The Address East Compound New Cairo Dorra Group

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Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2022
Developed by: Dorra Group

About The Address East Project A high-class residential compound by Dorra Group located 7 minutes from Al Rehab City, Mountain View Compound, and just 15 minutes from the American University.

The Address East Compound New Cairo Location  in 5th Settlement New Cairo.

Project Space  60 acres.

Units Type  apartments - duplexes - standalone villas - twin houses.

Units Space  ranges from 121 square meters to 500 square meters.

Units Price   starts from 13,500 EGP per meter.

The Executing Company  Dorra Group.

Payment Methods  10% downpayment and installments up to 7 years.

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The Address East Compound New Cairo Dorra Group Brochure and Master Plan


Project Name: The Address East.

About The Address East Project: A high-class residential compound by Dorra Group located 7 minutes from Al Rehab City, Mountain View Compound, and just 15 minutes from the American University.

The Address East Compound New Cairo Location: in 5th Settlement New Cairo.

Project Space: 60 acres.

Units Type: apartments - duplexes - standalone villas - twin houses.

Units Space: ranges from 121 square meters to 500 square meters.

Units Price:  starts from 13,500 EGP per meter.

The Executing Company: Dorra Group.

Payment Methods: 10% downpayment and installments up to 7 years.

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The Address East Compound New Cairo is Your Gateway to a Lavish and Luxurious Lifestyle

The Address East Compound New Cairo is sure to attract all lovers of luxury, thanks to the comfortable lifestyle it provides in a quiet location away from pollution. The Address East Compound is an integrated residential compound with facilities and services for a life full of elegance and luxury. The Address East compound is a rare opportunity for investing and achieving your dreams of luxury living.

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The Address Compound New Cairo Location

The unique location is the first step for a successful luxury project, so The Address East compound site has been selected in a very strategic location to attract anyone looking for a place close to services and away from city noise and congestion.

The most important landmarks near The Address East Compound New Cairo:

  • Address East New Cairo is very close to all the main axes and roads, making it very accessible.
  • A great location in the heart of New Cairo, close to Cairo-Suez road.
  • Just five minutes from Teseen Street, New Cairo's most active street, which has all the entertainment services, malls, shops, famous store chains, bank branches, and companies.
  • The Address Project is only 10 minutes away from the American University.
  • Close to a number of beautiful and luxurious compounds, particularly Palm Hills New Cairo and Mountain View New Cairo.

The Address East Space

The Address New Cairo is characterized by its elegant modern designs and grandeur, its vast space, and many services.

Founded on 60 acres of land, The Address East Compound New Cairo was divided as follows:

  • Residential units and other constructions are built on a mere 20% of The Address East Compound New Cairo space, giving each unit amble privacy inside The Address East.
  • Green spaces account for up to 80% of the total compound space, providing psychological comfort, relaxation and attractive views for all units.
  • The Address East 5th Settlement has residential units in a variety of sizes, many of which are apartments, duplex units, standalone villas and twin house units.
  • The Address East Compound has 88 buildings and about 28 Twin House units as well as standalone villas.
  • There are 1,700 units of various types, about 1,200 of which have Super Lux finishes.
  • The Address East Twin House units start at 315 square meters.
  • Luxury standalone villas start at about 500 square meters.
  • There are apartments and duplex units with flexible spaces to suit the wishes of all customers, starting from 140 square meters and up to about 210 square meters.
  • The Address East project has been divided into several phases, the first phase has residential buildings consisting of a ground floor and four upper floors. All the address apartments have Super Lux finishes.
  • The health club occupies about 3,000 square meters and consists of three floors.
  • The details of the spaces in The Address East compound are many, but we point out that they are varied to suit the wishes of all customers. Each family will find a unit to suit their needs.

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The Address East New Cairo Services

The Address compound contains a number of entertainment services for endless fun activities, giving a luxurious lifestyle to all the residents. The Address East New Cairo compound’s investments amount to 2 billion EGP.

Its most important services and features are:

  • The architectural designs of The Address East is modern and elegant, inspired by the latest international trends.
  • Green spaces, artificial lakes and gardens give all units a beautiful view of the landscape.
  • The Address East's crystal lagoons adorn The Address East New Cairo compound and make it more charming with their pure waters.
  • The Address East Compound has a huge health club, a well as a gym, a spa, and a Jacuzzi provided with state-of-the-art equipment.
  • The shopping district includes luxury malls, shops and stores that offer goods from international luxury brands.
  • Dedicated walking, running and cycling trails are designed safely away from traffic inside Dorra New Cairo Compound.
  • Children can have fun in the playground, which has many games that are completely safe.
  • Featuring a very special selection of cafés and restaurants where the most skilled chefs serve oriental and western cuisine.
  • There are well-secured parking lots and garages designed to accommodate a large number of cars to avoid crowding and traffic congestion.
  • A large number of swimming pools designed in distinctive shapes and in large and small sizes to suit different ages.
  • The clubhouse offers many luxury entertainment services at Dorra New Cairo Compound.
  • Security and guard services operate 24/7 to protect residents and their properties in Dorra New Cairo Compound.
  • Modern surveillance cameras are distributed evenly throughout The Address East New Cairo compound.

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Prices and Payment Systems in Adress East New Cairo

The Address East offers many advantages, including the location, services, and design. Because of this, you may be concerned that it is overpriced.

However, the owner company cares about the comfort of its customers and announced excellent prices for accommodation in this luxurious compound.

The price per meter starts at 13,700 EGP. Apartments for sale start at 2,020,760 EGP.

In addition, the company has introduced convenient payment systems, where the customer only needs to pay 5% as a downpayment upon signing the contract, the remaining amount is paid in equal installments during a long period of up to 7 years.

The units are delivered on the agreed-upon date with Super Lux finishes.

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Disadvantages of The Address East Compound New Cairo

Despite the many outstanding features of The Address East Compound New Cairo project, some clients still feel reluctant due to the large number of residential units, fearing that this will lead to overcrowding and lack of privacy. However, Dorra Real Estate Development Company took this into consideration and provided large spaces between the different units, in addition to having a 24-hour security team, which ensures that customers get the necessary comfort and safety.

Developer Company Portfolio

The Address East is owned by Dorra Group, one of the largest private-sector real estate companies in Egypt. Address East Dorra adheres to international standards and has more than 70 years of experience in construction and contracting. It was founded by the Egyptian engineer Mohamed Hassan Al-Dorra in 1943.

 The owner company is committed to carrying out its business with its brand and slogan, which is "Promising Deliverance and Cherished Quality" because it constantly seeks to deliver projects in accordance with the highest international quality standards, which has made it gain the trust of customers.

The company has provided many successful projects in Egypt, the Arab Gulf, as well as the MENA region, with many businesses in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates (particularly in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai).

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The company has business in many fields and various projects, the most important of which are:

  • Zayed Heights project.
  • Zayed 2000 Compound Sheikh Zayed
  • Hadayek Al Mohandessin
  • Capital Business Park project.
  • Address West 6th of October
  • Dorra participated in the construction of about 60% of the buildings in Sheikh Zayed City.
  • Residential projects.
  • Commercial Malls.
  • Industrial projects.
  • Tourism projects.
  • Construction materials, concrete production, and brick production.
  • Integrated residential projects.
  • 5-star resorts and hotels.
  • Construction of government factories, buildings, and hospitals.
  • Building schools and educational institutions.
  • Construction of sewage treatment plants.
  • The Address 1 and 2 projects.
  • Mohandiseen Gardens project.
  • Zayed Heights compound.
  • Zayed Project 2000.
  • The Courtyard Sheikh Zayed Project.
  • Village West Sheikh Zyed.
  • Dorra El Sheikh Zayed.
  • Many projects outside Egypt, the most important of which is the design of 27 towers in Dubai, UAE, and 13 towers in Qatar.

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The Address compound is the latest addition to all the successful projects by the company, thanks to its integrated services, elegant designs, and prime location. It provides a luxurious lifestyle for all residents, away from noise and pollution.

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Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2021, and therefore it is subject to change. Our team at Real Estate Egypt is keen to update the spaces, unit types, and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.

Where dreams meet reality: Enjoy the luxurious lifestyle in New Cairo compounds!

New Cairo compounds are a unique destination for luxury and comfort in Egypt. This type of settlement is characterized by providing many exclusive facilities and services for its residents, making it strongly compete with other global cities.

New Cairo compounds aim to provide a luxurious residential environment that meets all residents' needs. They provide luxurious apartments and independent villas in areas that emulate the beauty of nature, such as breathtaking natural scenery and vast green spaces. Settlements also include swimming pools, gyms, entertainment centers, golf courses, shopping centers, international schools, nurseries, health clinics and other facilities.

New Cairo compounds are also safe places to live, with advanced security systems including surveillance cameras and 24-hour security. In addition, residents can take advantage of the maintenance service available all week, providing them with comfort and tranquility.

New Cairo compounds are also an ideal place to live for several reasons. It enjoys an excellent location that provides easy access to major cities and tourist attractions in Cairo. Compounds also provide public transportation, metro, highways, making getting around comfortable and easy for residents.

Given their beauty, variety of exclusive services and facilities, investing in New Cairo compounds is an ideal opportunity to live in luxury and comfort. In addition to enjoying the stunning scenery, exclusive services, and elegant architectural designs in these amazing compounds

Make your investment in Fifth Settlement your gateway to amazing profits and a life full of luxury!

Fifth Settlement in Cairo has become a great real estate investment destination in Egypt. Fifth Settlement is renowned for its modern and luxurious design and advanced infrastructure, attracting investors from all over the world.

Among the many investment opportunities available in Fifth Settlement, the real estate sector is the most attractive. Fifth Settlement provides a diverse range of exclusive and distinctive real estate projects, such as luxury residential complexes, renowned international hotels and modern shopping centers.

Investing in Fifth Settlement is a great opportunity to make huge profits. Economic data has shown that the real estate sector in Egypt is experiencing sustainable growth, with demand for properties in the area continuously increasing. Thanks to the rapid development of Fifth Settlement, investors have the opportunity for a strategic investment that is beneficial in the long run.

Your investment in Fifth Settlement also enhances your profit opportunities through high rental yields. With the increasing demand for real estate in this area, you can achieve a decent and stable rental income, which contributes to increasing your monthly income and achieving financial sustainability.

Additionally, Fifth Settlement provides an integrated environment for living and investing. It is characterized by the availability of excellent public facilities and services, such as international schools, modern hospitals, shopping centers and entertainment events. All of these factors enhance the value of properties in Fifth Settlement and make them an attractive choice for investors.

It can be said that investing in Fifth Settlement will be your gateway to amazing profits. If you are looking for a strategic and profitable real estate investment opportunity in Egypt's property market, Fifth Settlement is the ideal choice. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity and invest in a compound that provides development, prosperity and comfort all at once.

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The Address East New Cairo Compound

The Address East New Cairo compound is considered the best given its prime location in the heart of the Fifth Settlement and proximity to the most prominent compounds in the area such as Mountain View and the university. The compound offers various luxurious residential units.

City gate Compound New Cairo

Citygate Compound New Cairo is located close to The Address East compound, and is characterized by its modern architectural design and luxurious facilities. The project provides diverse residential units that meet the needs of different clients.

East Side New Cairo

The location of East Side New Cairo is considered close to The Address East compound, and it provides a variety of residential units, including villas and apartments, as well as community facilities such as schools, hospitals and shopping centers.

Al Jazi Gardens Compound New Cairo

Al Jazi Gardens Compound New Cairo is one of the excellent adjacent options to The Address East compound, as it provides a wide range of different residential units. It is characterized by large green spaces and areas for recreation and shopping.

Easy steps to own your new unit at The Address East New Cairo compound through!

Owning a residential unit at The Address East compound in New Cairo can easily become a dream come true if you follow the right steps. Here is an easy guide to help you acquire your new unit in this remarkable compound via

Step 1: Visit

  • Open on your web browser.
  • Log in to your account if you already have an account, or create a new account if you don't have one yet.

Step 2: Search for The Address East compound

  • Use the website's search option to find The Address East compound.
  • Type in "The Address East" in the search box.
  • Click the search button to display results related to the compound.

Step 3: Browse available units

  • Browse units available at The Address East compound.
  • Read and understand details of different units, including area, price, location.
  • Check if the unit details suit your needs and budget.

Step 4: Contact us

  • Call the numbers on Egypt's real estate website for The Address East compound to get more information or to arrange a site visit.
  • Inquire about available payment methods and financing options if needed.

Step 5: Reserve the unit

  • If you are satisfied with the unit and have decided to purchase it, reserve the unit through the developer.
  • Reservation may require an initial deposit payment, so be sure to inquire about this and ensure required funds are available.



  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa
  • Water Fountains
  • Hotel
  • Aqua park

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in 5th Settlement New Cairo.

1,644,000 EGP


Dorra Group.

83 Villas

10% downpayment and installments up to 7 years.

60 acres