Information About The Most Beautiful North Coast Resorts

Published at 2020-05-29

The Most Beautiful North Coast Resorts

  • In recent years, Egyptians and even foreigners have turned to the North Coast, which is characterized by stunning views, white sand, and the sparkling water sea, so the eyes of real estate developers have turned to that area and real estate investment began to recover For More Click Egypt Real Estate, so a number of tourist villages have been built with luxury buildings based on the latest international engineering standards, as well as a range of service and recreational buildings that serve residents and owners of residential units.
  • The North Coast is characterized by the right climate for the summer period, as the weather is mild, and the high temperature is suitable, but it is characterized by cold in winter and heavy rainfall. The state has directed to the need to put the North Coast within the plan of new urban development for residential communities, a number of real estate developers race to choose the most suitable areas in the North Coast to build on making it tourist villages and resorts offering residential units of various sizes and prices to suit all tastes of customers and those who want to own residential units there. In the following report, we review the most beautiful tourist villages and resorts on the North Coast in terms of their area, its recreational services, and residential units' spaces and types.

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Mountain View Ras El Hikma Resort

Resort Location: Mountain View Ras Al Hikma is located at kilo 200 on Alexandria-Matrouh desert road.

Space of Mountain View North Coast: an area of about 450 acres making the resort the largest tourist resort on the North Coast.

Units Design: The buildings are designed with the Greek and Roman-style to make you feel the luxurious cultural feel of the tourist village.

Units Type in Mountain View Ras El Hekma: it varies among residential apartments and multi-floors villas.

Resort Features: it is characterized by service buildings such as international schools, mosques and markets, and shops with the logos of major brands.

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Hacienda Bay Resort

About the Project: Hacienda Bay is located at a special location close to Al-Alamein International Airport and Marsa Matrouh, specifically at kilo 200 on the desert road between Alexandria and Marsa Matrouh.

Units Type in Hacienda Bay: The residential units vary where the customer can choose between apartments of different sizes and luxury villas, depending on his needs and financial abilities.

Area and Features of Hacienda North Coast Egypt: The project is built on a huge area of 2.4 million square meters, with only about 2,200 residential units, while the rest of the area has been allocated to green spaces and service buildings, such as gyms, health clubs, and shopping malls.

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La Vista Bay East North Coast

منتجع لافيستا باي إيست

La Vista Bay East Location: it overlooks Ras El Hikma Bay, at kilo 205 on Alexandria-Marsa Matrouh road, less than an hour from Alamein City and minutes from Fouka Exit.

Units Types: the residential units within La Vista Bay East vary among chalets and villas.

Units Space in La Vista Bay East Resort: it varies among 150 square meters up to 220 square meters.

Resort Features: It has huge areas of green spaces, recreational services, such as gyms, golf and jacuzzi areas, and sports playgrounds.

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Malaaz Sodic North Coast

قرية ملاذ الساحل الشمالي

Malaaz Location: Malaaz Sodic is located at kilo 215 on Alexandria-Matrouh desert road and it has been classified as one of the best North Coast resorts.

Resort Area: it is established on 308 acres with allocating the majority of the area to green spaces and service buildings.

Features of Malaaz Resort: The project includes amusement parks and major playgrounds, as well as malls, green spaces, and various services.

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Gaia North Coast Resort

Gaia Sabbour Location: it is located at kilo 192 on Alexendria-Matrouh desert road overlooking the sea directly in front of Ras El Hikma Bay.

Units Types: there are many types of residential units in Gaia resort that vary among chalets, twin houses, and villas.

Gaia Space: it was executed on 300 acres.

El Masyaf North Coast

Village Location: El Masiaf Village is 10 km from Fouka area, which is minutes from the entrance by car and is located at kilo 212 on Alexandria-Matrouh desert road, making it located in a wonderful strategic area.

Space of El Masiaf Resort: The village area is about 171 acres, mostly green spaces, and 20% for the residential buildings only.

Units Type in El Masyaf: The units vary among small-sized chalets for small families, or small or multi-floors villas, from which the person can choose.

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Pali North Coast Resort

منتجع بالي الساحل الشمالي

Village Location: Pali village is located at kilo 180 0f Alexandria-Matrouh road, which is a short distance from Sidi Abdel Rahman area and villages such as Jefaira and La Vista Bay.

Resort Area: The village is 75 acres, 80 meters deep and the beach is 450 meters long.

Units Types in Pali: it provided different types of residential units among chalets, standalone villas, penthouses, townhouses, and twin houses.

Units Space in Pali El Shahawi Group: it starts from 100 square meters up to 315 square meters.

White Sand North Coast

منتجع وايت ساند

Resort Space: White Sand by Green Valley is executed on 186 acres with 750 meters-long beach.

Features of White Sand Resort: The buildings percentage does not exceed 18% of the project area and the rest of the area is divided between green spaces and service and recreational buildings, where there are 22 swimming pools, a running walkway, restaurants and cafes, and a health and sports club.

White Sand Location: The project is located at kilo 75 on Alexandria-Matrouh coastal road, less than a quarter of an hour from New Alamein City, and less than 10 minutes from El Alamein International Airport.

Units Type: it has a variety of residential units among multi-spaces chalets, twin houses and luxury villas, where the customer can choose what suits him.

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Bo Islands Resort

Bo Islands Location: it is located at kilo 120 on Alexandria-Matrouh Road, on The Beach of Sidi Abdel Rahman, which has been rated as the best beach on the North Coast, the resort is a short distance from Marina.

Features of Bo Islands Maxim: it is one of the tourist villages with vast green spaces and has an indoor tram to provide easy movement within the village.

Units Types: it has a variety of residential units, between chalets and standalone villas.

City Stars Resort

منتجع سيتي ستارز

Resort Location: it is located at kilo 199 of Alexandria-Marsa Matrouh desert road, between two major real estate developers resorts, La Vista and Mountain View.

Units Types: the residential units within City Stars Resort vary among chalets, apartments, and villas.

Space of City Stars: it was established on 743 acres making it one of the largest resorts on the North Coast, so it is divided into several phases, and the last phase will be delivered the next year 2021.

Services in City Stars ARCO: The resort offers a number of services including large malls with well-known branded shops to shopping, as well as a number of international restaurants and cafes.

Bo Sands Resort

Features of Bo Sands: This resort has two top-level service hotels, with several adult swimming pools and kids pools, the village's security system operates 24 hours a day, and the village has green spaces so that children can play within it.

Resort Location: Bo Sands resort is located in the middle of Alamein city at kilo 120 and 6 minutes from Marina.

Area of Bo Sands Maxim: The resort is designed on 900 acres, with residential and recreational buildings occupying only 12% of the area, while the rest is green spaces to breathe fresh air.

Coast 82 Resort

منتجع كوست 82 الساحل الشمالي

Units Types in Coast 82: the units vary among chalets, twin houses, and villas.

Units Space: the residential units' spaces in Coast 82 starts from 90 square meters up to 650 square meters.

Project Area: The project covers an area of about 247 acres, mostly green spaces, and there are a number of services among gyms, health clubs, sports, and jogging venues.

Location of Coast 82 Hyde Park: it is located at the 82nd Kilometer on Alexandria Matrouh Desert Road, it is within Fouka area, 1,400 minutes from Cairo, less than 45 minutes from Matrouh and less than 7 minutes from Dabaa.

Jefaira North Coast Resort

The Developer of Jefaira Resort: Inertia Egypt Development has executed this resort in 2007 and it has established many projects including Joulz 6 October, Veranda Sahl Hasheesh, G Cribs El Gouna, Brix Compound 6 October.

Resort Space: Jefaira resort was established on 1300 acres, with 2200 meters depth and beach width up to 3600 meters.

Jefaira Location: it is located at kilo 200 of Alexandria-Matrouh road near Cairo and Marsa Matrouh, and also close to many tourist resorts such as La Vista and Mountain View.

Units Types: The resort offers a range of residential units ranging among chalets, standalone villas, town Houses, and Twin houses, which you can choose from.

Fouka Bay Resort

Resort Location: Fouka Bay Village is located at kilo 75 of Alexandria-Marsa Matrouh road with its unique views and pure blue water, and it is built on Fouka Bay.

Fouka Bay Space: The resort is on a large area of 149 acres, with the largest area of 80% is for the green spaces, while residential buildings occupy only 20%.

Project Features: The project includes a large number of services, such as indoor transportation, 24-hour security, health, and sports clubs, jogging and cycling track.

Design of Fouka Bay Tatweer Misr: The resort is built in a European style, offering luxury wherever you go.

Units Types: the residential units vary between chalets and villas.

Units Space: chalets space starts from 125 m² up to 200 m² and villas space starts from 280 m².

North Edge Towers

أبراج نورث إيدج

Project Location: North Edge towers are located within New Alamein, which are among the modern projects that experts expect to flourish in the near future, less than 100 km from Borg Al Arab International Airport.

About North Edge: It is 15 residential towers, with residential units of different sizes.

Units Space: It starts from 49 square meters up to 387 square meters.

Features of North Edge by City Edge: The spaces vary to suit all the needs and tastes of customers, a range of services are available in this area between green spaces between the towers, as well as restaurants complex, the towers are minutes from the sea, as well as playgrounds and gyms suitable for kids.

Mazarine New Alamein North Coast

Compound Space: Mazarine is established on 72 acres.

Mazarine Location: In one of the most charming areas of the North Coast, it is located 89 km from Borg Al Arab International Airport and about 54 km from Alamein Airport, at kilo 107 from the coastal road between Alexandria and Matrouh.

Units Types: it contains many units such as villas, apartments, duplexes, and chalets.

Units Space in Mazarine North Coast: it ranges from 365 square meters to 367 square meters, while duplexes space starts from 324 square meters, while chalets space range from 134 square meters to 324 square meters, while apartments space starts from 136 square meters.

La Vista Ras El Hikma

منتجع لافيستا رأس الحكمة

Resort Location: The resort is located opposite of Ras El Hikma, at kilo 205 km on Marsa Matrouh Road, within a short distance from Ceasar Sodic, and minutes from Fouka exit.

Resort Features: La Vista Ras El Hikma is characterized by 

Units Type in La Vista Ras El Hikma: it varies among chalets and villas.

Units Space: it varies among 150 square meters up to 220 square meters.

Area of La Vista Ras El Hekma: the project is established on 1200 acres, the majority of it for the green spaces with residential and service buildings in the middle.

Resort Services: it provides shops, restaurants, a gym, a number of kids playgrounds, adult playgrounds, health, and sports clubs, as well as large brands stores.




Security Playgrounds Swimming pools Shopping center Commercial area Mosque Social Club Health club and Spa

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