The Square Compound New Cairo By Al Ahly Sabbour

From 2,200,000 EGP
Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2022

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Project Name: The Square compound.

About the project: It is one of the urban projects that its launch has been announced by Al Ahly Sabbour Developments, which is characterized by accuracy and sophistication in the designs

The Square Location: It occupies a strategic location because it is located behind New Cairo Club, which is one of the most famous sports clubs in the region.

The Square Compound New Cairo Area: it is established on an area of 110 acres.

Units Areas: it ranges from 80 square meters up to 270 square meters.

Units Price: its price per meter starts at 6,500 EGP.

The developer name: Al Ahly Sabbour Developments.

Payment methods: the customer can pay a 10% down payment and the rest in equal payments up to 7 years.

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The Square Compound

It is one of the urban projects announced by Al Ahly Sabbour Development, an international Company, which is characterized by the accuracy and sophistication of designs.

This makes the project the focus of everyone's attention, as well as the project site in the heart of New Cairo attracts attention to it where the company provides the project all the features in the same location.

This compound brings many individuals the opportunity to live in the most exceptional areas of New Cairo, and although it is away from the heavy congestion in Downtown Cairo, it is located near the vital roads, where it has achieved for many customers the opportunity to own luxury residential units with attractive modern buildings overlooking the landscape and green spaces, it also includes among its sides many recreational services that make you happy, cheerful and calm.

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Details of The Square project

The project has been designed at the highest level of international designs and has been implemented by the largest international engineers working in Al Ahly Sabbour Development, so the designs have combined luxury and sophistication.

The compound has distinguished itself with noise insulation, which makes you find the comfort and calm you are always looking for.

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The Square compound Location

Sabbour company, the official owner of this project, was keen to select the best locations that are charming and far from the hustle and bustle of 5th Settlement, 90th Street, which is the most vital area of New Cairo for the construction of its new residential project, The Square New Cairo.

Make sure that you will definitely find everything you dream in front of your eyes, where the site of the project features the following:

  • The Complex occupies a strategic location because it is located behind the New Cairo Club, which is one of the most famous sports clubs in the region.
  • The dynamic location of the Compound is located near many of the region's famous projects such as Sodic, Palm Hills New Cairo, Mivida, Emaar, and El-Sharbatly Villas.
  • It is located just 5 minutes from the main Ring Road.
  • The location is a few minutes from American University.
  • It is unique with its excellent location from the most famous shopping centers in Fifth Settlement, the 90th Mall.

This excellent site has had a great advantage in giving many customers the opportunity to get apartments for sale in The Square Sabbour, providing them with a new and different life.

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Area of The Square Compound New Cairo

The project was built on a large area of 110 acres, where the largest area of land owned by Al Ahly Developments Company, 80%, has been used in the construction of project services and green spaces.

The remaining area, estimated at about 20% of the total area, was the share of construction buildings, where a number of buildings were constructed at one height, which is divided into the ground floor and 3 upper floors, and these residential buildings are far away from each other within sufficient distance to achieve the privacy of their residents.

As for the interior area of the various units in Compound The Square, it ranges from 80 square meters up to 270 square meters.

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Design of Square compound New Cairo

The real estate developer was keen in the design and implementation of this project to achieve the best international standards, using a group of the largest international engineers working with Sabbour.

Luxury architecture designs like no other in the region, and it is really distinctive to provide noise insulation feature, which is one of the most important and best services of the compound that many have dreamed of it, do not hesitate and book the best apartments for sale in compound The Square New Cairo.

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Services in compound Square Sabbour New Cairo

It is one of the best residential projects that give residents a quiet and luxurious life, as it is full of many recreational services lacking in nearby residential complexes, such as the following:

  • It has picturesque gardens, which help to relax and rest.
  • Kids gardens.
  • All of the units in the Compound have a charming view, overlooking the green spaces and the luxurious blue artificial lakes.
  • The real estate developer provides a number of residential units in the design, space, location, finishing, and even in payment systems, which gave customers the opportunity to choose the right unit for them.
  • A health club at the highest level, in order to meet the wishes of the people of the compound.
  • Gym and spa, for all those looking for fitness and beauty.
  • The creation of large-area sports courses, featuring a tennis, basketball, and football court, with plenty of space for golf lovers.
  • A high-end social club, allowing residents to do many recreational activities.
  • Various swimming pools for adults and kids.
  • 24-hour health and therapeutic services, consisting of pharmacies and medical clinics.
  • Special areas for enjoying a barbecue and having lunch outdoors.
  • Evening party areas.
  • Restaurants and cafes.
  • Parking for each residential unit in the compound, providing residents with the best protection for their cars.
  • It has a high-end commercial area, and this area contains a number of shops specialized in selling international brands.
  • 24-hour security services, modern security technologies allow you to watch your kids for the duration of your stay abroad, via your mobile phone.

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Life Features of the Center 

Life in the center of the Compound is characterized by a variety of features, making life as luxurious as:

  • Excellent location in central Cairo near all services and all major roads.
  • The view for all residential units is distinctive where all units have views of water bodies or green spaces.
  • 24-hour security and surveillance as well as the possibility of monitoring your children through your phone's camera.
  • Variety of spaces and a variety of payment systems, which provides you with everything you are looking for.
  • The Compound has all the services and luxury you are looking for in one place.

Details of residential units

  • The various areas within the Compound, where the company was keen to provide all the space for the convenience of its customers, and the areas start from 80 meters up to 270 meters.
  • All buildings within the project consist of a ground floor and three upper floors only. This feature is the best feature of the compound.

Units prices within The Square compound Sabbour

Many individuals wonder about the possibility of obtaining luxury residential units in the new cities, and here is Al Ahly Development Company answering this question by announcing the prices of apartments, which arrived within reach of everyone in order to fulfill the dream of many.

The price per meter in the project starts from 6,000 EGP up to 500 Egyptian pounds, taking into account the difference in the price of the meter depending on the location of the residential unit and its area.

The payment systems

This huge residential project remains a golden opportunity that will not be repeated for all those who wish to get apartments at competitive prices and unprecedented before or even those wishing to enjoy distinctive facilities in payment, and here is Al Ahly Sabbour company gives its customers everything they dream of, owning the most luxurious residential units by paying a down payment of 10% and then the rest of the amount via installments into the form of equal payments up to 7 years.

The executing company of the project

Al Ahly Development Company is the official owner responsible for the implementation of the project, the company laid its foundation stone in 1994 AD, the chairman of the board of directors Engineer Hassan Sabbour owns 60% of the shares of the company and the remaining share with the National Bank of Egypt, so the company is known as Sabbour.

The company has hired the best experts and engineers to implement its major residential and commercial projects as well as implement a large number of advanced vacation projects.

The company enjoys a good reputation for its constant keenness to satisfy the requirements of its valued customers, and for this we find most of its residential projects occupy strategic and excellent locations in new cities such as New Cairo, as well as its tourism projects in North Coast Egypt and Al Ain Sokhna.

Here you the company's most important projects as follows:


  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa

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