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Apartments for sale in Privado Madinaty

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Project Description

Project Name: Privado Compound.

Privado Egypt Location: One of the phases of the Madinaty project, which is characterized by modern designs and provides all services and facilities to its residents.

Privado Talaat Moustafa Area: 270 acres.

Privado Units Space: it starts from 60 square meters up to 180 square meters.

Meter Price: it starts from 1,9765 EGP.

Payment Methods: You can pay a downpayment of 60,750 EGP and the unit value is paid over an installment period of 4 years up to 10 years as a maximum.

The Owner Company: Talaat Moustafa Group.

Apartments for sale in Privado Madinaty

Living in apartments for sale in Privado Madinaty means enjoying the dreamy life that many looking for because it is characterized by luxury in design and most importantly, Privado Project is located in a very prestigious area and is rich in a large number of services and equipment necessary for the comfort and well-being of its residents, so it is considered to book residential units in it a golden opportunity you should not miss.

Privado Compound Location

The presence of Privado Compound in Madinaty is enough to make sure that you will enjoy living in one of the most upscale areas in all of Egypt, as it is the first destination for the elite because it is also full of many facilities and services that work on the comfort of its residents to a large extent.

The most important landmarks near Privado Madinaty Compound:

Residents of Privado Compound can move to many recreational facilities within a few minutes, especially the central park, and its vital location makes it easy for them to reach Cairo International Airport, Suez Road as well as Madinaty Ring Road.

Moreover, they will never feel any inconvenience when traveling to New Cairo, given the proximity of teseen street to them, which serves as the link between New Cairo and their place of residence because it is one of the largest and most lively streets in the area.

Privado Project Space

Privado Madinty compound succeeded in balancing between offering various luxurious units to its customers while providing all facilities and various services to them at the same time, thanks to its large space of ​​270 acres, where they can choose from 9900 housing units.

The luxurious modern design is the dominant feature of all the units of Privado Madinty compound, including apartments for sale in Privado Madinaty, which are offered in varying sizes to provide greater freedom for the buyer to choose the space of his liking, and in general, the spaces range from 60 square meters as a minimum, while the larger units have spaces up to 180 square meters.

The customer will not be responsible for equipping his unit because all Privado Talaat Moustafa buildings include fully finished units, and they are equipped with many facilities and equipment such as a garage and central air conditioners, meaning that he can not only live in luxury modern buildings but also fully equipped.

SerPrivado Madintyvices and Features in Apartments for sale in Privado Madinaty

If you were able to book apartments for sale in Privado Madinaty, this means that there is an enjoyable residential life waiting for you because Privado Madinty project is full of many basic services and recreational facilities necessary to provide the utmost comfort to its residents, which are:

  • The proximity of all units to the various service and recreational facilities scattered in a place to make it easy for all residents to reach them, whether parks, shops, administrative offices, stores, cafes, restaurants, nurseries, supermarkets, theater, etc.
  • It is characterized by its proximity to the largest parks in the entire region, which is the central park, which extends over 120 acres or more, and therefore its residents can stroll in it at any time and spend enjoyable times amidst green plants, delightful gardens, and beautiful water bodies. Sports, restaurants, and cafes provide an integrated entertainment service for their clients.
  • The existence of a social club with integrated services because it extends over 1864 meters, which is a large area that allowed to accommodate a gym and a public library for reading, in addition to beauty centers, cafes, restaurants, and swimming pools, to practice various activities inside.
  • Privado Madinty Compound includes a garden that has a special character because it allows you to play a lot of adventure games and competitions such as climbing and car racing, and you can also enjoy playing different electronic games in it.
  • Privado Madinty project units are built on a new, modern system called (Town Square), and these units are characterized by the availability of all the basic and luxuries in them, and some of them have a beautiful garden and have a wonderful view of the most beautiful landscapes.
  • It includes a unique club where you can practice fun recreational activities such as cycling and allows beginners to learn. It also has a ski sports center for more entertainment for the residents.
  • A secured garage to park cars easily without wasting a long time in searching for garages or suitable places to park their cars in Privado Madinty.
  • The Prices are one of the best that can be offered in the entire real estate market at Privado Madinty Compound.
  • A commercial center for the residents inside Privado Madinty compound to make it easier for them to get all their supplies and supplies of the highest possible quality and famous international brands.
  • An area designated for restaurants only so that its residents can eat delicious food outside their homes.
  • Spending a distinguished leisure time inside the cinema complex, which shows the residents all the modern films so that they do not have to go to cinemas far from them to watch them inside Privado Madinty Project.
  • The green patch spreads throughout Privado Compound so that its residents can finally enjoy living in a very healthy and cheerful atmosphere.
  • The splendor of the decorations of the artificial lakes, which reflected positively on the general shape of Privado Madinty compound as a whole.

Privado Talaat Moustafa Prices

Buying apartments for sale in Privado Madinaty will not cost you great financial burdens, because you will enjoy distinguished prices that can be considered the best prices in the entire market despite its integrated services and the extreme luxury of its units.

In general, the prices vary in a way that satisfies all customers, as the price of each unit varies according to its area and location within Privado Madinty compound, etc.

Payment Systems in Apartments for sale in Privado Madinaty

The payment methods offered to clients wishing to buy apartments for sale in Privado Madinaty are among the best methods offered in the largest residential projects at all because they include distinguished facilities that enable the buyer to pay the value of the unit easily.

Privado Madinty compound allows its customers to pay a simple downpayment of 60,750 pounds (minimum) and then pay the rest of the value of the unit over a long repayment period ranging from 4 to 10 years, and the installments are in equal monthly installments of 3470 pounds.

The Owner Company and Previous Works

Certainly, Talaat Moustafa’s ownership of Privado Madinty project played a major role in distinguishing it from the rest of the other projects, because it has a great experience that enabled it to enjoy an important position among the most important real estate companies, and it is always keen to provide its projects with the best services, which helped it gain the trust of customers.

Its inception dates back to the seventies of the last century, which confirms its long experience in the sector. Throughout its history, it has always set several basic values before it and sought to work by them, which are credibility, seriousness, honesty, and providing its projects with everything new, which is why it won the satisfaction of its customers and enhanced their confidence in it.

Privado Talaat Moustafa is not the only witness to its excellence, but many other major projects testify to that, whether they were launched alone or in cooperation with the public sector, so it can be said that they contributed greatly to achieving an unprecedented urban transformation in Egypt, especially since it was keen on constructing new cities in the desert for their reconstruction since the eighties.

The company always chooses the most distinguished and most prestigious locations for various projects, whether residential, tourist, or hotel, so you will notice that the vast majority of them are concentrated in vital and upscale areas such as:

Take Your Step Towards Success: Investing in Madinaty City is a Solid Step Towards the Future!

Madinaty Cairo is an ideal opportunity for investment and residence, as it offers many advantages and investment opportunities. Thanks to its privileged location on the Suez Road and proximity to downtown Cairo and New Cairo, it provides easy access to and from the city.

In addition, Madinaty contains an external and internal transportation network that ensures the availability of means of transport for residents and investors.
Madinaty is characterized by its integrated design that provides all the services needed by its residents, such as green spaces, schools, shops, clubs, medical clinics, restaurants, and shopping centers.
Apartment prices in Madinaty vary according to area and location, with apartments for sale in Madinaty Talaat Mostafa available at great prices. Thanks to Madinaty's wonderful reputation, it is considered one of the most famous and luxurious real estate projects in Egypt, attracting many celebrities to live there.
However, it is also worth noting some of the drawbacks that worry some people, such as the lack of camera coverage in all parts of the city and the spread of snakes and stray dogs in some areas.
If you are looking for a home or investment opportunity, Madinaty City is the ideal choice.

Investing in this modern city will be a solid step towards achieving success and ensuring sustainable financial returns. Partner with Blue Reef Real Estate Investment Company to own an apartment in Madinaty, where you can take advantage of the best prices and offers in the market.

Do not miss the opportunity and start your journey to success today!

The Luxurious Lifestyle at Your Fingertips in Madinaty City!

In the heart of Madinaty City, you have a unique opportunity to experience luxurious living and true luxury.

Madinaty is an innovative model for upscale residential communities, offering a unique design and modern amenities to meet all your needs.

Stroll through its beautiful, spacious streets that create a magical, elegant atmosphere.

Enjoy tranquility and security in the embrace of this upscale residential community.

You are surrounded by vast green spaces and gardens planted with colorful trees and flowers, adding a touch of beautiful nature and revitalization to your daily life.

In addition, Madinaty provides a variety of upscale facilities to meet all your needs. Enjoy swimming pools, gyms, shopping centers, restaurants and cafes where you can relax, entertain and have fun with family and friends.

Additionally, Madinaty City offers you a unique shopping experience in its multiple shopping complexes, where you can find the most famous international and local brands, luxurious restaurants, helping you meet all your shopping and entertainment needs.

In Madinaty City, you will truly experience a luxurious lifestyle at your fingertips. Enjoy living in luxurious residential units designed with the highest level of detail and high-quality finishes.

Do not miss the opportunity to experience luxurious living in Madinaty City.

Book your unit now and enjoy a lifestyle that meets all your aspirations and makes your life full of luxury and happiness.

When Location Meets Luxury: Top Projects Near Privado Madinaty Compound!

Madinaty is located in a strategic area in New Cairo, a fully integrated residential area that provides a range of upscale services and facilities. It is designed to meet the diverse needs of residents in terms of housing, entertainment, shopping and education. As a result, there are many luxurious and distinctive compounds near Madinaty. In this article, we will review some of the most prominent of these compounds.

  1. Madinaty Compound:
    Madinaty Compound is one of the most prominent compounds adjacent to Privado Madinaty. It is characterized by the design of a fully serviced city, and contains vast green spaces, a sports club, shopping centers, schools and nurseries. In addition, its residents enjoy swimming pools, sports fields and entertainment areas.

  2. Sarai Compound:
    Sarai Compound is located near Privado Madinaty, and provides a quiet, comfortable residential environment. The compound has luxurious housing units with innovative architectural designs, and offers a variety of recreational and service facilities. The compound also provides dedicated areas for children, parking lots and gardens.

  3. Palm Hills Compound:
    Palm Hills Compound is one of the most famous luxury compounds in New Cairo, located next to Privado Madinaty. The compound is characterized by vast green spaces and enchanting natural scenery, as well as luxurious services such as a swimming pool, shopping centers and sports clubs.

These are some of the most prominent compounds located near Privado Madinaty that provide a high level of comfort and exceptional services. People looking for a residence in the area should consider these compounds when making a purchase or rental decision.

Golden Tips for Real Estate Shopping in Privado Madinaty Compound on!

If you are considering investing in real estate in Egypt, Privado Madinaty Compound is one of the best options available to you. But before you start the buying process, here are some golden tips you should keep in mind:

  1. Starting Prices:
    Apartment prices in Privado Madinaty start from 40,000 EGP. You need to study your needs and financial capabilities and choose the unit that suits you.

  2. Flexibility and Diversity of Areas:
    Privado offers a wide variety of residential areas, providing you with excellent investment opportunities. Review all the options available on Egypt's Real Estate website and also the area that suits your needs.

  3. Modern Project and Touches:
    Privado is considered a one-of-a-kind project, distinguished by the latest modern touches to buildings and landscaping. Make sure to review the details and facilities available to you before making your final decision.

  4. Excellent Returns:
    The real estate market in Privado Madinaty is growing rapidly, meaning your investment may yield excellent returns in the first few years. Verify the expected financial returns before making an investment decision.

  5. Flexible Payment:
    Egypt's Real Estate website is characterized by flexibility in payment methods and available installment plans. Review the options available to you and choose the most appropriate according to your purchasing power.

  6. Research Information:
    Search the website for information about the project, developer, and surrounding facilities. Try to get evaluations and feedback from previous customers, and verify the credibility of the source before making a purchase decision.

  7. Personal Presence:
    Before making your final decision, visit the sales offices to get to know the project directly and obtain all the necessary details. This may give you a chance to view the property sample and speak with the sales team to get answers to any questions you may have.

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1 apartment

1,9765 EGP.


Talaat Moustafa Group

You can pay a downpayment of 60,750 EGP and the unit value is paid over an installment period of 4 years up to 10 years as a maximum.

270 acres.


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