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The Loft New Capital

The Loft Egypt reflects the meaning of well-being and comfort as it is based on new concepts and different designs that attract all investors and adds a new pattern to the real estate market, as it is one of the latest and most important projects of Living Yards Company, which has been creative in the implementation of this project, which has many services needed by customers and for more details please click Real Estate Egypt.

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The Loft location

The Loft New Capital Egypt is strategically located in the New Administrative Capital, located between Expo city and Al Sefarat Neighbourhood, specifically in the 7th District R7 at plot no, L2, making it near The Capital Way compound.

It is also characterized by its proximity to vital areas including the British University, and the distance between it and the southern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed is estimated at two minutes, which is also the same distance away from the regional ring road, and it approaches the Presidential Palace and the New Capital Airport in an estimated distance of only 15 minutes.

The Green River and the Cathedral are minutes away, as well as it is close to the medical city, as well as the ministries area, Al Masa Hotel, and the fairground.

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Design of The Loft Compound

The executing company has implemented The Loft project designs based on the latest architectural architecture models, with all residential units enjoying great views of parks, green spaces, lakes, and swimming pools, in order to provide comfort and psychological tranquility to the customer.

Loft Egypt area

The Loft Administrative Capital area is estimated to be 23 acres, divided by 19% for various residential units with different sizes, including duplexes, apartments, and penthouses, while the largest area is allocated to green spaces and manufactured lakes.

The size of the residential units ranges from 78 square meters up to 379 square meters, where the compound provided an innovative and new idea by leaving the customer the freedom to exploit the space, for example, he can divide the area of the unit estimated at 120 meters for one or two rooms according to his choice.

The size of the apartments for sale in The Loft, varies in terms of the number of rooms, the apartments consisting of one room range from 78 square meters up to 92 square meters, while the area of the two-room apartment starts from 123 square meters up to 140 square meters, while the three-room apartments area starts from 169 square meters up to 248 square meters, and finally the spaces of duplex and penthouse range from 265 square meters up to 379 square meters.

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Features & services of The Loft Living Yards

The Loft New Capital offers many services and features that make customers enjoy a life full of luxury and comfort and feel that they are in an integrated society that does not lack anything to make them have to go outside the compound to get what they want, and these services include the following:

Green spaces: There are plenty of large areas of green spaces that reflect a magnificent view, as well as a sense of comfort and recuperation when viewed, as well as beautiful artificial lakes.

Swimming pools: The Compound has many swimming pools with various spaces to meet all customers' wishes while providing the highest level of security and privacy.

Social Club: The project contains a social club with the best and latest technological devices, as well as a health club.

Gym: it includes a state-of-the-art gym for fans of various sports activities.

Security and guarding: 24-hour security and safety were provided with the latest security equipment and surveillance cameras to provide security and stability.

Jogging and cycling track: A designated jogging and cycling area is dedicated to provide privacy and security.

Restaurants and cafes: There are many restaurants and cafes that offer the highest and best food and beverages that customers prefer and prepared by the most skilled chefs.

Sports courts area: A designated area with sports fields has been designated for all types of games and sports.

Barbecue and parties areas: Specific areas are designated for barbecues as well as other events such as weddings or birthdays.

Garage: There is a dedicated garage to avoid congestion in front of the residential units.

Commercial Service Area: The Complex has many stores that offer all customer requirements in addition to providing trademarks and international brands.

Entertainment area: A kids area with the best and most up-to-date entertainment games has been dedicated to entertaining their time with providing privacy and security.

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The Loft prices and areas

Living Yards Development Company, which implemented The Loft project, provided prices that suit all customers compared to the services to be provided, where units prices range from 1,300,000 EGP up to 1600,000 EGP, with the provision of many payment systems for the convenience of the customer when choosing the residential unit that suits him/her, and the payment systems are as follows:

  • Payment of the total value of the residential unit over a period of 6 years without a down payment.
  • Pay 10% of the total value as a down payment, with the rest of the due amount to be paid over a period of 7 years.
  • Pay 25% of the total value of the residential unit as a down payment, with the rest of the due amount to be paid over a period of 10 years.

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The Loft New Administrative Capital

Living Yards has revealed the start of booking at Loft Capital Center LCC, which includes several commercial and administrative units that will provide all customer needs, consisting of 3 floors, including the ground floor as well.

As for the areas, it ranges from 42 square meters up to 350 square meters, to be delivered within 3 years of contracting, and the prices are suitable for everyone compared to the various areas and services available, the price per meter starts from 34,000 EGP through payment via convenient installment system over 6 years.

The owner company profile

Living Yards Development has been different from other companies by adopting a new and innovative real estate thinking and concepts and applying it to most of the projects it implements by relying on the latest international models in addition to leaving the choice to the client for how to divide the area of the residential unit in accordance with his/her desires.

The company has gained wide fame since its founding because of its wonderful and distinctive designs where it combined luxury and architecture and this is already reflected in all its projects, but its owners are Hani Laundi and Ayman Marzouk, owners of iHomes Group, which implemented about 60 buildings in the areas of Heliopolis and Fifth Settlement.

The company's owners have 30 years of experience in the field of consumer goods that offer many popular goods, and they remained in this field until they made the decision to establish Living Yards real estate company and started investing in the real estate field to put their focus on the New Administrative Capital to create a lot of distinctive projects that are the focus of the attention of investors.

The distinctive design of the complex is due to the collaboration between Living Yards and Dar Al Memar Engineering Consultancy, where the latter has up to 25 years of experience in the field of architecture and engineering, as this is shown in all the projects in which it participates.

The Loft project is characterized by luxury, sophistication, and the application of new thinking, which made it unique to other projects in the New Administrative Capital, as well as enjoying the many advantages and services that customers need in their daily lives to enjoy a different and comfortable life.

In addition to prices that suit all their desires and multiple payment systems that work on their comfort when choosing a residential unit, you should quickly book your unit to enjoy all the benefits and services provided by the project.

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