Information to know before looking for villas for sale in the Fifth Settlement

The Fifth Settlement is a high-end residential and living area that has appeared strongly in the last decade as one of the best residential areas in Egypt and attractive to many buyers and real estate investment companies as it is a very integrated and wonderful city.

The Fifth Settlement features villas for sale, modern apartments with European style combining authenticity and sophistication, vibrant and active in trendy malls, commercial markets, entertainment venues, and parks in the region.

The Fifth Settlement is characterized by quiet and peaceful through the parks and the vast greenery inside and outside the villas.

Villas for sale in Fifth Settlement information and details that interest you before buying

A look at Tagmoa area and searching for villas for sale in Fifth Settlement

We will first talk about Fifth Settlement area in terms of the geographical location of the area, as for the charming features of Fifth Settlement area itself and the beauty of Fifth Settlement villas, we will leave it for the next paragraph with the villas projects in detail, and the features of the site are as follows:

First: Proximity to the vital areas of Cairo

The Fifth Settlement area can now called the beautiful city located in the middle of everything that combines tranquility with pleasure, connected to all the important areas of Cairo and around it, and away from the hustle and bustle.

Fifth Settlement villas and compounds are highly demanded and there us also demand for housing and apartments in the area in general as it is considered an area located in the center of the vital places of the Capital of Cairo.

These close areas include Heliopolis area which is 8.8 km from Fifth Settlement, Nasr city 13.6 km away, and Al Mokattam and Downtown Cairo, which are close to the same distance.

Second: Proximity to the airport and terminals for expatriates and arrivals

The importance of searching for a villa for sale in Fifth Settlement by visitors from outside Egypt, incoming students and diplomatic families as it is close to Cairo International Airport, which is 22.6 km from Fifth Settlement area, approximately 15 minutes by car or less.

Paved roads, entrances, and exits are available to make entry and exit very easy without crowding or jamming.

Third: Close to coastal and tourist cities

Not only this is the case, but 5th settlement city is located near one of the most famous coastal and tourist cities, regions, and villages in Egypt, the city of "Al Ain Sokhna", where Fifth Settlement area is the closest to Al Ain Al Sokhna among the famous residential areas of Cairo.

El Tagmoa is only 112 km from Al Ain Sokhna in according to Google Maps, almost an hour's drive away and you will be in the coastal vacation city, Sokhna, which is among the most beautiful cities and attracts millions of visitors annually on pleasant summer vacation trips.

You can also go to other tourist cities from Al Tagamoa very easily such as going to Alexandria or Matrouh or even heading after Ain Sokhna towards Sharm El Sheikh or Dahab without entering the middle of the cities and the crowds, by going directly on the ring road or regional road directly.

Fourth: Easy access to the area from several roads and places

In terms of access to the area and the roads connecting Fifth Settlement, it is surrounded by one of the best road networks in Egypt that make you go out and reach it as if you were wandering around a German city in paved roads filled with trees and greenery on its sides.

It can be accessed from several main roads, most notably the Ring and Regional Road, Al Mosheer Tantawi axis, and the Suez Road.

Why do people prefer to look for a villa for sale in the Fifth Settlement?

Search for villas for sale in Fifth Settlement is preferred for many reasons as follows:

In terms of the advantages of the city as a successful real estate investment project, it is considered one of the most successful and most prestigious investment projects that meets the requirements of the population of all classes, starting with the upper class of ministers and senior statesmen and businessmen.

There are also villas for sale in New Cairo that suit other classes in lower-priced projects such as Palm Hills New Cairo Villas project.

Information you should know before you search for twin house for sale in New Cairo

The features of Fifth Settlement are summarized to you in the following points:

Charming nature, greenery, and gardens everywhere

The greenery within the streets and gardens of Fifth Settlement makes you feel very happy and comfortable as if you live in the neighborhoods of Switzerland and Japan filled with flowering gardens where the green spaces cover the equivalent of 22% of Al Tagamoa total area.

This space is among villa gardens, public gardens among each group of villas and apartments, streets filled with trees and beautiful roses, and green areas within the compounds.

All of this makes the seating and play opportunities with your kids numerous and safe, and this makes Fifth Settlement one of the most seeking place for villas for sale in Cairo.

The region is planned by a world-class urban system.

In Fifth Settlement, residential areas, manufactured areas, and commercial areas have been completely separated, and you find complete tranquility in the residential areas, making the option of buying there a great comfort and privacy.

In addition to designing and coordinating the areas in a creative and thoughtful way, the urban planning system in Fifth Settlement with more total privacy.

All this inspires most people to go looking for apartments and villas for sale in fifth Settlement in the many residential projects so it is important to look for your psychological comfort above all else.

Various service facilities at the highest level

Fifth Settlement includes all the service facilities that will make your life easier, as it includes a range of hospitals, schools, universities, important government institutions, and banks.

It also provides main branches of all institutions that provide public services that are important to the public such as telecommunications companies, post offices, and other state institutions, which means you will not need to get out of the Fifth Settlement to do a government interest or to be done with something.

Entertainment centers and international shopping malls

Perhaps Fifth Settlement has emerged as one of the highest neighborhoods and regions in Cairo as it houses some of the best entertainment centers in Cairo and Egypt in general, with a range of shopping markets and the best malls in the Republic, and the most important entertainment and shopping centers include the following:

  • Cairo Festival City Mall.
  • Concord Plaza.
  • Galleria.
  • Point 90.
  • Meeting Point.
  • Downtown.
  • Americana Plaza.
  • The Spot.

International universities, schools, and educational centers

The presence of many international universities in Fifth Settlement area with international schools made the region attract senior statesmen for the purpose of housing next to their kids' schools and universities, and make it a distinctive area that is linked in the minds of all to sophistication, luxury, and progress.

Somewhat, the prices of villas for sale in Fifth Settlement increased as expatriates, foreigners, and newcomers turned to the search for housing in New Cairo city, and the most important educational centers in Tagamoa are as follows:

  • American University.
  • Canadian University.
  • German University.
  • New Cairo Academy.
  • Future University in Egypt.
  • Cairo New Institutes of Science and Arts.
  • Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology.
  • Al-Azhar Bukhari Language Institutes.
  • Al Shouyfat School.
  • British School.
  • German School in Cairo.
  • Hayah International Academy.
  • American International School.
  • Agial Language Schools.
  • And other public, private and international schools and universities.

All villas projects and compounds for sale in Tagamoa

The demand for Fifth Settlement has increased dramatically as it has been a playground for great and honorable competition among the world's major real estate companies to provide a healthy, more prosperous, and safer living for the population, with everyone seeking to provide complete comfort to customers in the fifth Settlement villas.

Here you are now details of the projects and compounds dedicated for apartments and villas for sale in Fifth Settlement in detail:

Katameya Heights - The highest 5th Settlement compounds

The experience of living and living in Katameya Heights New Cairo has the high standard of sophistication that makes comparing it to living anywhere in Egypt as unfair.

Here, luxury combines beauty with integration, making you feel like you're in a place not on earth.

The compound has the highest price in 5th Settlement villas, so those looking for villas for sale at Fifth Settlement in Katameya Heights are the top class in Egypt.

It has almost everything inside, including a golf course, tennis courts, a health club with jacuzzi, spa, sauna and gym, as well as a clubhouse.

Other services available at Katameya Heights include shops, cafes, restaurants, and other integrated service facilities.

The prices of villas in this project are very high compared to any other compounds, where it reaches 130 million Egyptian pounds.

However, they are very popular and has a large demand because of the various installment and payment systems it provides for its customers.

Mivida compound New Cairo

One of the best and most famous complexes of Fifth Settlement and the highest price established by Emaar international company.

Mivida New Cairo is a compound for top-class businessman of state, featuring luxurious villas and charming international designs and finishes, with green spaces, service and leisure facilities and in-house facilities such as shops, clubs, hospitals, schools, cafes, and restaurants.

It is also provided with charming green spaces with a park on an area of 33 acres, with charming pine and lavender gardens for a healthy, quieter, and relaxing life, so those looking for a villa for sale at Mivida Compound are the upper class and senior statesmen.

The prices of villas for sale in New Cairo at Fifth Settlement area within Mivida project range from about 15 million Egyptian pounds.

 Mountain View New Cairo

Mountain View is no less prestigious than any villa project for sale in the Fifth Settlement but is one of the highest Fifth Settlement complexes in general with distinctive services, green spaces, and villas that are full of luxury.

These features are beside a strategic location in the center of 5th Settlement and close to many service facilities, recreational centers, universities, and schools.

Mountain View New Cairo is close to The American University at Cairo, The Future University in Egypt, and near shopping and entertainment centers such as Concord Plaza, Meting Point, and Americana Plaza, close to Dusit Thani LakeView Cairo Hotel and Air Force Specialized Hospital in 5th Settlement.

The prices of a villa in the fifth Settlement for sale in Mountain View range from 15 million Egyptian pounds such as in Mivida project.

Hyde Park New Cairo

It looks like Mountain View project, with almost the same sophistication and luxury, but Hyde Park is distinguished by its many service facilities within it.

The project includes a range of schools, a medical center, a range of shops and cafes, as well as an integrated club and club house.

The prices of a villa for sale at Hyde Park Complex range from 16 million EGP up to 18 million EGP.

Layan New Cairo compound

It has been built in a unique and simple architectural style with luxury and sophistication that makes you feel very happy in this place with the vast greenery of each side of the place which is over 230 acres in size.

It is also a project with excellent complimentary and recreational services such as shops, restaurants, and cafes, with a sports club, gyms, nurseries, kids' theme parks, and a club house.

Therefore, Layan villas project is one of the highest projects of villas for sale in Fifth Settlement in general.

It is characterized by the fact that it is one of the projects that provide many ways to pay and distinctive installment methods for those looking for villas in Fifth Settlement in convenient installments.

The prices of the villa for sale in Layan project range from 12 million EGP up to 16 million pounds.

Mountain View iCity villas project

One of the projects that is characterized by a quiet and distinctive location within Tagamoaa and close to the most important service, educational, and recreational facilities.

It features luxurious modern designs with beautiful and creative decoration, with large green spaces and gardens within the project.

It differs from other projects for the diversity of villas such as Villa and Park Villa, where they are considered to be high-priced luxury villas, and there is also Palace Villa which is a large and spacious villa resembling a palace.

The project has all the services and features that make it an integrated villa project such as shops, restaurants, cafes, malls with sports clubs, large and varied playgrounds, gyms, swimming pools, and administrative buildings.

The prices of iVilla and Park Villa in Mountain View icity October are in the range of 10 million pounds, while the price of the palace villas starts from 20 million pounds.

Palm Hills New Cairo

One of the high-end and cheap projects located near Mountain View, with distinctive services and facilities, and one of the projects that attracts a lot of people looking for villas for sale in the fifth Settlement where it fits with different classes.

The prices of a villa for sale at the fifth Settlement in Palm Hills range from 5 million pounds, so the researchers of The Fifth Settlement Villas believe that Palm Hills New Cairo are cheap and have almost the same services as other compounds.

Fifth Settlement villas, 90th Street

We left the talk about the villas of Fifth Settlement 90th Street for the end of the article where this street is considered the most active and vibrant in the area of New Cairo.

Its villas have all the features that we mentioned in all the previous compounds and villas and more, so here the villas are for business men and senior statesmen due to their high prices.

If you're looking for the most luxurious and comfortable villas for sale in the 5th settlement, the villas on 90th Street are the best and the most luxurious.

The prices of the 90th Street Fifth Settlement villas range from 20 million EGP up to 25 million EGP.

More of New Cairo compounds

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