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Layan Residence New Cairo Compound Land Mark Sabbour

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Project Description

Project Name: Layan.

Layan New Cairo Compound Location: at the 5th Settlement in New Cairo.

Layan Compound Space: 233 acres.

Units Type: Layan villa - twin houses - Layan townhouse.

Units Space: starts from 266 up to 375 m².

The Real Estate Developer: Land Mark Sabbour.

Payment Methods: Paying 20% of the unit value as a downpayment and installments up to 4 years.

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Layan Sabbour Compound

If you have never heard of this giant project, you have missed a lot because it is a fully-fledged residential complex that provides its residents with a life full of different colors of happiness. It is Layan Sabbour in the famous Fifth Settlement area.

The place provides you with the highest meanings of comfort and privacy that you are looking for, as it keeps you away from any cause of inconvenience or pollution and is close to all entertainment and fun. Layan New Cairo compound was designed on the attractive French character with the features of luxury and sophistication that exist to suit the high taste of customers in Layan Residence Land Mark Sabbour.

This is in addition to its unique location, close to a group of important vital areas and ways that facilitate movement to and from Layan New Cairo compound, in addition to a great diversity of types and spaces of units within layan project to give customers a great opportunity to choose.

This was some information about this huge project offered by Landmark Sabbour, and in the rest of the article we will discuss in detail the rest of the details related to it ... so follow us

The exceptional location of Layan Compound

In the heart of New Cairo, the full-service Layan Sabbour Compound is located that contains everything you dream of and more, as it is near a group of the most important roads, main axes, and important areas, so you will have an opportunity that will not be repeated if you are a fan of luxury and enjoyment in all its forms.

Layan New Cairo compound offers you multiple options to reach it easily and at any time, it also provides you with a unique surrounding of major residential complexes and distinct areas in Fifth Settlement, and we will clarify all the information related to the site as follows:

  • Layan New Cairo compound is located in one of the distinctive areas of Greater Cairo, which is the Fifth Settlement, near the famous Teseen Street.
  • Layan New Cairo is also not far from the American University (AUC), only 5 minutes separate them.
  • Layan Sabbour is also located near the most famous clubs in Fifth Settlement, which is the Platinum Club.
  • Layan New Cairo compound is a short distance from one of the largest gardens in New Cairo, the Village Garden.
  • It is not far from the famous Palm Hills Katameya Compound.
  • It is also not far from the well-known Golden Square area.
  • It is surrounded by a large group of important governmental and private facilities, including schools, hospitals, various universities, and major restaurants.

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The features of luxury appear in the designs of Layan Sabbour Project

The French style has its taste and is characterized by a lot of attractiveness and elegance, so it was chosen to be the dominant feature in the designs of Layan Residence, which is very beautiful and elegant.

Layan compound carries warm and comfortable colors for the eye, as well as green spaces that increase the brilliance of the place and its uniqueness, and the interior details of the place are varied to match the wonderful shape that the place was designed on.

This is in addition to the water bodies that have been carefully distributed in the place to give all units distinct views of comfort, calm and complete recreation, in addition to the different types of units in Layan project to give more opportunity for customers to choose what suits their families.

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Get your unit with the space that suits you in Layan Sabbour

Layan project area represents one of the largest spaces of residential complexes located in Fifth Settlement, and that space is 233 acres, which is equivalent to 978,600 m² and was distributed among natural landscapes of great beauty, facilities and basic services and entertainment, and the other part is for units of all kinds.

The place includes different types of units with attractive design, which give great comfort to the customer when choosing, due to their varying sizes, and these types are "twin houses, townhouses, and standalone villas", and include more than 1200 units with integrated facilities.

Let's get acquainted in the following section with the spaces of these distinct housing units:

  • Standalone villas: the space of these units starts from 376 m².
  • Twin House: As for this unit, the space ranges from 284 m² up to 326 m².
  • Townhouses: These units start from 266 m² up to 297 m².

Lots of various features are waiting for you inside Layan Residence New Cairo

Creativity and excellence are the main pillars on which Layan project is based, as it provides the residents with all the elements of happiness, starting from the entrances to the place to the units they own, in addition to the various services and facilities that have been placed in an orderly manner to serve all units.

In the remainder of the paragraph, we will explain the unique features that Layan project has:

  • The large space owned by Layan Sabbour enables him to enjoy a large number of different services and facilities.
  • French-style designs combine modernity and antique European taste, making it an architectural icon of great beauty and sophistication.
  • The green cover in place is also one of the features that create a surrounding landscape that is pleasing to the eye and the soul.
  • Artificial lakes and stunning fountains provide Layan Sabbour compound with a wonderful view overlooking all units.
  • Swimming pools of different sizes for the enjoyment of all residents of all ages.

Learn about Services and Facilities

  • The place includes several large sports clubs of 3 clubs with all the sports that you and your children want to practice.
  • A large gymnasium with advanced and modern tools and equipment to practice your sport continuously and maintain your health and the health and health of your children.
  • In order for the children to spend unforgettable times, an integrated area has been created for them with different and various games to feel the fun and joy.
  • Wellness center with spa, jacuzzi, sauna, and many more fun activities.
  • A large commercial area with a mall and many shopping areas in order to get all the supplies and needs you want for your family members.
    Many cafes and restaurants provide excellent services to the residents.
  • A medical center that provides the residents with medical care at the highest level, by providing modern equipment and qualified doctors who supervise the entire place to serve the residents of Layan Sabbour compound throughout the day.
  • International schools that provide a luxurious level of education for children.
  • To reduce the crowding inside Layan Compound, a large garage was provided to put cars in, which is fully secured to maintain them.
  • An integrated security system with surveillance cameras and modern security systems that provide safety and security for residents inside Layan Sabbour compound.

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Comfortable prices and easy payment systems provided to you inside Layan Sabbour Compound

Fifth Settlement is one of the excellent areas in New Cairo, due to the services it has set by the state in order for the residents to enjoy the various amenities. Therefore, Layan Sabbour compound is very distinguished because it is inside it and it also carries a wide range of new features by making the residents live a very luxurious and upscale life.

All these unique and infinite qualities are provided to you alone at prices that are the best in the entire region, and Layan Sabbour offers many other facilities such as convenient payment systems and offers on an ongoing basis so that you can easily and quickly own the unit you dream of.

And herein that paragraph, we will explain to you the prices and payment methods offered by the company that owns Compound Layan:

  • The price of the townhouse starts from 2,414,000 EGP.
  • As for a twin house, the price starts from 3,400,000 EGP.
  • Payment plan: the customer can pay 20% of the unit value and pay the rest in equal installments for 4 full years.
  • The units will be delivered in 2022.

If you are a lover of luxury and looking for a comfortable home with complete facilities that provides you with everything you want from a joyful life for you and your children, and if you wish for a place away from the pollution and noise of the city and close to several important and vital areas at the same time.

Layan Sabbour is the ideal answer to your questions, and it is the perfect place to achieve all your dreams, as it is the literal meaning of the word excellence and sophistication, Layan Sabbour compound offers you endless services, comfortable prices, and specific delivery dates to get your unique home as soon as possible and with ease.

Problems of Layan Sabour compound Fifth Settlement

Some clients may look to move into their residential units in "Layan Sabour compound" quickly, which may conflict with the timeline set by the company, which states that units will be delivered after four years. This delay may pose a challenge especially for those looking to achieve quick financial returns. However, the company is keen to have the residential units completed to the highest finishing standards, which requires more time to ensure a unique and distinguished living experience for customers.

The Owner company of Compound Layan

Eng. Ahmed Sabbour, son of the great architect Hussein Sabbour, is the founder of the LandMark Sabbour Development, which was established in 2007 and is affiliated with the well-known Al-Ahly Sabbour Company. This company is the real estate developer of the Layan Sabbour project.

Since the first day, it had a clear vision of excellence and prominence among the major companies in this wide field in Egypt and the Middle East, and one of its main objectives is to cooperate with other companies as well as major international entities in order to provide the Egyptian community with distinct and highly developed projects that better meet the needs of the client.

Technological progress is one of the aspects that Landmark Sabbour paid a lot of attention to when starting to design or implement its various architectural works.

Therefore, the company has always been keen to seek progress and achieve customer satisfaction in various ways, in an attempt to be their first choice continuously, and we will show you part of the business record of that company, which is as follows:

Take Your Step Towards Success: Investing in The Fifth Settlement Is a Solid Move Towards the Future!

The Fifth Settlement in Cairo embodies a model for the development of new cities, as it has witnessed significant attraction for those interested in real estate investment. This area began its journey towards development to become today a center of interest for many investors and those seeking housing that combines elegance and modernity. During the recent period, it has witnessed an increase in the number of major real estate projects, which has given it fame as a distinguished investment destination, especially after providing an advanced infrastructure that supports commercial and economic activity.

The Fifth Settlement is distinguished by its strategic location and the quality of available facilities, providing a unique living and working experience, thanks to the innovative urban design and modern architecture. The area is full of diverse residential options, from apartments to elegant villas, in addition to the presence of shopping centers, entertainment venues, and international schools that provide the highest levels of education.

The investment opportunities in the Fifth Settlement promise a promising future thanks to attractive financial returns and a stable real estate market. The area offers a wide range of opportunities that suit different investment needs, making it an ideal choice for all investors. Additionally, the Egyptian government supports this trend by providing investment incentives and developing infrastructure to increase the area's attractiveness.

The area is also rich in recreational facilities such as luxury resorts, sports fields, and public parks, which contribute to providing a comfortable and stimulating living environment. Investing in the Fifth Settlement is a gateway to continuous growth and development, allowing the area to maintain its ability to attract investments and ensure renewed returns for the future.

Now is the right time to take advantage of the leading investment opportunities in the Fifth Settlement, where your investment here is a smart step towards achieving future profits in one of the most attractive and growing areas in Cairo.

Experience Luxury Living at Your Fingertips in New Cairo!

New Cairo offers a haven for those seeking luxury and beauty in Egypt, with its elegant architectural designs and upscale housing options that suit all tastes. This advanced neighborhood offers an unprecedented living experience characterized by refinement and quality, where residents and visitors find everything they need for an integrated and luxurious life. In New Cairo, modern architectural design meets advanced amenities to deliver a superior quality of life.

The area includes a diverse range of residential options, from luxurious apartments equipped with the latest technologies and modern furniture, to spacious homes that provide privacy and comfort. New Cairo is also home to distinguished services that cater to all needs, from shopping centers housing the most famous brands to upscale restaurants and cafes offering exceptional dining experiences.

It's not just real estate and entertainment facilities that highlight the luxury of New Cairo, but the upscale hotels also add to this distinction, providing guests with a refined stay experience with top-notch services, including swimming pools, spas, and fitness centers.

Additionally, New Cairo is a haven for nature lovers and outdoor activities, with stunning gardens and vast parks offering quiet spaces for relaxation and enjoyment of natural beauty.

With all these features, New Cairo offers a unique living experience that combines luxury and comfort in a distinguished architectural setting. This place is the ideal destination for anyone seeking to experience a refined and integrated life in the heart of Egypt.

Between Neighborhood and Excellence: Discover the Compounds Adjacent to the Lien Sabour Compound in The Fifth Settlement!

In the heart of New Cairo, a group of residential compounds emerges, redefining the meaning of modern living and luxury. Among them is the "Water Way The View" compound in the Fifth Settlement, which shares levels of elegance and excellence with well-known projects

  1. Water Way The View Compound in New Cairo:

    • This compound is distinguished by its abundance of green spaces and natural gardens, making it a haven of tranquility and serenity. The available services include everything residents might need, from swimming pools, gyms, shopping centers, and dedicated areas for shopping and entertainment.
  2. Azzar 2 Compound in New Cairo:

    • Also located in New Cairo, it attracts many residents seeking housing that combines luxury and proximity to important landmarks such as "Lien Sabour." It features a wide range of residential units, including apartments and villas, as well as sports and entertainment facilities suitable for all family members.
  3. Eastshire Compound in New Cairo:

    • It is another example of upscale living providing integrated services such as commercial and recreational areas. It is distinguished by offering luxurious residential units that meet the desires of families seeking quality of life and upscale living near "Lien Sabour."
  4. Trio Villa Compound in New Cairo:

    • It also offers a luxurious living experience with elegant residential unit designs and vast green spaces. The community facilities include everything a family might need for a comfortable life, from swimming pools, sports clubs, and dedicated areas for family activities.
  5. Taycoon Compound in New Cairo:

    • It sets new standards for modern living by providing carefully and elegantly designed residential units, amidst a captivating natural environment. With attention to detail, the compound offers a range of services that ensure residents a unique living experience near "Lien Sabour."

Each of these projects offers an opportunity to live in integrated communities that combine luxury and comfort, catering to the needs of modern life in the heart of New Cairo.

Start Your Successful Real Estate Investment Journey: Ways to Purchase a Unit in the Lien Sabour Compound in The Fifth Settlement on!

Residential units within the Lien Sabour Compound located in the Fifth Settlement are a piece of luxury in themselves, combining architectural beauty and integrated facilities that ensure a high level of comfort and privacy for you. For those seeking a place that guarantees the highest standards of living for their families, here's how to book your unit in this exceptional space:

First: Explore more about the compound. Take advantage of visiting specialized real estate websites to gather information, view photos and designs related to the Lien Sabour units, or contact Landmark Sabour directly for detailed information.

Second: Choose the type of unit that meets your aspirations. Whether you prefer living in an apartment, twin house or villa, Lien Sabour offers a variety of options to suit all tastes and needs.

Third: Find out the cost of the unit. Once you have decided on the preferred type of unit, you should review the listed selling prices. You can contact the real estate website or the developing company to learn about the latest prices and available offers.

Fourth: Visit the project in person. Before making a purchase decision, it is important to visit the project to inspect the unit up close and familiarize yourself with the facilities and green spaces associated with it.

Fifth: Complete the payment process. After reassurance and deciding to buy, it's time to negotiate the payment terms with the developing company, which may include a down payment followed by installments for the remaining amount according to a pre-agreed plan.

Sixth: Complete the purchase procedures. With the signing of contracts and agreement on all terms, you will be able to receive your unit on the specified date. Be sure to review any additional steps with the developing company to ensure a smooth transition.

By following these steps, you will ensure yourself a distinguished place within one of the most prestigious compounds in the Fifth Settlement, reinforced with high standards of quality and luxury.

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at the 5th Settlement in New Cairo.

2,414,000 EGP


Land Mark Sabbour.

90 villas

Paying 20% of the unit value as a downpayment and installments up to 4 years.

233 acres


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