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Mountain View Icity New Cairo

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Project Description

Project Name: Mountain View iCity.

About The Project: an integrated residential compound located near Al Rehab City and only 15 minutes from AUC.

I City LocationIn the heart of the 5th settlement, New Cairo.

Mountain View icity New Cairo Space: 500 acres.

Mountain View iCity Units Space: starts from 115 m² up to 565 m²

Units Types: Villas for sale In 5th Settlement Cairo- Mountain View apartments for sale- twinhouses - townhouses - studios.

Installment System in Mountain View iCitythere are many systems within Mountain View Icity New Cairo compound, including:

0% downpayment and the unit value is paid over 8 years.

10% up to 20% downpayment, and the rest via installments up to 8 years installments.

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Mountain View iCity New Cairo

Mountain View Compound New Cairo is one of the best residential complexes at the 5th Settlement in New Cairo, this famous compound contains many services and important features, as its residents are able to do many different activities, including practicing meditation and running in dedicated tracks in addition to many other features you will only find in that residential community, making you feel like you're in a residential city in the heart of Greater Cairo.

The company has been working on a series of large-scale projects, including this project in New Cairo Area, specifically in the Fifth Settlement area in one of the most prestigious places in the country.

Mountain View iCity developer has worked on establishing Mountain View Icity New Cairo project on a large area of land where the residential units are being built, in addition to providing plenty of places that can provide all the services, works, and products that any of the residents can need.

It is therefore the perfect choice for anyone who dreams of owning a unique and refined unit with all the services they can need in their daily lives.

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Mountain View icity Location

Mountain View iCity owner company has worked on the selection of a strategic location that can be surrounded by all service areas and close to all the vital areas that can be located in the area of the 5th Settlement, high-end area.

The most important landmarks near Mountain View iCity Compound Fifth Settlement:

  • Mountain View 5th settlement is close to Hyde Park, a huge compound with all the services a person can need at any time, so the site is one of the company's most successful choices.
  • Mountain View Fifth Settlement is located close to the American University, which provides facilities for having high-quality university education services, and enables Mountain View Icity New Cairo project's residents to go to this large and international university.
  • Mountain View iCity is not far from the most important streets in the 5th Settlement area, 90th Street.
  • Mountain View iCity project is separated from Al Rehab City with a small walking distance of only seven minutes.
  • Mountain View Icity New Cairo compound is close to the large and famous main roads that can be found in New Cairo, specifically in the Fifth Settlement area, the Suez Road, as well as Ain Sokhna road.

So, the location that was chosen for the establishment of icity New Cairo is one of the most important sites in Cairo and is one of the most important reasons for its success.

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Beach life in all its splendor is in your hands at Lagoon Beach Park New Cairo!!

Mountain View offers a new meaning to life inside Mountain View Icity New Cairo compound through its latest construction launch "Lagoon Beach Park", which is one of the new icity phases. The owner of Mountain View iCity project worked on developing a different concept of luxury inside it as your permanent haven to obtain the highest levels of comfort and luxury.

Lagoon Beach Park is located in an exceptional location in the Fifth Settlement, minutes away from Ring Road, Suez Road, Cairo International Airport, and the American University. Mountain View iCity is also not far from Al-Rehab City, Nasr City, and Heliopolis.

Lagoon Beach Park is designed to simulate the fun beach life in the heart of New Cairo. It is a lagoon on a large space surrounded by sand on every side, resembling a beautiful crystal sea beach, and your unit is a few meters away from it, which makes you enjoy the stunning view mixed with wonderful green spaces while you are sitting in your home.

This stage includes several various features and services that guarantee you privacy and complete calm. Several beach cabins have been provided equipped to enjoy this wonderful beach atmosphere. There are many swimming pools designed with varying depths to suit all ages and sports fields that suit many diverse sports and several restaurants, cafes, and integrated clubhouse.

In addition to providing a modern electronic application for the residents of Mountain View Icity New Cairo compound to request various services and communicate with the administration for inquiries and questions. It also has different and distinctive facilities to make you and your family enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of tourist life.

The spaces and types of units within Mountain View iCity project vary and are represented in “apartments, independent villas, and townhouses.” We will present the areas and prices of the payment plan in these units as follows:

  • Residential apartments start from 150 m² up to 165 m², with prices ranging from 2.5 million EGP up to 2.6 million EGP.
  • As for the "iVilla Garden" and "iVilla Roof" villas, ranging from 220 m² to 230 m², and their average prices start from 3.7 million EGP up to 4.5 million EGP.
  • Mountain View iCity Townhouses with spaces ranging from 230 m² to 250 m², with prices ranging from 7.3 million EGP up to 7.5 million EGP.
  • Standalone villas in Mountain View iCity range from 215 m² to 340 m², and prices start from 10.5 million EGP.

Payment Plans in Mountain View iCity:

  • A down payment of 10% of the unit value and the remainder can be paid in equal installments for a period of 9 full years.
  • Units are delivered after 4 years from the date of construction.

Book your residential unit now in Lagoon Beach Park New Cairo and enjoy a luxurious life at prices considered the best compared to what you will get from the amazing and varied services, do not look for much and what you dream of and more in your hands.

Mountain View Park Island iCity New Cairo..Don't miss the opportunity and book your unit now

MV Park Island Compound is one of the finest and most luxurious projects that have been built in a strategic location in New Cairo near the most important main roads such as Suez Road, and the most beautiful residential compounds such as Mountain View 1 and 2, and it is considered the latest stage within Mountain View iCity New Cairo Project.

Mountain View iCity has many great features and services that exceed the expectations of all customers and investors, starting with the luxury and psychological comfort they feel amidst the vast green nature and artificial lakes with crystal water, through the security system that maintains stability inside Mountain View Icity New Cairo compound, to educational services, sports, and cultural club, restaurants, cafes and recreational places.

Mountain View Developments - an Egyptian joint-stock company with a track record of achievements - has executed Mountain View Icity New Cairo compound on a vast space of about 500 acres.

It put the summary of its experiences, technical and material capabilities to produce an unparalleled architectural masterpiece of apartments, I Villas, Lake House, One Storey Villa, and Standalone villas with very creative and wonderful designs, wonderful views, and an atmosphere free of noise and pollution, all at unbeatable prices; Easy and convenient repayment systems extending to long years.

The spaces and prices within Mountain View Park Island are as follows:

  • The apartments' spaces inMountain View iCity start from 120 m² up to 160 m², with prices ranging from 1,600,000 EGP up to 2,462,000 EGP.
  • I Villas spaces start from 180 m² up to 235 m², with prices ranging from 2,950,000 EGP up to 3,400,000 EGP.
  • The spaces of One Storey Villa start from 185 m² up to 285 m², for 7,900,000 EGP.
  • Mountain View iCity Villas spaces start from 245 m² up to 340 m², at a price of 9,500,000 EGP.
  • Lake House spaces start from 300 m² up to 410 m², at a price of 20,000,000 EGP.

As for the payment systems in Mountain View Park Island I City, they are as follows:

  • The customer pays a contract provider 10% of the unit value, and the rest of the amount is paid within 8 and a half years in equal installments.
  • The customer pays a 10% downpayment of the unit value, then 5% after 6 months, and the rest of the amount is paid within 9 years in equal installments.
  • The units in Mountain View iCity will be delivered within 4 years, and pay an 8% maintenance deposit.

The most important features of Mountain View iCity project

Mountain View iCity has many important features that have made it one of the most popular residential communities for customers and the most important features found in Mountain View Icity New Cairo compound are as follows:

  • Club Park and Central Park motivating adults and young people to practice more different sports within Mountain View Icity New Cairo compound freely.

  • Jogging track and many seats for reading and relaxing.
  • Many restaurants and cafes which provide international and local meals to meet the needs of the population.
  • Also, the prices of residential units within are the best prices ever and also suitable for all categories and the company also has provided many easy payment systems for paying the unit's value without downpayment.
  • The company has worked to provide a great deal of privacy that everyone within its residential unit must have and has worked to provide all of these things at Mountain View Icity prices that are not considered high considering the number of services and features that each residential unit in Mountain View Icity New Cairo project has.

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The most important services in Mountain View New Cairo

Mountain View iCity project contains many important services, such as:

  • Mountain View Cairo offers 2 gardens.
  • Many green spaces.
  • Swimming pools.
  • Huge administrative building.
  • Security and guarding in Mountain View Icity New Cairo compound all over the day in addition to surveillance cameras.
  • A long Corniche overlooks the water as long as Alexandria Corniche.
  • A Mall, restaurants, and cafes.
  • Private school.
  • Recycling service is one of the available services to the residents of Mountain View iCity compound to keep the environment clean.
  • A track for running and sports among medical and scenic landscapes for a healthy life.
  • A gym and spa.
  • Huge areas have been allocated to parties, especially barbecues.
  • A commercial area with lots of famous shops and brands.
  • Medical centers were provided to provide full care for the residents of Mountain View iCity.        
  • There are also lots of entertainment in Mountain View Icity New Cairo compound, including fountains distributed all over Mountain View iCity compound to add a kind of comfort and joy to the region, and due to the availability of these features.
  • The creation of special garages for cars owned by residents of Mountain View iCity Compound, and has been designed to be located at the bottom of the building, i.e. underground, which can contribute to the lack of traffic congestion and make things more organized, and provide more space.
  • Landscape is located directly in front of Mountain View Icity New Cairo project, the first of its kind to be built in a residential project, in addition to the role it plays in changing the psychological state that a person can feel in Mountain View Icity New Cairo compound, getting positive energy and refreshing the activity all the time.
  • Mountainview Icity has been working on spreading large amounts of green landscapes and beautiful flowers, as well as planting different trees all over the place, which brings joy to everyone who looks at these stunning landscapes.
  • Providing many swimming pools, as well as the variety of these pools to suit all ages adults, kids, and others with appropriate safety means.
  • An integrated social club located within Mountain View Icity New Cairo compound, where it includes many other places such as jacuzzi, which was established on a large area, as well as a large lounge for athletics, gym and muscle building equipped with modern devices, and plenty of space for those interested in relaxation and tranquility.
  • A high-level security system, where surveillance systems, modern cameras, and an integrated security team to maintain public security in Mountain View Icity New Cairo project.
  • A number of cafes as well as distinctive restaurants with famous delicate dining.

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Types and Spaces of residential units in Mountain View i city New Cairo

The spaces of the residential units in Mountain View Icity New Cairo compound vary with the different needs of the clients as the residential units starts from 115 m² up to 240 m² and villas starting from 220 m² up to 565 m².

The total area allocated for the construction of Mountain View Icity New Cairo project is 500 acres, all of which have been divided into two parts:

  • 12% of that total area of Mountain View Icity New Cairo project has been allocated for the construction of the residential units and buildings on it.
  • 88% of the total area allocated for other works, which include all service areas, gardens, large green spaces, recreational areas, and other objects that have been worked to be classy and of the highest level of decoration, sophistication, and luxury.

The types of the residential units in Mountain View Icity New Cairo compound are as follows:

  • I Villa Mountain View for sale which is two floors and has a garden on the first floor and the second floor includes a roof and a private garage.
  • Park Villa Icity Mountain View New Cairo which is a two-floors building with an indoor garden.
  • Twin House consists of 2 floors that can be shared by 2 residents and each has its entrance.
  • A townhouse is a group of adjacent villas and designed in a single row, each group is 4 or 6 villas.
  • Palace is a large-sized villa that is very similar to the palaces.
  • Mountain View iCity compound also has separated studio apartments.

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Mountain View icity New Cairo Pricesand Payment systems

There are several systems available within iCity New Cairo as following:

The first system: 0% downpayment the residential unit is paid over 8 years.

The second system: 10% downpayment and installments over 6 years.

The third system: 15% downpayment and installments over 7 years.

The fourth system: 20% downpayment and installments over 8 years and the residential units shall be delivered semi-finished.

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Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2023, and therefore it is changeable, and we, Real Estate Egypt, are keen to update the spaces and the list of residential and commercial units' types and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.

Problems with Mountain View iCity New Cairo Compound

Despite the quality and uniqueness offered by Mountain View iCity New Cairo Compound, some clients were hoping for villas within the project for more privacy. However, the company insisted on providing spacious apartments rivaling the luxury of villas, while ensuring availability of all high-end amenities and services for all residents.

The executing company and its major projects

I City Mountain View is one of the residential projects of Mountain View Development. Today, it is one of the largest real estate companies in Egypt, which has a distinctive precedent as the owner of the company, Eng. Amr Ismail presented a lot of works, including the following:

In The 5th Settlement Compounds: You Are at The Forefront of Leadership, Luxury, and Excellence

  • In the heart of Cairo, the 5th Settlement emerges as one of the developed and vibrant areas, offering its residents a living experience that combines luxury and comfort.
  • This area, renowned for the sophisticated lifestyle it offers, is an ideal platform for investment and luxury living enthusiasts, housing a number of upscale residential compounds that feature contemporary designs and prime locations.
  • These compounds, catering to all needs whether for families or individuals, take pride in providing an exceptional experience encompassing diverse amenities and integrated services.
  • Among the prominent features, these compounds are surrounded by vast green spaces, offering residents the opportunity to experience a nature-embraced living, thereby enhancing the quality of life through a serene and comfortable environment.
  • These residential communities host multiple comfort facilities including swimming pools, sports and health facilities, children's play areas, restaurants and cafes, as well as cultural and entertainment centers.
  • To complete the picture, some of these compounds offer international schools and private hospitals, making them the ideal choice for families seeking the perfect blend of comfort and luxury.
  • Security is of utmost importance as well, with the compounds boasting advanced security systems including video surveillance and 24/7 security, in addition to meeting international safety standards, ensuring a safe and secure living experience for all residents.
  • With all these features, the 5th Settlement has become a focal point for those seeking to live or invest in high-quality real estate.
  • Developers in this area continue to innovate, offering residential units that vary in design and luxurious finishes to meet the growing demand.

The 5th Settlement reflects the spirit of the times with its modern designs and premium facilities, offering residents an unparalleled living experience in one of Egypt's leading locations.

A Unique Contemporary Living Experience Awaits You in New Cairo!

In the heart of New Cairo's urban landscape, visitors and residents are unveiled to a contemporary world that celebrates the creativity of living.

  • Here, sophistication blends with the joy of everyday life, and this blend manifests itself in the availability of all elements of modern living that ensure your comfort and enjoyment of unmatched moments.
  • New Cairo stands out as a pivotal point in the Middle East thanks to its remarkable development and large size.
  • The city hosts luxurious shopping malls, modern residential complexes, hospitals that meet global standards, schools that adopt international curricula, as well as lush parks that delight the eye.
  • This area enjoys a strategic location that enhances its appeal, as it is close to Cairo International Airport and has direct access to highways, making it easy to commute to and from and enjoy visiting historical and cultural sites in the heart of the Egyptian capital and its surroundings.
  • New Cairo offers a wide range of services and recreational activities that meet the needs of families and individuals.
  • The ability to choose between global restaurant cuisine, relax by luxurious pools, or stroll through shopping malls makes it an ideal place to spend enjoyable times.
  • Additionally, the city is home to world-class movie theaters and theaters, providing unique opportunities for cultural entertainment by watching the latest artistic and theatrical productions.
  • All these features make New Cairo an unparalleled destination for those seeking to establish a luxurious and safe life.
  • Life here promises a rich experience of events that will remain in your memory as a sign of a new era of modern living in the midst of a vibrant city.

Between Neighborhood and Excellence: Discover the Compounds Adjacent to Mountain View iCity Compound in the 5th Settlement!

The 5th Settlement area in New Cairo is an important center for luxury living in Egypt, housing a group of outstanding residential projects, among them the Mountain View iCity project stands out with its prominent status and offering a wide range of upscale services and facilities for residents.

Here is a look at some of the residential projects surrounding the Mountain View iCity project in the 5th Settlement:

  • Boutique Village Compound in the 5th Settlement: It neighbors Hyde Park, which is distinguished by its unique architectural designs and vast green spaces, in addition to providing restaurants, cafes, and sports clubs with a high level of service.
  • Elaf Residence Compound in the 5th Settlement: This project is located in New Cairo and is considered one of the most prominent residential complexes in the area, offering luxurious homes with vast green spaces and multiple recreational and commercial facilities.
  • Cattleya Compound in New Cairo: It enjoys a modern and elegant design, and the facilities include large green spaces and beautiful artificial lakes, in addition to the diversity of residential units and the provision of recreational facilities such as swimming pools and clubs.
  • Aster Compound in the 5th Settlement: Located near the Mountain View iCity project, it adds options for outstanding facilities and a serene atmosphere, providing luxurious residential units, gardens, and recreational areas.
  • Arabella Compound in the 5th Settlement: Located in New Cairo, it is considered one of the upscale residential projects in the area, offering residential units with modern designs with a variety of facilities such as sports clubs and commercial spaces.

These projects combine luxury, distinctive architectural design, and premium services, providing an ideal residential environment for those seeking luxury and contemporary living in the heart of New Cairo.

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With the real estate website in Egypt, you'll get a comprehensive guide to help you navigate and make decisions in the real estate market.

  1. Selecting the Right Project:
    It is essential to check the real estate projects that meet your needs and fit your budget.

  2. You can use the website to explore a wide range of real estate options ranging from carefully designed apartments to luxurious villas.
  3. Conducting On-Site Visits to Projects:
    Conducting personal visits to the shortlisted projects is a crucial step before purchasing a property to gain a comprehensive understanding of the units, services, spaces, finishes, and construction quality.

  4. Comparing Prices and Features:
    It is important to compare prices and features offered within different projects, looking for promotional offers and financing solutions that may be available.

  5. You might discover projects that offer flexible payment options or include recreational facilities and swimming pools.
  6. Reaching Out for Inquiries:
    Do not hesitate to ask for assistance or clarifications regarding the listed projects, you can contact to ask your inquiries and obtain the necessary information to make an informed purchasing decision.

Enjoy the opportunity to explore diverse options and receive support from experts in the real estate sector.

Be sure to conduct personal visits to the projects and compare prices and services offered before making your final purchasing decision.

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Shopping center
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Social Club
Health club and Spa
Water Fountains
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In the heart of the 5th settlement, New Cairo.

1,500,000 Egyptian pounds.


Mountain View

100 units

0% downpayment and the unit value is paid over 8 years. 10% up to 20% downpayment, and the rest via installments up to 8 years installments.

500 acres.


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