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Project Name: Privado Compound.

Privado Egypt Location: The project was built within Madinaty, close to Central Park.

Privado Area: A total area of 270 acres has been allocated for residential units to be built.

Units Space: it starts from 60 square meters up to 180 square meters as a maximum.

Meter Price: it starts from 19765 Egyptian pounds only per meter.

The Owner Company: Talaat Moustafa Group.

Payment Methods: You can pay a downpayment of 60,750 EGP and the unit value is paid over an installment period of 4 years up to 10 years as a maximum.

The project is one of the large residential projects worked on by Talaat Moustafa, in which it considered that the project will give further recovery to Madinaty main project, as Privado was built within Madinaty, which increases its importance and geographical value.

The idea of implementing this compound within Madinaty is one of the things that can work on the success of the entire project and increase the basic value of the entire place.

Details about Privado Madinaty

The project was built within Madinaty and a total area of 270 acres has been allocated in order to establish the residential units on it, and the project has been divided into several residential buildings next to each other.

The buildings contained in Prevado include a number of 9,900 units, ready for habitation, that can be booked and housed by customers, and these units have been divided into many spaces to suit all capabilities, starting from 60 square meters up to a maximum of 180 square meters.

One of the most distinctive features of these buildings in the project is the central air conditioning units in each of them, as well as the exquisite designs that give the place a special character of beauty and sophistication.

A parking garage has also been added to the residents' cars underground, and work has been done to provide the best finishes in the interior shape of the buildings and residential units within, to go with the international specifications.

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Features of Privado Talaat Moustafa

Many of the features that can make the project the first and perfect choice for anyone who wishes to live in one of the most prestigious and luxurious places, one of the important things that characterize the project is:

  • It is close to Central Park, one of the most important areas with space of 120 acres and with all the services a person can need at any time, such as many green areas and public parks.
  • In addition to its cinemas, restaurants serving famous cuisine, the shopping mall, a sports club, as well as the water lakes, which are one of the most wonderful things in this place and shops that offer various products.
  • Providing Town Square within the compound, one of the units new systems that have a lot of important things to serve the project's residents, the most important of which are the parks and scenic views that can be seen from this place.
  • In addition, it is close to all the vital required and important places such as theaters, nurseries, shops, markets, cafes, restaurants, and other things.
  • Adventure Park, one of the types of parks that are equipped for those who want exciting games, including climbing, various car races, e-games competitions, and more.
  • Providing a skiing center with the highest level of safety.
  • Establishing a club to teach cycling and a place to practice within the club.
  • Providing the social club, which is one of the things that works to exploit a large area of the project up to 1864 square meters, and there are many and varied activities organized within this club, in addition to the presence of a sports gym and specialized medical centers for beauty and many different swimming pools.
  • One of the most important activities in the social club is a social building, as well as a large library in order to enjoy reading in various fields, as well as a gym and bodybuilding lounge, and another lounge for the rest of the different games, and also has bathrooms for swimming, luxury restaurants as well as cafes.

Privado Madinaty Prices

Prices have been set for all units that can be located in Prevado Talaat Moustafa, which will be operational from the beginning of 2020 and can be changed up or down.

Due to all the services and the unique location that the project enjoys in the heart of Madinaty, the prices for these residential units are considered to be a little high, as it is a type of investment more than a residential only, as well as the units shall be delivered with Ultra Super Lux finishing i.e. it is fully finished.

These units are also delivered after the air conditioning units are added and ensure that all the items that must be contained in the apartment are completed at the highest level.

As for the prices of meter for these residential units, it starts from only 19765 Egyptian pounds, which is the price announced by the company per meter in the project.

Payment Systems:

A downpayment of 60,750 EGP will be paid at the beginning of the contract, while the rest of the original price is divided into equal installments of EGP 3,470 per month, and the unit value can be paid in installments for 4 years up to 10 years as a maximum.

And considering the country's real estate activity in the current times, there are many things that the client can choose from, and he can own his residential unit in the compound he wants at prices commensurate with his financial potential.

The Owner Company of the Project

Talaat Moustafa is considered one of the strongest companies that have worked in the field of real estate and construction, as it has a lot of business in the Egyptian market which has made it a source of trust for customers.

The company primarily took care, within all the work carried out, of the comfort of the customer, and the search for methods that provide him/her with luxury and prosperity, in addition to the application of European and international design systems to give the unique character of all the residential units located in the project.

The company has provided a lot of successful works vary in terms of purpose, including tourism projects and projects that provide hotel as well as residential services:

  • Madinaty which is one of the most popular projects that have been established.
  • Al Rehab.
  • Al Rabwa.
  • Al Rawda Project.
  • Celia New Administrative Capital.

The company was established and announced as an official real estate development company in the post-1970s, and one of the most important things the company did was to provide a lot of work in the desert region and work on its reconstruction again in the 1980s.

The company has also been cooperating continuously with the public sector in the country to work to promote urban communities, which can improve a lot of conditions for citizens.

The company has adopted in its approach fixed values, namely security, credibility, and seriousness, which has executed in all the projects it has launched, and those fixed values were the key that won the trust of many customers and made them accept to deal with the company without fear.

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Swimming pools
Shopping center
Commercial area
Social Club
Health club and Spa
Water Fountains
Aqua park


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