Celia New Capital Compound

From 1,400,000 EGP
Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2022
Developed by: Talaat Moustafa Group

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Apartment In Celia Compound
Apartment In Celia Compound
Apartment In Celia Compound
Apartment In Celia Compound
Apartment In Celia Compound
Apartment In Celia Compound
apartments for sale in Celia



Celia New Administrative Capital is one of the major compounds located in the heart of the New Administrative Capital near Badr city. It is built on an area of 500 acres and It is scheduled to be built in multiple phases, the first phase will be executed on an area of 40 acres. It is one of the real estate projects of Talaat Moustafa Group, which is known to provide sophistication, and luxury through its residential projects.

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About Celia Compound New Capital

  • Celia project is one of the most prominent projects located in the heart of the Administrative Capital within the first stage, Celia is located on a huge area and it is one of the only projects directly overlooking the Green River, where the project has two distinct interfaces on both the Central Park.
  • It overlooks the government district, which includes parliament, ministers, and Al Masa Hotel, as well as close to the Capital International Airport, it is one of the projects that include a large number of units suitable for everyone.
  • It has five main gates next to the subgates of residential areas in order to provide the highest level of luxury, privacy, and safety for the residents of the compound, as well as all main streets and buildings equipped with surveillance cameras.
  • Residential units with highly smart systems allow you to control all lighting systems, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. 

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Location of Celia Talaat Moustafa Group

Celia New Capital is located in the heart of the New Administrative Capital in a very strategic location between Madinaty and New Cairo and near the borders of Badr City, this compound is only 60 km from Ain El Sokhna.

You can easily access the Compound through many axis such as the Sheikh Zayed South and North Axis Road, near the Ring Road and Al Mostakbal South Road, making it easy to enter and exit the Compound easily.

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About the Real Estate Developer

Hesham Talaat Mostafa Group, which was established in 2007 as an Egyptian joint-stock company, and is one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development in Egypt and the Middle East, its basic vision was based on the establishment of integrated residential communities, and it is keen on diversity in designs and spaces to target the largest possible segment of customers and meet their desires and aspirations.

Talaat Moustafa Group has succeeded in establishing the first integrated city with services and activities in Egypt and the Middle East, which is Al-Rehab City in New Cairo, which was the beginning of the launch of urban communities replete with unique features and services that achieve a life of luxury and privacy for customers. In addition to the giant Madinaty project with perfect services, which extends over a vast space of up to 8000 acres.

Through the establishment of Celia New Capital, it sought to achieve the highest levels of luxury and privacy for customers, where the word Celia means "paradise", and this is evident in every step within it.

The group also owns a bank of lands with a space of 53 million square meters, all of which are characterized by their strategic locations that qualify it to achieve a pioneering role in the Egyptian real estate market. On the other hand, Talaat Moustafa Group is committed to selecting the best competencies to cooperate with it in the completion of its mega projects to achieve the highest levels of luxury and luxury that its customers aspire to.

The projects of Talaat Moustafa Group do not stop at residential communities that are full of exceptional services and benefits but rather set out to establish wonderful resorts and tourist hotels in the most vital places for its customers, in the framework of its constant endeavor to implement its vision in a modern life that suits their aspirations and goals.

The most important achievements of Talaat Mostafa Group:

  • Privado Talaat Moustafa.
  • Construction of the Four Seasons Hotel in San Stefano, Alexandria, in 2007.
  • The establishment of Al Rehab City.
  • The establishment of the first city in the Middle East with full services and facilities, which is Madinaty.

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Enjoy the highest levels of privacy, luxury, and prosperity through a package of exceptional services in Celia Talaat Mustafa New Administrative Capital

  • All units in Celia New Capital have a smart home system that saves energy and gives customers more comfort and luxury through the application of the latest technology; With one click, you can control the lighting and select the appropriate climate for you and your family inside your home.
  • It is characterized by the presence of a gym that includes all sports and sports activities, as well as many playgrounds that have been designed at the best level to enjoy with your family and friends spending the most beautiful times and practicing your favorite sport.
  • Celia Talaat Moustafa includes three large mosques that have been designed in the finest Islamic styles to provide the appropriate atmosphere for the residents to hold prayers and religious rites.
  • Smart security systems are implemented throughout the compound, helping customers feel reassured and private at every step within their upscale community.
  • Celia Talaat Moustafa is distinguished by the presence of an international school that offers the highest levels of education that you look up to and that your children look forward to.
  • The units and constructions within the compound are designed with tiered systems to ensure the customers' ease and smooth movement and access to the vital places and recreational activities that abound in it.
  • It is characterized by the presence of a range of swimming pools that have been designed in a variety of spaces to suit adults and children, as well as covered swimming pools for women for more privacy and fun.
  • The compound has a charming panoramic view of the Green River in the Administrative Capital through two distinct facades (PC4 and PC5), which are one of the largest spaces in the central park.
  • Celia Talaat Moustafa includes two model nurseries in which you can be assured that your children will receive an excellent level of education that suits their age, in addition to enjoying many recreational activities inside.
  • The compound includes an international medical center that includes all medical specialties and services, in addition to many medical clinics around the world so that customers can get the medical services they need quickly and with high accuracy.
  • It includes many pharmacies that are spread throughout, for easy and quick access to medical and therapeutic supplies.
  • It is characterized by the presence of two entertainment centers that include the most important activities and entertainment games, as well as providing the best services that achieve the highest levels of luxury and happiness for you and your family.
  • A Roman theater that offers the best and most enjoyable game shows, adding to the compound a mixture of tradition and distinction.
  • A commercial area at the highest level with many retail places and various shopping centers that aim to provide all the needs and purposes of the residents.
  • A group of restaurants and cafés that offer their customers the most luxurious and finest services, as well as vary greatly to satisfy the tastes of customers of all cultures.
  • Many shops contain the finest international brands that customers aspire to achieve more elegance and luxury.
  • A transportation network that facilitates the process of movement and movement flexibly and smoothly, in order to achieve the comfort and well-being of the residents.
  • The advanced security services represent an essential point within the compound through highly trained security and guard men to work 24 hours a day, in addition to the modern surveillance cameras that were distributed throughout.

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Spaces and division of Celia Compound's apartments

Celia Compound consists of apartments and villas that the real estate developer has been keen to completely separate them for more comfort, luxury and total privacy for the residents of the compound, as for the division of the compound, it came as follows:

  • Apartments in the eastern part of the compound.
  • Villas in the western part of the Compound.
  • Twin House in different spaces.
  • Apartments with spaces start from 77 m2 to 174 m2, and the three-room apartments start at 125 meters.
  • Villas with spaces start from 190 m2, and Twin villas start from a space of 259 m2 to 341 m2.

As for the design of the units, the real estate developer was keen to design the units professionally and skillfully, and all units have a wonderful view of the landscape.

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Celia Talaat Moustafa Price and payment methods

The price per meter within Celia Egypt varies and the real estate developer has been keen to develop many payment methods, including:

You can pay a downpayment of 40,000 pounds for the apartment booking and 100,000 pounds for villa booking.

The price per meter in Celia starts at 12,155 pounds.

The price per meter is up to 19,840 pounds.

Installment system: up to 10 years.

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  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa
  • Water Fountains
  • Aqua park

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