Hyde Park New Cairo Compound

From 2,400,000 EGP
Status Completed
Delivery Date 2020
Developed by: hyde park developments

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Villa in Hyde Park Fifth Settlement
Townhouse with area 197m² in Hyde Park
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Project Name: Hyde Park.

About Project: Integrated residential Compound located near the ring road, Teseen street.

Hyde Park Location: At the heart of the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo.

Hyde Park New Cairo Compound Space: 1200 acres equal to 5 million m².

Units' Type: Apartments For Sale In Hyde Park - Duplexes - Twinhouses - Townhouses - Villas - Shops.

Units' Space: starts from 99 m² up to 677 m².

Price per meter: starts from 11800 EGP depending on the location and space.

Payment Methods: pay 10% downpayment and installments over 7 up to 8 years.

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Do you want your kids to live within the largest green space in Cairo?

this compound is characterized by the largest green space in New Cairo on 141 acres, providing a calm and clean atmosphere for your family away from the hustle, noise, and pollution, in which you enjoy a true sense of calm and recovery.

The project located in the most distinctive areas of 5th Settlement, on Teseen main street, the new regional road, and Ain Sokhna Road, the site is only 5 minutes from the American University.

It has the world's largest hotels, as well as a shopping mall on 71 acres, and an area for businessmen, the largest companies, and banks.

In addition, there is a large sports club on 42 acres and a large hospital on an area of 30,000 square meters.

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The project has been established on a large area of 15,000 acres and has been divided among the green spaces as there is the largest central park in the Middle East has been designed with an area of 600 acres, and also there is a space that has been allocated for services and other residential units and landscapes.

The executing company has diversified in executing the residential units which have reached 576 units where there are separated apartments, standalone villas, townhouses, and twin house, the area of apartments starts from 99 square meters up to 145 square meters, while the duplex space starts from 200 square meters, the area of townhouses starts from 247 square meters, townhouses spaces start from 279 square meters, and the area of the standalone villas starts from 327 square meters.

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Features of life in Hydepark New Cairo

Hyde Park Compound New Cairo height is more than 350 m above the sea surface.

Infrastructure, with a network of transportation linking the project and other areas.

A wide range of different spaces for residential units.

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Project Location

The location is the basis for each individual because the presence of Hyde Park Project in a vital location is an advantage for him, and this is what was provided in this project because it is located in a vital and important location on the main street 90.

Hyde Park Compound is also located 5 minutes from the American University and 5 km from Suez Road, as well as near Al Ain Sokhna Road.

Hyde Park Egypt is modernly designed to combine privacy and enjoying the magnificent views as well as the lively location as well as the vast green spaces and the diverse services provided that have made it has a prestigious position among other projects.

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One of the compound's features is it has more than one entrance in different directions to make it easier for residents to get out through their nearest place, close to the sea about 350 meters away, and also close to the regional ring road.

Hyde Park New Cairo Master Plan

The owner company took into account, during the implementation of the project, the choice of many modern designs to suit all tastes and that is considered one of the features that distinguished the project and made it the best for everyone, as it has added classic and modern designs in order that the customer chooses what he/she prefers and to feel comfortable in the place he will own.

The company also considered that the complex should have a distinctive character that combines tranquility, luxury, and privacy, as the residents will spend the most fun time without anyone violating their privacy and will also enjoy the wonderful view of the compound.

The owner company has paid attention to the exterior designs of the project, which show the mastery and ingenuity of the company in real estate art as it offers a distinctive work that increases the psychological comfort of the population.

There are a number of these units with the different design are ready for delivery as the shortest time as possible, so that the customer can enjoy this wonderful atmosphere amid the distinctive architectural designs as soon as possible.

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Major Services Provided by Hyde Park 5th Settlement

There is no doubt that each project has a number of services that distinguish it from other projects, including:

  • The availability of a cultural and social club.
  • There are many restaurants and cafes.
  • There is a parking area for the residents of the compound.
  • There are a number of surveillance cameras everywhere in the project.
  • Swimming pools have different sizes and shapes.
  • Special spaces for celebrations, birthdays, and barbecues.
  • There are special halls dedicated to public and private parties and other rooms for business meetings.
  • The presence of a number of administrative offices for banks, companies, and ATM machines.
  • There are distinctive elevators inside each of the project buildings, in addition to several generators to remedy the problem of sudden power outages.
  • A special spa and gym are available for women and men, with the latest sports equipment and managed by a specialized sports team.
  • A club House
  • Theatres and cinemas that offer all new cinema shows and all Arab and foreign movies.
  • Security and guarding staff operates throughout the day to protect the residents.
  • Providing a number of kids' gardens where all the games your kid prefers so that the family can spend a special time with their child.
  • Vast green spaces, gardens, and a pleasant healthy atmosphere away from pollution.
  • There are plenty of artificial fountains that give the place an atmosphere of tranquility and comfort.
  • Hotel entrances with exquisite design.
  • There are many malls with all known brands available.
  • There are also equipped medical centers at the highest level with a large number of specialists and consultants, as well as all modern medical devices.
  • There is a central park which is considered one of the largest parks in New Cairo with an area of about 600 square meters.
  • The existence of a comprehensive sports club with all modern sports equipment and also includes many playgrounds and areas of about 42 acres, which will then held some regional and local championships.
  • The presence of a large shopping mall occupied a large area within the project because it has a large number of international stores of about 1700 stores.
  • There is a large and integrated hospital with all medical services and tools with an area of 30,000 square meters.
  • Trails and tracks between the gardens for jogging are available with a length of 7 km.

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Units Space in Hyde Park Cairo

The residential units vary as following:

  • Hyde Park apartments for sale starts from 99 m² up to 233 m².
  • Townhouses space starts from 145 m² up to 255 m².
  • Duplex space starts from 234 m² up to 274 m².
  • Villas space starts from 248 m² up to 677 m².
  • Twin Houses space starts from 255 m² up to 279 m².

Hyde Park New Cairo Prices

Hyde Park Prices vary depending on the location and view of the apartment, the price of a meter starts at 11800 EGP and varies according to location and space.

  • Apartment For Sale In Hyde Park starts from 2,400,000 EGP up to 2,749,400 EGP.
  • Hyde Park townhouse for sale price starts from 1,711,000 EGP up to 3,009,000 EGP.
  • The price of townhouses for sale in Hyde Park starts from 3,009,000 EGP up to 3,292,200 EGP.
  • Duplexes price starts from 2,761,200 EGP up to 3,233,200 EGP.
  • Villa for sale in Hyde Park price starts from 2,926,400 EGP up to 7,988,600 EGP.

Payment Systems

The payment systems within the owner company are one of the best existing systems that make it easier for the customer to pay, as he/she can pay 5% of the unit value as a downpayment, he pays another 5% after three months, 9% installment over the rest of the months where the full amount is paid over 8 years.

The residential units are delivered to customers after 3.5 years with semi-finishing where the customer completes the finishing before its residence.

There is another installment system where the unit value is divided over 4 years only and the units shall be received after a year and this will be for certain areas starting from 193 square meters up to 248 square meters with a price starting from 3,125,000 EGP for apartments and 6,425,000 EGP for villas.

The Delivery Date

The units within the compound shall be delivered semi-finished within 2020.

About the Developer

The project was implemented by Hyde Park Developments Company, which was established in 2011 by Engineer Amin Siraj, and this project is considered one of the most prominent and largest works of the company because it will include about 23 thousand residential units and this number has not been implemented by the company before.

The company has implemented a large number of residential units estimating 1112 units and is now on its way to implement 576 new units and this number is under construction and will be completed soon, you can now book your unit within this compound which is designed exclusively to suit all individuals, and its major works include:

Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2021, and therefore it is changeable, and we, Real Estate Egypt, are keen to update the spaces and the list of residential and commercial units' types and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.


  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa
  • Water Fountains
  • Aqua park

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