautiful beach to help relax and enjoy a unique atmosphere.
  • Providing under the residential buildings inside Arco Lagoon North Coast Village spacious garages that accommodate the largest number of them to avoid congestion in front of them.
  • Arco Lagoon North Coast Village is one of the clean coastal projects as it is environmentally friendly. All buildings are equipped with solar panels to rationalize electricity consumption.
  • Providing an underground infrastructure within Arco Lagoon North Coast Village designed in the same European styles, which includes electricity, natural gas and the Internet, to provide an integrated living experience.

Enjoy your private moments on the beach of  Arco Lagoon Arco resort, the only place along the entire North Coast beaches that helps you break free from all the constraints of life, and get a high degree of privacy, it is designed just for you, so go ahead and book now.....!!!

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With our distinguished services, be sure that comfort and luxury will be an essential part of every day in your life inside Arco Lagoon Village North Coast

Enjoy spending the most fun times with all your family members amidst various means of luxury and comfort inside Arco Lagoon North Coast Resort, which is specially designed for you to get the highest level of entertainment and recreation through many unique advantages and integrated services, the most important of which are:

  • Exclusive security services have been provided inside Arco Lagoon North Coast coastal village, as a number of security personnel have been appointed who work around the clock to provide a unique coastal environment that is unmatched, safer and more stable.
  • Distributing a number of modern surveillance cameras inside Arco Lagoon North Coast Village that monitor the events taking place within it, for a more unique and integrated coastal life.
  • Designing swimming pools of different sizes and depths in Arco Lagoon North Coast project, to suit all ages for more enjoyment of the most unique times.
  • Paving long jogging and cycling tracks inside Arco Lagoon North Coast project for walking, running and cycling, away from the car road to enjoy distinguished and ideal atmospheres that suit you and your family.
  • For all those looking for luxury, a large health club has been provided inside Arco Lagoon North Coast that includes many different sections such as a spa, sauna, and Jacuzzi, providing top-notch services to visitors.
  • Gyms have been provided inside Arco Lagoon North Coast project, which contain the largest number of sports equipment, which helps you stay fit and maintain your fitness, with top-level trainers.
  • Various sports fields have been provided inside Lagoon Arco North Coast Village, including football, tennis and volleyball, allowing you to practice your favorite sport and enjoy unique and great times with friends.
  • There are large restaurants and cafes inside Arco Lagoon North Coast Village designed in international style with the latest decorations, offering you the best kind of delicious food and drinks amidst unmatched romantic atmospheres.
  • For shopping lovers, a huge commercial mall has been provided inside Arco Lagoon North Coast containing a number of different shops that display the latest brands to suit those of refined taste.
  • A large hypermarket is provided inside Arco Lagoon North Coast Village, which contains the largest number of household necessities and offers a quick delivery service around the clock for the convenience of residents.
  • To ensure your health safety, clinics have been provided inside Arco Lagoon North Coast Village with a number of departments, modern medical devices and work around the clock to provide the best medical service, as well as a pharmacy containing imported medicines.
  • For more luxury, a number of cinemas have been provided inside Arco Lagoon North Coast to display the best different movies for more entertainment and luxury and to spend a great time with friends.
  • A designated barbecue area has been provided inside Arco Lagoon North Coast Village for barbecues and birthday parties to enjoy elegant and unique times that suit its owners.
  • Inside Arco Lagoon North Coast Village there is a large mosque designed in Islamic style, accommodating the largest number of worshipers to perform prayers throughout the day.
  • For more sophistication and maintaining a civilized appearance, a number of cleaning workers have been appointed inside Arco Lagoon North Coast Village, and this service is available periodically throughout the day, for a unique and wonderful coastal life.
  • Prices for units inside Arco Lagoon North Coast Village have been announced, especially for units that are compatible with all customers, and there are flexible payment methods to pay the total amount in installments over many years without interest.
  • In front of the beautiful beach, an elegant area has been designed inside Arco Lagoon North Coast Village that includes a large number of different recreational games suitable for all ages for more luxury and to spend a wonderful time with friends.
  • For privacy, a distance has been maintained between the residential units inside Arco Lagoon North Coast Village. They are also designed in the form of terraces to enjoy unmatched distinguished views.
  • A distinctive recreational area is provided inside Arco Lagoon North Coast Village for young children, which includes the largest number of games suitable for them for more luxury and enjoyment of the best times with friends.
  • An Aqua Park area has been identified inside Arco Lagoon North Coast Village, which allows you to enjoy unique and wonderful atmospheres with friends and family.

Don't miss the opportunity! Book your unit now in the heart of the North Coast, in Lagoon Village, one of the most luxurious compounds in the area, so go ahead and book now.....!!!

Do not hesitate and do not miss the opportunity, as the amazing offers and comfortable payment plans are waiting for you to complete your ideal experience with us inside Lagoon North Coast Village

The prices of units inside the luxurious Lagoon coastal project located in the North Coast vary, and the real estate company Arco has decided to serve its distinguished customers. It has announced the best package of competitive prices that help you buy the unit that suits your purchasing desires. It also offered flexible payment methods to pay the total amount in installments over many years, which are:

  • Chalet units inside Lagoon North Coast Village: Their price starts from 1,100,000 Egyptian pounds, up to 2,100,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Residential apartment units inside Lagoon North Coast: Their price starts from 1,668,380 Egyptian pounds, up to 3,397,557 Egyptian pounds.
  • As for the units of apartments attached to the garden: their price starts from 3,145,908 Egyptian pounds up to 4,292,803 Egyptian pounds.

As for the payment methods offered inside Lagoon North Coast Village, they are:

  • You can pay a 15% down payment of the unit price, and upon delivery 10% more is paid, and the rest is paid in installments over 4 years, within (the first phase).
  • Or pay a 5% down payment inside Lagoon North Coast Village, upon delivery 10% is paid, and the rest is paid in 7 year installments, within (the second and third phases).

For more information you can contact us....!!!

Disadvantages of Lagoon Arco North Coast Village

Although some people may think that the North Coast area that hosts the Lagoon Arco North Coast project is relatively far from Cairo, the government has reinforced the infrastructure and built a modern road network that makes transportation to the North Coast easier and faster, especially with the increasing demand for that area.

See for yourself how our real estate developer turns challenges into opportunities, making real estate an easy and enjoyable experience for you

The real estate company Arco is one of the leading companies in the real estate market, which was established in 2005. Since then, it has been working to provide the most important different mega projects that have won the admiration of many clients and investors, providing the largest amount of distinguished services and facilities offered exclusively, and owning the most efficient designers and architects with extensive experiences who have the ideal role in making luxury architectural touches. It launched the establishment of its coastal project called Lagoon North Coast, which includes many services and is characterized by unique advantages.

Arco's previous projects:

Key Information About the North Coast

Egypt's North Coast emerges as a prominent tourist destination in the Middle East, renowned for its natural beauty and exceptional facilities. This region attracts visitors with its white sandy beaches and crystal-clear blue waters, providing an exceptional experience for travelers from all around the world.

Stretching along the Mediterranean Sea for more than 1,050 kilometers, this area is located close to Cairo, making it easily accessible for both local and international visitors. It boasts a diverse natural environment and captivating beaches, in addition to luxurious resorts and upscale residential areas that draw many people for investment and residency.

The North Coast is also famous for the variety of activities it offers, ranging from golf, spas, and health resorts to luxurious marinas, water parks, and modern shopping centers. The region also provides opportunities for sailing and diving among the stunning coral reefs.

In addition to its natural beauty and recreational facilities, the North Coast serves as a hub for culture and history, where visitors can explore ancient ruins and temples, visit the historical city of Alexandria, and other cultural sites.

The area is also a haven for water sports enthusiasts, offering numerous options for diving, sailing, and surfing. Upscale and traditional restaurants provide exceptional dining experiences, while the diverse nightlife ensures an enjoyable evening experience for visitors.

The North Coast is an indispensable destination in the Middle East, meeting the expectations of visitors with different tastes. The Egyptian government is continuously working to improve and develop this region to enhance tourism and attract investments, making it an ideal destination for a unique and comprehensive tourist experience.

Why Choose the North Coast Villages?

The Egyptian North Coast is a major attraction for visitors and investors alike, thanks to its captivating natural beauty and charming beaches. This region, known for its stunning natural landscapes, draws many people to purchase properties there, either for use as summer residences or as lucrative investment opportunities.

The North Coast is an ideal haven for those seeking tranquility and peace, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. It offers all the necessary services and facilities for a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle, including luxurious hotels, resorts, restaurants, cafes, and shopping outlets, ensuring an unforgettable stay experience for both visitors and residents.

The area is also characterized by its well-planned urban design and vast green spaces, as well as its advanced infrastructure. The coastal villages offer a wide range of recreational activities, including golf courses, health clubs, swimming pools, and sports facilities, allowing residents to enjoy quality time with family and friends.

One of the advantages of the North Coast is its proximity to Cairo, making it easy to access some of its most famous areas such as Marsa Matrouh, the Western and Eastern Coasts, within less than three hours by car. This proximity makes it a preferred destination for many people to spend their summer vacations.

It is also worth mentioning the long and beautiful sandy beaches that adorn the North Coast, with their crystal-clear waters, soft white sands, and stunning natural scenery, making it the perfect spot for those seeking relaxation and water activities.

In conclusion, the North Coast villages offer a unique experience that combines natural beauty, comfort, relaxation, and entertainment, making them an ideal choice for those looking to invest or enjoy their summer holidays in these enchanting villages.

Neighboring Excellence: Discover the Resorts Near Arco Lagoon Village, North Coast!

The North Coast region of Egypt is home to a collection of upscale resorts located near the Arco Lagoon Village, making them ideal destinations for visitors seeking exceptional experiences. Here, we take a look at five of the most notable resorts:

1. Marina El Alamein Village:
This resort is 7 kilometers away from Arco Lagoon Village and is renowned for its white sandy beaches and crystal-clear blue waters. The resort offers opportunities for water activities such as diving and boating, in addition to providing a diverse range of restaurants and shops.

2. LVLS Mountain View North Coast:
Located near Arco Lagoon Village, this is one of the prominent resorts in the area, offering stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and featuring a private beach, in addition to a variety of recreational facilities and shopping options.

3. Hacienda White Resort North Coast Village:
This resort is strategically located opposite the Presidential Palace and spans 116 acres, offering a wide range of luxurious services and facilities. It is renowned for its beautiful beaches, swimming pools, restaurants, and cafes.

4. Rhodes Resort North Coast:
This resort is one of the luxurious destinations that offers an exceptional experience for its visitors, featuring world-class hotels and upscale chalets, as well as a diverse range of recreational facilities. It is famous for the captivating Sidi Abdel Rahman Beach.

5. Marassi Village:
Marassi is one of the most prominent resorts on the North Coast, distinguished by its luxurious marina and a diverse selection of restaurants, cafes, and shops. The resort offers a private sandy beach and opportunities to enjoy water and recreational activities.

These resorts provide rich and diverse experiences for their visitors, with their prime locations and luxurious services. Visiting these resorts near Arco Lagoon Village is an excellent opportunity to explore the beauty of the North Coast and indulge in the pleasure and luxury it offers.

Smart Buying: Discover How to Get the Most Out of Offers! offers excellent investment opportunities for those interested in real estate investment, allowing them to benefit from the flexibility of investment and achieve financial profits, as well as the possibility of personal use of the properties. Here, we outline how investors can take full advantage of's offers.

  1. Personal Use: offers the possibility of using villas and residential units for personal purposes, such as accommodation during holidays and vacations, providing a green environment and stunning views for an exceptional and comfortable experience.

  2. Rental Income: provides the opportunity to rent out properties as a means of generating additional income and a rewarding financial return, whether these properties are villas or residential apartments, contributing to increased financial profits for investors.

  3. Diverse Options: stands out by offering a wide range of real estate options that cater to various needs and tastes, from small apartments to luxurious villas and shared houses, with competitive prices and offers for successful investments.

  4. Long-Term Investment: offers opportunities for long-term investment, such as purchasing villas through installment plans in areas like El Ain and Al Tagammu Al Khames, providing the possibility of renting or selling them in the future with high financial returns.

  5. Commitment to Quality: prioritizes quality, adhering to the highest standards in project execution and timely delivery, ensuring that investors receive high-quality properties that meet their expectations.

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New Al Alamein in North Coast

1,100,000 EGP


ARCO development

14 Villas

10% down payment and the rest in installments over 7 years.

33 acres


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